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Banzai come in!

What a relief to have a plan for this Halloween.  Just told the wife... Instead of bobbing for apples, we're going to "Bob for Rubins".  I told her, get one of those round metal washtubs.  I'll decorate it like the Ritz Carlton.  Should be a big hit with anyone who comes dressed as Iris Mack. 

Working on the party invitations.  Where's the artwork?

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A zebra-striped PushMe PullYou named Obamney!

Was the progeny of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

Their incestuous act of intercourse formed

an IslamoMormonic Chimeric Worm

On RepubliCon DemoCrap composTV.

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lulz Schmiegel/Gensler

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Ist Sméagol, Putzi!


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C-c-c-c-c-cant we all just....Fraud along?

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whos the clown face?  LOL,  bankrupt chicago and Illinoistan, lol. Forward. foreclosure

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nothing much changes in 40 years

the first one by queen seems more than a little prophetic ..someone should brain and retina scans on the people in williams cartoon

and for those who want to see the lyrics without playing the first toon!

Flick Of The Wrist lyrics

Dislocate your spine if you don't sign he says
I'll have you seeing double (double)
Mesmerise you when he's tongue-tied
Simply with those eyes, ooh ooh ooh
Synchronise your minds and see
The beast within him rise

Don't look back
Don't look back
It's a rip-off
Flick of the wrist and you're dead baby
Blow him a kiss and you're mad, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Flick of the wrist - he'll eat your heart out
A dig in the ribs and then a kick in the head
He's taken an arm and taken a leg
All this time honey
Baby you've been had

Intoxicate your brain with what I'm saying
If not you'll lie in knee-deep trouble
Prostitute yourself he says
Castrate your human pride, ooh ooh ooh
Sacrifice your leisure days
Let me squeeze you till you've dried

Don't look back
Don't look back
It's a rip-off, aah, aah, aah

Work my fingers to my bones
I scream with pain
I still make no impression
Seduce you with his money-make machine
Cross-collateralize, (big-time money money)
Reduce you to a muzak-fake machine
Then the last goodbye
It's a rip-off

Flick of the wrist and you're dead baby
Blow him a kiss and you're mad, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Flick of the wrist - he'll eat your heart out
A dig in the ribs and then a kick in the head
He's taken an arm, and taken a leg
All this time honey


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Good job WB7

Very unbiased look at two bad candidates.As i look at the pictures i see that its always the usual suspects,nothing ever chainges. 






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That is how the misdirection works, in the sphere of greatest importance (structuring a viable and sustainable model for the economy) the cast of characters is virtually identical. All the other shit is noise.

Consume, borrow, print...wash and repeat.

We are not going to fix anything until the notion of fastbuck kleptocaptialism is exorcized from finance.

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i love the photos!!

the QEorganizer has told the dems to state "Romney will gut the middle class"....= odummer is full of it!! and NO i didn't waste 1 second watching the stupid demon-rat convention, nor will i spent 1 second.

just quickly read link (just title) spent 2 seconds reading title of the cheerleading bs mw mainstream media, they can fawn and scream all they want.....i aint' buying jack !!! = i ain't no muppet!!

furthermore it states:  "odummer gets it, Romeny doesnt"...the QEorganizer means to say:  ODUMMER GETS IT ON HOW TO BANKRUPT THE US WITH STUPID QEs and INFLATION!!

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Get over it William,  anybody who says they snorted their coffee out their nose looking at your work is brown-nosing you, I have never had food or drink be accidentally expelled because anything is that funny, and anybody who claims the above is a moron.

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Get over it Curt, you're a humorless moron.

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A company I worked for in 1995 got a recall notice and we returned 180 curling irons, we got the same irons back 2 weeks later with a new warning tag on the cord. "For External Use Only, Do not Insert Into Any Bodily Orifice"


Some moron lost a foot of his colon to scorching, Now that is some funny shit.

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That is funny shit, you are not a humorless moron.

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Sorry William and Wakanda, I just have this thing about everything having a warning, because somebody, somewhere was stupid.  Like McDonalds coffee says "WARNING: HOT"  Well yeah it is coffee.

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Sometimes people don't appreciate the potential danger. Hot coffee in a car seems common sensical. But it is actual more horrible than you initially imagine. I don't think anyone would drive with coffee in a paper cup after seeing what happened to that woman. Yikes!

Micro waving your dog is a different matter. Sticking a curling iron in an orifice is something Barney Frank might try. Maybe it was him?

I'll tell you one thing, I lose my appetite when I see those cigarette warnings in 7-11

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There are certainly some things that need a warning,  But when it comes to the point where everything has a warning, then people stop paying attention.

Common sense and logic seem to be scarce qualities in the general population today.

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Truth is, I have expelled drink laughing on more than a few occasions, primarily in bars, but also sitting at a computer screen.

