Cowardice Is Destroying America

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America was founded on courage.

For example, I've read a number of biographies of George Washington, who was actually a horrible general. Washington's early campaigns were disastrous, and the entire Revolutionary War was almost lost due to Washington's early miscalculations (for example, his first major battle was fought from a low, exposed position, so that the British forced a surrender by seizing the high ground).

But Washington was brave.  He always rode with his soldiers into battle at the front of the line, even when there were waves of incoming cannon balls being hurled in his direction.  (Because Washington was unusually tall for his day, that made him an easy target).  Washington's courage - and his willingness to consistently fight on the front lines with his men - was one of the main factors in the success of the American Revolution.

The courage of the men at Valley Forge was also a turning point in the war.  Slogging on through the dead of winter without shoes inspired a nation.

On the other hand, cowardice makes people stupid and docile.

Fear of Hurting the Big Banks Has Destroyed the Economy

The New York Times wrote in 2008:

“The rescue is being sold as a must-have emergency measure by an administration with a controversial record when it comes to asking Congress for special authority in time of duress.”***


Mr. Paulson has argued that the powers he seeks are necessary to chase away the wolf howling at the door: a potentially swift shredding of the American financial system. That would be catastrophic for everyone, he argues, not only banks, but also ordinary Americans who depend on their finances to buy homes and cars, and to pay for college.


Some are suspicious of Mr. Paulson’s characterizations, finding in his warnings and demands for extraordinary powers a parallel with the way the Bush administration gained authority for the war in Iraq. Then, the White House suggested that mushroom clouds could accompany Congress’s failure to act. This time, it is financial Armageddon supposedly on the doorstep.


“This is scare tactics to try to do something that’s in the private but not the public interest,” said Allan Meltzer, a former economic adviser to President Reagan, and an expert on monetary policy at the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business. “It’s terrible.”

Indeed, Congressmen Brad Sherman, Congressman Paul Kanjorski and Senator James Inhofe all say that the government used scare tactics by warning of martial law if Tarp wasn't passed:

In addition, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and others in government made it official policy not to prosecute (and see this) - or even to disclose Wall Street Fraud.

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind quotes Geithner as saying:

The confidence in the system is so fragile still… a disclosure of a fraud… could result in a run, just like Lehman.

Former IMF economist Simon Johnson notes:

The main motivation behind the administration’s indulgence of serious criminality evidently is fear of the consequences of taking tough action on individual bankers.

The Obama administration is , and the government’s entire strategy now – as during the S&L crisis – is to cover up how bad things are.

Wall Street fraud caused the Great Depression and the current financial crisis. Top economists and financial experts agree that the economy will never recover unless Wall Street fraud is prosecuted.

Because of the cowardice of the government and the people to get tough and throw Wall Street fraud-mongers in jail (or  even to shut off the spigot of never-ending bailouts), our economy has been destroyed.

Fear of Terror Has Destroyed Our Liberties

Sociologists say that fear of terrorism makes people blindly accept false justifications for war.

That is why false flag terrorism - which governments around the world admit that they carry out - has been so effective for 2,000 plus years in allowing government leaders to convince the people that we should go to war.

Government officials say that 9/11 was a state-sponsored attack.  Some say that it was Iran, Saudi Arabia, the U.S., Israel or other countries which backed the attack.

9/11 was - at the least - criminal incompetence and then obstruction of justice, and blowback for U.S. support of Al Qaeda over many decades.  At worst, it was false flag terror by the U.S.

Whatever it was, our failure to be brave enough to look without blinking has ruined our country.

Specifically, top economists say that endless war bankrupts a nation.

For example, Nobel prize winning economist Joe Stiglitz says that the $3-5 trillion spent on the Iraq war alone has been very bad for the American economy. See this, this and this.

The endless wars have also been a main component of America’s soaring debt:

TAX CUTS DEBT The Failure to Investigate 9/11 Has Bankrupted America

And huge debts exert a very real drag on the economy.

We wouldn’t have launched the war against Iraq – or the endless panoply of wars throughout the Middle East and North America – if 9/11 had actually been in investigated.

The police state also started in 2001.  Specifically, on 9/11, Vice President Dick Cheney initiated Continuity of Government Plans that ended America’s constitutional form of government (at least for some undetermined period of time.)   On that same day, a national state of emergency was declared … and that state of emergency has continuously been in effect up until today.

It is beyond dispute that 9/11 was entirely foreseeable, but – due to the extreme negligence and incompetence or lack of caring of the Bush administration (remember, I’m not getting into any other theories in this post) it wasn’t stopped.  Even the chair of the 9/11 Commission said that the attack was preventable.

If there had been a real 9/11 investigation, the government's  criminal incompetence (or worse) and idiotic policies of backing Al Qaeda would have come to light.   And Americans would have learned that terrorism can largely be prevented if the military and intelligence officers are simply allowed to do their job.

