U.S.-Backed Al Qaeda Terrorists Attack Embassies

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As we have previously documented, the U.S. has for decades supported Al Qaeda and affiliated terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Libya, Syria, Iran and around the world.

The violence taking place today in Sudan, Libya, and elsewhere is being carried out by the same boneheads we’ve supported:

 U.S. Financed and Supported Al Qaeda Terrorists Attack Embassies

 U.S. Financed and Supported Al Qaeda Terrorists Attack Embassies

Nice job, morons …

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Sadly, true, but this time we believe Saudi Arabia is the financier behind those widespread protests and attack on the Libyan consulate and murders.

The ideal longrange plane of Saudis, as gleaned from reading articles and papers within that family-owned country aimed at it's economic elite, is to finance such ops to counter any and all pro-democracy movements in North African countries and elsewhere, eventually leading to war/wars between those North African countries and Europe --- which would move their product (oil) and hopefully, in their minds, lead to a great spread of Islamic extremism.


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Often enjoy your interesing posts, Sarge. :)

But is there any evidence of what you claim? Links? Supporting info?

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I'm trying to get to the source of the information that we were "warned" of upcoming violence, and all I get is Foreign Policy Magazine's reading of Christopher M. Blanchard's Libya: Transition and U.S. Policy  from the August 9, 2012 Congressional Research Service.  I read the report over and can't find the smoking gun.  


The film would have amounted to nothing, but the useful idiots like Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who promoted it on his website, helped fan the flames.


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"Useful idiot" Terry Jones is being outed (allegedly) as a CIA agent by a guy named Duff--maybe by others, too, whom I have yet to read? We shall see.


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"We have two issues here, really.  9/11 in the US has become to a large extent that issue. Any American with reasonable education has begun to look on 9/11 as highly speculative.

I certainly do, and I work in the intelligence world as a professional.

Jones and his group are essentially tied with Israeli attempts to turn the Arab Spring into a revolution to discredit President Obama, to put Romney in office who has promised to declare a war on Iran on behalf of Israel.

This is very much Netanyahu’s meddling in American politics and using his organized crime and CIA-related aspects to do so."

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cui bono a Latin phrase from Cicero. It means "to whom for a benefit," or "who profits by it?" not "to what good purpose?" as is often erroneously claimed.
pro bono short for M.L. pro bono publico "for the public good" (1726).

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New Moon coming up......


gotta keep the people from thinking about worthless fiat

gotta make 'em beg for TSA gropes since AQ is hiding behind every tree

Control, Baby!

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smoke, mirrors and plausible deniability.
that is what this generation of morons has
chosen as their motto over diplomacy,
shared sacrifice and cooperation.
that should tell us something about the intentions
and unstated agenda and goals involved here.
it seems
we live in a time when making a name for yourself
is entirely divorced from anything traditionally
associated with quality, integrity or truth.
devoid of responsibility, as no one ever claims
any fault or flaw in public discourse, it is always
the "terrorist" or the mother with her 4 oz.
of breast milk, trying to hijack an airplane, that is guilty or at least under suspicion of attempting
to take down western civilization's security
state. what a scam this foreign policy crap,
it is just another corporate/bankster fraud with
of first choice weapons of physical destruction.
we might ask ourselves if homicide is practiced
as a means of political persuasion and ,if it is,
do we support that as proper diplomacy in the
this 21st century? who are the "terrorist" one might
the people who determine the usa foreign policy aren't
even citizens of the usa in many cases, they are
international bankers, oligarchs and global corporations. overpaid ex academics willing to
pollute the public discourse with their own special brand of ideological bullshit, for a price.
the people in Kansas, etc. have
little if any input, idea or knowledge bearing
upon these policies or their execution other than
providing their young to be mind fucked and offered
as human sacrifice on occasion.
the big foreign policy question in the usa is always...
where to send the troops for the next war of opportunity
which we will initiate through crimes committed by our proxy mercenaries.
you know it, it is just business. the business of
terrorism as a monetary system, financial system,
judicial system and governmental system ...
and way of life.
keywords: price discovery, cannibalism. time, debt.
alternate currency.

