BuBBa NeWS...

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America needs a huge enema with industrial strength Drano.  All these grand speeches, all these grand proposals and Congress hasn't passed a budget since 2009, we're in Afghanistan where 99.99999999% of us there can't speak the Afghani language and we want to bring democracy to them when, and I repeat, we can't pass a simple budget in our own language?


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Yeah, NINJA loans-No Income, No Job or Assets.

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Clinton put  teeth in the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 by ordering the head of ten departments including Alan Greenspan of the Fed to threaten bankers with discrimination in lending lawsuits if they didn't lend money to people who couldn't afford to make the payments on mortgage loans.

As a result Clinton is virtually solely responsible for the subprime crisis which led to all the foreclosures.

The guy should be in jail.

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"The guy should be in jail."

Look up "Factor 8: The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal."

God damn the psychopaths for the misery they cause, and the electorate for their stubborn, boundless naiveté.

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I think you need to take a look at the Banzai7 Periodic Table of Wall Street Criminal Elements.

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not correct.   CRA forces banks to lend in areas they operate/have a footprint, targeting underserved populations.  problem is, it takes a lot of work to find qualified borrowers in those areas (they dont bank, dont trust banks, get paid in cash, etc).   so its very ineffecient to say the least.   as a previous mortgage lender,  i know that unqualified applicants were turned down left and right, witht the order to find the fraction of people who could qual so the banks numbers looked right.    banks lose money on this b/c there are so few qualfiied people and loan amounts so small.

pure sub-prime, and the no doc phenom (which is making a come back)  is the root of the problem

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Lawsuits like this did not help. This from Obama himself no doubt. Sueing to get subprime loans for folks who obviously did not rate them. 



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14 million views. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAsV5-Hv-7U
"and as the planes fly high into the night to light their sacrificial rite...

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The Clintstones.

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Finally BJ Clinton gets a hit,i can see him wiping away a tear as he feels our pain,pain that he helped inflict.

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Bill Fucking Clinton.

Too much to see him on a stage wagging his finger again.

Thanks for putting into one picture the necessary reminders.

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Someone should shove one of Bill's Monica cigars up his anal cavity.  Make sure to light it first.

There was a recent picture of Monica.  What a really fat neurotic pig she is.

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Mr. Pardons for Sale -- Marc Rich's hero!

Without his de facto immunity, Clinton would be in prison now for his multiple felonies.

Clinton's endorsement is a Mafia seal of approval.

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Denise Rich, Marc's estranged wife, donated a supposed 400k to Clinton "Library". Bill's first payday after leaving office.

Funny how Marc Rich bought his freedom for such a paltry sum. Lawyers would have cost 10x that.

Denise the of course, renounced her US citizenship to save on her tax bill.

Clinton has always surrounded himself with nefarious (but wealthy) people.


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The Bushes have always surrounded themselves with nefarious (but wealthy) people.


(BTW, Im not contradicting your comment, just adding to it)

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"I didn't have sexual relations with that women ,Ms L" "It all depends on what the meaning of word is, is."You just gotta love the guy, a true american politician, completely full of shit. He knows it, you know it and we're all in on the joke.

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WB- most excellent!

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This one pic says it all. Absolutely the best!!!

The two party system has reached the end of the road. If you always vote one party you are an idol worshipper.

If you can not see that half truths from either party are killing us then you are just plain blind.

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Franken-Lloyd's clones are alive
The villagers may not survive
By Lloyd's cruel device
These monsters look nice
But freedoms and rights they'll deprive

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Is this how we got Obamney Care?

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Freakin Golden work!!! A whole world of awakening exists for our future, if we still have one left, with every mental image you provide of the ludicrousness of the world we didn't build.

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how'd you get the ct scan of bernanks colon? he likes it big

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It's just the other head on the Thing With Two Heads..


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A masterful politician. Republicans only wish they had someone like Bubba. And I am a Libertarian!

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Any libertarian worth two shakes knows "masterful politicians" is code for super thief.
This board is swarming with DNC troll vermin saying anything to make their guy not look like a turdburger sandwich,  

There's a shitstorm of blowback coming.  Go tell your big bosses of your single party system.

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You seem to be the main troll here.

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Realy looks like a Drag version of Monica Fellatio Winsky/lew:

Deep throath, to Clinton,commandor in Climaticsation,she never sucked my brain,aint got one,doooh!!

Kissinger doctrine:Ich been ein Americano,heinzz!

Where is, All the Icegone, in all this.

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Say what you may, The republicans got their asses handed to them tonight. With facts....

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That's a good sheep.  Keep believing the two party lie.  All is well.

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I don't give a rats ass what the Republikists are doing tonight.

People can worship this particular bufoon all they want. These the the facts that the narrative conveniently ignores.

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+16 trillion, wb7


p.s. - I anxiously await a dedicated graphic arts takedown of one Chucky "Fuck Flyover Country" Schumer, Appointed Representative/Consigliere for the 5 Favored Families (Primary Dealers) of the New York Branch of the Federal Reserve "Bank."

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Single party frenemy system.  Gotta love the troll vermin infestation in ZH as of late.  Laughing at the shitlines cut and paste from huffington or politico.  Amazing what jobs some get forced into from bottom heap BA tp degrees.  

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Give 'em a break -- they're making $69 an hour on their computers -- and the check's in the mail! ;-)

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You mean with their facts instead of the other sides facts?


Two heads of the same snake.  Wake the fuck up!

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I am with you brother! But their "facts" do sound better to me as an independent. I am a middle of the road libertarian. Romney/Ryan sound downright disgusting with their lies to me. I would prefer they spoke SOME truth, but NO...

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Keep on typing as your true colors are beginning to show.  Middle of the road libertarian.  That is oxymoronic!

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"I am a middle of the road (??) libertarian."

Maybe you meant librarian, because I do not think that word means what you think it means.

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Maybe these people should be put in charge of fixing the Euro-peon debt problem:


Oh wait, they already are.


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I bet big bro from debt planet O will surf that debt wave all the way to the street.

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Priceless. LMAO! 

...no really, it's actually price-less, lol.

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The lord of the rings - (Two Hundred and Twenty) Two Towers