Americans would have learned through any real 9/11 investigation that Cheney’s negligence and mucking around in what should have been the generals’ jobs was partly responsible for allowing 9/11 to happen (Cheney was in charge of all of America’s counter-terrorism exercises, activities and responses on 9/11. See this Department of State announcement and this CNN article.   He messed up.).

In other words, a real 9/11 investigation would have shown Americans that 9/11 should of, could of, and would have been stopped – and that America can protect itself against future terrorist attacks – simply by playing goalie well in our country.

And Americans – instead of being scared into immobility – would have been mad at our government for dropping the ball. And we would have demanded accountability and effective service from our elected officials.  (Indeed, experts have repeatedly demonstrated that fear of terror makes people stupid … and makes them willing to accept a loss of liberty and other abuses they would never otherwise accept.)

Instead - as the 9/11 Commission itself states - there was criminal obstruction of justice and a whitewash of the investigation. See this, this, this, this, and this.

The Road Not Taken

Americans were led to believe that Al Qaeda was going to get us unless we took the fight to the Middle East and North Africa.  The administration pretended that Saddam Hussein had a hand in 9/11 – one of the main justifications for that war.

Had a real 9/11 investigation been conducted before we launched the Iraq war, it would have taken away one of the two main rationales for that war. (The FBI was also instructed to blame the anthrax attacks on Al Qaeda, and high-level government officials pointed towards Iraq as the source of the anthrax, even though there was absolutely no basis for those claims. But that’s another story.)

Dan Rather was right when he wrote:

We have been so afraid; so hell bent on destroying enemies … both foreign and domestic … we have hurt ourselves and our democracy.

Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser also told the Senate in 2007 that the war on terror is so overblown that it is “a mythical historical narrative”.

And as I noted in 2008:

Former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats, a 23-year senior CIA analyst, who “drafted or was involved in many of the government’s most senior assessments of the threats facing our country [and who] devoted years to understanding and combating the jihadist threat”, writes today in the Washington Post that the neocons have whipped us into an irrational fear of the terrorism. In reality, “Osama bin Laden and his disciples are small men and secondary threats whose shadows are made large by our fears” and our leaders.

This is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. The BBC produced a documentary called The Power of Nightmares in 2005 that showed that politicians were greatly exaggerating the terrorist threat for political ends.

And unfortunately, many in government have intentionally whipped up fear in the American public for their own political purposes. For example, FBI agents and CIA intelligence officials, constitutional law expert professor Jonathan Turley, Time Magazine, Keith Olbermann and the Washington Post have all said that U.S. government officials “were trying to create an atmosphere of fear in which the American people would give them more power”.

And former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge admits that he was pressured to raise terror alerts to help Bush win reelection. Fear sells.

And because 9/11 was never really investigated, the government – instead of doing the things which could actually make us safer – are doing things which increase the risk of terrorism.

As such, the threats from terrorism form even more of a “justification” for a suspension of our Constitutional rights.

The failure to investigate 9/11 has bankrupted America financially and morally, and has allowed us to stand idly by while our liberty has been destroyed.

What Do Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Spiritual Leaders Say About Fear?

Fear is not a Christian value.  Indeed, real men (and women) - and all real Christians - stand up to tyrants.

Courage is being scared ... but facing things anyway.

Let's take 9/11 as an example.  Numerous mental health experts - including the following list - say that fear of questioning the government's cartoonish "we couldn't have foreseen this or done anything to protect the homeland" version of 9/11 is an unhealthy, fear-based delusion which has led to an authoritarian regime in the U.S.:

  • Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Medical Center, as well as Radiology, at Duke University Medical Center D. Lawrence Burk, Jr., MD
  • Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Rutgers University Barry R. Komisaruk
  • Distinguished Professor in the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy, Professor of Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine and Distinguished Professor of Global Health in the College of Public Health, University of South Florida, Michael D. Knox
  • Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Laura Schafer
  • Professor Emeritus, Psychology and Neuroscience, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Michael Gabriel
  • Former Chief Mental Health Coordinator and Director of Manpower Development and Training, Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, and Lecturer in Psychology, Boston University Herbert Hoffman
  • Professor of Psychology, University of Chicago and Northwestern University Jack Sawyer
  • Professor Emeritus of Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies Ralph Metzner
  • Professor Emeritus, Psychology, University of Marburg Gert Sommer
  • Professor of Psychology, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Ralph Hood
  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Jefferson Medical College. Former Major, U.S. Army Medical Corps, Vietnam Veteran 7 years service, Jon Bjornson, MD
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nebraska and licensed Psychologist Ronald Feintech

In other words, ministers, priests, psychiatrists, psychologists, trauma experts, sociologists and other mental health experts say that failure to stand up and face our deepest fears is destroying us as individuals ... and as a nation.

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flacorps's picture

An attack was recently carried out on a U.S. base in Helmand province of Afghanistan. The base was considered so remote as to be virtually impregnable. The breach in the fence was created by a suicide bomber, and many other suicide bombers came through.

