Time for a Shock Doctrine Crisis

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Time for a Shock Doctrine Crisis

Courtesy of Russ Winter of Winter Watch at Wall Street Examiner

"Only a crisis, real or perceived produces real change." -- Milton Friedman

The global elite plutocrats may seek a "crisis" to push the presidential election toward the challenger. There are numerous ways to set up a crisis. As the IMF's banking crisis frequency chart shows below, historically crises tend to erupt between late August and September anyway. The global economy is currently staged for catastrophic financial crises without even a push. All it takes is the slightest deviation away from governments' heavy handed intervention in the markets. It could stem from another U.S. credit downgrade or the collapse of yet another lingering Lehmen Bros.-like zombie. I rate a Grexit (Greece's exit from euro) high on the list of possibilities (US Looks to Exploit Greek Re-default) .

The elite plutocrats are concerned about regulation and whether Obama might take a more populist turn, such as actually implementing a millionaire tax, during a second term. The kleptocrats have already milked Obama and the U.S. Treasury more than ever imaginable. Having already successfully carried forth their looting agenda with their Presidente Hopium puppet, the financial elite are tossing him out like a used-up rag. Obama will be replaced with other sycophants readily willing to set up new types of loots.

Given that the U.S. Treasury is insolvent, held up only by financial rigging, the next major plutocratic objective will be to subject the developed nations of Europe and the U.S. to the economic model practiced under the Washington Consensus (WC). Western governments and banking interests created the WC in the '80s as a neoliberal policy to severely indebt and trap developing nations and capture their governments during financial crises.

The type of WC actually practiced will ignore sounder recommendations of capitalism such as free market interest rates, a degree of fiscal discipline,  controlling rent seeking subsidies, and good property rights. Instead the focus or guise is on a corrupted exploitation version of WC doctrine: severe austerity, dismantled social safety nets, privatizing key assets,  and distributing even more wealth from the gente, or lower and middle classes, to the elites. All of this was done in favor of the alternative: The restructuring of debt so that the losses fall on global banksters. This is the classic "shock doctrine" or "disaster capitalism" discussed by Naomi Klein. The pick of elitist neoliberal Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's running mate all but ices the implementation of the neoliberal corrupted version of the WC approach for America's future.

The next reason for impetus could play out around Israel. Israel distrusts Obama, sees him as too weak, and wants a U.S. administration that is motivated to provide military backup against Iran. Romney has not only been courting Israel  for money, he has all but endorsed its position in a speech in Jerusalem.


In the U.S., Israel has the support of strange bed fellows: The evangelicals or “Christian Right.” Listen to this American pastor explain why.  Romney stated the U.S. with Israel would use “any and all measures” to lead the effort to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Romney even held an unprecedented campaign fundraiser in Israel.


Although the U.S. on its face is a center-right country, the majority of Americans would never give carte blanche support an extreme neoliberal political economy. Now leading by a very small margin, Obama needs to shuffle through to the election without troublesome events interfering with the election. Surveys show his previous support base has little enthusiasm for his “hope”-based candidacy, so Obama is depending mostly on a negative campaign to convince voters to support him as the lesser of two evils. I think such a campaign  leaves him vulnerable. To ensure his vulnerability will require a crisis or “surprise.” The plutocratic agenda requires that the crisis tree be shaken to push the marginal voter into staying home, thus swaying the election toward the GOP and paving the way for the implementation of the WC model.



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Hmmm, 9-11 is kind of a hard act to follow. The wad may have been shot on effecting that kind of shock again. To really drive the desired fear meme you'd need something pervasive and telegenic. Perhaps a surgical "glitch" rendering all EBT cards useless? That would have the unstable core of major US cities in flames by the morning, by which time it would emerge that the "glitch" was due to a cyberattack by "Iran". Two birds, one stone.

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One says he will repeal the FrankenBarney Law which is a useless piece of garbage and the other has his thumb up his ass at the behest of his masters.

Either way the banksters win.

