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Krugman's a Mothra mutation
The product of bad radiation
His theories now fly
We're all gonna die
Prepare for some massive inflation

The Limerick King

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It sure beats Obama's 'let's spend millions of "stimulus" dollars to teach uncircumsized african men to wash their genitals after having sex......

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I have a feeling QE 2012 may come ah calling 911 again.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVtIPCIvsdc&feature=player_embedded ...'twas so stimulating last time around. Krugman, ain't he one of Benny's Jets? or is it now a Spaceship?

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I can't understand half of what Krugman says - if he spat out Bernake's dick he might be more intelligible.

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then can you understand fox news and glenn beck?


just do the opposite of what they say....and you will be alright.

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Aldous.....that statement could be used for ALLLLLLL  mainstream media.....not just those two idiots (Foxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and BeckBarf).....

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Keeping with the theme that Krugman came from a worm. Great stuff.

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I wonder how much money it woudl take for Erin to move to Fox and her own show???

CNN must have paid big for her, show is not that good, but still its got Erin! Rather have Erin spit the lies than Cramer and his antics.


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I miss Melissa Francis, don't get to watch her on FOX.

Smart, and professional - besides hot.

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Missy Francis is bangable for sure......smart(er) since she left CnBimboC...the network of stupid...

That little twinkle in her eyes tells you that she is one hot babe off camera, and probably swings both ways, as well as takes dick like a champ...


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There seems to be a surplus of News media bimbos, even ones with brains.

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WB: Thanks for skewering KrugDoucheman.....he needs much more skewering.....

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the irony is that as nation becomes wealthier, it becomes more livable to morons, and average intelligence of such society degrades to a point where even average intelligent people have to hide their intelligence.





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and what we see in TV in these days just confirm your point of view.

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John Maynard he had an idea,

It's purpose was perfectly clear.

When assets deflate, 

and mobs agitate,

print money, the people wiil cheer.

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For a while more money is great

The debt that you owe will deflate

   But you get less when spending

   Higher prices unending

Poverty soon is your fate



When a loaf of bread costs a billion dollars, its EASY to pay off a few trillion in debt..... no need to default and ruin your credit rating, right?



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Nice use of kanji, romaji and hiragana (some of it subtly modified) to spell KRUGMOTHRA! in the caption.

Visual combat indeed ... William Gibson would be impressed.

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I'm glad someone caught that ;-)

machineh's picture

Just noticed your signature in the lower right corner with the same technique.

It pays to pay attention!

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You know guys, jokes aside - either you mistunderstand Keynes or you just make fun of the whole not funny situation. Keynes didn't say JUST PRINT, he said in terms of lack of aggregate demand, government needs to create jobs..and we have jobs to do, our infrustracture, education, clean energy - yeah tons of stuff where people do actual work.

Overall, i agree. Situation is pathetic. This crazy printing and giving away of money eroded our standard of living and our trust. Or whatever was left of it, anyway.

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I have said many times that Keynes has become the metaphor of choice for the monetary/fiscal phenomena we are witnessing.

Even the PhDs argue about whether this is justified. I just take what I see and spin it.

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Government spending (federal, state, local) now represents 40% of US GDP ... I think Keynes' idea of  'government needs to create jobs' will continue to strangle our economy. A government created job is not a 'productive' job ... government jobs can only create spending (and on occasion improved infrastructure). We need to produce things that those with resourses will buy and the profit from which can then be used as 'investment'. I think one would be hard pressed to find even a few government jobs that contribute to 'real' economic advancement.

How efficient is it to hire a federal government employee ($123,500 average) whose main function is to create programs that will spend more money. Government employment only grows ... it never gets smaller.

I am living on Social Security, but I would be ok with a 15% cut in my benefit if all government would take a 15% cut. Unfortunately, wherever I look, I see an entitlement mentality that says: "give me more!". This tide is only growing ... in California seven out of the last ten immigrants are now on Medicaid. The number of 'disabilities' SS beneficiaries now stands at 14 million almost double the 2002 figure. With 10,000 retiring every day ... where do we go from here? 