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On this 11th anniversary of 9/11, people in 30 countries are protesting against the U.S.; no doubt they are jealous of our freedom. /s

The release of this film, the attack in Libya and Netanyahu going crazy like a madman, all of these things in an election year and now it’s odd, ha ha, how the neocons have gotten the world stirred up with the cameras already posed for a spotlight on America. If you wanted a false flag moment, this was the time.

It’s a warmonger’s show. Who on earth would want to stir up animosity against the Muslims? you ask. Well, for the people who want to kill the Muslims, it worked like a charm; now they want to kill them more than ever before.

However, IMO, it’s backfiring. Anyone with a brain can stop and realize there’s a problem when people in 30 countries hate you. Might it not be advantageous to stop and ask yourself why this many countries hate you? Could it be you’re doing something wrong? Could it be that your foreign policy is wrong; that instead of making friends around the world, you are making enemies, lots of enemies?

Like Lucky Larry Silverstein, Lucky Bibi lucked out on 9/11 stating publicly that “the 9/11 terrorist attacks were ‘good’ for US-Israeli relations and would generate ‘immediate sympathy’ for the Israeli cause of ethnically cleansing the Palestinians,” and now he's "lucked out" on this one.



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While your over all statement may be true, at this time the articles you cite do not provide evidnce that this wwas done by those we have given help to in the past

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This particular plot is getting a bit stale.
Just how DUMB do they think we are?

Are we actually supposed to believe that all of this AQ nonsense has not been orchestrated well in advance by the "usual suspects" in order to deflect attention away from their ever-increasingly nefarious activities a bit closer to home?

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Just how DUMB do they think we are?

Pretty dumb.

But can you really blame them? After all, we complain a lot, but we actually DO nothing.

Bitch, bitch, bitch, obey. Bitch, bitch, bitch, obey. Why should they change?

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George, I think you know this foreign policy is intentional. Support one side, then the other so then the clique in power can claim all of them are barbaric preparing the way for another war for them to profit from. The more we learn the more we hide from the truth because we can't handle the truth as Jack Nicholson says in that memorable scene in A few good men. They are so brazen now that they don't even bother covering their tracks. Same principle in domestic politics

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Lots of new info on who made the film ... this is going to get awkward.


Anti-Islam film made by US Christian group   

Saturday, September 15, 2012 | 14:28 Beirut


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I've read this kind of stuff, too, Element. "New info" doesn't always mean "better info."

The idea that a Copt is also a fraudster and a pornographer should ring a few alarm bells. Any sects can be infiltrated by TPTB--infiltrated by Mossad, other US interests, occultism, etc.

The pure muddiness of finding the film's creators and funders is, obviously, a sign that something is grossly amiss.

Cui bono--certainly not the Copts.

Maybe the Jews?

Definitely the MIC.

The Copts, on the other hand, would have motive for the film but probably not for the resulting Ire.

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Yes, but it's part of the plan!  The plan:  Get Christians and Muslims to mutually annhilate/exhaust each other resulting in only one group standing.  It's too obvious to the uninformed.  BTW...this Coptic guy is a convicted felon.  Should be interesting!

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L.A. Times has this story (& picture) of fascism on parade.


The cops arresting this coptic is more an act of political appeasement (the Muzz have been calling for official punishent for the film-makers) than anything else

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Plus one...and to think I was roundly criticized for sticking up for our right to free speech.

Fascists of the world unite...lol...still no sign of Catholics and Protestants rioting at museums with RPG's & AK's over this one...


Ah well, exploding heads with two opposing views, one at a time ;-)

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OMG! Only a TSA agent in every home and an Islamic Socialist State will save us!

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http://www.landdestroyer.blogspot.com.au/ gives the most logical explanation I've yet seen.

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Yes, and how well it orchestrates to be the same old tune. As Tony Cartalucci explains here in US-Backed Terrorists in Syria Responsible for Ambassador's Death in Libya : “The US has sworn to ‘make pay’ those responsible for the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens. In reality, those responsible for Stevens' death are fully armed, funded, trained, and coordinating with NATO special forces in Libya, across North Africa, and in Syria.”

