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These two mental-midgets looked stressed
So this is the GOP's best?
Their financial plan
Is kicking the can
With a double drop-kick to the chest

The Limerick King








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Visual combat is under attack by the mob. Nice work, WB. You know you're making progress when they swarm like this. Red/blue, foreign/domestic, they all do it this way. Its the best they could come up with.

Hey team players: are you getting paid? Some of your accomplices are making major bank using you like livestock. Make sure they pay you too, they are all really tight fisted. Sux0rz

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My God! They finally did it! They really did it! They baptised Ayn Rand! Damn you! Damn you all to Hell!


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Funny stuff. Loves me some politcal bashing, here is some more


Thanks wb7

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William - for the first time, as I laughed at your images, I felt a bit like crying - a definite sadness.  Perhaps we're closer now to the end than the beginning of the end -

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Someone said laughter can be a cry for help...God only knows we need it!

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Hope and Change, Yes We can, Transparent Presidency, Lets go Forward, Clean up this Mess, built expectations that were not met. One of the problems was that this was not a Chicago pep rally and the street organizer did not have the ability to get it moving in the right direction. With all the Kings horses and all the Kings men he made it worse. The watch dog for America—the free press, has been a collaborator to his mis-management.


Romney appears to build similar expectations that can not get America “well” in a few years. It can not be done. America is very sick and it will take a decade of careful nursing and rehabilitation to make it right. This can not be turned around easily and it will get worse before/if it gets better.


And there is the choice, “if” or “before”. An Obama win will produce an “if” America gets better. A Romney win will be a “when” America gets better. There are no quick and easy solutions. However, there is the right way and we are not presently on that path.


The BITTER taste of the Obama Presidency is that I voted for high hopes, with a realistic bit of reality, that he could turn it around, put transparency in Government and Banking, scale back military intervention, and by God, America the Nation that had enslaved those from Africa had a President with that blood in his body.


He had the biggest opportunity since FDR to unite and save the people. It tragic that this did not happen. IF, through the upcoming election Obama is reelected, American will support him and HOPE that change is a reality with the next 4 years.


The disappointment would be missing the longest Media Crucifixion (of Romney) since the invention of that art of control.


However, with no identification for voting required, this may be the first election where non-qualified voters out number the dead voters. Are the dead now the swing vote?

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I'm not sure 10 years is enough, unless there is some existential disaster.

The world has changed competitively and the people running the country have the wrong agenda, save their own asses and move to Singapore or Bermuda or Israel. None of them really care about reformulating a sustainable economic model for the future.

You have the same problem in Europe. It reminds me of the Daffy Duck cartoon, it's mine, mine mine mine, all mine.

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I love the Chris Crustini, why do people think a guy who's a fat slob and obviously spends most of his time being a glutonous fat pig stuffing his face would be anything other than a psychopatic fat ass? Plus the guy doesn't have a sense of who he is, I mean he obviously hasn't seen his dic for decades, he probably doesn't know if he's a woman or a man.

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I hope you have spoofs for Obama when the DNC convention is held.  Seems he would be even more easy to spoof.  Especial with that dufus Biden

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Insane.   That EOT chart is great!

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Bizarro World, 2012:

How fitting, the convention speaker, John Boehner, announcing Romney as the republicon presidential candidate, washed out of US Navy basic training in 1978, claiming a bad back.***

How fitting that Mitt Romney becomes the presidential candidate, the private bankster who is also a draft dodger, tax dodger and the original debt profiteer, and debt queen.

How fitting, that also attending the convention is republicon senate candidate from Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson who, after leaving the Bush administration where he had been secretary off HHS, became a lobbyist, going around American promoting the microchipping of all Americans.

And the corporate McNews describes Thompson as a "moderate republican"???

The microchipping of all Americans? 

A moderate republican?

Bizarro World, 2012

(So should we vote for the fifth-rate private bankster, Mitt Romeny, or President Obama, who's top financial bankcer is the number one private bankster, Peter G. Peterson?)

***Boehner would falsely claim military service during Vietnam when he first ran for his House seat --- this was clearly fraud as it was illegal to claim military service for anything less than six months active duty, and Boehner never even qualified as a basic enlisted man!

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why did obama flunk out of service in the kenyan army...?

williambanzai7's picture

The corporatists have us all coming and going.

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"Vote Nobody" is my new desktop background. 

I hope you don't mind WB7!

Great work!


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I do. I care; deeply. I'm just having a little trouble remembering what it was I supposed to care about.

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Mitt Romney, salesman. Slick "business" man and financial "expert". Asking for your vote to be your President.

