JS Kim of SmartKnowledgeU Discusses the Politics of the Banker Gold & Silver Price Management Game on Press TV

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Below, JS Kim of SmartKnowledgeU discusses the politics of the banker gold and silver price management game with Max Keiser on Press TV.



JS Kim is the Founder of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent investment research & consulting firm with a focus on gold and silver and a mission is to reinstate freedom for the people through the re-establishment of a sound monetary system. Follow JS Kim's daily on this link at Facebook and at this link on Twitter.








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This is why the idea of using gold and silver as a competing currency is probably best. It would allow people a store of value and at the same time expose any excess printing/creating of paper/digital money by the government/central banks. Let them create all the paper money or credit money they want but it will immediatly be exposed for what it is, or if a government/central bank wants to keep a stable money supply it will also give them the credibility that would deserve.

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of course it's common knowledge that the markets have been rigged for a long time. smart investors don't whine or complain about it, they just capitalize on it.


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The problem for bankers with gold and silver manipulation, is that long term, it is impossible.  These are rare commodities/money that have no shelf life.  Because they fit the definition of real money every way, they cannot be treated like paper or farm commodities with an expiration.  You just can't shake people out.  Anyone can throw gold and silver into their closet...forever.  To attempt to control the prices of gold and silver with paper leverage is to invite the complete destruction of the system when the delivery day finally comes. 

I like gold and silver because they cannot be manipulated long term.

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the reading of how the USA got on a de facto gold standard in 1871 is fascinating stuff. there are some fascinating similarities as well: there was a big push for a 400,000,000 dollar inflation program back then! the "banksters" failed it...the Germans went off the silver standard which caused the price of silver to crash after crushing the French in the Franco Prussian war of that same year. that put Germany on a de fact gold standard as well..."the rest they say is history" as the Bismark approach to political economy was vastly superior to anything the British could do at that time (the "long Depression" as it was known as.) the same was not true in the USA as gold was discovered in the Black Hills and the first hintings of "the coming of a modern media" appeared with "the media creating a gold mania" as it has done so well (ZH is another great example of course) ever since. the fact of the matter is the "banksters" had such awesome power then the "gold as money" scheme succeeded "and the rest they say is history." are they trying to repeat history? you bet. will they succeed? the energy, tech and finance play not only works...it has VASTLY outperformed the "gold suppression strategy" for decades now. not that i'm not all for a return to the gold standard of course...or even bi metalism even. that requires a certain form of...ahem..."willpower" ...however that would be quite a challenge. "Rock of Gibraltar" comes to mind.

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Why should the manipulation of gold and silver be anything of surprise. We live in a society where we are mesmerised by and addicted to junk food and sugar infested drinks. We vote for one or the other side of the same coin. We get angry when the Corzines of this world get off scott free but do nothing about it. We accept Bernanke allowing banks to pay us less than 1% interest. We believe politicians and vote for them on the basis of promises rather than performance. We are entertained to death to keep us content because anything that requires thinking becomes too hard to consider.

Our souls and bodies belong to the company store. The few that can see this predicament are too few to achieve any change. It does not mean we should give up however.

In the meantime we should always keep asking ourselves how on earth can people fall for the trick of the banksters who convince so many into believing that wealth (including paper gold) can be stored in a computer.

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press tv is owned by iran's government.  


the u.s. has an embargo on iran. we are AT WAR with them as we speak. this is not 'like' war. we 'AT WAR'. 

im not approving of the war, or the aggressive stance of bankers and exxon to control the international value of the petrodollar , HOWEVER, this situation is where we are now, and where we are going. the only thing that will stop the war is a collapse of the u.s. economy that brings about a sweeping change to the establishment. that's sort of hard to imagine for me, as the last financial collapse of the u.s. during the great depression preceded global war, rather than prevented it.


that said----do you really want to be seen on press tv? if you are a dissident , at least stick with russia today as we are not going to be at war with russia imminently ( at least not as certainly as we will be with iran).

i don't like seeing my favorite guys like max on press tv. stay away. only bad things will happen. the cia is already attacking the servers of russia today. press tv---i think the cia will just start killing people who have shows on press tv because they are on an official 'enemy' network hit list. 


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We acquiesce because we realize that we are (in the Western world) junior partners in the ponzification of the US dollar and witting accomplices of imperialism. Our vaunted standard of living is built on the backs of those below us.... Kiss up, Kick down is our mantra. Shift responsibility is our modus operandi.

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I don't think the Iranians have any desire to see the gold & silver price 'unmanaged'.

They've had their $US accounts frozen god knows how many times since the Iranian revolution & still they covet their $US. The powers that be in Iran are either fucking stupid or as just as devious as anywhere else.

I'll go with the latter.