On Egypt's Morsi

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Thirty countries have seen protests against US interests. So far, six Americans have died. The protests started in Egypt, spread to Libya, and then went global. The new president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, has said publicly that he wants to end the violence; I’m wondering if he didn’t start it. There is plenty of evidence that he is no friend of America.


One of Morsi’s first acts in office was to make a very public request that America release Omar Abdul Rahman from jail. The “Blind Cleric” is serving life in a federal pen for his role in the first bombing of the World Trade Center. Morsi’s request for his release was either incredibly stupid or brilliant.



There is no way in hell that the US would ever release Rahman. Morsi knew the US answer; he also knew what the reaction would be in Egypt. What was his motive in asking for something that was guaranteed to be turned down? Trouble?

The Blind Cleric has been a terrorist all of his life. He was involved with another very bad guy, Ayman al Zawahiri (now running Al Qaeda) back in the 80s. They were in the Egyptian Islamic Jihad at the same time. Later they went to Afghanistan and hooked up with Bin Laden.

For Mursi to push for Abdul Rahman's release is evidence of his support for Al Qaeda; a decidedly hostile act against America.


I think that Morsi was trying to stir up rebellion in his country over the Egyptian cleric. Morsi is not stupid; he knew how his country would react to America's refusal. He has achieved his desired results.




Now consider the deadly events in Libya. Who was responsible for the well-orchestrated (and well-armed) attack on the US embassy staff? The Omar Abdul Rahman Brigade.



Why would supporters of the jailed Egyptian cleric be in Benghazi? The connection to Morsi and his request for the release of the blind murderer is not a coincidence. Morsi deliberately stoked anti-American emotions. He created an “excuse” for the attack in Libya.


Morsi took control of Egypt after a difficult election. He was faced with huge domestic problems. So what did he do? He went to Iran. Who did he meet with when he went to America’s number one enemy? The Iranian military.


This is very unusual. In theory, the Egyptians hate the Iranians. This is Sunni versus Shia hatred that goes back a thousand years. The fact that Morsi chose to take the trip to Iran is more evidence that he is no friend of America. My question is, What did Morsi and the Iranian generals discuss?


They talked about what all generals always talk about; mutual enemies. The mutual enemy of Egypt and Iran is Israel. Has Morsi done anything else that is hostile to Israel?


There was an event that took place on August 4. A splinter group of Al Qaeda attacked a remote Egyptian military outpost on the Israeli/Egypt border in the Sinai. Sixteen Egyptian soldiers were killed in the attack. The story put out was that the Al Qaeda terrorists were trying to capture an Israeli military officer that was nearby. Huh?



Why would Al Qaeda attack Egyptians? Morsi is the Moslem Brotherhood. If anything, there is an alliance between these two groups. This begs the question, Was the attack in the Sinai a cover operation for something else?


The killing of the sixteen Egyptian soldiers was the excuse that Morsi needed to load up troops in the Sinai. This action is in violation of existing treaties (Camp David Accord). Note how fast this happened:







As of today, Egypt has a large military presence in the Sinai. This is exactly what Iran would like to see. Egypt and Iran are strange bedfellows. They are in bed together because of the old Middle East saying, The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


Obama has taken a diplomatic tact with Morsi. He refers to Egypt's leader as neither friend nor foe. That’s just “nice talk”. Morsi's a foe.





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Exactly what is Kasting's point here? 

Is his point to sound the alarm that the Egypt's first elected president after the US supported brutal dictator Mubarak is not an ally with the US?  And???  The US advocates democracy...that is exactly what we now have, the people of Egypt have spoken and they will allie themselves with whom they choose.

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@ gwar5: Egypt was an ally, but we helped throw out our corrupt Mubarak ally and helped let Morsi ascend who is worse, and wants to see us all dead…

Mubarak was not an ally of the United States; he was a puppet, a highly paid manager to ward off Arab uneasiness over the State of Israel. Mubarak’s people suffered under a near-totalitarian regime whose military was financed by American taxpayers. U.S. aid to Egypt was set on a partial par with aid to Israel primarily so that Israel could continue to receive subsidies, although Israel's massive total financial support was considerably more than publicly reported to the American people.