He DID say

I will create 12 million jobs as President


I will balance the budget

He didn't say whether the jobs were "shovel ready" and he didn't say if his plan to balance the budget included invading Iran and stealing their treasure.

His friends made off like bandits during the last four years. His friends didn't create jobs IN AMERICA. They created jobs everywhere else. Obamacare has got nothing to do with it. Now he is standing there and telling us that when he's in the White House, his friends will be happy to create employment for 12 million Americans because Romney repeals Obamacare?

Say it ain't so simple! What else does this Jackass have up his billion dollar sleeves?

Su$$ess is a DIRTY WORD when it stands for an America where only a few have access to all the money from the Fed all the time and create themselves lavish paycheques after they've quenched all their rotten debt and toxic assets on to the taxpayer.

monad's picture

Before Obama went back on his word to uphold the 10th amendment, medical marijuana dispensaries in California were paying taxes on 2 billion, creating tens of thousands of jobs and depressing the economy of the Mexican mafia instead of ours. Rmoney has said he won't uphold 10A either, we should instead get synthetic THC adultered by his friends at German Bayer, the guys who knowingly sold over 2 million AIDS doses of contaminated vaccines to children.

What were they doing with live AIDS culture?!

Just supporting 10A would create tens of thousands of jobs every year, add to the tax base, protect our rights and relieve the suffering of millions.

Ron Paul 2012

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I can't believe they had that doddering old fool Eastwood give his hallucinatory rant - truly embarrassing - especially considering his character.

This guy's a Conservative, Family Values icon????????????

From a serial womanize who has 7 kids from 5 different women, only two he was married to.  He cheated on almost everyone of his numerous girlfriends and wives.  His mistress had 2 abortions while living with him.  And tried to foist these illegitimate kids on to the government system of support after he walked away!

Holy Shit the GOP has jumped not just the shark, but the whale.


From Wiki on our Conservative Icon Clint - Man is this guy a creep!!!:

"Eastwood has fathered at least seven children by five different women and been described as a "serial womanizer".[4][5] He had affairs with actresses Catherine Deneuve,[278][279] Jill Banner,[280] Jamie Rose,[281] Inger Stevens,[282] Jo Ann Harris,[283] Jean Seberg,[284] script analyst Megan Rose,[283][285] James Brolin's former wife Jane,[286] columnist Bridget Byrne, [287] and swimming champion Anita Lhoest.[278]

Eastwood married Maggie Johnson on December 19, 1953, six months after they met on a blind date.[288] While separated from Johnson, Eastwood had an affair with dancer Roxanne Tunis, with whom he had his first child, Kimber Tunis (born June 17, 1964); he did not publicly acknowledge her until 1996.[289] After a reconciliation, he had two children with Johnson: Kyle Eastwood (born May 19, 1968) and Alison Eastwood (born May 22, 1972). Eastwood filed for divorce in 1979 after another long separation, but the $25 million divorce settlement was not finalized until May 1984.[290][291]

Eastwood entered a relationship with actress Sondra Locke in 1975. They lived together for fourteen years, despite the fact that Locke remained married (in name only) to her gay husband, Gordon Anderson.[292][293] Locke had two abortions and a tubal ligation within the first four years of the relationship.[294][295] ] Her autobiography, The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly, includes a harrowing account of Eastwood's treatment of her during the events surrounding their separation.[299]

During the last four years of his cohabitation with Locke, Eastwood had an intermittent, hidden affair with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. According to biographers, the two met at a pub in Carmel, and conceived a son, Scott Reeves (born March 21, 1986), at the premiere of Pale Rider.[300] They also had a daughter, Kathryn Reeves (born February 2, 1988).[291] The birth certificates for both children stated "Father declined."[301][302] Although they were mentioned in exposé articles as early as 1997, Eastwood did not present his and Reeves' children to the public until 2002.[303] Kathryn served as Miss Golden Globe at the 2005 ceremony where she presented Eastwood with an award for Million Dollar Baby.[304]

In 1990, Eastwood began living with actress Frances Fisher, whom he had met on the set of Pink Cadillac (1989).[305] They co-starred in Unforgiven, and had a daughter, Francesca Fisher-Eastwood (born August 7, 1993).[306] The couple ended their relationship in early 1995,[307] but remain friends and later acted together in True Crime.

