Social Media Giants Set Up “Free Speech Zones” to Censor Dissent

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Preface:  Reddit is the 119th most popular website worldwide on the Internet, which is more popular than Digg.  Because news stories are submitted and voted up social media style, it used to be one of the best sources on the web for alternative news.

I am personally one of the top 100 or so posters to Reddit. Specifically, I have submitted many stories written by other authors on other websites, and have more than 150,000 “karma” points.

As such, I am saddened to see Reddit go the way of Digg and other sites which have been ruined by censorship.

The Bush administration gutted free speech rights by limiting protesters to “free speech zones” which were often miles away from the meetings or conventions being protested, and well away from the media spotlight.

For example, here is the “free speech zone” for protesters at the 2004 Democratic National Convention:

First amendment zone2 Social Media Giants Set Up Free Speech Zones to Censor Dissent blank Social Media Giants Set Up Free Speech Zones to Censor Dissent

First amendment zone1 Social Media Giants Set Up Free Speech Zones to Censor Dissent


Obviously, whatever speech protesters made went unheard. Which is no different from censoring the speech.

Social media sites like Reddit are doing the same thing.

For example, a friend submitted the following world news stories to the largest Reddit category, WorldNews*:

Reddit filtered the stories out, and moderator davidreiss666 said:

Please summit those to /r/WorldPolitics or /r/Israel instead.
Thank you.”

Worldnews has more than 1,200,000 readers. Posting on Worldnews means one’s speech will be heard … like protesting in front of a convention.

In contrast, Reddit’s Worldpolitics section has less than 50,000 readers. And the Israel section has just over 7,000 readers. These are back alleys where almost no one goes.

So Reddit is doing just what George W. Bush did: banishing protest to “free speech zones”.

Note 1: See this for background on censorship by Reddit and other social media websites.

Note 2: It is not a lack of understanding of Reddit’s rules which is causing this site to be censored on Reddit. For example, the friend submitting the posts to Reddit is one of the 20 most popular Redditors.  Two Reddit moderators – one who is much more popular than davidreiss666 – support the right of this site to free speech.

And – prior to the involvement of 1 or 2 moderators who have decided to censor this site – stories from this site were voted up to Reddit’s front page on numerous occasions.

This proves that it is the political agenda of certain moderators – rather than failure to follow posting guidelines or a lack of interest in stories from this site – which is the main problem.

* The politics category has 1,173,005 subscribers; but you can’t post world news stories to politics.  In addition, davidreiss666 is also a moderator of the politics Reddit, he has stated that he wants to ban submissions from Washington’s Blog, and we appear to be censored there, as well.

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Funnily enough IMHO the best comments sections for lack of censorship and the best argument/debate are ZH and AL-J, go figure?

BlackholeDivestment's picture's simple, the Suiicide Vampire Squid of the Great Wal Mart of China is defined by this.> There is a Chinese guy in prison; so the New World Order Scumbags can enjoy the one percent standard, which sacrifices the spirit and whole body of the U.S. Constitution. This is the silence and the black hole.. A way to describe our ''legal image'' would be ...''because he (the man in prison) is there ..we are the Prison Wardens of (this state) our own contempt'', long as we stand by defeated and impotent, ...still, equally marked and sealed by this ''prison'' standard.

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The noose tightens almost imperceptively; but most effectively.

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I have mentioned this before. In Singapore protests with permits can be conducted at a place called Speakers Corner, named after Speakers Corner in London. Only in Singapore speakers corner is situated next to the main downtown police station.

That is why it is referred to by Singaporeans as Speakers Cornered.

All Out Of Bubblegum's picture

Thomas Fucking Paine gets downvoted on reddit on a regular basis. Lurking on reddit is like wandering through the world of Lord of the Flies Meets Lolcats. 

Wakanda's picture

Thomas Paine once wrote, “He who dares not offend cannot be honest”

newengland's picture

In related news...

The New York Times online front page story about Israel wanting U.S. support to attack Iran attracted succinct, cogent objections in the comments section, and the section was quickly closed to more comments.

The gist of the objections is that Iran represents no 'existential threat' to the U.S., and nuclear-armed Israel must bear the cost and consequences alone if it decides to attack its regional neighbours. Israel is wrong to drag the U.S. into its political intrigues and hostilities. Sometimes, its interests coincide with the U.S. Sometimes, it's interests conflict or endanger the U.S. It deserves no special status.