And my point is that if the rest of the world becomes convinced of our cowardice, it will be very hard to command any respect. A society that can produce suicide bombers is atavistic, but not cowardly. H.G. Wells wrote a story called "The Land Ironclads" that equated the courage of those inside tanks with the cavalry they were mowing down ... but today the spectrum of personal risk has broadened considerably. One side will accept certain death, the other side clocks in at an office building on the other side of the world.

Hubbs's picture

Oh, cut the crap with all the BS socioeconomicopolitico anaylsis!

 When people get used to the easy life, when they don't have to fight for anything, work for anything, die for anything. When men will not stay and protect and fight for their women and children at all costs  but rather run off and leave welfare to care for them, or as I say, " and forget", then of course you get what we've got: Half pint politicians and scam artists, corporate executives and bankers, lawyers and a host of non productive peolple who now have idle time to game the system.

Admittedly many young men enter the armed forces because of sense of duty and obligation for their country, and many (and their dependents)pay the ultimate price- not just dying, but being mained and crippled for life, but there are a lot who enter the armed forces for the same reasons people search out government jobs: for the benefits, and what the government can do for them.Disclosure: I am a WASP doctor  who turned 18 just as the Viet War was winding down, registered for selective service but did not get called. Would have gone had I been called, because was too naive back then. In Israel, don't doctors get called up and have to carry a gun along side their comrads?

I even make the remark about my colleague physicians: "You know, I'd hate to have to go to war along the trenches with physicians, lawyers, bankers, politicians. One look to either side or my behind and they would be gone.

Hubbs's picture

Oh, cut the crap with all the BS socioeconomicopolitico anaylsis!

 When people get used to the easy life, when they don't have to fight for anything, work for anything, die for anything. When men will not stay and protect and fight for their women and children at all costs  but rather run off and leave welfare to care for them, or as I say, " and forget", then of course you get what we've got: Half pint politicians and scam artists, corporate executives and bankers, lawyers and a host of non productive peolple who now have idle time to game the system.

Admittedly many young men enter the armed forces because of sense of duty and obligation for their country, and many (and their dependents)pay the ultimate price- not just dying, but being mained and crippled for life, but there are a lot who enter the armed forces for the same reasons people search out government jobs: for the benefits, and what the government can do for them.Disclosure: I am a WASP doctor  who turned 18 just as the Viet War was winding down, registered for selective service but did not get called. Would have gone had I been called, because was too naive back then. In Israel, don't doctors get called up and have to carry a gun along side their comrads?

I even make the remark about my colleague physicians: "You know, I'd hate to have to go to war along the trenches with physicians, lawyers, bankers, politicians. One look to either side or my behind and they would be gone.

Marley's picture

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Given the site's statistics, why are you beating your head against the wall?  "These are not the droids you're looking for" - hand wave.

kevinearick's picture

History is largely a lie. democracy is counter-intuitive, relative to the resulting emotional robots. it is always a small minority that sets the direction of civilization, once capital pulls the majority into its black hole.

the steering mechanism becomes more fluid in quantum. the robots freak out every time there is a system modernization. poor things have to walk up and down stairs for a little while.

hivekiller's picture

I don't know if it's all about cowardice. I think Americans are afraid to acknowledge the end of a myth. It's like finding out your father is a child molester. Everyone conspires to silence because the truth is too awful - the betrayal of trust in those you rely on. Americans have also gotten used to being lied to about pretty much everything from all their institutions. And let's face it, the lies help maintain people's lifestyle which is still far better than that of other countries. So these are all human traits. There is nothing that is new here. The people doing the lying know all this. They know the nature of people. It was the lack of a safety net and government intrusion into people's affairs that made them strong and courageous. The nanny state undercuts all that and cripples people - emotionally, intellectually, and financially. The system needs to collapse. The weak ones will pass away and the strong will survive. That's the way it has always been.

AnAnonymous's picture

'Americans' can not face the reality of 'Americanism'

'Americanism' is good and jolly as long as 'Americans' are on the right side of it. After that, it is another story...

akak's picture

AnAnonymousAsshole can not face the reality of AnAnonymousAssholism.

AnAnonymousAssholism is good and jolly as long as AnAnonymousAsshole is on the right side of the road to shit. After that, it is another story...

BeetleBailey's picture

Excellent post. Thanks GW.

rbg81's picture

What happened to courage?  Very simple, but politically incorrect:  we let women vote.  Once that happens, a whole new dynamic emerges--even if it takes a while.  It becomes all about feelings and much less about ideas and logic.  Standards of any kind tend to go out the window because women percieve them as "mean" and "unfair".  After a while, the slick politicans figure it out and say whatever it takes to exploit the female bias.  All the more so when they can sell Government to women as a replacement for husbands and families--that is the genius of Liberalism.  Sure, there are a few strong women like Margaret Thatcher, but they are a tiny minority.  This phenomenon has happened not just here, but all over the West.

There, I said it.  Many men (& women) will deny it, but in their heart of hearts they know its true.  Flame away.


psychobilly's picture

Too many nutless men these days wetting their panties over "terrorists" and crying for government to protect them to take this post seriously.  (and please dismantle the entire Bill of Rights right away, just as long as I feel safe.)

