GATA Chairman Murphy's appearance on Russia Today's 'Capital Account' posted at YouTube

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Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver):

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy's appearance today on the Russia Today television network's "Capital Account" program, hosted by Lauren Lyster, has been posted at YouTube here:


CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

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I don't know why the fuck these little shits continue to talk about manipulation when it will never be proven even if it is a grand manipulation like ....ohh well uh  the fucking bond market maybe???  As long as you let these little Central Banker shits continue to print money and hand it to the fucking bankers at no cost EVERY fucking market will be distorted.  Why do these morons feel they have to waste airtime and let douchebags like this guy on?  It just makes Pravda look that much more fucking illegitimate.  Why don't they bring on US politicians and start asking them why they don't have any balls anymore and why they don't do their fucking job and police the criminals and throw their asses in prison?  Why don't they try to get US congressamen to come on the show and ask them hard hitting questions that will make them squirm in their seats if they want to prove how morally bankrupt  they all are?   If they refuse to come on the show then shame them and ask them why they don't want to come and debate real solutions to real problems and have a REAL discussion or debate....God I have been watching this shit for over a year and they always have the usual suspects on to talk about shit they can't fucking prove... They are gonna have to do better I'm affraid...Lauren is hot and she draws an audience, but shit I can get a look at somne fine strange down at the local cathouse and get an in the flesh look to boot.. 

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Terrific Bill Holter quote (another GATA guy), courtesy of Ranting Andy Hoffman's piece today. Listen up.


Roughly 1% of Americans even own precious metals.  At best only 25% of these truly understand them.  The other 75% are thinking now, "oh goodie goodie, Gold and Silver are going up and I'm making money."  Not true.  When the metals go to new "fiat highs," this will be a signal, a very, very BAD SIGNAL!  As the old highs are being taken out, consider it your warning that the system is becoming untenable and unstable.  The metals will tell you exactly when "game over" has arrived.  Do not be "happy" as new highs arrive, be "happy" you own as many ounces as you do, because your ability live, trade and survive will depend on this. 

-Bill Holter, Miles Franklin


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While its true new fiat highs dont mean much, if you own silver you will be ahead of the currency devaluation.  Most importantly you should be measuring your PM's against other commodities and assets.


Technically, theres reason to think that oil might do a face plant - the fundamentals for oil though haven't changed.  If oil does face plant, and you can tolerate the risk, you might trade some metal for a little oil - of course, that entire exchange system might vanish leaving you with nothing but paper promises.  If it holds though, it might be a wealth multiplyer.

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and you can shut up to dead-on dick 


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Arrest, you're another f'n ramper, might have known... why donìt you piss off back to KWN

ArrestBobRubin's picture

Hang on a sec while I scrape you off the bottom of my shoe

Zero Govt's picture

it's not me on your shoe, it's your knuckles scraping the ground

drag them over to KWN and find another ramping story, the more spin innuendo and hysteria the better as the gold bug community are almost brain dead with the tedium of the broken record scare stories

f off shill

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to the topic; really 50 then a move to 80, hmmm

maybe to historical ratio if ever that wasn't manipulated, hmmm again.

even at 20-30 there is a lotta work to be done.

can we throw out the .618 stuff on the rise to unfettered price?

new game's picture

to the topic; really 50 then a move to 80, hmmm

maybe to historical ratio if ever that wasn't manipulated, hmmm again.

even at 20-30 there is a lotta work to be done.

can we throw out the .618 stuff on the rise to unfettered price?

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all the talk of Lauren Lyster just nails in how dull the people from GATA are

anyone know what they've achieved in all the years they've been moaning about market rigging?

Chris Powell gave evidence to the CFTC 2 years ago about positions held by HSBC and JP Morgan ...and what's happened?

HSBC hold the big short positions in Gold he says, yet James Turk of GoldMoney who he mentions as one of our bestest friends, one of the good guys.. maybe Chris Powell should ask Mr Turk, who is a regular speaker at GATA, why his GoldMoney operation banks at HSBC ?

Powell didn't miss repeating (ramping?) twice his estimates of near-future sky-high Silver and Gold prices ...wake me up when GATA actually achieve something and their members stop dropping cherry-bombs (don't listen to strange men offering you sweets as Mum used to say)

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Bay of Pigs, looks like we have our winner of the day!

As if it was the fault of GATA that the CFTC has been co-opted and done nothing in spite of being handed airtight evidence time and again, for years now.

What a complete and total asshole.

Zero Govt's picture

Arrest  - oh goody, I've won something, what's my prize?