Along comes the growing Muslim desire around the Middle East to be independent of U.S. puppets that had been put in place to garner Arab oil and to support Israeli foreign policy.

The so-called Arab Spring was a revolution against the tyrant U.S.A.

The revolution took the form of revolt against the U.S. puppets. After the world watched the success in Tunisia, Egypt became a part of the revolt and many Egyptians, including sectarian youths, the Muslim Brotherhood and hundreds of highly placed military officers saw a chance for Egypt to escape from her U.S. handlers.

Without the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood, the CIA and the Mossad would have easily reinstated an Egyptian president as a simple successor to puppet Mubarak.

The Muslim Brotherhood favors the expansion of Islam but Israel and American Zionists have greatly mischaracterized its philosophy and operation. In Egypt today the Muslim Brotherhood is the primary force rebuilding an economic system to provide jobs and opportunity to millions of Egyptians denied these opportunities under U.S. puppet rule. And Morsi, with the backing of the Muslim Brotherhood, is working with a number of foreign powers such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran to eliminate the potential for a catastrophic war over Iran’s nuclear programs.

Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi are not interested in becoming a tool of Israel; in fact, they are powerful enemies of Israel. And this is the source of incredible neo-conservative propaganda against the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, even to the point of connecting its objectives with al-Qaeda.

In re-establishing Egypt’s important role in Middle East politics, Morsi is postponing conflicts with Israel such as the cooperation he’s lent on dealing with militant groups in the Sinai. At this moment it appears that Morsi’s objective is to be the Middle East strong man for peace.

All of these occurrences are happening during an election year in America where many factions are trying to use the candidates for their own objectives; and Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu is a prime example. Netanyahu literally has gone mad on the world stage demanding that the U.S. either attack Iran with full force or immediately promise that it will do so if enrichment programs are not abandoned altogether.

He demands to see Obama immediately to discuss these issues; he hosts a fundraiser for Obama’s opponent, Mitt Romney, in Israel hoping to put even more pressure on both candidates to serve Israel immediately. Netanyahu raves at the U.S. ambassador when he gets no response, he promises that he will attack with or without the United States knowing that this creates near world war.

One in depth analysis of what would be needed to stop Iranian nuclear programs would require much more military power than Israel possesses, particularly since Israel could do the initial strikes but would not be able to adequately defend its forces against the counterattack, thereby dragging the United States into what would likely be WWIII.

Would that this nation had an American Spring to rid itself of its puppet government.


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A. The world's largest collection of 17th century Turkish armament is kept in this city.

Q. What is Istanbul?

I'm sorry, Mehmet.  Krakow... what is Krakow.

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There are Globalists and there are Nations to be used by the globalists against one another to further globalist agendas. Poor people believe in Nations and democracies because globalists tell them that is the way it is. Poor people join militaries, mostly out of desparation, and don't see themselves as paid mercinaries for the globalists but prefer to see themselves as patriots. In the Ray Dalio CFR video it was apparent that there is no concern for a Nation but only bankster policy that is implement through bribed politicians whether in the US or China. Unless laws are enforced upon the globalists the lawlessness no matter where in the world it is will lead to the destruction of the world.

The enemy of the world is the lawlessness of the elite. Most people know that even in Afganistan. That is why they are going straight for the elite bankster class no matter where they are. That is who is attacking everyone at this time.

Maybe they will figure it out but the Bernanke put sure seems like it was to fund the war this time rather than save the banks.

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 I've yet to hear the voice of "mainstream Islam" (our government is always going on about), utter a peep regarding the events of the last 10 days. That's because "moderate Islam" is a myth, a chimera. In my perfect scenario, all jew haters and communists would go to live with their Arab brethern. What a wonderful world it would be.

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Why aren’t Israeli terrorist acts reported in the US news media, such as the more than one hundred acts of terrorism in the United States from 1960 to 2001, most of them according to Christopher Bollyn “bombings of buildings and the people inside them”?

Well, according to FOX’s Carl Cameron: “Investigators within the DEA, INS, and FBI have all told FOX News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying is considered career suicide.”

As Bollyn says: “Jonathan Pollard is merely a poster boy to give the impression that the U.S. pursues Israeli spies.”