FreedomGuy's picture

If I recall the stats, single women in particular are far more likely to vote for democrats, i.e., statist-collectivists. The idea of a nanny state is more appealing. My guess is there is the other side of this in that women are more likely to be opposed to war and will vote against it.

I have a saying that I use, "Socialism (or collectivism) is for cowards and aspiring autocrats." I mean that sincerely. The drive to collectivism is an admission we cannot take care of ourselves. It is an admission we are weak and stupid. We cannot do our own retirement so we need government to do it for us, enter Social Security or some form of it in other countries. We cannot pay and negotiate our own healthcare. Enter nationalized healthcare. The "poor" are too lazy, dull and unsophisticated to work and support themselves. Here come the myriad welfare programs.

We believe the fiction of a caring government as if government is an actual being with a brain and a heart. We use government as a substitute God to provide all things for all people. We ascribe omniscience, omnipotence and even unlimited power and resources to it.

This is where the aspiring autocrat and narcisist comes in. Promise all this and you get to assume all those powers and the mantle of a god. Notice how the N. Korean athletes ascribe all success to supreme leader Kim dumb ass Jong. The adult collectivist knows the real game is about power, not caring. He uses the juvenile collectivists who believe the myth of caring to gain power.

It takes two essential things in my mind to gain and remain free, thinking and courage. Neither seem to be in abundance these days.

Gadfly's picture

I see, and things were just hunky dory back then, for us men, before women got the right to vote?  Let's see, how many men died in WWII?  60 million?  2.5% of the world's population?   In all wars throughout our bellicose history?  I'm not buyin' it.  

rbg81's picture

Technically, both World Wars occurred AFTER women got the franchise.  I will even go as far to say that WWII might have been prevented if male courage had prevailed and the Brits/French took down Hitler in 1935 while they had an overwhelming military advantage.  Instead, they embarked on a course of appeasement which emboldened Hitler to invade Poland spark WWII.  Just my 2 cents.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Re Cowardice is Destroying America


Nope - that's wrong.

"Cowardice" - or, more accurately in this case, "cowering" - is just a symptomatic reaction to a much more insidious affliction that is destroying America.

But beaten, whimpering and cowering dogs have been known to suddenly turn around, pounce - and rip the throat right out of their tormentors.

ebworthen's picture

Cowardice helps assuage the cognitive dissonance of believing in the flag and anthem (dog and pony) shows you grew up to believe in.

It is easier to cow your conscience and rational mind to an illusion of the truth; symbols, figureheads, and flags - than to see the stark reality of the betrayal of all you hold dear in your bosom and brain.

Choosing an ideological stripe makes this delusion more palatable.

"If only XYZ were in office - all will be well".

No.  Until XYZ are hung from the nearest lamp post and someone actually representing their constituents or practicing sound banking and sound money according to the rule of law are the norm in the system you may as well IGNORE the markets, the banks, the government - whom are all ROTTEN TO THE CORE.

Arkadaba's picture

I usually appreciate GWs articles because of the rational thought supported by a huge number of references. I'm trying to figure out what bothers me about this one.

Maybe it is the definition of brave: " He always rode with his soldiers into battle at the front of the line, even when there were waves of incoming cannon balls being hurled in his direction." Doesn't work for me. I'm guessing there were tons of men who didn't sign up for that war, wanted to avoid it and wanted to stay at home looking after their families, businesses, livestock, etc. And that is brave. Natives who fought back against the invaders - that is brave. 

I will paraphrase - the writing of history goes to the victors? I can't remember who said that but I have seen evidence that it is true. And sorry the original settlers were misfits with a strong religious bent. Nothing wrong with that ...admit your bias. 

History = controlling the narrative.

And re education -

My parents (neither who finished HS) receive a daily paper, watch the news and vote. My siblings (who went to college) do not pay attention to news (except for weather) and usually do not vote unless I guilt them into it. Something has changed but I'm not sure education is to blame. I don't have an explanation for this generational shift yet and maybe will not in my lifetime. 

But it is not "cowardice" that is destroying your country - too facile

And for the Pashley guy moaning about the femininaztion - fuck off

AnAnonymous's picture

America was founded on courage. What happened?


Nothing. 'America' was not founded on courage.
It is another example of 'american' taste for fabled past and what distortions it leads to.

'Americans', from the start, have been kicking the can.

'Americans', during Washington's times, did not take and implement the decisions that would have requested bravery.

The reason behind the victory of 'Americans' for the war of independence.

The english army around the world amounted to 50,000 people.

The US army mustered 30,000 men.
The King managed to land 20,000 men, with a number of them German or affiliated.

And the US managed to get a foreign help that has proven to be so critical in terms of overthrowing a regime.

The US revolutionary war is not a tale of bravery. It is a consequence of the impossibility to project forces in times when the Americas were too far away to avoid effective force projection.