Indeed, it's own theocracy would be considered unconstitutional if it existed in the U.S. This moderate, rational perspective on Israel appears to irritate the NYT censors. It is a very bad day for free speech when the interests of a foreign country like Israel trumps the rights of Americans in our own land.

Joseph Jones's picture

Yes.  Separation of church and state....HERE.  But we have an "unbreakable bond" (Obummer, Hillary) with Israel, a nation in which 80%+ of all laws directly reflect the religion of Orthodox Judaism, a religion that dissallows women from driving cars in NYC and wherein Rabbis measure the diameter of women's blood spots on their panties and if the woman gets pregnant on the wrong day her Rabbi tells her she and her baby die in childbirth.  Sick, sick, sick, racist, biggoted lies.  A religion based on the belief that their DNA is superior to everyone else's DNA.  "Chosenites"      

In reality, with Congress passing Public Law 102-14 in 1991, the USA severely breached the alleged church/state separation.  Notice the "Noahide Laws" quote, which comprise whatever the Rabbis say it comprises.  The wording should be shocking to any reasonable reader. 

Rabbinical Noahide Laws include the death penalty for idolatry.  Christians worship Jesus as God.  The Rabbis label Jesus as "Pantera", Talmudic code name for Jesus' Roman-guard father, who the Rabbis say paid the whore Mary for sex.  So in effect, there is already US law to execute Christians for being idolaters.

Laugh all you like, it's true.  Noahide Law is whatever Rabbi Schneerson says it is.   

Pathetically stupid and terminally naive goyim would burn down their cities at the mere threat of the passing of some Sharia Law.  But Talmudic Rabbinism, no problem.  

Jim in MN's picture

New idea: Random word generators that you paste into Google or other search engines. Makes the whole 'tracking' concept fall apart. Who's with me? Everyone Google....ragamuffin. Now....cherry soda.

Actually I bet I could think up better 'anti-search' terms that would really mess up the pattern recognition software. Maybe I should start a business.

Bringin It's picture

Jim - I've been doing that for years.  No one's caught on yet.

Wakanda's picture

I'm using Do Not Track in Firefox.

Love it!

Jim in MN's picture

trackmenot is one idea.  Messthemup is another.  Both are helpful.

Maybe just remote servers that generate random searches would do it. 

rsnoble's picture

I predict the GW Bush will be found guilty not only in war crimes, but direct involvement in 9-11 which is treason, and if im not understood, carries a sentence of DEATH.  My only hope is that a good tree isn't wasted on the hanging, but rather a more "green" ending to one of the most fucked up minds in recent history. You bastard, we know what you did!

Anyone that doesn't know the truth by now, or can't put 1+1 together, are so far up the systems ass there is no hope for them and they also will be tried for treason on the basis of being so stupid as to allow our country, along with the rest of the world, to be destroyed by rich fucking assholes that don't give a goddamn fuck if you wake up tommorow or not!

You fucking people need to grow a brain right now!

vato poco's picture

Yeah, good luck with that "Bush will hang for this!" jive. We're going on 50 years since JFK got his equally worthless, equally incompetent, equally "I got into this racket 'cause I got a rich daddy!" ass whacked. And in all that time, all we've learned about the assasination is....squat. Just the breathless ramblings of 100,000 loon websites & pulp magazines. They can't even manage to agree if the Zapruder film is altered or not. Meanwhile, nobody ever seems to get around to asking a simple question: since Oswald qualified to USMC standards, (something I sure as hell couldn't do) by any definition, the guy knew how to shoot. So WHY didn't he open that window, set up a nice solid shooting table 10 feet into the room, and take his shot while the motorcade was on Houston St.?  Traveling straight towards him, his target getting closer by the second, easy peasy. If the shot somehow misses, and JFK ducks down, he's still a hittable target for a gunman shooting straight down. Instead, he let it turn left on Elm, where he had to duck under a pipe while pressing himself against a wall, and 1) take an unsupported shot 2) through trees 3) angling away from him 4) at a target getting farther away with every tick of the clock?

Why'd he do that?

Well, what the Hell. Maybe it'll all finally come out in Bush's trial - in, say, 2263 or so. Last note: calling the people you're trying to sell something "you fucking people", who need to "grow a fucking brain", is the mark of a fucking idiot. Just sayin'.

i-dog's picture

9/11 was planned during Clinton's administration and carried out under Bush's. The name of the puppet in the White House at the time is irrelevant to who actually planned and carried out the false flag "show".