As for Stevens’ purposes in Benghazi: Ambassador Stevens had been in Benghazi, Libya since March 2011. He played a leading role in coordinating the violent subversion of Libya by listed terrorist organizations before being named "US Ambassador" to Libya… Stevens was based out of Benghazi, the 30 year epicenter of  terrorist extremism and Al Qaeda in Libya. Recent attacks on US embassies were designed to give "street credit" to sectarian extremists who are increasingly seen internationally as mercenary proxies of US-Saudi-Israeli foreign policy - Stevens' death was most likely an accident….

 “The embassy attacks were tacitly supported by the respective client-regimes recently installed by US political and military destabilization, and were designed to reestablish an adversarial narrative to counter growing public awareness of the US' use of terrorist proxies, and specifically, Al Qaeda in nations like Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. We are now expected to believe that Egypt's...Mohamed Morsi (a newly elected power in the ME whose mission is to negotiate a ME policy of peace), and the terrorists of Libya whom the US is right now arming and supporting in Syria, are once again our implacable enemies.”

Thanks, AUD.


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Once you learn and study more about the backgrounds behind all this... you honestly stop caring.  The terrorists both in america and abroad, I hope they just wipe each other out entirely.  More strikes on the US, followed by more retalliation followed by renewed attacks until all the dumbshits on both sides are dead.

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Australian police tear gas anti-US demonstrators in Sydney

Bananamerican's picture

Lord, i didn't know there were enough Muzlims down under to populate such a show.

The West loves that cheap 3rd world peasant labor (Mexican's in U.S.) and all that "diversity"....

until it doesn't

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People in major cities now play, "spot the Aussie".

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Arrgh - and I'm not that old - never forget hearing this song while driving to Canada ( to protest my country's involvement in the Iraq war - cause that was the right thing to do - yeah right). I really thought ... momentary madness ... but have long since learnt that it wasn't momentary at all.


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Interesting divide opening up here in the last couple of days.

There are those who wish to emphasize the common nature of the problem that peeples of both East and West have with the parasitical phariseutical moneypower, and the grounds for solidarity between us...

and then there are those who feel compelled to rebut this suggestion - that harmony and common cause are the default theme that guides us, when not disturbed and misdirected by malevolent men working a secret agenda...

and instead, argue vociferously for a vision of xenophobic hatred and distrust...of Muslim peeple, not for who they really be, but rather, for the religion which they practice, imperfectly, like all peeple practice their faith to be sure...but surely not deserving of the vile slanders and mispresentations that we are now witness to on this site and many others.

It needs be asked, therefore, to whom goes the benefit of this concious sowing of discord, of distrust, of the very seeds of common destruction, instead of common cause?

Outside of those persuing the mad agenda of the millenialist sionist hegemonist klique which owns the western guvernments, I can't think of anybody who benefits from it.

Don't think that yur fooling anybody here with the anti-Muslim stuff.

mrdenis's picture

Ary U implying what I believe U to be implying ?

JOYFUL's picture

As I do not know what yu are believing, I will simply re-state what I am meaning, not implying.

Since no one outside the ranks of the Sio-Nazi usurpers of the 'formerly first world' western nations accrue any benefit from an agenda of pitting west and east against each other, there is no doubt in my mind that anyone pushing the anti-Muslim agenda here is a dupe - witting or unwitting - of the same klique...

since unlike myself, they do have access to mind-reading\mind-controlling technologies developed for their benefit in the aftermath of Operation Sunrise, this sio-nazi mafia is perfectly kapable of bringing these dupes into discussions such as this one...for a purpose entirely klear to the thinking reader.

I will add, after a perusal of international news stories this morning, that it also appears that they have pronounced themselves ready to begin a most worrisome phase of their plans to bury the west in bloodshed: search of google images shows the pic of Stevens being dragged in Benghazi only on fringe sites in the WEST - I could not find that photo on any major news distribution site 0 - but it is all over the media here in the so-called Arab world...