As for terrorism, terror has been the modus operandi of such Israeli terrorists as the Irgun group led by Menachem Begin in the 1930s and 40s to David ben Gurion's Haganah terror group "in the Jewish struggle for the Land of Israel" that's obliterating the Land of Palestine.


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Well said , +1 , however the 'jew haters' part is silly. Anyone who has at least SOME basic survival instinct left HAS to be an ENEMY of the Zion , because all NON-Zionist are their ENEMY , and their goal is to treat them like cattle (this being said by their spiritual leader.. so if someone doesn't like it , go discuss this with Rabbi Ovadya Yosef, not with me)

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Morsi appears to be trying to assert authority for Egypt reoccupying its traditional role as the major Arab player in the Middle East. Morsi is attempting to solve the Middle East’s problems without the interference of the Western powers and on a peaceful basis. And one of his first tasks is to stop America from going to war.

T he neo-cons' mislabeling of the modern Muslim Brotherhood as just another al-Qaeda terrorist group is also including Morsi now as little more than the king terrorist. Rush Limbaugh has even practically lamented the absence of the Mubarak administration. IOW, Israeli foreign policy is the only policy America requires in the Middle East and the object, of course, is more war -  all the time -  this time all the way across Syria, Iran and, as some have implied, even Pakistan.

With the events of this past week in Libya and 29 other Arab countries, to miraculously find the new president of Egypt as the trigger is to do the bidding of the pro-Israeli Zionists in America who want hundreds of U.S. airplanes, carrier groups, drones, rockets and rocks, if necessary, to be thrown on the sovereign state of Iran.

I could be wrong but it appears that this article joins in that endeavor.


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If you have to ask... you don't know. Morsi is a Foe. 


Egypt was an ally, but we helped throw out our corrupt Mubarak ally and helped let Morsi ascend who is worse, and wants to see us all dead... just like Jimmy Carter did in Iran 30 years ago. 

The Muslim Brotherhood has been soley dedicated since 1928 to the goal of systematic Islamic world hegemony. Al-Qaeda is merely the wing of the MB mothership that did not want to wait any longer to bring violence against non-muslims and speed things along.

MB are Sunni Arab muslims pledged to recreating the old Ottoman Empire in MENA (a supranational "caliphate") which was only broken up after WWI. It had lasted almost 500 years prior to that, and in 1529 was laying siege upon the gates of Vienna. If not but for a miracle of history which caused them to withdraw, Europe would be speaking Arabic to this day.

Iranians are Shia Persians.  Shiite muslims fight against Sunnis muslims like protestant and Catholics used to fight. Lookout if they finally become allies and unite against the West, which may be underway right now.

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Eric Margolis, until recently a contributing editor to the Toronto Sun chain of newspapers writing mainly about the Middle East, South Asia and Islam, paints a picture quite different from yours and the MSM’s of the Muslim Brotherhood ...

"Egypt did not stage its revolution so that Mubarakist autocracy and the fierce police state that kept it in power could return,” says Margolis, “so that the circles of corrupt businessmen and cronies around Mubarak could resume their plundering of the economy. Or so that Egypt could remain under the thumb of the United States and, indirectly, Israel…"

Continues Margolis in Egypt Headed for an Explosion, written in June: 

“Washington is deeply alarmed the Brotherhood may abrogate the hated, one-sided 1979 Camp David treaty with Israel. Most Egyptians rightly see the treaty as void because Israel violated one of its most important provisions: that Israel would withdraw from the West Bank and permit creation of a Palestinian state. But in a US election year in which pro-Israel forces dominate the Republican Party, Egypt’s nationalists and Islamists are well advised caution.

“It’s no coincidence young Egyptians dismiss the Brotherhood, 'your grandfather’s party.' Its conservative members, many engineers and academics, have little experience in the dirty game of politics and often appears stuffy and slow.”

Margolis warned before the election, if “the military win the next vote, Egyptians could turn dangerously radical as the revolution that began in Tahrir Square goes violent. “



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margolis from 2003


Copyright: Eric S. Margolis, 2003

June 9, 2003

NEW YORK - When I lived in Jamaica many moons ago, there occurred a bizarre national panic known as the Three Wheeled Coffin.