Eastwood with wife Dina in 2007

Eastwood subsequently began dating Dina Ruiz, a television news anchor 35 years his junior, whom he had first met when she interviewed him in 1993.[306] They married on March 31, 1996, when Eastwood surprised her with a private ceremony at a home on the Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas.[308] After their wedding, Dina commented "The fact that I am only the second woman he has married really touches me."[309] The couple has one daughter, Morgan Eastwood (born December 12, 1996).[310]


beercandad's picture
"No One is a 'beacon of morality'. That having been said, at least the GOP does not go out of its way to celebrate, condone, uplift, and enable unnatural, unwholesome, and deviant behaviors and lifestyles. There are going to be bad apples in any group, but when your entire campaign revolves around catering to the lowest common denominator, well, you reap what you sow!" (stolen from a blog) The libs continue to "invest" in the lowest .
YouAreBliss's picture

Yeah but this is the guy they built the whole show around - goes against everything they stand for!  He's probably in favor of gun control!

I mean Carmel-by-the-Sea is a pretty Liberal town (as most uber-class Calif coastal cities are).

I guess they were missing old "Pry my cold dead fingers" Heston.


     No One is a "Beacon of Morality"

  Isn't that what this whole GOP ticket is about?  Isn't the idea to impose their morals on everyone else?

I mean they are talking about banning Birth Control, Abortion, Pornography, etc...


And what was all the implied Obama telling everyone to go "fuck themselves" - I mean this was prime time - I was embarrassed watching with my kids.


     GOP does not go out of its way to celebrate, condone, uplift, and enable unnatural, unwholesome, and deviant behaviors and lifestyles.

Are you kidding me!!  Is doesn't get a lot more unnatural, unwholesome and deviant a lifestyle then this guy Eastwood had!

This wasn't a one time fling -  but a life build around this misogyny at it's core.

But hey, look who the Dems have speaking  - Slick and Hard Willy!!

walküre's picture

The Cons appealing to a hypnotized and almost brainwashed evangelical Christian crowd. Most of them not understanding the most basic fundamentals of the gospel messages.

That helped elect Bush Jr. 2x. It helped getting America to accept an unjust war against an enemy 1000x smaller than itself by outspending its own military budget several times over.

"Faith" has got nothing to do with it.

If the Libs indeed "invest" in the lowest common denominator than that is exactly how Jesus Christ preached it. In a sense, the Libs are actually closer to the true gospel. Definitely not knowingly and most likely not willingly.

Making money wasn't on JC's agenda. Being a successful "entrepreneur" and shafting people out of their businesses was certainly not JC's agenda. Perhaps it was Adam Smith's agenda. Who knows, who cares? The guy was a fraud and too bad so many are linking his fraud to the ONE TRUE SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

Believe what you will or not at all. Even atheists can't deny that true gospel is a pretty good dogma when it helps the LEAST OF THEM to overcome their sufferings or helps to TEACH the "LOWEST COMMON".

YouAreBliss's picture

Yeah old Ayn Rand - Ryan's idol - was some Christian!

Her basic view - fuck everyone but me!  Goes well with the GOP agenda.

monad's picture

Her basic view was that we are each entitled to all that we have produced, and that anyone who tries to take it from us without our full consent is a deadly parasite. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison said the same thing. You probably have no idea what you are talking about, but if you do then you're a parasite. Aim higher, this isn't an msm shithole.

YouAreBliss's picture

I think I know a little about her BS - I wrote thesis on her influence.  By the way asshole I own my own small busiess.  EVERY PERSON WHO HAS MADE IT IN THIS COUNTRY HAD A LOT OF GOVERNMENT HELP!

Speaking of Jefferson -did the US Navy protect his slave trading and Tabacco shipments


monad's picture

EVER PERSON IS A PARASITE SO ITS OK TO BE ONE is actually the issue, and you just proved my point.


uncle_vito's picture

Very well said.  I totally agree.

hannah's picture

at least eastwood married the woman and supported them....unlike obama. how many 'wives' and bastard children. bigamist . what more can be said.....jumping around the world leaving children to take care of themselves.

YouAreBliss's picture

at least eastwood married the woman and supported them...

Can you fucking read - he didn't marry THREE of THEM - and tried to get out of supporting them or even admitting to them.

Time for you to go back to your Bath Salts

hannah's picture

clint supported all his children CANT YOU READ YOU DIPSHIT...?

sgt_doom's picture

Sounds like your classic republicon!

On a serious note, if Romney wins he will be the first official "non-Christian" president.

No, I'm not an evangelical, but grew up in a Catholic orphanage, where studying theology was tediously mandatory, and all Christian religions, from Lutheran to the Evangelicals, including Catholicism, reject the major tenet of the Mormon faith, that males (and ONLY males, of course!) can attain Godhood, becoming on equal level with the Lord.

(I'm not religious in any way, just stating the theological facts.)

YouAreBliss's picture

that males (and ONLY males, of course!) can attain Godhood, becoming on equal level with the Lord.