To put that in context...that absence, in an image-driven society such as the west has become in it's image fetishism, means that they are koncealing the power of this image to the victims whilst displaying it's raw power to the whipped up wastrels in the east - who are being primed to explode into an orgy of violence against[the previously sacrosanct]Whitey.

I warned of this moment, months ago here, in asking that contributors lay off of the anti-White rhetoric, because those knowledgable of the Sabbatean Sionist revenge fantasy(aka israeli long-term geopolitical strategem)realize that the West is to be drowned in it's own blood when the time is ready..,via both foreign wars and domestic terror...we seem now to be on the kusp...as the NOSE WHAT KNOWS recently pointed out here~!

The strategem is a kabbalistic one: the komplicity of the western peeples in the krimes against humanity kommitted in their name with DU and in Abu Ghraib will transfer the guilt[karma if yu like] from the kosher killer klowns onto the innoncents...and a psy-op of priming the necessary acceptance of this guilt and the accomanying self-loathing has been building steam for years now...

they are almost ready for it. Soon yu will see a tidal wave of pictures of dead\tortured\and otherwise mishandled white peeple released by the kosher mafia media...after they have sufficiently stirred up the pot in their eastern satrapies, they will spread their khosen fear and terror in the western lands like a plaque of anthrax...the new face of nano-terror

...and I imagine the scoffers will kontinue to scoff, right up to the moment that their own luved ones are torn away from them. The kapos and dupe mouthpieces will not be spared.

LasVegasDave's picture

wow you sure can talk a lot of bullshit

"Kosher Killer Klowns" - Nice.  That kind of loaded phrase  is sure to send goose bumps down any sophomores spine. 

Congrats, you've made the Konspiracy Klan big time!!!

JOYFUL's picture

Hey, thankz Dave:

komin from yu, that's a Big High 5 Giant Kahuna kind of kudo!*

But unlike yurself, bein as I bin around the blok a couple o times or more, I learned long time gone - don't shit a shitter....served me well in bizness, an has never let me down since!

*Sophmoric spine...good, but needs more work...alliteration is an art...yu be more of a journeyman apprentice.

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"The strategem is a kabbalistic one: the komplicity of the western peeples in the krimes against humanity kommitted in their name with DU and in Abu Ghraib will transfer the guilt[karma if yu like] from the kosher killer klowns onto the innoncents..."

Truth !

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Those Al Qaeda boneheads are not some organic force we have supported in some cynical strategem of opportunity as a natural outgrowth of 'the local savages'. They are employees.

They have been employed for regime change and selected for being the local savages that they are, to establish a regime of atavistic repression and consolidation, bolstering and supporting the Global MIC. 

A tactic not unlike how the Banksters previously employed Communism to destroy or limit free enterprise capitalism in Europe and Asia by keeping the populace uneducated and/or re-educated with simplistic programming on both sides of the iron curtain, establishing their fledgling MIC police state from the vapors of phony threats and staged terror.

End game: a police state in toto.


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Back around 2002 or 2003, the Turkish intelligence people captured and interrogated several al Qaeda members, and were surprised to learn that it wasn't a movement, so much as an ongoing operation-for-hire, used by Pakistan, the UK, USA, Syria, and other governments.


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As to boneheads we have supported, Time Magazine framed it a few weeks ago::

“What’s clear at the moment is that there’s no great quarrel between the Israeli and American militaries. They routinely operate ‘in lockstep’…with a level of mutual cooperation that was only enhanced by the United States–Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012. The bill was signed at the end of July…and promises specific hardware, like midair refueling tankers, not previously forthcoming in the $3 billion annual military aid package from Washington. There’s every reason for the militaries to get along famously these days.”

Or, as John Glaser of Antiwar.com put it a few weeks ago in Romney: Obama Doesn’t Love Israel Enough:

"Obama’s staunch support of Israel is never enough for his ideological neoconservative detractors. As Jacob Heilbrunn at the National Interest has written, Obama 'condemned the Palestinian drive for statehood at the United Nations. Not enough. He awarded Israel $3 billion in military assistance, an all-time high. Not enough. He repeatedly avowed his commitment to Israel’s security and well-being. Still not enough.'