More importantly, I pay attention to my audience and I consider the figure of speech, I spit my coffee on my screen, one sign of whether the audience response is positive.

Paying attention is the first rule of entertainment, the other is you can't please everyone.

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Maybe there could be a screen/liquid index.  The more outrageous the image, the greater the chance of screen bubbles.

williambanzai7's picture

If you google spit coffee, you will see the cultural connotation.

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I'm sure the expression is in the urban dictionary.

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spittake 37 up, 14 down A reaction upon hearing/seeing something humorous/suprising, where a person eating or drinking spits out their food or beverage. The term derives from a mix Spit-Take and bukkake. "Spittake" is pronounced "Spi-ta-kay". After seeing a particularly funny post, Blivy spittaked Coca-Cola all over her computer screen. Maybe we should invent a spi-ta-kay index - the probability of spitting on the screen or keyboard in response to a WB7 image.
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Thanks for that bit of profound wisdom...

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If somebody actually had this happen to them, perhaps they would be wise to not eat or drink while surfing the net.

Maybe they need a warning on their monitor, Don't drink and surf.

The lord knows there are enough warning labels out there that you wonder,

"Who the hell tried to do that"

Nothing personal just saying, everything has a warning on it now days because some moron sued somebody because they did a really stupid thing.

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Coincidently, I saw a waterproof keyboard on Gawker over the weekend. The sales pitch was food proof.

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I don't know how long this took, but this is really one of your best pieces.  The shag-tastically dressed Hillary and Barney Frank are two of my faves...excellent positioning of the pepper spray toward Soros' face - he looks "startled".  Nice tongue on Dick Fuld, too.

Is the Cowardly Lion Harry Reid?  And who is Gollum?

Thanks for picking up my spirits tonight - I really needed it.  Cheers!

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The lion is Reid, although it is difficult to tell because I squeezed him in. Gollum is Gary Gensler.

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Hmmm, I wonder where all the Trolls went. I guess tha Banzai7 loves Debt Brother narrative don't hunt...

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somewhere in between krugman butthead and chesty la big sis


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Jon Corzine is next to the Bernank and Blankfein, how apropos!

"Debt Brother from Planet Zero's Lonely Brain's Club Band".

Inaction Jackson Eric Holder and Mittens Zombie; the whole crew, what a tableau!

Strangely, I find myself wishing it were 1967, and I stand to give you a hand.

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 I am the WallStreet....

"Shut the fuck up, Donny!......V.I. Lenin. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov"

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Corporate Socialism.

A system under which everything in society is ruled by the state, and the state is, in its stead, controlled by financiers who, hence, get to rule and manage society, to their liking. In other words, to get society to work for the financiers, using a socialist state as an intermediary.


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Is that damn Corzine still a free man?

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Everytime I see that fucking Chris Dodd's face, I want to take a dump.  Where's George Carlin when you need him?!

dexter_morgan's picture

Apparently me eyes are goin bad - I was lookin for him and his buddy Barney but I'm not seeing them.

nvm - see Barney now....the hair threw mw off......

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Top middle with the Hitler mustache

dexter_morgan's picture

Thanks....the stache threw me off!

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Top shelf material WB

Keep them coming

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Mr. Crowley, in the upper ''Left Wing'' on the right, reminds me of the 911 Phone Booth, the upper ''Right Wing'' on the left, in Lincoln's Second Inaugural, Invocation of Pharaoh's (g)od, picture. Not that the map makers of the tomb are going to mortally wound their symbolic Head of their new homo erotic secular order or anything, lol, this time, lol, Kennedy, just that it's befitting the image of the 666 2012 Beast that ''crafted'' the debt ceiling mark and completed the task with their Presidential Seal of approval. Ah haa haa haa haaaa.! 

Burn in Hell, Rosemary's Baby and the Fraternal Band of Neo Secular Christian Muslim Hindu Luciferian etc... Jewish Brother-hoods in their little Antichrist Fez Caps.

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Bonzai, you says it all, here.

It really is just them and the rest of us.

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Where's Saul Alinsky?

Well done Banzai ;-)

williambanzai7's picture

Truthfully, I don't need him or Rev Wright to make my basic point. ;-)

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I've never seen so much wickedness and stupidity concentrated in so little space. Well done. 

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It is obscene when you look at it.

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"Where's Saul Alinsky?"

by-god-dead, although his son is hangin' around north of Bahsten, if you want to go huntin' to find his sorry ass.

- Ned

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Beautiful voice ... great album ... one of my all-time favourites ... except for all the gospel bullshit....

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in music interpretation is everything, same
in perception and reaction. not to dismiss the
bullshit or human inability to interpret perception
or their own history and truth.
she could sing anything , one of the greatest
musical talents i have ever heard and few people
have ever heard her or of her, it is puzzling
among the increasing ly puzzling?
interpretation is everything, especially now,
best to the i-dog !

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Obama: Me and you didn't build that debt, previous generations did!