On Egypt's Morsi

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Thirty countries have seen protests against US interests. So far, six Americans have died. The protests started in Egypt, spread to Libya, and then went global. The new president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, has said publicly that he wants to end the violence; I’m wondering if he didn’t start it. There is plenty of evidence that he is no friend of America.


One of Morsi’s first acts in office was to make a very public request that America release Omar Abdul Rahman from jail. The “Blind Cleric” is serving life in a federal pen for his role in the first bombing of the World Trade Center. Morsi’s request for his release was either incredibly stupid or brilliant.



There is no way in hell that the US would ever release Rahman. Morsi knew the US answer; he also knew what the reaction would be in Egypt. What was his motive in asking for something that was guaranteed to be turned down? Trouble?

The Blind Cleric has been a terrorist all of his life. He was involved with another very bad guy, Ayman al Zawahiri (now running Al Qaeda) back in the 80s. They were in the Egyptian Islamic Jihad at the same time. Later they went to Afghanistan and hooked up with Bin Laden.

For Mursi to push for Abdul Rahman's release is evidence of his support for Al Qaeda; a decidedly hostile act against America.


I think that Morsi was trying to stir up rebellion in his country over the Egyptian cleric. Morsi is not stupid; he knew how his country would react to America's refusal. He has achieved his desired results.




Now consider the deadly events in Libya. Who was responsible for the well-orchestrated (and well-armed) attack on the US embassy staff? The Omar Abdul Rahman Brigade.



Why would supporters of the jailed Egyptian cleric be in Benghazi? The connection to Morsi and his request for the release of the blind murderer is not a coincidence. Morsi deliberately stoked anti-American emotions. He created an “excuse” for the attack in Libya.


Morsi took control of Egypt after a difficult election. He was faced with huge domestic problems. So what did he do? He went to Iran. Who did he meet with when he went to America’s number one enemy? The Iranian military.


This is very unusual. In theory, the Egyptians hate the Iranians. This is Sunni versus Shia hatred that goes back a thousand years. The fact that Morsi chose to take the trip to Iran is more evidence that he is no friend of America. My question is, What did Morsi and the Iranian generals discuss?


They talked about what all generals always talk about; mutual enemies. The mutual enemy of Egypt and Iran is Israel. Has Morsi done anything else that is hostile to Israel?


There was an event that took place on August 4. A splinter group of Al Qaeda attacked a remote Egyptian military outpost on the Israeli/Egypt border in the Sinai. Sixteen Egyptian soldiers were killed in the attack. The story put out was that the Al Qaeda terrorists were trying to capture an Israeli military officer that was nearby. Huh?



Why would Al Qaeda attack Egyptians? Morsi is the Moslem Brotherhood. If anything, there is an alliance between these two groups. This begs the question, Was the attack in the Sinai a cover operation for something else?


The killing of the sixteen Egyptian soldiers was the excuse that Morsi needed to load up troops in the Sinai. This action is in violation of existing treaties (Camp David Accord). Note how fast this happened:







As of today, Egypt has a large military presence in the Sinai. This is exactly what Iran would like to see. Egypt and Iran are strange bedfellows. They are in bed together because of the old Middle East saying, The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


Obama has taken a diplomatic tact with Morsi. He refers to Egypt's leader as neither friend nor foe. That’s just “nice talk”. Morsi's a foe.





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Presidents rarely get changed during times of war. One of the keys will be early voting. Ohio has a 35 day window, Floridia 15 and military 30-45 days. So right now is a prime time to ramp up unrest in the next month in case you need to play the strong leadership card.

The blind mullah is good press for a politician, not unlike Israel asking for Pollard. Could it be that the Arab world is tired of US drone strikes at weddings and funerals? Everyone in the bomb blast is listed as a suspected terrorist because they should of known a bomb was to fall (regardless if the target was actually there). Any spark will do if there is enough tinder.

Is Egypt a friend? If you serve the US interests they will be your friend. (Clash reference - "if  Adolf Hitler flew in today, they'd send a limosene anyway). Any deviation from corporate control and you are now a terrorist state. Look at a list of our frienemies in the area who had discussions around the petrodollar or self determination and the fate of their leaders.

