A French Rebellion Against Unelected Bureaucrats: “European Coup D’Etat And Rape Of Democracy”

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When the German Constitutional Court nodded with a stern smile on the ESM bailout fund and the Fiscal Union treaty, the world, or at least the politicians at the top, breathed a sigh of relief. Those two treaties, designed to keep the Eurozone duct-taped together, transfer budgetary sovereignty from elected national parliaments to unelected bureaucrats in the bowels of the European government. The Court attached a laundry list of limits and conditions—not that limits and conditions have ever stopped anything in the Eurozone—and after months of verbal warfare, the revolt of the Germans was over.

But suddenly, steam is billowing once again from the rusty pipes of the Eurozone. This time in France, where the topic has been silenced to death—and it could blow apart the whole construct.

The only time the Fiscal Union treaty bubbled up was during the presidential campaign when François Hollande vowed to “renegotiate” the text that President Nicolas Sarkozy had already signed. He won the election. The dust settled. And then, not a word. He hasn’t explained the treaty to his compatriots, hasn’t outlined the sovereignty transfer to unelected bureaucrats, hasn’t indicated which parts he’d renegotiate. Nothing. Nor has he renegotiated one iota. Even during his speech last Sunday, he didn’t mention it. It no longer existed. Yet, on October 2, parliament is scheduled to ratify the exact treaty that Sarkozy had signed.

“European coup d’état and rape of democracy,” howled Marine Le Pen, president of the rightwing National Front, and third in the presidential election, at a press conference on Friday. She’d be “the tip of the spear” against the treaty, she said and called for a referendum. A dreadful word in the French political lexicon. No politician would ever forget the debacle of 2005. In parliament, the European Constitution passed with 93% of the votes. But in the subsequent referendum, the people, who loved their sovereignty, killed it by a margin of 55% to 45%.

She accused the two big parties—Hollande’s Socialists and Sarkozy’s UMP—of “perfect collusion” on topics that determine France’s “destiny as free nation.” With this treaty, the EU would become “the worst enemy of France and of all nations that aspire to prosperity and liberty.”

And the refusal by the Socialists and the UMP to debate the treaty? Well too bad, she said, “we will debate it with the people.” According to the polls, a clear majority demanded a referendum. National sovereignty and democracy were at stake. The treaty would put France “under budgetary guardianship”; and the policies of the nation would be guided by “dogmatic choices of the European Commissioners.” And so, she said, “the whole democratic edifice, which is already widely cracked, is threatened with collapse.”

She’s a bit of a firecracker. But the rebellion on the far right is coagulating with a rebellion on the left. They’re hoping to pull another 2005. Opposition to government by unelected European bureaucrats transcends party lines. The referendum in 2005 divided the Socialists (in the opposition at the time). Hollande led the YES side, and ironically, current Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius led the victorious NO side. But Fabius, expediently, has changed sides.

Yet Hollande is in trouble. In a poll taken after his nationally televised spiel on Sunday—the one that was supposed to turn around his presidency—53% of the French didn’t think he’d be able to deal with the country’s problems, 57% didn’t think he could improve the situation, and 58% didn’t think he’d be able to make a dent into unemployment. An equal opportunity disaster: among workers, confidence dropped 21 points; among managers and professionals, 12 points; among leftwing sympathizers, 15 points; and among rightwing sympathizers 21 points. From one month to the next! And now the confidence barometer of small and medium-sized businesses—the ones that are supposed to create most of the jobs—crashed 12 points in September to 84, the lowest level since its launch in 1992. It was at 129 in April during the campaign. Practically a defenestration.

The French are frustrated. If they were handed a referendum, they’d kill the Fiscal Union treaty. But in parliament, the treaty has rock-solid support from the UMP, the party that negotiated it, and from Socialists who have circled their wagons around Hollande. Enough to ratify it. Hence Hollande’s silence. He doesn’t need to persuade the people.