According to a storm of rumors, a black, three-wheeled coffin, surmounted by three black doctor birds (crows), was moving along Jamaica's back roads. Villages emptied in terror at reports the coffin was nearing. The Three Wheeled Coffin was never found. The panic subsided.

North Americans and Brits have just experienced their own version of the Three Wheeled Coffin — a national panic attack called Iraq. It is now clear the Bush and Blair governments actively deceived their citizens over Iraq, concocted false information, and misled Congress and Parliament. Both governments now face a rising storm of criticism and demands for full-scale inquiries.

This column has been contacted by a number of retired intelligence officers, both individuals and groups, backing up assertions made here two weeks ago that a cabal of neo-conservatives in the Bush Administration had distorted or faked information that formed the basis of claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction (wmd's) that imminently threatened the US and all mankind.

According to MI6 (British intelligence) officers and British press reports, Tony Blair's government was fed this same tainted information and even sent orders to MI6 to make it `sexier.' Former British foreign secretary, Robin Cook, who resigned to protest the Bush-Blair war on Iraq, calls the intelligence reports used to justify the aggression `wrong' and `forged.'

President Bush cited a crudely forged document about uranium sales from Niger to Iraq in his State of the Union Address. Blair claimed Iraq could attack the west with wmd's `within 45 minutes.' Secretary Colin Powell's embarrassing UN Philippic against Iraq turned out to be hot air.

To date, no wmd's have been found in Iraq. France had the best human intelligence sources in pre-war Iraq. President Jacques Chirac warned Bush and Blair there were no such weapons, and rightly refused to join their illegal invasion of Iraq. Blair foolishly listened to Bush instead of Chirac.

According to intelligence sources outraged by the corruption and perversion of the national intelligence function for political reasons, the main source of lies and distortions about Iraq was Iraqi exiles, many in the pay of the US government. These anti-Saddam exiles, led by Ahmed Chalabi and his Iraq National Congress, and former Iraqi scientist Khider Hamza, fed the Pentagon and `NY Times' a stream of phony claims about Iraqi wmd's.

Chalabi and Hamza, who were scorned by CIA as frauds, are closely linked to American neo-conservatives Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and James Woolsey, and through the US neo-con network, to Israel's hawkish Likud Party.

When CIA couldn't find hard evidence of Iraqi wmd's Administration neo-cons needed to justify war, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, a super hawk, created a new intelligence unit, the Office of Special Plans, putting his deputy, and fellow neo-con hawk, Paul Wolfowitz in charge. Intelligence community protests over this blatant politicization of national security were ignored.

Wolfowitz created two more intelligence teams to funnel disinformation from Iraqi exiles to the White House. They were led by Pentagon neo-con hawks Douglas Feith and Abraham Shulsky. The three teams reportedly fed distorted or exaggerated information to Bush and Blair. More spurious reports came to Powell from VP Dick Cheney's neo-con chief of staff, Lewis Libby. Neo-cons like William Kristol and William Safire provided pro-war media propaganda.

Many of the senior officials involved in this apparent fraud were members of the Project for the New American Century, a hawkish, far-right group close to Israel's Likud Party that called in 2000 (before 9/11) for the invasion of Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Iran, and worldwide American dominion. Given the lack of wmd's in Iraq, these red-faced neo-cons now claim the weapons were moved to Syria and/or Iran, or even Pakistan, their next war targets.

A few cans of poison or mustard gas and flasks of germs may yet be discovered in Iraq (or, more likely, planted). Even so, these are not weapons of mass destruction. Mustard and nerve gas are battlefield weapons. They are inefficient weapons, and, for long-ranged use, must be dispensed by special aircraft or missiles, none of which Iraq possessed in 2003. The US and Britain supplied Iraq with gas and germs in the 1980's for battlefield use against Iran. Napalm and fuel air explosives kill far more effectively. The only real wmd's are nuclear weapons. The UN long-ago confirmed Iraq had none.

The US House Intelligence Committee's senior democrat, Jane Harmon, calls Bush's claims about Iraq, `conceivably …the greatest intelligence hoax of all time.' One akin, perhaps, to Dr Goebbel's claim Poland was about to attack Germany in 1939.