The remark on Washington's size is a joke. It was 1770s and muskets were inaccurate, rifled guns not common, and tactics did not rely on aimed shots but quick sequences of volley fire.

Powder was of irregular quality and flannel jacket could be enough to stop a bullet.

Washington probably rode a horse and had sufficient carapacing.

Which would have put him outside the elective targeting in those days: slow if not stationary, rank packed infantry.

But hey, US citizenism is as US citizen does so...

BeetleBailey's picture

Fuck You AnAnonymous.

Seriously. You are such a complete fucking turd. Go fuck yourself for being a fucking coward your own damn self for being fucking chicken and not identifying your own country - most likely because it's a turd-world douche country.

What motherfucker...did we bomb your mud hut -  or your fucking families hovel at some point in history? Hmmmm?

If so...oops...sorry about that cheesedick. It would explain your outright hate of America; but look up "projectioning" asshole; it's what you're doing. It's self-loathing. Envy...isn't it, fucker?

It is...and you are a total cunt. I bet you're just so special in person; a loathing prick just intelligent enough to have no friends, or anyone that listens to you for long.

I pity your sorry ass...

AnAnonymous's picture

You are such a complete fucking turd. Go fuck yourself for being a fucking coward your own damn self for being fucking chicken and not identifying your own country - most likely because it's a turd-world douche country.


My own country? Ah, for 'americans',the group is all. Another evidence of it, even if unneeded.

And the rest tells its own story.

'American' capability to bamboozle people through empty promises is over.

'Americans', in order to prevail, are left with brute force only.

Either you comply with 'Americanism' or you are destroyed.

Freedom, truth, justice and all. The 'American' way...

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous said:

My own country? Ah, for 'americans',the group is all.

Ah, for AnAnonymousitizens, the group is nothing, as no group would have them, not even each other.

And the rest tells its own story.

And what a telling story it is. AnAnonymous has no country. He is but a particle of blobbing uppitiness, set adrift on the winds from his country of origin and finally fluttering down to land on French soil. He is paid a small stipend by the Peoples Liberation Ministry of Truth, ostensibly as a propagandistic agent provocateur.

However, his rantings, which rarely ascend even to the level of a comic book, display a variety analogous to that of the tape loops of a Mellotron with only six working keys. They certainly cannot justify even the tiniest remuneration. Clearly, the value of the ministry stipend is in preventing his return by paying him to remain abroad.

Freedom, truth, justice and all. The 'American' way...

Sub-comic book level. Another evidence of it, even if unneeded.

AnAnonymous's picture

which rarely ascend even to the level of a comic book,


'American' comic book? That would be damn low...

WTFx10's picture

Can you fill us in on Moa's bravery?


RichardP's picture

Written by someone who wasn't there.  You cannot possibly know what courage was displayed by those who first sailed to American and by those who broke free of the British yoke.

When nothing means anything to you, and you have nothing to defend, it is almost impossible to know the meaning of courage.

AnAnonymous's picture

In those times, people who had to put up with 'Americans' or their pre-forms most likely were the ones displaying courage.

But hey, US citizen taste for fabled past is deep and 236 years later, one can see the result...

Ah, by the way, 'Americans' do not defend, they attack, they aggress, they mug.

By your own principle, would be hard for 'Americans' to display courage...

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

By your own principle, would be unpossible for AnAnonymousitizens to display courage, as it is a quality not found in their mettle. That is the crustiest bit.

AldousHuxley's picture

scientist discover Incompetent People Too Ignorant to Know It, thus

Americans are too dumb for democracy to thrive


courageous idiots

sessinpo's picture

This actually applies to all democracies. People, no matter what nationality, eventually become complacent until the are "forced" to revolt when things get bad enough.


You might consider adjusting your posts to be more accurate instead of having a negative American slant. As I displayed above, you post applies to much more then Americans and you fail to see that the issue is much broader then the the USA. You'd get a lot more respect, IMO.

Slightly Insane's picture

This article touched a "nerve" with me.  The lack of courage with our elected politicians, as well as the absence of truth has made their actions criminal.  I would rather take a beating by the playground bully then to "pussy out", and live in fear.  Our politicians are indeed bred to be everything we detest in human beings .... and this has been replicated in the so called journalists in the media who have sold their souls for the propaganda driven "statist" messaging from the left.  These people are not "heros" .... they stand for "personal gain".... and posession of "power".  The serfs have been sold a "bill of goods" .... by the media and the politicians .... and they are a ruse.

I beleive that unless we are taken over by a totalitarian regime (a very real possibility) that history will remember these folks (politicians and media) in a most unkind light.  There will be a day of reckonning.  History will expose them for who they were, and their heirs will have to live with the "reputations" brought upon them.  Everyday we are sold a line of crap (in the msm), and I thank zero hedge (hat's off Tyler) for exposing the truth.  More and more folks that I know are waking up.  There are some decent folks in politics, and we need to stand behind the ones who tell the truth and "man up" to the job at hand.  For people who lack "character", doing the right thing is almost impossible, and for people who have "character" doing the wrong thing is nearly impossible.

hedgehog9999's picture

The fact that Corzine is running free and that Bernanke is doing what he 's doing unchecked and all the other recent events is testatment to what could be called the pussyfication of America.......