Unless there’s a referendum. Opposition on the left is mounting. Even the fringes of the Socialists oppose it. So do the Greens, the Communists, the Front of the Left, of which firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon is co-president. He called for a referendum, just like Marine Le Pen. They butted heads during the election for third place, but now his big battle is no longer Le Pen, he said, but the Fiscal Union treaty that would “condemn Europe to austerity for life.”

An uphill battle. No referendum is scheduled. And without that common cause, it will be tough to mobilize the masses in three weeks to oppose a parliamentary vote on a topic that the rulers are still trying to silence to death. But Le Pen and Mélenchon are at least forcing the topic into the open. A petition drive for a referendum is next. And just maybe, they’ll succeed in keeping the unelected bureaucrats at bay—though it would require a miracle.

The referendum in 2005 was an unforgettable lesson for European politicians: don’t let the riffraff decide. Such matters are best handled by the elite—politicians, bankers, and unelected bureaucrats. And in Germany, they were busy handling such matters. Read.... Power Grab: The Noose Tightens On National Sovereignty in Europe.

And here is the hilarious but brutally truthful video from down-under comedians Clarke & Dawe that in 2.5 minutes summarizes better than anything else the entire Eurozone debt crisis.

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ptolemy_newit's picture

its very simple what are the IP adresses of the richist 500 people?

No not them their families!

That is where to go and hide..............

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

I was in the town of Kinsale the other day...

Two new custom boats remain tied up for lack of Diesel yet we have more then twice as many private cars in this country when compared to 1990.....

Meanwhile the scourge of Heroin is moving out of Dublin and into Cork.

I am fucking Mad as Hell and will not take this anymore.

My country has been completely destroyed by these evil euro bastards and their willing lap dogs in Dublin Castle who just want that euro pay cheque credited to their accounts.

The Country is full of traitors and willing fools to this demonic market state system of total control.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Say the word Dork. I know several veterans and patriots looking for a republic to defend and traitors to lynch.

Bartanist's picture

It is rare for people to look behind the problem to find its real source (do we really know who the wizard behind the curtain ... or do we just assume we know). We are blinded by emotion and propagande. Unfortunately there are people who we assume are humans selling out the human race ... but we do not know why. Is it all for greed and individual comfort?... but to sell out your entire race and planet for that seems unlikely. It would be odd if people were so self-unaware.

We are diappointed with government

We hate the banks, but rationalize that snakes will always be snakes

The conspiracy crowd say that behind both government and the banks (and media, and education and military and medicine etc, etc, etc) is a "full-spectrum" controlling mechanism that is multigernational, exceptionally intelligent, evil and patient. They know us better than we know ourselves ... and no I am not talking about the Bilderbergs. The Bilderbergers are vermin slaves for a controlling interest which is much, much older.

Clashfan's picture

Bartanist, I've seen these hints of yours in other posts. Are you alluding to some kind of Ancient Aliens / Annunukai / David Icke "reptilians" thing? Or Jew/Christian/Muslim understanding of demons? Or something else?

Or am I just slow and misreading you? Are you merely referring to a luciferian secret society?

The luciferian secret societies run the world, largely, anyway. And there must be some reason for their fervent beliefs? Or not?

queen mama's picture

fucking hollande and his team ( with rotschild member )
i voted for him to call for a referendum regarding europe, but there's nothing to come.
i decided to boycott all votes, stop my investment in society, and buy gold to make the euro collapse, as strong as i am.

Joebloinvestor's picture

The "cure" for a failing socialist state is not to elect a bigger socialist, althought the French seem to think so.

