FaCeBOoB: A LoNG WaY To Go....

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Remember this?



Well, look out below!


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WB7: How about doing a boxing poster:  two boxers glove to glove:

Mitt "The Great White Dope" Romney vs. Smokin' Barack Obama

Romney with a pale skinny white body and Obama sucking hard on a fattie

November 6, 2012

Brought to you by Unbelievable Fraud and Corruption 2012 (UFC 2012)

PPV available to those without valid voter ID.  Also available in Spanish through Tele-menudo

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The  BOOBS who invested in Facebook are the very same boobs that had a job and still believed in Hoax and Change.



There's a sucker born every second.

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"There's a sucker born every second."

Why, that's business at the speed of the internet!

- Ned

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For those who say that people get conned due to a lack of math skills..That's BS....

People trying to get rich quick fall prey to cons..and sometimes the conman gets over on some innocent sucker/mark..

A visual demonstration:

Was it math skills that got the store owner screwed or was it that she just wasn't paying attention?


Know your cons....

Maybe people need more knowledge in "slight of hand" skills.

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with all the porn on the internet you'd think there'd have been an IPO by now. seriously, you'd have had an IPO bigger than apple if you could sell the idea. 

biggest porn company in the world!

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aaaaAAND It's GONE!!!

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The farce that just keeps on giving. Like!

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It's a little known statistical fact that exactly half the population are below average intelligence, and half are above.

Overlay the 101 ways to transfer wealth from the duped to the dupers.. and someday you get something really brilliant.  Like stock fads.  Real estate manias.  Abandonment of fundamental investment principles.  And a world where less than half the folks fervently believe that a website that allows people to betch and post boring pics of their lives would earn a valuation multiple 5x that of companies that've been around for multiple centuries (say, Heinz), makes real products and earns money. 

Oh lords of the Zerohedge, please link your site to FB so I may better "like" your articles.

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August 17, 2012

A military veteran by the name of Brandon J. Raub was allegedly detained for posts on his facebook page.

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 No kidding WB7. A Dog can and will take a dump any time and any place it chooses. I love canines.

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All kidding aside, that chart depicts precisely how todays IPO scam works and trust me, the people who perpetrate it are not embarrassed in the least.

So yes, I am reposting it with the intention of rubbing it in.

There are plenty of other pieces of dog shit out there that fit into the same chart. What mind boggling here is the size of the current float and the overhang of restricted shares that will free up for trading in the next 18 months. Who could not see this coming except the perfect fool?

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What mind boggling here is the size of the current float and the overhang of restricted shares

Yes indeed.  I remember not too terribly long ago when AT&T had the largest float of any stock issued at just over a billion shares.  It was considered mind-bogglingly large at the time.  FB has something like 1.2 or 1.4B of float overhang scheduled to come onto the market between now and the end of the year...in addition to the IPO load.  

You could also have predicted this when they made a movie of Suckerberg, FB was on the cover of magazines, and the hype surrounding the company was bordering on idol worship.  The other day though I heard the anchors on BB dissing FB saying they never use it anymore, implying it's so 2011.  Yeah, right, where were these clowns last spring when their assessment would have been more valuable?  What a scam.

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I know a few people who use FB quietly and enjoy what they are doing. But they would never pay a dime for it, because it is mediocre in terms of its functionality and top heavy with bullshit that everyone hates.

Now they think they are too big to fail. Famous last words.

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the chart is, in actuality, a very clear and honest attempt to chart the reality of the underlying mechanisms/dynamics


its quite remarkable and it is also delightful :)

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The Golden Turd Ball moniker alone should have this diagram winning some type of prestigious award WB.

Excllent (and accurate) description.


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 Excessively particular. Especially with firearms. Aim and let it FLY.

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Robert Hunter and the Dead always deal in GOLD and SILVER. HONEST or I'll leave your dead ass lyin by the side of the road. My Uncle taught me well. 

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I say again, how are MySpace, Yahoo, and AOL doing?




And for that matter:  Pet Rocks, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Furbies?

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 I'm long ( DXY) and gbp/usd!

                                                   I'm tracking the ECB and the RBA.     If you want to fill the FX GAP , it's about euro/gbp!

       Are we (square)?

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Zero Interest! This thread is about WB-7. He's a great Idealist!

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  Spock just unloaded ( vix) Bill! Take some cash off the table!

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Facebook, aka Webvan

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Nothing left to do but SMILE...SMILE ..SMILE


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 You are all a bunch of " Sic"  PUPPy's

                                                                                               Banzai-7 I'm appalled!   Why would allow this behavior on your Z/H open thread?

                       It's nice to have you back WB-7!


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give a man a photograph shared in the cloud and you shall save him save 5 cents a day


teach a man to share photographs in the cloud and he will invest with his 401k

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Karl Denninger stated just after FB went public that it was worth 2-4 bucks a share.

BTW, he was serious.

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and of course, the Donglicker's advice as an equities trader savant is just flawless isn't it? That's why his site is essentially dying a slow death by lack of traffic.

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Do your own analysis!

Have you heard of fundamental analysis? Google it fuckface

He said this......she said that....blah blah

You are a gimp

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"I let out my barbaric yawp" (Walt Whitman)...yet again. In the world of "over/under" what is the under of integrity again? Of course Wall Street is shameless... but broke too? You would think they might TONE IT DOWN a little when it comes to proclaiming doing exactly the wrong thing "for both the folks and the Street." the irony...no the DECENCY...is that equities rose not only today but all week..and now all Summer. How does the market expand its breadth and depth when the folks tasked with giving the folks the most basic of truths ("Facebook is a moonshot and we're swimming in oil--SELL!") simply talk la la land instead? What does this say about the view of the people who really DO have integrity in that world? "Now back to your regularly scheduled programmer" folks! Sorry to bother ya 'bout it.

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I got out around $41.00 in the first few hours,I knew the hype was to drag every retail moron in for the ride to the basement.Wish I had the balls to short that POS.

Worth $2.00 MAYBE

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WB try something new. Its all getting a bit repetitive.

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Troll, how appropriate is your avatar. Go jump in a lake-don't forget the cement boots


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I was hoping you would bring back the Hopium Continuum for FB.

That's one of my favorites.

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I thought insiders weren't allowed to sell their shares for 2 years after going public. When did this change?

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The lockup arrangements are contractual.

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Personally my favorite is the Facebook Banzai "Titantic"

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That is the fucking shit Williambanzai! The pig is flat out one of your best!!!

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maybe facefall will get desperate and ask groupon to sell its stock in gangbanged and couponed prices in Walmart. 

Befuddled, bewildered and spreadeagled; but never abandoned and spoiled beyond recognition. 

"I am the youngest kid on the block and the richest, the hottest and the purtiest. So respect me. I am your futureeeeeee!" 

Somebody else made the same rapprochement :

Face-Off: FaceBerg Groupon'd At Half-Off IPO Price | ZeroHedge

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OMFG is that Farmville pig committing hari kari? It's just money little piggie!

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WB7, the porcine visuals are rather ... disturbing.  and well done, but don't tell my uncle, OK?

- Ned

{and I hope that the time off was refreshing, we're into the mid-distances now}

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Luckily, FB has 'bottomed'...or is that 'housing'?

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With proven celebrity muppet endorsement FaCeBOoB is poised for takeoff!


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+5 WB7

I love those slices hahaha