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Sooo, is this like, you know, going to impact the NFL? Jus' axing.

Anybody got the line on an extraterrestrial alien invasion?

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super super article from someone who understands the fiendish mind of the plutocrats

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I beg to differ:

The elite plutocrats are concerned about regulation and whether Obama might take a more populist turn, such as actually implementing a millionaire tax, during a second term. The kleptocrats have already milked Obama and the U.S. Treasury more than ever imaginable. Having already successfully carried forth their looting agenda with their Presidente Hopium puppet, the financial elite are tossing him out like a used-up rag. Obama will be replaced with other sycophants readily willing to set up new types of loots.

I've seldom read a more mixed up, internally contradicted screed anywhere...so Obumma's a puppet, except he's not - 'they're' worried that he will do something other than what they direct him to, in his second term? They're 'worried' he will win an election that they have total control over the outcome of?  They need to stop his 're-election?' Put the cracpipe down son!

This guy "Russ" has a direct line into the fiendish minds of the plutocrats like I've got a direct line into how to play the exactor from my subscription to RACING NEWS! Indeed, with the lo lo $ Russ wants me to pay for the pearls of wisdom he scatters, I think I'll keep RN and avoid further contact with this fruitcake....after a late start, this Ilene nag has rushed straight thru the pack to come up big as the winner of the ZH top banner truth-torturer sweepstakes - by a nose!

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Get out of your tiny little box, go read the book Shock Doctrine and you will realize that what I am suggesting has been the neoliberal/Washington Consensus script over and over.

First someone (in the case of the US it is Obama) comes in to allow the elite to loot enough to lead to national bankruptcy. Next the clean up guys come in and privatize, and pick over the public assets. We are approaching that second phase.  This is really not that controversal if you've been paying attention to the last 35 years. 

JOYFUL's picture

yur right, it's not controversial at all...when yur wearing blinkers yu can proceed directly along the road with narry a thought for the wider world. Likewise, having hatched yur script, there's no need for any revision to it...it's perfect...like an ostrich egg.

Yur story, as I have noted, has compelling inconsistencies, which render it void of serious consideration by anyone able to think logically and view the evidence empirically. No amount of huffing and puffing on yur part will change that fact.*

I haven't read enuff of yur stuff to judge whether it's just muddleheaded or more like the active disinfo of other top banner cabin boys here...

we shall see.

*books like Shock Doctrine are not Biblical in their timeless relevance Russ...they all need to be viewed from the framework of the present moment and the intervening time since their initial release...yu remind me of guys who used to wave around books by Marcuse & Co in the late 70s, early 80s, thinkin they were the hippest dudes on the bloc! Embarrassing.

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At least the stock market is at year highs.... the idiot box told me everything is ok...

shovelhead's picture



If the US sneaks up on people and blows them up ...

It's not terrorism.

It's...um, ah...hmm...

Sanctions, yeah, thats it...Sanctions with a twist.

Uncle Remus's picture

Sanctions with a twist

Wait, was that an Eastwood flick?

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"By putting up a simple sign "Out of the Crisis Business", others will think twice before instigating a crisis which is doomed to be unspectacular and unusually painful for them without our participation."

That kind of statement gives control freaks the creeps, because their wiring doesn't permit them to understand. They don't feel, and assume the world is as flawed as they are. It is inconceivable to them that people with balanced psyches need no babysitter. They manipulate through debt and fear because it is their nature to do so. The mistake each generation makes is permitting them to attempt to mold the world in their broken, destructive image. Reform only comes through crisis creation because healthy people become complacent.

Pike Bishop's picture

Why don't we just cancel the elections and have a Civil War instead.

It wouldn't have quite the convenience nor organization of the first Civil War, due to the fact that we are geographically intermingled. Yet, we might advantage the housing inventory overload, by burning down each other's houses.

Truth be told, I don't believe we have any room left for a major crisis. It takes alot of time and effort just avoiding the pending disasters we have created to solve the last Great Disaster. Which in itself is also still busily at work.