Hope it's for asking the most patently obvious question in the world (which you're too clueless to ask and too clueless to answer). Why is James Turk banking at HSBC and another, why does Peter Schiff bank at JP Morgan??

Both avowed Gold bugs, both sleeping (banking) with the enemy

If you think that makes me an a-hole you should get your fucking head out of yours and wake up you dick

Bay of Pigs's picture

I looked at Goldmoney's website and could find no connection to HSBC. Could you provide more info instead of insulting people?

 And leave Peter Schiff out of this please. 

Zero Govt's picture

I'm an ex-customer of GoldMoney ..i know where i transfered my money, GoldMoneys bank account at every Gold bugs worst enemy, HSBC

Why leave Peter Schiff out, he's put himself out there as a Gold bugs bestest friend, quite apart from being a GOP candidate (apparently they represent the public.. allegedly) and he banks at every Silver bugs worst nightmare, JP Morgan.

I think that raises issues. Who the fuck are you anyway, his Granny?

Bay of Pigs's picture

Goldmoney connection to HSBC? I wrote them myself and you are indeed correct on that. You could have just stated that you were a customer instead of being such a prick about it.

And Schiff has no connection to GATA whatsoever. Your point is meaningless as I dont give a fuck what he does or where he banks.

Zero Govt's picture

where did i connect Schiff with GATA?

I am an ex-customer of GoldMoney ...i think their product is entrapment, you'd be far better off and have much greater flexibility holding your ow coins or bars... it's the same 'system' Jim Sinclair and Turd Ferguson practice of tying one hand behind investors backs only saying "Buy" and not "Sell"

they're lining up sheeple for a fleecing to the down/short side... that's not trading, that's lambs to the slaughter for the bullion banks and industry

regards being a "prick" you've shown me up on no point whatsoever, indeed i've rather patiently put you straight on your delusions and baseless accusations whereas you've flapped around like a headless chicken

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Maybe you ought to read and listen more and talk less? That isnt Chris Powell.

They have literally hundreds of dispatches you could look at on their's a good one for you. Gold was $390 then.

Oleg V. Mozhaiskov
Deputy Chairman, Bank of Russia
The London Bullion Market Association Bullion Market Forum
Baltschug Kempinsky Hotel, Moscow
June 3-4, 2004

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BoP  -  thanks for the correction, it was Bill Murphy of GATA, not Chris Powell (apologies to Powell).

So do you think Murphy should ask fellow gold-bug James Turk why GoldMoney banks at HSBC, the awoved enemy, or just let it slide for another few years???

I listened almost to the end of the interview thanks, it was hard going as what he's saying is plastered over every shill Gold and Silver bug website 12 times a day 365 days a year. Once you've heard the scare stories once you've heard them all. Talk about broken records, the bullion banks propaganda sales offices should change them some time

Regards the link yes heard about the Russian Gold in the interview too... so what?

GATA's job/role/priority is to stop market manipulation which they're an ongoing flop at... until they nail someone or change something they're just windbags

Bay of Pigs's picture

Are you out of your mind? It is NOT GATA's job to stop market manipulation. That job belongs to the SEC and CFTC. GATA is just a small (two man) private organization. Good grief man, you can't be serious?

"Using the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, throughout 2008 and 2009 GATA sought access to the Federal Reserve's gold-related records, eliciting an admission from the Fed that it has gold swap arrangements with foreign banks and insists on keeping them secret. To obtain the records at issue, in December 2009 GATA sued the Fed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. In February 2011 the court ruled that most of the Feds gold records could remain secret but that one had to be disclosed: minutes of the April 1997 meeting of the G-10 Committee on Gold and Foreign Exchange. The minutes, released by the Fed two weeks after the court's ruling, showed G-10 member treasury and central bank officials secretly discussing the coordination of their policies toward the gold market. The court ordered the Fed to pay court costs to GATA."

And yes, plenty of evidence for you to look at over there if you'd like to see it. Like 13 years worth of material. Do you just flap your lips on this or do you actually research anything ? 

Zero Govt's picture

Bay of Pigs,  "It is NOT GATA's job to stop market manipulation."

"The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee.."

 there's a 1st clue in the name for you 

"...was organized in the fall of 1998 to expose, oppose, and litigate against collusion to control the price and supply of gold and related financial instruments. "

Note the bold statement contradicts your statement above i also put in bold entirely. Er, what were you saying again?

"Do you just flap your lips on this or do you actually research anything ?"

No, you're doing that job here of flappy mouth running on empty.

"Are you out of your mind?"