The president of the United States and prime minister of Britain are accused of lying to their people to embark on a war whose real justification was, as war architect Wolfowitz recently noted, `for bureaucratic reasons' and `because Iraq was swimming on a sea of oil.'

Britons are in an uproar. Many Americans, by contrast, seem indifferent. Former President Bill Clinton was impeached by Republicans in Congress for lying about sex. President Bush misled the American people, deceived Congress, violated the UN Charter, blew billions of dollars and many lives, Americana and Iraqi, on a phony war, turned much of the world against the United States — and will likely be re-elected.

pies_lancuchowy's picture

as a Pole, I must throw in my 5 cents: check out 1683 Battle of Vienna description , many historians think it was a turning point for the Ottoman Empire. Polish hussars kicked ass back then.

akak's picture

If only the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth could have beaten back the equally rapacious and insidious forces of Prussia and Russia 100 years later, instead of having become "The Plaything of Europe".

Every time I read about the Polish Partitions, it still boils my blood.  Psia krew!

Implicit simplicit's picture

In its simplest form, we are over there for oil..

Also, the  innundation of petro dollars by Benny and the jet propellers causes hikes in the cost of commodities, like food and gas.

The hike in food prices is directly proportional to hikes in geo-political unrest.

Occupy wall street was just a preamble.




citizen2084's picture

BK -

you need to broaden your horizons. Your column's questions are not only weeks behind but seem to imply some gaps in geopolitical detail. 

The AQ brigades are in Libya because that is who we armed too kill Qaddafi.  They are now in Syria so please do not be surprised when they are found working their usual SOPs. Remember most of OBL's crew was Egyptian.

Morsi was not the only head of state that visited IRAN, there was a conference non aligned states of which Egypt was only one.  See Pepe Escobars columns for in depth reporting on this, it was weeks ago. 

Bruce - AQ worked for us in AFGAN, Kosovo, Libya and now Syria.  (Of course, they could not have been working with us on 911)

You seem surprised at some very obvious outcomes. 



shovelhead's picture

50 cal. machine guns on John Deere tractors?

Lookout Israel...The 'Jewbusters' are coming your way.

kaiserhoff's picture

Yes, you would expect at least a Case, or maybe an old Oliver with a road gear.

surf0766's picture

If you don't know the answer you are an idiot. Brotherhood !

nuff said.

onlooker's picture

Egypt is importing container loads of used USA farm and construction equipment. The buyers are purchasing from dealers and individuals. The "recession" in construction, and the farmers and cattlemen going out of business makes for some very good buys. The dark side to this is that much of this equipment could be used for military needs.

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Just found this, a MFO press release, anybody hear in the MSM about a MFO camp being attacked? Why not?

September 15, 2012

On the afternoon of 14 September a demonstration outside the MFO's North Camp in el Gorah, Egypt turned violent. Individuals throwing Molotov cocktails and explosive devices breached the camp's perimeter. The breach was quickly contained by the professional actions of MFO personnel, and those who entered the camp departed MFO premises with no known injury to any of the intruders. Eight MFO personnel sustained minor injuries in the incident and MFO property and vehicles at the scene were damaged and one vehicle was destroyed. The MFO has expressed appreciation to Egyptian authorities for the efforts of Egyptian security forces in helping to re-secure the camp's perimeter and to stabilize the security situation.

The MFO views these events with the gravest concern and is coordinating with Egyptian authorities through the Liaison Organization for International Organizations (LAWIO) regarding strengthened measures to secure MFO premises and personnel, and to ensure that the MFO mission may continue securely and effectively.

Moe Howard's picture

Where is / was the MFO? They were everywhere when I was in the Eastern Sinai back in the 1980's. Aren't they there BECAUSE Egypt does not have a military presence there? If the Egyptians are rolling in tanks and troops, shouldn't the MFO be brought home? I haven't heard one peep about them during this whole mess. Don't forget the Bedouin, when I was there the Egyptian government was trying to force them to take Egyptian passports, they prefer to be "Stateless" - they are nomads, after all. By the way, they [The Bedouin] have tons of ordance buried under the sand all over the Sinai that they picked up from the battlefields after the war between Egypt / Israel. They are quite capable of pulling off raids.