I was raised a strict Catholic - I can even remember practicing not eating meat on Friday's, went through all the Communion, Catechism, Confirmation jazz.

But I never remember any Christian theology that said the lay folk could attain Godhood, a lot of debate around the Holy Trinity.  Is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit equal, one, separate, etc...

This aspect of Mormonism I never knew about - Wow - fits right in with the idea of a potential Godhead being entitled to a Harem of young (most of the time VERY YOUNG) Females here on earth.  How many "wives" did old Brigham Young have? like 50.

walküre's picture

Did you see any ethnic or colored people at the convention?

As white as snow during the entire coverage of the speech ..

I think that makes a difference?

YouAreBliss's picture

They were a few token speakers like Condi.

Most of the delegates were white, old and looked like they eat Christie sized portions.

hangemhigh77's picture

Help me Romney, help help me Romney!!  The next Puppident of the United States of Amerika took a bailout, N E N T I T L E M E N T...GET IT?  ROMNEY TOOK AN ENTITLEMENT FROM THE GOVT. HE'S THE ENTITLEMENT PREZ.

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture

Dear Mr. Banzai,

Love your work!  Although I'm not a republitard or a another kool aid drinking demtard, I'd prefer Prince Hairy lording over all of us from his esteemed palace in the Wynn hotel, Vegas!   I believe you are imbalanced as to the photos you present us.

May I offer some suggestions.  To add balance to the fat slob Chris Christie barrage of disgusting food photos, perhaps you could go after that hook nosed disgusting Jew dog Debbie Wasserman Schulze, through photos, like Fagin from Oliver Twist; as the Nazi storm troopers did to the Jews in the 1930's.

To add balance to Romney's mormonism, perhaps you could go after Obama's early days as a Indonesian Muzzy; or indoctrinate your fan club with the hate fiilled filth of Obama's pastor Rev. Wright.

Make things more interesting.  Your one sided photographic diatribe is getting stale!


williambanzai7's picture

If you look at my Flickr stream, I probably spend more of my time thrashing Debt Brother, Geithner, Hillary and Holder, as well as other Keynesians in his posse. I also spent plenty of time dressing him up as Osama Debt Laden. Biden got one picture as a scarecrow. I consider him a senile fool. Soros has been dressed up about as many times as I have dressed up the Koch Brothers.

There are actually more pictures in the POTUS Posse category than there are of Romney. et al. I was even accused of being a birther last year. So people who say I am slanted towards OBozo don't know what they are talking about. They see what they want to see. Meanwhile, the portfolio does not lie. 

Now with the elections, they alll get equal billing.

Alert readers know that I am sick and fucking tired of every last rat who works in the crony sewer.

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture

Banzai, I am a Twitter follower and just thought things were going in one direction for too long.  Enjoy your work and appreciate the creativity.  


Just thinking....1)How about Anderson Cooper and Shep Smith, two inveterate pole smokers, covering the "hurricane" on Bourbon Street when the RNC convention was going on?  What do you suppose these two queers were doing with their down time? 2)I'm picturing Obama swinging from a jungle gym/tree with Valerie Jarett swinging a couple rungs below as assistant branch manager.

Everybody seems nervous not to piss off the President.  What do you think?

YouAreBliss's picture

Banzai - you got it just right! 

williambanzai7's picture

Tnx, I even did a corporate Uncle Tom dollar bill last year which I defended through a 200 comment thread. I have no use for any of them.

What difference does it make if you are being shafted by a clown in red stripes or a clown in blue stripes. Either way you are shafted. It shouldn't take much brain power to understand that ;-)

YouAreBliss's picture

Your humor may be the only thread that keeps us sane - much appreciated!!!

And thanks to Tyler posting it - love ZH!

hangemhigh77's picture

Don't worry, we're all going to be OK, Romney said he wants to help us all.  It's that easy, and all the flouride drinking sheeple say, "Rooooommmmboooottt Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh, Baaaa baa baaaaa. I'm going to interview for a CEO job and tell them, "I'm here to help you". 

g speed's picture

I like the polygamy thing but with out the marrige part--can we have some of that please?

orangedrinkandchips's picture



He looks 100% western European to me amigo!




I dont care really.....anyone is better than the last!!!

FeralSerf's picture

"I dont care really.....anyone is better than the last!!!"

Wasn't that the 2008 battle cry?   Or is that going to become America's permanent slogan?

ITrustMyGut's picture

Thanks Bill! you rock so hard brother!!

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

After seeing the feeding frenzy at the RNC, the secrets of the Pharohs are still work'n their magic...