Florida Town Buys 9-Ton Emergency TK-4 Tactical Vehicle to “Provide Residents Extra Protection During Hurricanes”

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Palm Beach Gardens Buys 9-Ton Emergency TK-4 Tactical Vehicle to "Provide Residents Extra Protection During Hurricanes"

What a way to pitch this new purchase by PB Gardens for a new "rescue/emergency/communications vehicle" while a hurricane is bearing down on Florida...

From the Palm Beach Post...

Weighing 9 tons and capable of withstanding 100-mph winds, a rescue/emergency/communications vehicle bought by the city for $175,000 is expected to provide residents with extra protection during hurricanes and other dangerous situations.
“It’s a great city and regional tool. We used it on several emergency calls here and in other cities in north county,” said Mayor David Levy.
The 20-foot-long All-Hazard Special Response Vehicle, also known as the TK-4, was used by Gardens police on a trial basis for about three weeks in July. Several other South Florida communities considering buying a TK-4 also used the vehicle, said Chris Light, president of Armored Solutions Inc., the Pittsfield, Mass.-based company that manufactures the vehicles.
The TK-4 is now back in Pittsfield where company employees are adding a winch to lift trees and other heavy debris and a night camera. The vehicle should be delivered to Gardens just after Labor Day, Light said.

The article then goes on to say...

Up to 10 people can fit inside the vehicle. That will give Gardens flexibility in using the TK-4 to handle different emergencies from SWAT team emergencies to lifting fallen trees, Light said.

Like they are going to send this thing out to move a fallen tree.

Some additional features listed by the PB Post...

  • Equipped with winch to lift trees and other debris
  • Has 3-inch thick laminated glass windows
  • Withstands 100-mph winds
  • Travels up to 65 mph
  • Has search lights
  • Can withstand 50-caliber bullets
  • Has 20-year life expectancy

Interestingly, the Palm Beach Post left out some of the vehicles best features.

From Armored-Solutions.com

The ASI TK-4 is an armored SWAT vehicle designed to accommodate up to 10 tactical officers. With armor piercing protection, the TK-4 can maintain highway speed, and 4-wheel drive is standard equipment for use on unstable terrain.

TK-4 Features

  • The TK-4 roof hatch has armor piercing shield protection, and ASI’s exterior sniper gun port gives the team a clear view to any impending threat. A rotating turret has a 360° turning radius. The interior sniper step allows easy access to the roof.
  • The TK-4 is standard with ASI’s "outrigger" extended running boards that allow the tactical team additional solid footing while riding on the exterior of the vehicle.
  • All TK-4 front doors have the capability to lock open at a 90° angle as well as a 45° angle allowing the team shield coverage. ASI’s gap shield with armor piercing protection gives complete door coverage at all angles.

Some Additional STANDARD Features on the TK-4

  • The TK-4 emergency package includes a 200 watt siren PA system, front and rear Wig-Wag and front and rear alternating red and blue strobe lights.
  • Upgraded suspension and tires.
  • An after-market AC with an additional condenser is installed. This in conjunction with the TK-4 Insulated walls and ceiling helps keep interior climate control stabilized.
  • The TK-4 has 11 ASI machined exterior gun ports: 8 standard gun ports and 3 sniper gun ports with a 7” opening for sniper rifles.
  • The TK-4 360° protection includes the engine compartment, fire wall and fuel tank.

So there you have it. A perfect vehicle for rescuing kittens that are stuck in fallen trees during a hurricane...

You can check out the vehicles website here...

Love the guy at the top of their webpage...

I bet he loves kittens...



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To get around posse comitatus all a local government needs to do is hire former soldiers to enforce local laws.  The legality becomes opaque when military equipment and tactics are used locally.  The very idea of innocent until PROVEN guilty is dropped by the wayside.  Just look at what is happening all around us.  The quality of law enforcement INDIVIDUALS is being called into play now.  They will either become the Jack-Boots of government or they will stand by their oaths to protect the population.

joe6px's picture

How does a 'limited war' political mentality influence civilian ideals, especially  when a stand your ground situation arises?  If a person is attacked, do they not fight back until there is no threat, or do they hold the oppressor at bay until they are finally defeated by the more aggressive opponent?  Look to your local Police standard operational procedure to see how to react.

ebear's picture

>>Helium is a non combustible gas and a fire retardant.<<

Feh. So is carbon dioxide and nitrogen, both of which are abundant in the earth's atmosphere.

This really is a silly place.