One thing I think we need to try is opting out of response to the next crisis. We really don't know what effect a non-reaction on our part might garner. Discounting our knack for creating crises, we might want to try skipping our usual role as prolongers or fanners-of-the-flames, just to see what happens.

We will be missing what is always a highly profitable event for TPTB, with the pain and loss distributed to all of the people who are not them. It's not so much them stuffing their pockets, it's the consistent outcome of them offloading the shitstorm or bill for their planned solution onto the ever-increasingly wearied and rabbled masses.

Any plans for Israel to attack Iran, or whatever, would be seriously undercut by a clear plan on our part, to not get involved in it. With soundbytes to bring order to a situation, our clear outcomes have been to prolong wars and create an economy which continually reminds us that it is marked-to-Tinkerbell.

Collapsing a Developed Nation from within is hard work. And we need to hurry that process along.

For only when we have come to the unquestionable realization that we are no longer great and rich, will we return to doing the things which make a Nation great and abundant.

By putting up a simple sign "Out of the Crisis Business", others will think twice before instigating a crisis which is doomed to be unspectacular in productive effect, and unusually painful for them, without our participation.


lakecity55's picture

Yep. Don't Play.

We should march to the sea and make our own salt.


(I would prefer silver).

shovelhead's picture

There has been a recent rash of uzi toting white suburban moms and dads doing drive-bys in the ghettos.

"Fuck yo bitch Obama...We ain't votin fo his black ass again."   Blam.

You might be on to something...


russwinter's picture

More on the Israeli part of the equation; 


While Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Barak have been criticized as “messianic” in their thinking on the Iranian nuclear issue and are widely viewed as ready, if not eager, to take military action to stop it, Mr. Dayan said they would prefer that the United States led any attack, even if that meant waiting until after the November presidential election. But “they have to make the decision whether to strike or not before November,” he said, so they need to hear from Mr. Obama “in the coming two weeks, in the coming month.”

“I’ve known them a very long time,” said Mr. Dayan, who served with Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Barak in the elite combat unit Sayeret Matkal. “They will make such a decision of striking only if they feel that there is no other way. They will do it only as the last, last thing, but then they will be pretty determined about it.”

Eytan Gilboa, a political scientist at Bar-Ilan University, said the series of leaks, in which both Washington and Jerusalem are trying to influence each other and the Israeli public, “exposes some serious differences between the two countries.”

“It’s an issue of trust and time that are dividing now Israel and the United States, and this is a little bit dangerous,” Mr. Gilboa said. “If you have trust, time is less important. If you have time, then mistrust is also not so bad. If you have both mistrust and a shortage of time, then it’s a recipe for disagreement and misperception.”

russwinter's picture

Did David Koch (who funds Cato Institute and has several books out on privatization schemes) buy Ryan the VP nod?

shovelhead's picture


Why not use the same method as Soros to buy the Obama nod?

So you think privatization of SS could steal the money faster than what the Govt. has already done?

What are they going to steal? A pile of IOU'S ?

Tough choice, russ. Old ponzi vs. new improved ponzi.

Let's go for the 'Change' and 'Hope' it works out OK.

But I bet those waters aren't going to recede and the Earth heals for Mitt either.

I'm a bit suspicious on that one.

Call me a cynic.

lindaamick's picture

Obama serves many useful purposes of the elites.  He attracts hatred from male whites (and female whites) which spurs them to greater racism which causes greater divisiveness in society.

He keeps the blacks and people of color quieter while the elites strip them of what modest wealth they have managed to accumulate.

He has done the bidding of Wall Street and the Pentagon to a tee.  

He is able to accomplish awful things (such as continuation of the Patriot Act, Droning all sorts of innocent brown people, torture, NDAA 1021, vicious attacks on whistleblowers etc etc) that a Repub would be hard pressed to accomplish due to the left taking up arms whereas they give Obama a pass just because he is a democrat and because he is a minority. 