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What most miss is that Keynes said government should SAVE in good times so it could spend in BAD... like the Kings in Sumeria who stockpiled grain in times of plenty to enable the people to survive times of drought.  Problem is that governments invariably SPEND MORE THAN THEY TAKE IN - even when times are good.

If - in exchange for monetary support - government gets PRODUCTIVE labor from people, you have a viable situation.  You are 'borrowing' money from your citizens to pay others to work so they can buy goods made or oproduced by other citizens.  In that sense FDR was effective with the CCC and WPA.  Things were built, people earned the money they got. Others wer put back to work.

The problems now is that government is giving money to banks and Wall street - to keep FAILED businesses in operation (ant their executives in million dollar bonuses) while nothing is going to the PRODUCTIVE economy.  Paying people NOT to work for two years so they can afford to buy stuff made in CHINA does little to help the US economy.   Governemnt is focused on saving Wall Street while sacrificing Main Street.


The dog-eat-dog 'Capitalists' would allow - indeed ENCOURAGE - the starving to sell themselves and future generations into slavery in exchange for food when times are bad.... But even Adam Smith said government should have a role in providing for the needy in society.

Jackson and others noted that the 'bankers' too often manipulated things to impoverish those that PRODUCED, that EARNED their wages.   When government takes the side of 'capital' against 'labor' a VERY FEW get VERY RICH while the rest starve


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"he blinded me with keynesian science"

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Go Ben.  Go Paul.  Lets get those presses rolling.  We need to buy our pols time to do a deal on the deficit without tanking the economy.  We need to keep the dollar from soaring in value relativ to the EU after Mario lights his fire.  Don't listen to the doom and gloomers.  They are just upset because they are missing the market rally and hate the idea that the Fed can keep the Stock Market from ever going in the tank again.  Great for Baby Boomer pensions.  Go for it.

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Many people don't realize how many baby boomers have lost their pensions and nest eggs in all of this. The truth is if you were a middle income stiff trying to put it away, you nest egg was pilfered by so called financial advisors. Moreover, the markets certainly, did not perform as you were brainwashed into believing. So your meager 401k actually depreciated in terms of relative value.

The only winners were those who gamed the system and their tribes.

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So your meager 401k actually depreciated in terms of relative value

in 1988 my company was pushing the 401(k) on us.   They were telling us how it was going to provide a better living in retirement than our pension. 

The "suits" came in and the presentation was on.   Easels, charts and graphs - talk about baffling with bllsht.  "The stock market always goes up" was their mantra and also their answer for almost any question.   They then told us we could just about count on a 7% annual return which would double our investments every 7 years.  Every chart was printed in either black or navy but always had red arrows pointing up!!! up!! UP!!!! 

Since I was the youngest in the company at the time they used me as an example.  They calculated my 401(k) worth at retirement to be $1.6 million!! the room went quiet! It didn't hit me until later that they must have asked H.R. who would be with the company the longest so they could provide the greatest visual impact! (first known usage of shock and awe!!). 

I left the company in 1997 however I still have some distant contact there.  Not one will be a millionaire or remotely close. They have reserved themselves to the fact that at least they have some more money for retirement.   It seems that after 24 years of 401(k) investing, managed by a "reputable and well known" firm, most have only seen a little more than a doubling of their money.   The 2001 "dot com" crash was devastating and it took many years after to recover.  Then 2008 came and deja vu! (7 years later!!).

It will NEVER, EVER be exposed for the scam that it is.  Look at gubmint and the employee TSP.... "G" fund.  When the debt ceiling is hit the gubmint "taps" the G fund.  Sheeple will never admit they have been fleeced.  They too will rationalize it "as a few more coins for retirement".   

For almost a lifetime I couldn't fathom a day when banks, brokerages, etc... could take people's accounts over, legally.   After what I have seen so far ......  I believe not only can it happen, IT WILL HAPPEN!!  When the "great reset" comes it will come with a price the sheeple will pay for.  As always.   