queen mama's picture

as i wrote it 9 post above, socialism in my humble opinion is the less-worth-option.
Today, for example, the french socialist governement announces to develop green energy, and reduce the part of nuclear activity. I really believe in this. UMP wouldn't do such a thing.. And if you look monetary policies of most of all the countries in the world, it's the sh*t everywhere, whatever you're governed by socialists or others ...
U.S. owns the biggest debt of the world, or Japan in %.... it fails more than in France, and it's not socialist, strange no ? :) Today, There is no cure. It's utopia.
I repeat it : there is no cure, France has 1944 billion € debt, and it grows everyday on an exponential scale..like most of the countries i presume..i'm aware that all the debt isn't "bad" but it's impossible to solve this with austerity or whatever...it's too late for this ! in 1980-85, i don't remember exactly, France "only" owned approximately 50 billion € debt.
i mean it's a good thing : we all need  a " bank default" to reorganize markets, social policies, laws and justice. It is the opportunity to fire all concerned-traders and bankers, the false european parlement, who are not able to produce or help the development of real value in the economy, furthermore they exactly do the opposite : communist behaviour for the firm, and liberalist for the losses..they fuck all the citizens.
i would like to see them produce goods and real services..these people went absolutely wrong, duplicating the money for their confort, not for the confort of greek or european people or "the others", just have a look today...look at them stealing money through the magic word "austerity" ...by chance the european parlement is headed by the same who worked for well known u.s. banks...have a look at their incomes and maybe you understand, it's not fair anymore... and dealing with public savings, with the help of the law. As i noticed, when you work in a company, nobody can be paid in cash ? strange, no ??? We are slaves from bankers, and it's quite new in the history of a society.
I never asked for more money, but for real values like quality and respect, this little things that most of you don't seem to think so :)
Look in Greece, many people commit suicide, it's the reality

Racer's picture

C'mon the French, when you want to do something you can do it....

Vive la Revolution

Vive la République !
mayavision2012's picture

We need to pull the plug on the central power source on this globe that is continually putting up new puppets to replace old puppets. 

Who better to pull that plug than the 99% in this world from whom they derive this power in the first place.  Stop giving your Power over to those who use it to electrocute the rest of the planet.

Stop giving them your attention and your money.

Invest and buy locally.


carambar's picture

Ahahah, I like the people are calling a democracy a rape. such a short view on what is really a democracy.

If you want really a populist democracy, where opportunist politician like Lepen can call the day anytime, you will end up in a complete destabilsation of the country, like a permanent revolutionary state.

this is totally irresponsible. I agree that domocracy is not perfect, can be frustrating too, but what is the alternative???

In the US, thanks to a stupid non written rule, the Senate minority was able to block 90% of Obama reforms. Is that democracy? not really. the solution? peeple will end up voting down these GOP abusers if they decfide they have enough with this situation in the senate. Will it happen? may be not.

remember what happen when the power was given without limit to the people, we got "the Terreur" in France.

we never will lack of irresponsible people to call for the power to the people,like the author of this article, becaus we are in a democracy  ... until their dream come true.


Terminus C's picture

What you fail to understand is that there is no red and blue team, just purple. You know what the color purple represent, right?

These "leaders" are puppets, they say what they want to get elected and then ey serve the emperor.

NaiLib's picture

"Those two treaties, designed to keep the Eurozone duct-taped together, transfer budgetary sovereignty from elected national parliaments to unelected bureaucrats in the bowels of the European government."


The author _chose_ to omit: Only those countries that _ask_ and will be granted any relief from ESM will be subject so any conditions. All a country have to do in order not to be bothered by its creditors is to make sure that they KEEP THEIR ECOLOMY SOUND.


It is tiresome to listen to people that have borrowed too much an too long complain about whate their creditors ask in order to grant them more credit. Credit is NOT a Human Right.

Colonel Klink's picture

Let us eat cake is what our governments are declaring.

shovelhead's picture

Smoking is the least of his vices.

Amongst his biggest failings is appointing the mutton-heads he listens to between golf games.

q99x2's picture

People cannot and will not have a democracy on this planet until every last banking elite is imprisoned and law and order restored.

Head em up. Move em out.

And the US with a president that can't even control his smoking habit.

Oh shame it is being human.

Clayton Bigsby's picture

Hollande is a fucking dunce.  That's what you get when you elect a socialist.  Let's just hope we can get rid of ours here in the US before it's too late....

queen mama's picture

hollande is a fucking dunce, yes, but UMP is surely worst.
don't believe the hype

falak pema's picture

Hollande has presented his version to the french people. He said : I said I would ONLY sign that Merkozy treaty asking for austerity if there was a clause which also addressed the future growth options. He then added : "I have obtained in Brussels after my election  the agreement of Merkel/UE to a 120 billion growth incentive package; so I have kept my end of the electoral bargain."