I think from a DESIRED RESULTS perspective, Obama is the guy for TPTB.



purplefrog's picture

Thank you, Linda, my dear.  It is not possible to heap too much praise on your analysis.  I have been struggling to understand what in the hell is going on.  I don't know if all of this was planned, but it has been smooth sailing for TPTB over the last few years

The only additional comment I have regards the vast discepancy between what Obama says and what he does AND the lack of outrage in response.  When does cognitive dissonance start to kick in??? 

Don Keot's picture

+100 hit the nail on the head, one blow, all the way through the board.

russwinter's picture

Yes, yes, yes, the Obama/Holder theft and looting without prosecution model worked well, but with the Treasury nearly insolvent there are bigger fish to fry. If you look at the Washington Consensus operations involving developing countries, that's where the looting really is completed. And a new crisis will allow it to happen. 

Bear's picture
With Obama / Dem's support of continued ethanol supports ... the US is likely to starve the rest of the world. Ethanol is killing people!
Blue Dog's picture

We could see a panic selling of the dollar. That could be preceded by a debt downgrade or an announcement of QE3 or a sudden drop in the dollar's value because of hyperinflation.

onlooker's picture



So, the idea of a Crisis will grab the attention of D.C. leadership and they will correct matters, or a puppet master Created crisis will put Republicans into office.


If one needs to look for an undeclared crisis, sort of like the undeclared war in Korea in the 1950s, only the blind can not see it.

  1. On the home front we have continued yearly hot and dry weather creating higher food prices and upcoming sacristy. 1930s style unemployment festering. Record numbers on food stamps. U.S. manufacturing continuing to decline and auto manufactures only surviving because of Government intervention. A huge crash in the housing market that took down World economies. The uncontrolled Wall Street thugs making the pillage of the Mongols look like a moderate accusation of wealth. A deeply divided Nation that has the Weather Service and Social Security stocking up on the ammunition of greatest damage and destruction to Human flesh known in the history of hand guns. Yet, most of America appears to be unaware of the terrible situation we are in, and maybe that is good.
  2. MENA actions speak for themselves. Read the news. If there is not have a terrible war, mankind will be very fortunate. But, you may find your crisis there sooner than wanted.
  3. Europe is on the verge of economic collapse, Japan staggers on. Putin and the KGB are dominating Russia—again. And this could be the crisis awaiting birth.


Americans of average National and International news consumption live in a dream World. They live in a grim reality that is painted over and spun to conceal the realities. The present Presidential election again shows this in agonizing snippets of “news” one after the other.


There is no need to call for a Crisis. The U.S. and some of the World is already in Crisis.


One thing is Clear. America needs confidence, not confidence men. America needs competent leadership, not shuck and jive. America needs the Democrats and Republicans to either destroy each other and have an uncontested dictatorship, or to do the impossible and join forces to save this Nation.


Unfortunately the prize of American wealth and power is too large for compromise. The baby will not be given to either mother, it is being cut in half.

russwinter's picture

I think some of you are missing the point. The main characteristic of the change to Romney-Ryan will be the transfer of public wealth to private hands via privitization. This would include Social Security privitization and the whole Univ of Chicago agenda. It will be like Chile in the 1970s. 

 The Godfather of Shock Doctrine political economics Milton Friedman wrote,  " A new administration has some six to nine months in which to achieve major changes: if it does not seize the opportunity to act derisively, it will not have another opportunity."

Lore's picture



Let us not forget the Agenda 21 beavers, still chipping and chewing away at your civil liberties, uninterrupted by presidential pantomime. See how they obfuscate and exploit the latest heat wave?  Too many sociopathic groups are hitching their wagon to the "shock doctrine."


What's needed to shut down some of these different things is a TRUTH DOCTRINE...

monad's picture

Stop & think.

Thanks to the open war on small business & the middle class, most of the people in America who declare income >  200K/year are doctors & lawyers, both of whom have powerful lobbies. you are clueless to even speculate that they might get bent over, even if they have to shelter their brokers to cover their assets. Inevitably what will happen is the looters will raise income taxes across the board, with exemptions for their pets and masters, and call it a millionaire tax: business as usual.

shovelhead's picture

It doesn't mean I'm wrong.