"Or, as Vice President Joe Biden said in his response to Romney’s charges:'We’ve provided record levels of security assistance, funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system that intercepted nearly 80 percent of the rockets recently fired from Gaza, close collaboration on longer range missile defense systems, the largest joint military exercises in history, the most consistent and comprehensive exchanges ever between our top political, defense, security and intelligence officials.'" …

Says Glaser: "America’s unwavering and excessive material and diplomatic support for Israel, which ends up aiding and justifying all kinds of crimes against the Palestinian people, has proven patently contrary to US interests…destructive to the stability of the Middle East and to any kind of viable political settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."



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Time to light the region up to about 8,000 degrees and pave it after a cooling period.

BlackholeDivestment's picture

Lol, perfect post, ''same boneheads''. Yeah, the mirror image of an American that voted for one of two evils. Oh, and that's Skull and Boneheads. 

nah's picture

can i vote for fuck the caveman

falak pema's picture

only if you'll do your duty and truly, goodheartedly fuck the other half; the cave woman now all alone. 

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Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com today takes a look at the film itself, entitled Innocence of Muslims, in his column, Blowback in Benghazi? Or was it something worse?, and concludes:

"The Obamaites have every reason to treat this as another al Qaeda plot, if only because the alternatives — including the utter failure and complete collapse of our pro-Sunni 'turn' — are unmentionable. With two warships headed for the Libyan coast, a contingent of Marines to beef up embassy security, and a fleet of drones flying overhead supposedly seeking out the culprits, we have to invent a complicated terrorist plot to justify our actions. The funny thing is, it could all boil down to nothing more than the antics of a bunch of Southern California right-wing lunatics having their idea of fun with YouTube — a lark that ended in tragedy."


“Media accounts of the movie’s content universally describe it as 'crude,' 'insulting,' 'amateurish,'" writes Raimondo, “yet this fails to really capture the spirit of the film, which can only be described as leering: there is an exhibitionistic quality to the 'script,' which dwells on matters sexual. The movie, which claims to portray the life and times of the prophet Mohammed, consists of a series of sexualized vignettes interspersed with scenes of violence. News accounts refer to the 'wooden' acting, and I think this is literally true: the actors come off like puppets in a Punch & Judy show. There is the same slapstick quality to their actions and particularly the bantering that passes for dialogue. It’s all centered on sex — Mohammed’s alleged pedophilia, how he and his followers raped the villages they conquered, and naturally accusations of homosexuality loom large.

"My favorite scene is when two of Mohammed’s followers are having a conversation about 'did you know Mohammed is gay?' 'Well, I knew about' Mohammed’s alleged sex partner, 'but Mohammed? Is he submissive or the dominant one?' Mohammed, who has been sitting there listening to the conversation, leans over and says: 'Both!'

"Innocence of Muslims is the Grand Guignol of the Islamophobes: viewing it is like reading the comments section of Pam Geller’s blog, or Robert Spencer’s JihadWatch. On a somewhat higher level, the excerpts we have seen resemble nothing so much as a dramatization of the 'theories' of one Raphael Patai, a cultural anthropologist who averred in his 1973 book, The Arab Mind, that Arabs are peculiarly susceptible to sexual humiliation. As Seymour Hersh put it in his 2004 investigation into the horrors of Abu Ghraib:

The notion that Arabs are particularly vulnerable to sexual humiliation became a talking point among pro-war Washington conservatives in the months before the March, 2003, invasion of Iraq. One book that was frequently cited was The Arab Mind, a study of Arab culture and psychology, first published in 1973, by Raphael Patai, a cultural anthropologist who taught at, among other universities, Columbia and Princeton, and who died in 1996. The book includes a twenty-five-page chapter on Arabs and sex, depicting sex as a taboo vested with shame and repression. ‘The segregation of the sexes, the veiling of the women . . . and all the other minute rules that govern and restrict contact between men and women, have the effect of making sex a prime mental preoccupation in the Arab world,’ Patai wrote. Homosexual activity, ‘or any indication of homosexual leanings, as with all other expressions of sexuality, is never given any publicity. These are private affairs and remain in private.’ The Patai book, an academic told me, was ‘the bible of the neocons on Arab behavior.’ In their discussions, he said, two themes emerged —‘one, that Arabs only understand force and, two, that the biggest weakness of Arabs is shame and humiliation.’”