Joseph Jones's picture

John Krackhauer, in his fantastic book The Pat Tillman Story, recalls how NSA Chief Richard Clark, two weeks before 9-11, asked Condoleeza Rice how she will feel with thousands of dead Americans in the streets, which he swore was just about to happen (he and others told her and Bush to their face they knew something was just about to blow somewhere in the USA, just not sure exactly where and when).

Did you guys get Bush's warning?  That's funny, neither did I!  Michael Scheuer tells us the first thing Bush's administration did at the CIA was  to toss in the garbage the mideast targets for Taliban and Al Qeada!  This makes fiction look stupid by comparison.  Michael was there in the room.  

Another time very shortly prior to 9-11 Clark or some other security person told Bush to his face of the threat in the most stern language.  Bush said something like, "Well you've covered your ass, now shut up, I'm sure you feel better now".

How do you measure evil, death-loving slime like Bush, Rice and O'bama?  

vato poco's picture

Y'Know, I can't stand the Bushes, and the official 9-11 story stinks to high Hell. But if you're gonna bash 'em, or the USG, you need to be at least a little realistic. So let's say you're right, and Bush got that highly nonspecific warning from Clarke 2 weeks before 9-11. WTF was he *supposed* to do about it? Are you honestly telling us you think the guy should have gone on TeeVee, so's we'd "get Bush's warning"?? So he's supposed to tell us, "A bad thing may happen soon, but we're 'not exactly sure when or where'!"


tickhound's picture

 " is wrong, blasphemous, and sinful for you to suggest, imply, or help other people come to the conclusion that the U.S. government killed 3,000 of its own citizens..."

With Moral Authority,

Tucker Carlson


Joseph Jones's picture

Thank you, Pastor/Rabbi Carlson...

blindman's picture
01 March 2012
James Koutoulas: MF Global Financial Collapse And the Shadow Banking System

Here is James Koutoulas of Typhoon Capital Management, and the founder of the Commodity Customer Coalition, discussing what happened with MF Global on Russia Today. As an aside, I would be more than pleased to present an informative interview with Mr. Koutoulas on US or British television, but there do not appear to be any.

What could be alarming is that the conditions that led to the loss of customers' funds at MF Global have not been corrected, and it could be happening again at some other firm even now. We just may not realize it because the losses have not yet been publicly disclosed.

As in the case of MF Global, the insiders and powerful customers learn about the impending loss first, and take steps to secure their accounts before the collapse and downfall occurs.

q99x2's picture

Don't short the FB put.

zippy_uk's picture

You have now entered the "one more word out of you and we will send you, er give you a job at Foxconn" zone

kaiserhoff's picture

All together now..., all ye who claim to see NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PARTIES,,,,



ilovefreedom's picture

I use reddit frequently and let me tell you, this is at the behest of individual moderators and not necessarily indicative of reddit as a whole or policy.  Individual moderators create or arise from those specific reddits and establish or evolve rules as they see fit. (Subreddits as they are called are individual communities inside reddit as a whole and each has its own rules and specific policies). So OP, George Washington can set up his own reddit and moderate it however he wants.

So while you may think this reeks of censorship it might be to prevent www.reddit/r/worldnews from becoming completely filled with politics.  Reddit has evolved to where certain communities have reached out to the moderators to request fewer types of submissions. (a common statement in submission threads is "Politics is over there ---->").

Whereas it is completely different from Fox News moderating and deleting comments per FOXNEWS policy.

tl;dr - You might think its censorship as you understand it, but it might be OP being out of touch with modern forms of internet websites. If you were really being censored, the moderator would ban you from submitting anything at all. Infact you received a polite request to post in a more specific subreddit.

AnAnonymous's picture

Modern forms of the Internet?

This form of censorship performed by US citizens existed way before the Internet was available.

Individual moderators censor as long as they can not.

Ghordius's picture

blah! be a good chap, just try for once to make a comment without your signature "US Citizens" unclear message

blindman's picture

or is the correct term "terrorist" ?

blindman's picture

AND BALLANCES. "you have to be completely stupid to" believe anything
else. ( the lies ). paraphrase, p.c.roberts .... minute 42....
Thursday March 1 12:00pm
Gary Null - The Natural Living Show
terrorists at the top projecting their own apparatus as
the enemy, here a universal principle, it always goes
undetected and absorbed as credible by the child like many.
the magic of authority my friends.
end the fed slave master!