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If the Fed can keep the stock market from "ever going in the tank again," why didn't it keep it from going in the tank in the first place? Shouldn't the Fed have been waving its magic wand then? You can't really believe the pie-in-the-sky, a-free-lunch-is-possible bullshit that you're spouting, now, can you?

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I actually saw a poll on the local TV webpage about QE.  It came in at 60% Opposed, so I guess not all of the 'let's pretend everything is great' crowd is buying into the MSM push for q e infinitum.  Regardless, when the time comes, the fed will swing into action to try and save the Finance god that is the usless economy today.  Their alternative is to just watch it collapse, along with much of this great 'just in time', securitized, CDO'd, and Outsourced society.

It didn't seem possible last time, and it might not be possible this time.  What is mr market going to say to an overnight creation of 3 trillion? Or 12?  At that point, when the only actions available lose any connection to the rational world, the dollar becomes trash.  Who will sell aviation fuel to the war machine of a nation with a trash currency?  Who bases a fleet that pays in currency worse than worthless?  What is value for anything if the scale is not trusted?

We are so close to that day and oblivious to the hole we are about to step into.  Watch that first step.....

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The hole is not the problem.Its the sudden stop that kills.

williambanzai7's picture

Fear of the unknown. That is the card they will play again when the time comes. The asset abyss...

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Shock measures (what's the exact MSM propaganda term again?) to combat fear is as using a defibrillator as a preventive medicine against death by fear.

williambanzai7's picture

I saw that. My Bernanke note, at least one of them, is fill in the blank.

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If only I had rolls and rolls of toilet paper printed up just like that, my a-hole would finally feel rich, and Berstank would look better and better after every wipe.

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chuckle  ;)

if Krugman had science qualifications he'd of course be a Govt climate scientist bending hockey sticks and asking to tax more to throw money at the weather (that'll fix it)

who needs windfarms with windbags like Dr Krudman

Overflow-admin's picture

Actually the spin is that "climate change" (note the evolution, 10 years ago the term was "climate warming") is worsening poverty in the world, therefore you must spend money to "mitigate climate change" (not mitigate poverty).

I agree changes in short term climate can be a factor, but the conclusions are not scientific, mostly sophistic (Aristote would be proud!). Short term climate evolution is just NOISE (ask the stars).

Andre's picture

This might give some insight.

"Finally, it is concluded that the climate change discourse has been stifled by the obsession of discussing the science basis and that in order to advance the discourse, there needs to be a change in how science as an ideology is communicated and enacted."


No it wasn't Anthony (it was U Colorado) that reduced science to ideology (faith based science?), but it says a lot.


Zero Govt's picture

almost as bad as these 'scientists' (Govt crones) trying to turn a fact/knowledge based discipline like science into a belief system is their recent request/whimpering to "find a middle ground" and compromise with sceptics

science is not about diplomacy or compromise, it is either fact or fiction (a failed theory for the dustbin.. which is what AGW is after 20 years of the IPCC flogging a dead horse and getting nowhere)

AGW is one of the biggest lies ever told. Typical from the institution of serial pathalogical lying, Govt

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

In Russia, is Hockey favorite sport! Krugman can play, but is vulnerable to stick smash up septum and break nasal bone structure. Must can be fun!

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So often excellent when William Banzai goes retro ...

Triple-terrific when Banzai babes are involved

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Yeah, but have you heard Erin Burnett on CNN lately? I mean, it's just not Erin without Obama's splooge all over her face.

liz pendens's picture

I was always under the impression that it was Warren Buffett's man-goo dripping from her chin?

New_Meat's picture


"...Obama's splooge all over her face."

In her dreams.  Unfortunately...

- Ned

TrustWho's picture

Erin should have stayed in CNBC babe-land. She was more intelligent, but she looks out of place on CNN and her show SUCKS!

NewWorldOrange's picture

Que Andrew Dice Clay:


Lord Keynes sat on a stool

Spewing his stimulus drool

Krugman posed a query

In seach of a theory

"What's in the bag bitch?"