Considering my points/concerns are substantiated and a matter of fact and you very clearly haven't a fucking clue what you're talking about i'm not sure how to reply to you on that one

Bay of Pigs's picture

I know Bill and Chris personally so you can just fuck off with your insults. And why dont you answer the question on regulators? And why are you blaming GATA for any of this nonsense? You are talking out of your ass pal.


Zero Govt's picture

in addition to your previous vacuous clown show which i've addressed let me address your latest

your knowing Chris and Bill personally is the beginning of your green misted bias

I'm not blaming GATA for anything but not doing what GATA claims they're about, namely bringing change to our rigged PM markets

if that's an "insult" when it's a matter of fact then can i suggest it shows more about the defensiveness and destabalised characters than it does mine

your question about regulators, well we all know about those crones don't we. GATA won't get anywhere attending their investogations (whitewashes) better they carry out their threat and litigate with hard evidence

regards talking out of the arse you've demostrrated you not only talk out of it but you're heads stuck up it too ...try to cool down and work down from those size 19 clown boots you stumble around in

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Lauren, I know you read ZH (primarily for my posts), so what's up with *your* site being down?

ps - I'm still pissed at you for what you did to my upholstry

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...that awkward moment when you realize your girlfriend is hotter than lauren,

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Your girlfriend is so unhot,


Lauren has more sexual attraction in her little finger

than your girlfriend has in her crotch.

Your girlfriend is a loser.


Conax's picture

me too

20 years ago I'd be on her like a rat on a cheetoh.

Conax's picture

Bill Murphy's onto something big.  I'm hearing about him alot on other boards, not even based on finance.

Lauren is very knowledgable for a lady her age. I can't figure out how the men she interviews keep their eyes 'up' and their minds on the topic of the day, but they always do. Good discipline there. When she interviewed Bob English, a young dude associated with ZH, she was all flirty. He should have asked her out.

She's a babe, and a smart one at that.

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Lauren Lyster is a class act - head, shoulders and brains above any of the C. U. N. T. S.*** on the American MSM.




*** C.U.N.T.S. - Craven Unethical Nasty Trollops & Sluts

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I am amazed that people even here at ZH dispute the metals manipulation and even say that the COMEX is legitimate. LOL.

We're living in the fucking Twilight Zone. 

GOLD & SILVER bitchez...

NotApplicable's picture

Where? I don't see them.

Are you perhaps inventing/imaging adversaries, since you didn't bother to reply to a real one expressing that POV?

I swear, it seems like all I do around here anymore is to dissect incoherent criticism of ZH or its commenters.

Why are you trying to undermine this place?

If specific individuals make these statements, THEN respond to them. Otherwise, you're just responding to a situation that doesn't exist.

Bay of Pigs's picture

GeneMarchbanks, kito, frieswiththat, literarybeer, thisson to name just a few.  Does THAT work you? And I didnt even bring up the dozens of trolls over the last two years either (johnny bravo, math man, spaulding smailes, abiggs, goldenmiddlefinger, etc...)

Undermining? WTF are you talking about? I'm a huge supporter and defender of this site and GATA.

peekcrackers's picture

GeneMarchbanks, kito, frieswiththat, literarybeer, thisson BOB Veyron

Keep on Dry hummping the fait !  It will never love you back Like PMs do.

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Threads being disrupted, derailed, and killed is apparently widespread from what I can gather.  FOX news should their commentary section down.  CNN comments are so hostile, it's detrimental to one's health just to peruse them.

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Anyone else but me notice the high of silver during the ramp up overnight was $32.994?  $33 the hammer point now?  Wonder how long that will last...

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were on the move, were on the la la la la la la la la la la la la

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What a great interview...she actually listens to the answers and adds something to the discussion...she's the anti-bubblehead. 

monoloco's picture

She's damn easy on the eyes too.

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Great interview. Lauren Lyster is a smoking hot woman. The combination had me wiping the fog from my pc.

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I love how the great bastion for journalistic integrity and individual rights is now RUSSIA.

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a refresh, just recently here... indeed i'm still digesting the many techniques there :D




Disinformation: How It Works


The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies



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Lauren Lyster is prolly the hottest woman alive.

Argos's picture

She REALLY needs a voice coach.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

She needs nothing of the sort.  Her voice is perfect for her show.  She does get excited and she let's her words get ahead of her, but this too fits her show.

Finance is very exciting, and I like seeing the woman giving me the news and notes excited.  Don't you?

Jack Sheet's picture

The cameraman was circling around her pussy as always - probably closed in after the broadcast (pun intended)