What a great word addition to the english functions as a verb, noun, adverb, etc.

FreedomGuy's picture

Every day on Zh should start with, "Corzine still walks free." He is the epitome of cronyism in our government. In fact his whole career from nearly bankrupting a state to breaking his own laws with speeding state troopers and a car accident are the best example of a two tiered system for the political class and the proles.

He is the example that makes men give up on government justice and processes.


Radical Marijuana's picture

Psychology is always only part of the story.

Words like bravery, or phrases like having the courage of convictions, do not exist in a vacuum. The conscious human mind is an infinitesimal between an infinite subconsciousness and an infinite supraconsciousness. We are toroidal vortices, with infinite loops through our environment.

Therefore, psychological feelings like bravery, and having the courage of your convictions, depend upon a long history of being grown, and nutured. They are within an evolutionary schedule of reinforcement, the same as everything else.

Moral forces are things, like everything else, which we relatively subtract from the WHOLE, in order to talk about. When attempting to explain our feelings, those attempts depend upon a host of factors, from our blood chemistry, or our molecules, and below, as well as the  history of our ancestors, and our childhood, and beyond.

Within all of those self-evident assertions, I think it is vital to look at the evolutionary forces that selected for, or against, particular psychologies.

To understand what has happened to America, it is not enough to look only to psychology, or at some free floating morality. It is not enough to talk about fear and ignorance without looking for the sources of lies, and the violence to back up the lies, and the conditions which enabled those to prevail.

It is the same with both the concepts of "stupidity" and "cowardice."  Knowledge and courage must be grown. It is relatively easy to subvert their growth, since it is easier to destroy, that to sustain.

American history was obviously a small part of the European invasion of the rest of the world, going on for about 5 Centuries ... The seeds of Neolithic civilization suddenly found fertile ground!!!

That was what made possible the spurt of life of the founding fathers, and the astonishing success of the American revolution, for a while. However, the greatest strength is always the worst potential weakness, at the same time.

History has selected for groups of people to become the best at being dishonest, and back that up with violence. Those processes always go through their spirals. Americans were gradually transformed, as their real frontiers disappeared. The awesome natural abundance that enabled the pioneers of Neolithic civilization to grow was simultaneously consumed at the same time. By the end of the 1800s, there was no more frontier. Therefore, at the core of America, those who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, were able to take back control, in that heart of darkness, and their tendrils could no longer be escaped from.

There has been a deliberate campaign, aided and abetted by the changing environmental circumstances, to sap the bravery, and to replace it with stupidity.

However, I repeat, those things are NOT merely due to psychology. That is only the thing that we notice and feel the most, but still, it is but an infinitesimal sliver of the bigger picture.

Since American reality was the transplantation of Neolithic civilization, to the North American continent, we brought along that TOTAL PACKAGE.

Depending on the environmental circumstances, different aspects of that total package could flourish, more or less. Right now, there is the runaway triumph of deceits, as the controlling factor.

American reality has more and more become due to the triumph of the Fraud Kings. Those whose long evolution of perfecting cultures of deceits and violence have been able to take more and more control of the American civilization. They have systematically worked to increase the tendencies of other people to be dumbed down, and turned in cowardly sheeple ...

Tragically, all of this is now playing out on the scale of a GLOBAL, ASTRONOMICALLY SIZED AMPLIFICATION OF NEOLITHIC CIVILIZATION.

We are witnessing the paradox of final failure from too much "success." Since those who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, have gained almost total control over America during the past Century, (and much more blatantly since 2001) all around us are unprecedented levels of stupidity and cowardice, as the direct result of that, which was possible because of the fundamental environmental conditions allowing that to happen, while not enabling anything else instead.

Too bad, so sad, that we appear to be at this point in history:

WWIII Is Coming Soon & Here's Why!?

Although I mostly agreed with the theoretical "solutions" proposed in that video, THERE WAS NOTHING IN HUMAN HISTORY TO MATCH CURRENT REALITIES, AND SO, THERE ARE NO SANE THEORIES ABOUT HOW TO “FIGHT” THE INSANITY!



Going backwards, to old-fashioned religions or ideologies, is guaranteed to fail, while going "forwards" through the madness of electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs, must finally result in insane collapses to horrible chaos!

There are NO sane ways to fight wars with weapons of mass destruction, and also NO sane ways to fight revolutions!

IN FACT, since the creation of the Federal Reserve Board and income tax act in 1913, 99% of American taxpayers always behaved like brain dead sheep, and so, there was nothing possible to stop them from finally being slaughtered.

It is the evolution of Neolithic civilization itself that is in jeopardy. The ruling elites that emerged out of that, and especially those who were able to "prosper" by being the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, in order to develop their systems of organized lies, operating robberies, have reached the limits of their niches.