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After the Machine Guns

Written by Otishertz

I have ridden out dozens of hurricanes. After every one there was always an outpouring of neighborly support and working for the common good. It was something you could look forward to. Even enemies would make amends. This held true for every one EXCEPT for the last one i experienced.

The difference was the addition of a dose of fascism when FEMA took out machine guns.

One of the most disturbing experiences of my life was witnessing first hand how natural altruistic tendencies were subverted and undermined by the environment of martial law.

After Hurricane Charley we were kept off our island and out of our homes for six days with FEMA machine guns blocking both bridges to the beach. Peoples pets died, walls rotted, and houses filled with mold. It was for our own good because there were supposedly propane tanks on the ground that could be ignited by downed power lines, lines that had no power running to them, lines that were no different than the ones I drove over to try to go home, propane tanks that were no different than the ones strewn all over the trailer parks on the way to the beach. We were told it was to prevent looting. This was ludicrous because there simply were NO people but core residents on the beach in August, ever.

Business owners were kept from returning to secure their property, many of whom were loudly expressing a desire to give away their perishables rather than let them spoil.

The Town management met in secret to try to figure out what they were doing while everyone you knew was at the base of the bridge eating out of coolers fuming at the idiocy and staring down the barrel of a machine guns held by 18 year olds.

But when it came down to it most people did not object to being bossed around. They were told it was to protect them and their possessions which was odd because we never needed protection before then.

I sat back relaxed, knowing how brutish the local government had become in forcing the homogenization and commercialization of gentrification. I hoped that maybe, when it was all over people would finally begin asking questions. I thought that now, finally, people would see the side of the Town management regime that had driven so many local small business people to quit town in great despair.

When the machine guns were lifted they were replaced with roaming humvees on the empty slow season August streets. Army kids with M-16’s loitered in the cigar shop. There were night time curfews on this island with 3-4,000 off season residents.

Even weirder, the Red Cross came around giving away sodas, hot dogs, potato chips and the like twice a day for a TWO MONTHS to people who lived in $500,000 cottages. They drove up and down empty streets beeping their horn begging over a loudspeaker for people to come outside for free junk food. It was surreal. Nothing made much sense and anyone who asked questions met with misdirection, obfuscation, or reprisals. The whole thing seemed like a drill.

There were crane operators scooping up hurricane debris into dump trucks using giant claws with dinosaur sized teeth that left permanent bite marks on the street. They were removing waterlogged trash left by the curb after the storm. There were walls of chain sawed branches, washing machines, bicycles, mattresses, and furniture lining every street, creating alleys of violently tangled rubbish.

The men doing the work had been at it for almost two weeks. They looked shell shocked when I talked to them. They told me that mine was the only street on the island where anyone treated them nicely. They said people all over the beach were cursing at them and even throwing gravel and spitting on them.

Why? It bothered me tremendously that this many people were seething at workers that had nothing to do with the wrongs being done.

Maybe it was partially misdirected anger towards the Town for allowing us to be locked out of our homes for 6 days with FEMA machine guns after the storm. Were people still mad about being left to fend for themselves for a week in a wrecked and dangerous mainland? Were they just waiting for something to get pissed off about and finally had a good reason? Was it anger towards the town for its mistrust of its own residents that was seeking an outlet? Was it something that has been underneath for a while and is just now bubbling up to the surface?

I felt at the time that it was more a latent aggression born of a feeling of powerlessness from years of arrogant denials of people’s rights and freedoms. I felt that people were venting where they could because they were incapable of taking an actual stand against a machine gun held by a child.

However, the thing that haunts me to this day is how nobody was kind or helped anyone like in every other hurricane once the Machine Guns Came Out.

When hurricane Katrina hit I knew what was going to happen.

jwoop66's picture

Hope its covered with the hair, skin, snot and blood of OWS'ers next week.

grunk's picture

You use that against a population in FLA more than 7 miles inland and you're target practice.

 There's a world of difference between the coast and the folks who fix the houses on the coast. And both sides know it.

willien1derland's picture

Can withstand 50-caliber bullets  --> Well, if a damn hurricane has acquired sniper rifles this feature will provide the Good Residents of Palm Beach Gardens with a wonderfully useful feature...</end sarcasm>

Bartanist's picture

How fast can it go when tipped over on its side?

Offtheradar's picture

A machine gun can cut a tree in half if one was so inclined...

patb's picture

9 tons, who wants to drive that on hurricane soaked roads, or fields or bridges?

monad's picture

They must be expecting trouble from the seniors, when they nationalize the banks, confiscate their savings & default on SSI.