The Multinational Force & Observers (MFO) is an independent international organization, headquartered in Rome, with peacekeeping responsibilities in the Sinai. The origins of the MFO lie in Annex I to the 1979 Treaty of Peace between Egypt and Israel, in which the parties undertook to request the United Nations to provide a force and observers to supervise the implementation of the treaty. When it did not prove possible to obtain Security Council approval for the stationing of a UN peacekeeping force in the Sinai, the parties negotiated a Protocol in 1981 establishing the MFO “as an alternative” to the envisioned UN force.

The Protocol defines the MFO’s mission, provides for the appointment of a Director General to be responsible for the direction of the MFO, and stipulates that the expenses of the MFO “which are not covered by other sources shall be borne equally by the Parties.” The United States, which was instrumental in assisting the parties in setting up the MFO, has formally pledged to provide one-third of the annual operating expenses of the organization, subject to Congressional authorization and appropriations.



pies_lancuchowy's picture

I'm very curious what orders Obama will get from his superiors in Tel Aviv

Heyoka Bianco's picture

Apparently, from the comments here, Mossad is more powerful and pervasive than even the greatest Bond villain, perhaps even on par with the Illuminati.

Maybe it's just y'all are so convinced that little brown people are rock stupid and easily manipulated, it must be some diabolic plan by the standard bearers of the "judeochristian ethos".

Treeplanter's picture

Mossad is all powerful and can do anything.  There are over one billion Mossad agents around the world.

shovelhead's picture

Mossad faked the moon landing too.

Like Walmart, they're everywhere.

Ask Joyful about the kute and kuddly Kahzarian kriminal konspiritors.

Joyful knows it was Mossad that put Elian Gonsalves on that Cuban boat too.

Guess who's the father of Snooky's baby...

Yup, you guessed it.

Rastadamus's picture

I wonder what role the Mossad played in finding a Coptic Christian to produce and direct this "Innocence of Muslims," film and then wait for September 11 to have Mossad agents gin up the inevitable rage that would break out in a case like this just to destabilize the region and undermine the President of the United States in a crucial election during the debate over a war with iran?

Just wondering....... Couldn't be a consiracy, could it?

Treeplanter's picture

The one case Mossad was not involved.  If they make a movie about the dirtbag Prophet it will be Oscar quality.

max2205's picture

Egypt and Iran take out Iran and Syria and wait for israel to back their bags for NY.

New axis of evil.

So tired of our aid $ being eventually used against us

Then add china Russia pakistan and India and well just have a new world 'balance'

etresoi's picture

Bruce, I usually appreciate your well reasoned opinions but this time you are commenting on a subject, for which you have little to no experience nor knowledge and worst of all using US based main stream media, as source material... you know how bisaed and malinformed they are.

etresoi's picture

By the way, Bruce, how is your euro short working out??

Bruce Krasting's picture

That was an option position. It ran off a week ago. I lost.

I wrote about in this piece:


Treeplanter's picture

My EUO is bright red. I blame George Bush.

etresoi's picture

I always enjoy reading your very well reasoned forex plays and I always tell myself that BK knows so much more than I.  Then, I go against you and make a pot of money.  I don't know why but it works every time.

John_Coltrane's picture

Don't confuse luck with skill or you'll suffer the usual gambler's ruin. 

"We're all fooled by randomness"

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

indeed. the muslim brotherhood are trying to topple syria now that they have taken libya and egypt. they are ideologically aligned withe saudi arabia not iran..


this whole thing is an operation to further bolster support for an iran war and turn obama and bitlery into the stooges they havealways been.

bankruptcylawyer's picture

I agree 100


Its funny that these flag burning protests all occured at once right after the bernanke printing anniuncement. All msm covers are these preorchestrated small 'protests'

This is propoganda 101.

If morsi got to power...it was with u.s. Behind the scenese deal making. He agreed to help steer tge region into war with iran. He can continue to openly agitate against tge u.s. As long as he does nothing about it. If the extremists kill him to get egypt into a real. War cairo will be bombed lebanon style. This is what the real extremists want because its the only way they consolidate power in egypt.....just as they did in lebonon. They will play iran and the u.s. Off each other to get morsi out of power.