I believe that we will have to go through the collapses of those systems, and I can only psychologically wish for miracles, that some seeds of new translithic civilization may survive through that, and still be alive and develop afterwards.

However, for now, we are inside the decline and fall of a global empire, run by the Fraud Kings, whose "success" through huge lies has become its own worst enemy.

I do not believe that any individual psychology is going to be all that important, when social storms finally break, on the astronomically amplified global scales that they have been gradually pumped up to ...

Nothing in our little psychology can cope with the magnitudes of social storms that have been brewing on the horizon of history for a long time. We are closer than ever now to suddenly finding ourselves inside of social hurricanes, and local social tornadoes, like nothing in our previous history.

In that context, I do not believe that courage will do much good, nor will faith make much difference, other than that we WILL be forced to go through whatever happens ...

Clashfan's picture

"The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity."

Man, that is a great video. TY, Rad Reefer. Had to save that one. TY.

My wife has been goading me to post this song to a worthy sibling, so this one's for you:

Every gimmick hungry yob

digging gold from rock and roll

grabs the mic to tell us

he'll die before he's sold...

Death or glory

becomes just another story.


RichardP's picture

Right now, there is the runaway triumph of deceits, as the controlling factor.

The iPhone 5 is just one big lie.  There is not an ounce of truth in it.  Not.

Good grief!  Is there nothing going on out there that could be considered good?  People or things?  The world has always had fraud kings.  There are no other kind.  Why should that stop you from finding a pretty girl and going dancing with her.  Is that still allowed in the U.S.?

HoofHearted's picture

I want John Corzine's head on a pike. Now who has the balls to find out what hole he has crawled into? And why doesn't he have the gumption to walk the streets of New York City? Hmmmm.......

And somebody put the president on the front lines. We'll see how many wars we fight then.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

This is exactly the sort of malicious, loose, dangerous, violent talk that sends those NSA word-association algorithms into melt down. Now an actual HUMAN has to eyeball the hit, do an IP search, correlate your identity to the address, do a basic background search via Google, check for any hits in a gubment DB and ponder whether or not to send over the Secret Service for tea and biscuits.

Not bad for a 20-some word post. Two thumbs up.

diogeneslaertius's picture

the DSM and the pharmaceutical industry (IG Farben et al.) the pirson industrial complex, the engineered austerity

it all fits

diogeneslaertius's picture

you cannot have a NWO and a bunch of sovereign round eyes stomping around in NA armed and with a pocket constitution

the rest is mere implementation of the agenda

the disappearing male, the BPA plastic, the dumbed down schooling, the demonization of THE TYPE MAN


the destruction of cultures, of religions, of the integrity and self-sufficiency of the individual

i mean gee, its almost as if they were getting us ready to be inserted into a borg beehive THX-1138 matrix of some kind ...

some kind of panopticon plantation is being slowly built around us and we live in a giant open air prison where assertiveness can get you 90 days in the hole

Cathartes Aura's picture

really is quite astonishing the level of foaming mouth ignorance this "viewpoint" encourages.

you'll not do it, but can you define: feminism?

and attribute your "quote" or opinion?

because every definition out there uses the same words,

noun. 1. the doctrine
advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

while I understand how this is so threatening to you and others, in a world that is undergoing long-term upheaval and change, how you equate that definition with,

the destruction of cultures, of religions, of the integrity and self-sufficiency of the individual

ahh, unless of course, you're recognising that "cultures" and "religions" glorify the men and see the women as evil temptress' - in which case, well sure, that's an obvious fit.

just come out and say it - God hates women, and it's your sworn duty to uphold God's vendetta against the evil Eve-L.

religion.  at the core of all nationstates, all "gods" and all wars.  not "pussy" - ManMade religion.

roll on the r-evolution.

akak's picture

Cath, I can tell you that when I think of "feminism", I think of the kneejerk and collectivistic mindset of a woman who first and foremost ALWAYS thinks of herself, not as a person, but as a WOMAN --- along with the perpetual "woe is me, the victim" mentality.  Such a mode of thinking is equally repugnant as any other form of racism or other "us vs. them" mental framework, and is just as socially, emotionally and intellectually corrosive as any other kind of collectivism, which is what "feminism" essentially represents. And which, to be honest, as much as I otherwise like you and appreciate your comments, I have seen more than a hint of in your posts.

Here in Alaska, we have a organization called the Alaska Native Association, which is a prominent and politically influential group which advocates issues important to Alaskan Native peoples --- Indians, Aleuts and Eskimos.  Now, ask yourself, how would the media and the general population greet the formation of the Alaska Association of White Men?  With outrage and condemnation, most likely, right?  But where is the fundamental moral or intellectual difference between the one and the other?