20 years is just long enough to wait out all the boomers.

cameldojo's picture

They advertise a twenty year lifespan. That should be easy to reach since that pig will most likely be  used < ten times a year. The price seems ok. I 've seen Gov't spend much more by making stupid mistakes soo many times it's hard to count.

The problem is it's not needed. Just like the extra cops in New york that ended up shooting bystanders.

cameldojo's picture

They advertise a twenty year lifespan. That should be easy to reach since that pig will most likely be  used < ten times a year. The price seems ok. I 've seen Gov't spend much more by making stupid mistakes soo many times it's hard to count.

The problem is it's not needed. Just like the extra cops in New york that ended up shooting bystanders.

dannynewmexico's picture

if you can buy that then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.





goldnguns's picture

send one to mayor bloomberg.  Guns optional of course.  Can't be too well equipped for the takedown when someone is ordering a 32 oz Big Gulp.

ncdirtdigger's picture

Are they expecting visitors from New Orleans?

TSA gropee's picture

I heard a stuck kitten can be a pretty tough hombre... =)

Besides if they can't easily get it down from where's it stuck they can always open a gun port and blast it out. Problem solved either way. sarc/off

Arnold Ziffel's picture

They should have gone for the 10 Ton truck...for a few extra thousands you get an extra ton of metal.

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture

Mount a couple large caliber machine guns on this truck and this truck might handle unruly crowds........ Wait a second......  Is this vehicle really for hurricanes? 

mickeyman's picture

You can fit five or six Floridians in there, so they will at least be protected.

Vuke's picture

You have to wonder at the mindset of those that envisages these things roaming the streets.  Perhaps they've been reading Zerohedge too often or are they locked into an "us vs. them" mentality?

Whatever, the innovative and imaginative responses in the comments clearly illustrate the deficiencies in the "security" thought process.  If HS decides to puirsue those comments as leads to "terrorism" that bungling bureaucracy may collapse of its own accord.

buzzsaw99's picture

that thing looks like it would high center on a speed bump

RECISION's picture

How does it handle IED's and land-mines?

JohnFrodo's picture

If I did not know better you would think the servers and protectors are gearing up for a big one.


edifice's picture

The phrase, "and other dangerous situations" was all I needed to read. It's not really about hurricanes now, is it? ;)

shutdown's picture

My Toyota Yaris can withstand 100 mph winds. 

Super B's picture

Sorry....,double post

Super B's picture

It sure is fun to bash the police.......until somebody is opening fire in your kids school

cynicalskeptic's picture

yeah... like the Empire State Building shooting - ALL the injured (except for the original target of the gunman) were shot by POLICE.   A guy had a beef with one person - shot that person  and the cops shot him and NINE MORE.  

Wow, that's sure a BIZZAROWORLD way to 'protect the public'

DCFusor's picture

Yeah, and then like at the VA tech massacre, they then just sit outside till the gunfire stops.  Real useful those police.

Ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree?   A fireman friend of mine once mentioned that to a little old lady with a "stuck cat" and almost got fired for it - but you know, they CAN get down on their own.


lotsoffun's picture

and this is what this desolate, spoiled culture is telling you - 'dear mr. fireman - i'm so lonely the only one i care about is my cat, and i could give a damn if you get injured saving it, because the cat loves me and you don't'.

that's actually the truth if you can handle it - and it's pretty perverse.


Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

More than likely federal (globalist) funds were involved in this purchase.  But, just as in Romania in 1989 these vehicles will ultimately be used to rid us of the globalist trash insurgents!



southerncomfort's picture

ah heck.  living in FLA, I dig going to the SWAT displays where they pull all this gear out and let us civvies crawl all over it.  like their remote toys as well.  Gives the retired dudes something to do and the kids love it.  Better than watching old timers melt into dementia on some porch playin' w/ their peckers ...these gizmos give interested parties something to keep their minds active.   w/ all the radioactivity pouring outta Fukishima, we're seeing larger pythons and mutant gators poppin up along w/ seasonal hurricanes and drunk tourists and face eatin' cannibals...we "need gear" to handle these phenomena.  what do you think? Ed Begly Jr gonna drive over in his Prius propelled by his overinflated sense of self importance gonna do the job?  lol...nah. 

mjcOH1's picture

"w/ all the radioactivity pouring outta Fukishima, we're seeing larger pythons and mutant gators poppin up along w/ seasonal hurricanes and drunk tourists and face eatin' cannibals...we "need gear" to handle these phenomena.  what do you think"


I think I'd pay good money for video if those mutant gators start talking or voting.

Chump's picture

How could someone open fire in a school when schools are "gun-free zones"?