That's just to keep you in line in case you get buyers remorse at your choice, whatever it's going to be.

The bullets are antibodies for the system. The players change but the system will remain unless an infection overwhelms the systems ability to combat it.

They're stocking up on antibiotics in case syphilis breaks out.

ZH is a known vector point ...like Agnes.


max2205's picture

A trillion bullets order says your wrong

shovelhead's picture

Why a 'crisis' to push the election to an unknown quantity?

The Obama / Holder team is a banksters wildest wet dream come true.

Unlimited corruption, graft and outright theft with no fear of prosecution, outside of pocket change fines for appearances sake?

The Chicago model works. What's not to love?

"Forward...to theft and destruction you can rely on."

fijisailor's picture

This author believes that the election process is actually valid.

Tippoo Sultan's picture

"[G]lobal elite plutocrats" seeking a "crisis" to push the election toward the "challenger," &c.

It is perhaps the inverse: the "global elite plutocrats," so-called, should logically seek to preserve the governing status quo. A departure from same represents too much financial risk.

nick howdy's picture

Here's your disaster...Israel hits Iran..Aug 31...Catalyst for "The Big Reset" and WWIII..

Just kidding that could never happen....Not with the noble leaders we have .....

otto skorzeny's picture

"Guns of August Part Deux" -bigger and better

MFLTucson's picture

The global elite plutocrats may seek a "crisis" to push the presidential election toward the challenger. ????????????????????????????


Lets see if I understand this foolishness.  They NEED to create a crisis, one does not now exist?  This is so pathetic but so telling of the idiots in the news.

otto skorzeny's picture


shovelhead's picture

that's quite the intellectual retort- have you been taking debate lessons from 4 year olds?


Sorry about the c/p...otto. nyuk,nyuk,nyuk.

Wjunk's picture

Might be a good thing, the all-covering burqa-thing in this case. But not from the POV of religion, just from covering up the result of overeating.

otto skorzeny's picture

It's mind-bottling how the evangelicals are played for suckers by the Israelis/AIPAC thugs who so clearly loath them. I think that its similar to the black Baptist ministers that were paid off by Repubs in 2008 election in that the Zionists are simply paying off the evangelical leadership to spout how "Muslims are taking over Europe"(which is a European liberal immigration policy problem) and "Iran wants to destroy cradle of Chrsitianity" claptrap. Of course the Israelis never tell the evangelical rubes how they persecute Christian minorities today in Palestine far more than the moderate Arabs ever did before the dumbass English turned everything over to the terrorists in The Stern Gang.

linrom's picture

You got it backwards: it's the Evangelicals that hoodwinked and ride the coattails of Israel. Israel ability to flourish and survive is the glue that keeps the Evangelical movement growing in the US.

shovelhead's picture


The Joooos are coming to get you for your foreskin.

It makes a lovely hors d'ovres on a matzoh with a nice glass of Christian baby blood cocktail.

It's right there in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion Cookbook.

Try the Evangelical entrails on Kharzarian kolrabi... Yum.

shovelhead's picture

Now there's an effective appeal to 'authority'. Some lunatic in a basement.

So I guess you might discount another burgeoning intellectuals theory like David Ickes Alien Reptoids killed the Armenians?

According to him, the Queen didn't need to parachute into the Olympics. She could have just flown in under her own power.

Them reptoids are much craftier than Jooos.



otto skorzeny's picture

that's quite the intellectual retort- have you been taking debate lessons from 4 year olds? you forgot to incorporate "poo-poo head" in your reply as my preschool-aged children do

shovelhead's picture

Enjoy the little rascals now while there at home because once you send em off to the Stormfront Klan Skool you won't be able to tell them apart with their hoods on.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Under the bed, quick! I think I saw a Muslim!