The average idiot thinks morsi is the extremist. Not in the least. He is a moderate with tepid backing by the u.s. Egypts main threat against israel is as a smuggling root for gaza. Openly attacking israel would result in immidiate catastrophe for cairo.

dwdollar's picture

So... why the fuck should poor people in America care? Oil is going up either way. The biggest enemies are at home.

Earl of Chiswick's picture

and from CNN's main US page this Sunday afternoon


The reality of evangelical Islamaphobia

The events of this past week could mark a turning point in the complicity of evangelicalism

Domestic terror: The threat from within

Experts say domestic terrorists pose significant threats to the homeland, and the U.S. needs to do more to safeguard itself from the threat within.

Treeplanter's picture

Yes, remember when those 19 Baptists flew those planes into the WTC and the Pentagon.  Anytime you hear someone shout "Jesus loves you!"  hit the deck!

falak pema's picture

When Nasser ran Egypt, he represented the sons of the Mamelukes; a militarist resurgence for national independece. He advocated pan-Arabism; just like Saladin; to create a national identity of Arab people. He failed, decapitated under the sword of Cold war politics; when Black September Arafat's expulsion from Jordan led to dissension in Arab world and the emergence of Jordan-Saud pro-american axis against the pan Arab aliance of Egypt-Syria-Irak. Thus a secular alliance that abhorred Islamic resurgence as expression of Arab obscurantism, of which Wahhabit Saud was prime promoter, was destroyed by the clever shuttle diplomacy of Dear Henry who consolidated the obscurantist alliance with oil rich Wahhabism. 

The subsequent traumas in Iran and Afghanistan for western interests have further promoted the alliance of PAx Americana with fundamentalist Sunni Islam, enemies of Ayatollah Iran and USSR in Afghan war. In 1991, when the USA invaded Irak to chastise a renegade Saddam, using Saudi territory as military base in Operation Desert Storm, it alienated the fundamentalist Sunnis, its erstwhile allies of previous campaigns, now become dire enemies of its presence in Holy Mecca land. The divide has not stopped growing. Subsequent NWO US hegemony, support of Israel and repression of Palestinian Infatada since Sharon's incursion in  Lebanon destroyed Sabra and Chatilla Palestinaian camps has focalised the confrontation with its arab population to Jerusalem and Gaza theater of operations. The TAliban turncoating under the same blowback impetus, of Al Qaeda concoction, has furthered that hatred since 9/11/2001 days. Rabid Islam both Sunni and Shiite declared USA their mortal enemy.

So the alliance between radical Islam and USA, seen as bulwark against COld War secular and socialist Arab regimes  is now in tatters. And in the context of Arab spring fallout now morphing in front of our eyes into something more radical, the noose may be closing in on those Arab princes who are STILL friends to the USA; aka the Saud and EMirate kingdoms.

If the WHOLE of the secular front of Nasserite days now swings to rabid Islam, aka Egypt-Syria-Irak-Afghan-Pakistan, the USA will have achieved the exact opposite of what DEAR HEnry wanted. It will have succeeded to isolate Israel and Saud as the common enemies of the Arab/muslim people, renegades to Islam; which would temporarily include, oh irony of history, Shia Iran alongside Sunni arab lands! All united against the evil US empire! For this scenario to materialise the position of Turkey in this political divide is crucial; as is the position of the BRics, RUssia and China.

The Dharma wheel of ME will have come a full circle and USA could be isolated along with those uber-Oligarchical kingdoms who kneel to it and invest their money in its riches; the latter perceived as enemies of Arab people, not as servants of Islam.

Bruce Krasting's question will acquire new meaning then : who is the true Arab patriot and who is the traitor to the new dreams of the Caliphate?

If we are in clash of civilization, as predicted and encouraged by Samuel Huntington, then the two edged sword of this resurrected Medieval confrontation will cut in both directions. 

Pax Americana better have guns and butter to fight this protracted fight if the Arab/Iran nation raises the flag of people's revolt on a regional basis.

The current revolt will not just be limited to the periphery but will overflow to the heartland of the OIL kingdom itself.

