The Zero Hedge Daily Round Up #121 - 06/09/2012

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When the world around you is falling apart; when your ever-so-nice neighbours with tertiary degrees and happy faces turn into savages, baring nothing more but hate and a confused sense of pity; when all the food dries up and you're questioning the sanity within that stupid little head of yours; when you wake up and find your son holding a knife to your neck... sit back and crack a tinny with your good mate "Julius Reade" over the inter-waves. Don't forget to smile. This is the Zero Hedge Daily Round Up.

1. ECB announcement: Aftermath. 2. MBA mortgage applications fall: QE syndrome. 3. Greek unemployment up 1% in one mere month! 4. The U.S. markets are happy. 5. Job creation is a myth. 6. Greek: Police vs Police. 7. Gina Rinehart is fat. 8. Gold: $1700 ;)

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Thanks dottjt, that was fucking hilarious.


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58 yr old virgin??? HMMM...

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Women become politicians for a reason. lol incredibly sexist, but I think Merkel's husband agrees. 

Merkel's husband: "I do not agree Julius." 

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Off topic a bit (pun intended) This is for all those die-hard BitCoin enthusiasts, who LOVE it:

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BitCoins were always a load of shit. The very fact that the currency has no inherrent value, really should be ringing alarm bells within the minds of any Zero Hedge reader. Although, yet, there are some people out there who swear by it. 

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What you both seem to have troubles understanding is that the bitcoin network always have been and is still safe. This is a hack on an exchange, which happened because the operator wasn't able to secure the wallet. Bitcoin owners who keep their coins in their possession still have them.

I agree it's a problem, a proof that security standards for exchanges/online wallets are still too low. Hopefully it'll improve, and failure like that will belong to the past.

Regarding bitcoins value, that's another debate. I propose we let the market decide.