"Shame and humiliation — followed by murderous rage. Precisely the reaction that greeted the posting of Innocence of Muslims online and led to the deaths of four Americans, and the first such incident involving an American ambassador in quite some time. If someone was deliberately setting a fire in the Middle East, this was the fuel that would burn hottest." ...

Justin Raimondo’s motives center around peace, i.e., "antiwar." He coined the phrase. Anyone interested in truth, fairness, justice and fair play could benefit from his columns.


strannick's picture

So then just treat them (who you callin ''you people!!")  like dumb teenagers suspectible to murderous roid rages?

The beauty of patronizing, demeaning ''cultural anthropologists'' is that while seeking to excuse their subject's behavior, they make them worse than imbeciles. "A kinder, gentler racism'''

JamesBond's picture

"A kinder, gentler racism'''



no, just two sides of the same coin



JR's picture

No. The point I’m making is that when warmongers such as the neo-cons are looking for an excuse to kill, they’ll always find one—even as absurd as Patai’s The Arab Mind. Who but the most saintly isn’t inflamed when constantly goaded by shame and humiliation? The Jews? It doesn’t take a book to make that conclusion. Yet, how better to excite hatred  than by mocking another man’s faith such as did Innocence of Muslims or Martin Scorsese’s fictional anti-Christian film, The Last Temptation of Christ, or by planting a false flag as did Ariel Sharon when he accused Al Qaeda of having terrorist cells in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.

According to Inside Job, “Sharon said, ‘We know they are there. We know they are in Lebanon working closely with Hezbolah. We know thay are in the region,’ as reported by the BBC on Dec. 5, 2002. As it turned out, however, Sharon was caught in a lie. Palestinian authorities caught a group of Mossad agents pretending to be Al Qaeda terrorists. They set up fake terror cells, created violence and then used them to blame the Palestinians for fomenting terror.”

Not everyone is capable of "turning the other cheek," and the warmongers count on it.


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Hersh's work on our outrageous practices at Abu Ghraib are inescapable here--sodomizing children with "chemical lights" in front of their parents. Even Lindsay Graham says those tapes contained "rape and murder."

Obviously (obviously) the point wasn't intelligence gathering but provoking a captured populace to fight back.

The point of some wars is simply war, especially when this many luciferians are in charge.

my puppy for prez's picture

Your points and JR's are all well taken.  But we need to be careful that we don't rule out the possibility that the two first "incidents" in Libya and Egypt were planned well in advance, and have elements of a false flag, particularly in Libya.  Many bloggers who have military and intel sources believe that the Libya assassinations were a fasle flag by a group of intelligence agencies, in particular the Mossad.  The massive protests smack of the agents provocateur-led "Arab Spring", which was created by entities such as the NED (Tavistock) and other State Dept. approved NGO's who train "activists" on how to start and conduct revolutions and protests. These things are just too simultaneous to be organic.  

The additional riots in Yemen, etc, are probably more organic.  Remember what ol' Smokey Bear says:  It only takes one match to start a forest fire!

The match has been struck.  And it is all a show.  It's hard to watch.  I always hated horror flicks.... 


Clashfan's picture

Anything mentioning Tavistock rings Pavlovian bells w/me, and I salivate accordingly. ;)

Clashfan's picture

Puppy, please know from here on out that I always consider your points.

And, for the record, I'm not discounting a false flag here (including paid, trained, and/or mind controlled provocateurs--love that word--in these crowds--I've even posted some of this "alleged" intel info).

I'm just saying that the Muslims might be a group particularly ripe for being sparked to mayhem--sometimes it just takes a spark.

That said, I'm not discounting the accuracy of the film--haven't seen it or the trailers--not really interested. I'm also not saying that the film is ludicrous, either. How could I?

But what kind of people put jihads/assassination orders against writers and cartoonists? What kind of people riot over films, etc?

Analysis of this should not be one-sided, imo.