At any rate, have you reviewed any actual police responses to situations like that?  They essentially wait outside with body bags until the killer offs himself.  Look at Columbine and Va Tech.

Don't take this as bashing police - I'll do plenty of that if you'd like - but they are not there for your protection.  In fact, the Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no actual duty to protect you.  True story.

WeeWilly's picture

The police saw the ineffectiveness of that strategy at Columbine and completely changed their response technique. It is now first there first in. The same is true with Va Tech. The cops that I know have kids and would run into situations to protect folks without a second thought. One of the cops at the recent mosque shooting got shot 9 times, but insisted the arriving officers go to the shooter rather than attend to him.

Chump's picture

I've read that tactics in those types of situations have changed specifically due to Columbine, but the response at Va. Tech was largely the same.  What gives?

I'm not saying there aren't cops that would risk their lives to protect innocent kids.  My point is that police protection is a myth.  It does not exist and police forces have no duty to protect you.

DCFusor's picture

One of my part time employees was THERE at Va tech at the time.  He went to his truck (Cho didn't know all the doors to chain) and got his gun, and then got arrested trying to go back in and put a stop to it - true story, I had to bail him out.

DosZap's picture

It sure is fun to bash the police.......until somebody is opening fire in your kids school

Depends on where your school is located, and once they are IN it's too late for the PoPo's,and your kids.The shooters usually do their damage, and off themselves.

This is why it's insanity to not allow armed personell at all schools.

Cowards ,even crazy ones want to accomplish their missions, IF there is any chance they will not get to carry it out as planned, they either dont happen,or an easier target is selected.

Like water, path of least resistance.Even crazies, and sickos get that.


Oldrepublic's picture

new police slogan: from serve and protect to obey and submit

cynicalskeptic's picture

'We're just following orders' (like all good Gemans did)

flacorps's picture

Tampa bought an APC: http://theintelhub.com/2011/11/20/militarization-of-police-exemplified-b...

Back in the '50s Tampa also had a heavily armored riot vehicle ... the front was the cab from a '50s era Chevy pickup and the back was sloped, sort of like an aerodynamic camper trailer.

When the City surplused it my neighbor on Davis Islands bought it and kept it around for reasons unknown.

petolo's picture

Looks like just the thing for Jamie and his family to go for a Sunday drive. NIMBY, of course.  How about the South Bronx?

CPL's picture

Can anyone point out the glaring structural flaw in this vechile that makes it neither a good choice for civil beat downs NOR getting a cat out of a tree.


It runs on high grade diesel only.  A product that is going the way of the dodo.  Even with Putin throwing money at refineries it doesn't change the fact that helium, which is incredibly important in the making of diesel fuel btw, is simply running out or RAN out months ago.  Think all the refineries closures were because of costs?  NO, refineries aren't a cost center, they are the product.  Without them, oil is worthless to anybody.


I hope FLA has plans to cut holes in the bottom of them in about a year for the flintstone mobility engine modification.

BigBuckett's picture

Bullshit. Not true in any way, shape, or form. Diesel production is run at the same refineries that produce gasoline and distillates. Crude oil is separated into fractions by fractional distillation. Helium is not part of the fractional distillation of crude oil into diesel process at any stage. Helium is itself a product of the fractional distillation of natural gas, of which there is an abundance in North America. Look up fractional distillation and learn some basic chemistry - your fear-monging BS will be much more palatable if you have at least the odor of truth in your lies.

JohnFrodo's picture

HI do you have a link on the helium angle, I have done a quick google and found nothing to support it. BTW yours is one of many posts I have seen with this warning.

CPL's picture



This is from 2007.  Helium is a non combustible gas and a fire retardant.  When mixing something like high grade diesel with the catalyst that actually makes diesel "diesel" on an industrial level you need a huge mixer with moving parts.  Moving parts that could produce sparks.  Sparks that could ignite 3 nuclear missles worth of energy while in an unstable state and being mixed for the world.

Helium is used in mixing chambers to make sure sparks don't spark.  Ignition never happens and leak detection is early (the squeeky voice is funny, but also a sign that you've got a problem that should be remedied.


The scavengers that collect french fry grease.  Take note in their techniques.  Plastic mixing buckets, glass stir rods.  Same process, just without helium because it's smaller and a human wishes to remain alive while mixing compounds that are practically the same in structure and can blow up, they take special care not to generate sparks.


I have heard about many fools dying from ignoring safely procedures when mixing frier fat grease over the 25 years I've paid attention to it.  Big refinery or some person's garage...they do blow up and accidents do happen.  Even the best intended and best engineered idea will fail on some level.  The level of impact while minor or major...is really an objective thing.