What PAx Americana has sowed it will then reap. And the masks will have to be ripped off on all faces when the chips are down. From their perspective the question may then NOT be who is a terrorist and who is a legalist. It may well be who is a patriot. Period.

Shades of VIetnam, where Ho chi Minh and Giap proved to the world they were patriots first and foremost and commies on secondary basis. The first won the military victory the second brought them economic regression in subsequent peace.

It could be a similar situation in Arab lands because the "curse" of Oil does not guaranty them economic revival even if the Islamists push out US presence from their lands as the Cong did in NAm. Islam is NOT the solution for these people, just as communisim is not for Vietnam. 

For the West the question is more fundamental in the longer term, as  beyond ME oil there is the existential conundrum : Do we fight for value systems of democracy and human rights or JUST for colonial oil?

This current administration like its predecessors seems to have chosen...the short term prevails like in current funny money printing.

falak pema's picture

Saladin was a Kurd, serving the dying Seljukid empire, itself full of nomads, who ran the Caliphate based in Baghdad which covered territories all bowing to Islam from Delhi to Andalusia. Saladin thus was part of this multiethnic empire and his first accomplishment with his uncle Shirku was to capture Shia Cairo from the Fatimids, then uniting it to Damascus, all the while paying nominal tribute to the Arab Abbasid Caliph in BAghdad, who had no real power.

He then defeated the Crusaders, and went down in history as the Unifier of Islam. His brother's progeny ruled as the Ayyubids the region for fifty years until the Mameluke slave kings of Kipchak (turkic-eurasian-ukranian) origin took over.

The so called arab caliphate was multiethnic. Islam was a religion that welcomed all ethnic groups, making no distinctions once they took the Shahada. The Seljuks were Turkic.

His symbolism to arab and muslim world survives the ages. Saddam belatedly tried to use the fact he was born in the same village as Saladin; Tikrit. 

malikai's picture

Obama, Romney, and the rest of the oligopoly, are the real enemy.

Cole Younger's picture

I have come to the conclusion that all moslims are just ignorant idiots..they are violent and crazy and are a menace to human society. I also beleive that the U.S. will go to war with the middle east in general and wipe them off the face of the earth..It is just a matter of time if they continue to behave the way they do...

pies_lancuchowy's picture

Some muslims are ignorants, some are idiots, some violent and some crazy. Most of them are none of this list. On the other hand, most of the real enemy, the one who occupies this country and sits right in Washington DC, is ALL of this list.

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thats exactly what gerard de ridefort thought; he lost his head.

that's exactly what guillaume de saunac thought; he lost his head.

That exactly what Saint Louis thought; he was taken prisoner along with his family. Paid a big ransom. 

That's exactly what the Bushes thought and they got us Irak. 

So there is improvement on that score.

Your try next. 

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I've been waiting for WW3 in the Mid East since the 60"s. If it happens I'll be surprised, laff and be glad I live in the woods away from all the psycho's out there in the flat lands.

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You can't see a Mossad/CIA op to stir up some shit in the ME to get the $ flowing back to DOD spending, Bruce? The only thing is that the Isrealis are going to get more than they bargained for and the shit is getting out of hand fast with all of the Pro-US flunkies getting kicked out of places like Libya and Egypt.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Can someone please inform BK that Al-Qaeda is an ally of USA? /s


BTW, shit's getting real:



"Armada of British naval power massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike"





"IDF Ramps Up Work Along Border with Syria"




Tyler, seems like a good time for the regular update on US naval vessels deployment.

Earl of Chiswick's picture

Ashraf Badr Al-Din, Deputy of the Plan and Budget Committee of the People's Assembly... affirmed that the US’s moves for a $1 billion Egyptian debt relief deal is a promising sign and an attempt by Washington to make amends with the Egyptian people, after siding with Mubarak’s repressive regime for so long.

"Writing off Egyptian debt was the basic requirement demanded by Freedom and Justice MPs in Parliament and in all their meetings with U.S. officials and delegations.
"The least the U.S. administration should be doing is to drop Egyptian debt – money with which it supported the corrupt oppressive former regime at the expense of the Egyptian people and their freedoms." http://www.ikhwanweb.com/article.php?id=30275





and for further reading the Brotherhood's Eng Lang website