Cathartes Aura's picture

akak, when you "think of feminism" you re-call the cultural story that "advertises" this. you identify "woman" as someone who first and foremost "ALWAYS thinks of herself" in a "victim mentality" - tell me, is this in relation to any other cultural meme?  because it doesn't exist in a vacuum, what you describe is in a re-action to something that is heavily weighted to the opposite, IMO.  the "sides" are part of a "whole" and don't exist separately.

and even though you, and others here, like to frame me as a "feminist" despite many months of my posts that say otherwise - for the record, again, I do not "identify" as "woman" nor as "feminist" because the labels are tainted and have no meaning beyond whoever is using them to prove their "points" - this is only because you have a simplistic point-of-view of the subject (gendered culture), and your anger prevents you going beyond this.

how is a cultural dominance of masculinity, such as amrka and most of the world has been treated to for all of history, not "intellectually corrosive as any other kind of collectivism"?  I'm serious here - how has the cult of "masculinist" not so out of natural balance as to create wars, banking systems that impoverish through falsehoods, genocide, etc.?  please point out to me the "feminists" who are responsible for most of nationalism, flag waving, riots, biowarfare, poisoning of global food supply, etc.  the majority of heads-of-state have always been male, but very little acknowledgement is paid this, because it's considered "natural" - THIS is a cultural blindness that few acknowledge. 

as to your Alaskan Association of White Men - if you cannot see the difference between a peoples "native" to a landmass organising culturally, and a group of the folks who decided to settle in the "native" land, rename & reframe the reality of the space, disadvantaging the "native" folks in the process, not to mention the various methods of "ridding" the space of that which is "undesirable" by the newcomers, then we probably can't have a conversation here on the subject.

doesn't mean I don't have respect for you as a poster here, and I often enjoy your wit.  we just disagree on this topic.

tip e. canoe's picture

sorry to butt in, but i hope you 2 will carry on this discussion with the mutual respect & dignity that you began it.

CA, perhaps what most of us consider as "feminism" is not the same as you define it?   perhaps this ideal (like so many ideals which had (and still have) noble intentions) was used not to serve that noble intention, but rather for more nefarious purposes?  (see Aaron Russo's supposed conversation with NickRock for instance)   perhaps this is part of the reason why so many of us BSD's have such a negative reaction to it?

this explanation does not diminish your viewpoint nor the ideal in any way, nor does it seek to excuse those of us BSD's who are reacting in a harsh manner because deep inside they feel threatened due to unresolved mommy issues or other karmic obstacles.

Cathartes Aura's picture

I have fond memories of exchanges with akak & his pal 4thStoog'n, so I'll always respond to him with respect, even when we disagree.

and trust me, I DO understand that most of the dudes on here have let the media (particularly RushL) define "feminism" in a way that raises their hackles - that's called "co-opting" language, and it's a time-honoured way to capture opinions.  I'm very aware of "Aaron Russo's opinion" and that still doesn't change the definition of the word, nor the centuries of history behind the concept.

people can believe whatever they want to - plenty are mouthing their opinions on "Muslims" and "Chinese" here of late, but opinions exist to be challenged, and on this subject, here at ZH, I've remained consistent - if BSD's want to chat their memes to each other, and they do, then occasionally I'll probably mock and/or question their motives, as is my wont.

I'm not a "feminist" nor a defender of "women" nor a hater of "men" - I like language, words, depth of discussion, thoughtfulness. . . the ramping up of the "pussified" meme (or equivalents) always accompany the ramping up of wars.  it's the getting of the dick hard ready for fucking, hmm?  I'd just like to remind whoever has the capacity to think, whoever hasn't let all the blood drain from their brains to their phallus, that the "media" is playing them like dueling banjos.

you're another whose posts I always look out for, and your commenting here is appreciated.

peace.   and art.


tip e. canoe's picture

likewise sister.

i guess the point i was attempting to make is that maybe both genders have been hoodwinked by both wings of the propaganda machine to steer this epochal shift of the dynamics of power between the genders (which i choose to believe is a natural evolution of our species and something to be celebrated) to serve the ultimate agenda of the power that enslaves us all, instead of helping us to liberate both genders from dogmas that we've all outgrown (whether we realize it or not).

of course, it does not help that the examples that are being fed to us just reinforce the stereotypes of our fears (hillary, blythe, madonna, merkel, et al).   then again, we should know by now that one should not be looking at the top for shining examples of strength, character & integrity, but rather below the line (the comment section of this virtual fight club for example).

Cathartes Aura's picture

of course I agree with what you are saying here - "both genders" are being fed dis-info as to their "reality" - and I'm sorry if this hasn't been clear in all the months I have been posting here. . . I often take up the opposition argument in the hopes of showing how transparent the story is, but I guess that's just read as being on "the other" side, sigh.

gender is a complete cultural construct, it only seems like the "traits" are real because on the surface, the world reflects this back to us.  and it appears to work for some/most even, to "be" that which is told them. . . who am I to argue against their reality?

I too believe that a natural evolution is underway, how could it be otherwise?  and always it looks most hopelessly entrenched just before the mirrors break.  the hold over how humans image-IN themselves is loosening for many, and the grip tightens for others - tense/shun!!

pssst, I've read of more than two genders. . . =O