Silencing The Critics
By: Paul Craig Roberts| February 20, 2012 |

"In 2010 the FBI invaded the homes of peace activists in several states and seized personal possessions in what the FBI--the lead orchestrator of fake “terrorist plots”--called an investigation of “activities concerning the material support of terrorism.”

Subpoenas were issued to compel antiwar protesters to testify before grand juries as prosecutors set about building their case that opposing Washington’s wars of aggression constitutes giving aid and comfort to terrorists. The purpose of the raids and grand jury subpoenas was to chill the anti-war movement into inaction." .....
comment: " and nothing happens. " p.c.r.
we will be remembered as the generation that delivered our
world and children into the hell of debasement and degradation
designed by psychopathic actors and confidence pimps, chewing up the
scenery and devouring the earth itself,
so it may be too late to wake up from this coma of conscience.
Washington’s Insouciance Has No Rival
By: Paul Craig Roberts| February 15, 2012

"Is Obama a hypocrite or merely insouciant? Or is he an idiot?"

AchtungAffen's picture

Really Reddit? Even with all those sock puppet users?

RichardENixon's picture

I know it's quaint and archaic to bring up the Constitution, but in my opinion, the "Free Speech Zones" set up by the government at political conventions are  unconstitutional, while the "Free Speech Zones" set up by a private web site are not.  To me, this is an important and often ignored distinction.

Pinky's picture

Thank you - Now I know I'm not crazy.  I know nothing of "Reddit," so last time GW fussed about censorship there I wondered "Is this some kind of government forum?"

(News flash to the unaware:  One has no free speech "right" to wave placards, post articles, pitch tents, whatever, on someone else's private property. Unless it's the Government shutting you up or kicking you out or off, it's not censorship.)

Now that we've cleared that up.

ebworthen's picture

"Please submit all free speech, complaints, and ballots to this box and they will be reviewed by the appropriate person or department. 

We care what you think and your ideas, feelings, and vote matter to us! 

Thank You, The Management (press 2 for the Spanish complaint box)."



Westcoastliberal's picture

Free speech=Free speech zones


Welcome to Orwellianville

taxpayer102's picture

MIT's Center for Civic Media (, led by the team of Zuckerman and Resnick, is developing new forms of free speech zones:

"We use the term civic media, rather than citizen journalism: civic media is any form of communication that strengthens the social bonds within a community or creates a strong sense of civic engagement among its residents. Civic media goes beyond news gathering and reporting. MIT researchers and students are experimenting with a variety of new civic media techniques, from technologies for protests and civil disobedience to phone-texting systems that allow instant, sophisticated votes on everyday activities. The Center amplifies the development of these technologies for community empowerment, while also serving to generate curricula and open-source frameworks for civic action."

non_anon's picture

facepalm for the day

Treasurer Lockyer Reportedly Sent Sex Tape Of Wife, Another Man

yes, I reside on the left coast

LFMayor's picture

Maybe you should stop writing shit?

hardcleareye's picture

Are you referring to yourself?

roadhazard's picture

free speech zones can suck my sack and so can social media.

tony bonn's picture

fuck reddit....i will never again use that god forsaken asshole site again....davidreiss666 is a cunt...insecure stassi punk

covert's picture

so, where in the world is the freedom of speech truly guaranteed?


ForTheWorld's picture

A place where only one human being exists, but even then, freedom of speech wouldn't exist because that one human would not have to even comprehend anything like it.

FlyoverCountrySchmuck's picture

Why are you blaming BUSH for "Free Speech Zones" at Conventions?

These first began appearing at the 1984 DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION.


Oh wait...

MSNBC didn't tell you about that, did they. I can't imagine why they would 'forget' to tell you that.

wonderatitall's picture

of course the neo nazi statist washington would forget...these people invented gulags and baden baden and wpp work camps....ask a statist nazi worshipper his valued opinion and detention centers and exterminations are not far behind...


non_anon's picture

just submit to your master, Google

PaperBear's picture

"Free speech zone", otherwise known as "everywhere"

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THE PURE AND SIMPLE TRUTH PT 3 (who are we and why are we here?) to Thrive