Face saving logic. We all know the reality of the Banking and Sovereign crisis is so huge and structurally hopeless that ECB printing has now made Euro zone's course irreversible to continued inflation; which will take its toll as there will be NO growth, and budgetry restrictions via tough taxes in 2012/2013/2014. So France will have a standard of living, unemployment situation, that will be in recession for at least two years "officially". More if the Euro explodes subsequently.

But nobody in Europe is considering the longer term, nor the implications of inflation resulting from ECB/FED decisions. Can kicking is now religion. 

ANd things could get ugly for Hollande as for all of EUrope in 2013; after the US election. Europe has no solution to the pauperisation of Club Med; and fiat printing will not alleviate it. That even the Spaniards have understood. 

As for Hollande's opponents they are of two types : those who want sovereignty and are anti-euro and those who want Euro but also want growth and are against fiscal union. Melenchon is of the latter and his position is contradictory. Marine Le Pen of far right has a coherent anti Europe pro-sovereignty platform. The French center-right is PRO Euro and fiscal union, just like the new leaders reinstated by the Dutch elections. 

To me the debate this fall in French Parliament is a non issue. AS Melenchon will NOT align himself with his bête-noire, MArine Le Pen.

AnAnonymous's picture

After the scam of the German constitutional court, the new 'american' scam: France is going to blow the treaty under waters.

Yeah, right, anything to mask that 'Americans' want the treaty. But as to fake opposing it in order to maintain their posturing.

US citizen nature is eternal.

Oh, yes, the conclusion is known: same as for the last episode, with german 'actors'

Not very suspenseful, but 'americans' are fond of those flat story lines. See their cultural items...

Urban Redneck's picture

Politics makes strange bedfellows-

bank guy in Brussels's picture

The French Parliamentary approval of an EU treaty in October, and EU 'authority' over Paris, is something that can be overturned in a few days by a French national general strike.

And that may well be on its way before too many months have passed.

The real moral of the French Revolution of 1789, is that laws, agreements, treaties and 'Constitutions' can all be corrupted and betray the people they are supposed to serve.

Shown clearly in the USA now, where corrupt US judges and courts turned their US Constitution and Bill of Rights into toilet paper.

What the French Revolution continues to teach, is that democracy is not various rigged schemes of 'voting' by Parliaments or others which can be manipulated -

Nor is democracy the permanent slave of dishonest judges who issue corrupt 'high court' rulings on behalf of oligarchs or tyrants.

What matters is people in the streets, people who were ready to storm the Bastille in 1789 and who must be ready to storm the new Bastilles of today.

That is what will, in the end, determine the future course of Europe. Pieces of paper with EU treaties on them, will crumble into dust quite quickly if the EU continues to betray the working classes as it has done in Greece.

Clashfan's picture

Much love here, Bank Guy.

But that rather cursory reading of the French Revolution may be a bit shallow for the complex underpinnings of it. Hopefully, one recognizes the Templar's hand in it: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_masonsknightste...

Clashfan's picture

Or a slightly different take with a bit more detail:


These allegations proliferate in similar but slightly variant forms. This one is clearly a Muslim take, but the bit about the FR really starts on 106. Pages can be typed into the page window for expediency.

dearth vader's picture

At any rate, the French are organizing a national demonstration against the Treaty in Paris, September 30.


The Germans tried to play it by the rules, which proved self-defeating; the French'll take to the streets.

shovelhead's picture

The EU didn't betray the working class.

They merely facilitated the Greek Govt. and the the people to grab all they could hold before the bill came due.

The only question is now is who gets stiffed for the bill.

My guess is an ironic Pyrrhic victory for all.

Everyone loses.

Stuck on Zero's picture

The "people" grabbed all they could?  All those millions became rich?   I think you mean that the wealthy of Greece grabbed all they could and left the "people" with the tab.