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Name: Mohammad Mohamed Morsy al-Ayat
Place of birth: Sharkia
Date of birth: August 8, 1951


  • Received a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Engineering from Cairo University in 1975 and 1978
  • Obtained Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Southern California in 1982
  • Was Assistant Professor at California State University, Northridge from 1982 to 1985


- Prof. at Zaqaziq University 1985-2010
- Elected member of Education Club of zagazig University
- Served as a Member of Parliament from 2000 to 2005. He is the one who presented the most famous inquest in the parliament related to the Upper Egypt train accident; on the next day government papers praised this action.
- He was selected globally as the best parliament member during the period 2000-2005
- Chosen as a member of the Zionist resistance committee in Sharqeya Governorate and a member of the International Conference for political parties and powers and professional syndicates. He is also a funder member in the Egyptian committee for combating the Zionist project
- He has specialized researches in the fields of industry and NASA development studies to upgrade the engine of the space ship early 1980s
- Was a member of the Guidance Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood until the foundation of the Freedom and Justice Party in 2011
- President of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) since April 30, 2011.
- Elected by the MB's Guidance Office to be the first president of the new party
- Elected President of the Arab Republic of Egypt on June 24, 2012 with 51.73 % as the first elected president after the January 25 Revolution.
- President Mohamed Morsy took the constitutional oath on June 30,2012 before the Supreme Constitutional Court as the first elected president of the Arab Republic of Egypt after the January 25th Revolution.

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All our plans are going accordinng to schedule. Soon the Black Flag shall fly over their "White House."

"Islamic Socialism will replace their worthless "Constitution."

"I have destroyed their economy and soon their military, as ordered.

"I have set one group against the other. They will be ripe for conquest.

"When am I to move to the UN as World Leader under your Guidance?

------NSA intercept from a Crackberry at 1600 PA Ave.

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Your missing "Our navy will invade israel soon to free my people"

Damn Muslim Banksters destroying our economy & constitution.

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Anyone who believes Iran would use a nuke on Israel is bereft of common sense.

To wit:

A nuke would render the area uninhabitable; Iran's Palestinian associates would also die in the blast.

Israel has a Triad. Any nuke on Israel would result in No More Iran.

The Iranians are most likely building A-Bombs, but, like India or Pakistan, they would serve as potent deterrents to any would-be aggressor. Having signed the NNPT, (unlike Israel) they have a right to peaceful use of the Atom.

The Imams or whatever in Iran probably live like Rockafella with satellite TV, sex slaves, hash and hootch. They don't want to give that up.

What's left? Follow the money. Who is allied against them? Countries owned by the Banksters.

Hey, the Group of 6 has no doubt leased out too much Au. Those Central Banks need replenishing. Where is Libya's Au got to?

Perhaps this is all about Fiat, Oil, and Au.

Same as it ever was.

If these damn Iranians won't play ball, we'll have to have some excuse to Take All Their Stuff.

Have that guy we created in the Oval Orifice get into a fake tiff with Bibi. Make it look like he's giving the shiv to Israel. Then we attack and blow their asses up. Pass out those maps showing the gold vault. Make sure it is untouched!

Then we will deal with those redneck Americans and their quaint idea of "Liberty."

A nuke or two on America will show them who's Boss.

Make sure the puppet in America is in the blast zone. That goober thinks we're really gonna "promote" him. He was easier to control than Hitler.





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Morsi is US educated, has lived in the US for years, his children are US citizens. What do you reckon?

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Sounds to me like he failed to pass the joint. And we all know how Obama deals with those who failed to pass the joint..

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He and Barry must have been butt buddies at one time.

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Bruce, you might be correct for this analysis but how about US foreign policy which has so many flaws that nobody is talking about ?.

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BK, regarding the Sinai attack on Egyptian soldiers, there is very strong evidence that was Mossad. Asia Times Online covered this very well.

Morsi's deploying of troops in Sinai is a rational response to the murderous actions of US - Israel.

Mr Krasting, you also did not mention that Morsi's antagonists in Egypt are the Egyptian military ... who have for decades been funded by the US government and CIA.

Morsi faces deadly threat from those people, and he is right to play his cards tough against US-Israel.

You are good with some financial matters, Bruce, but here you are sucked in a bit by your view of the Middle East through lamestream US-Brit media outfits.

Asia Times Online, in English out of Hong Kong, and with a wide range of views, is a superb source (except for the Zionist fanatic there David Goldman aka 'Spengler', or the sometimes Mossad-friendly Israeli Victor Kotsev).

But generally, Asia Times Online, especially Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar and former Indian diplomat M K Bhadrakumar, are absolutely superb. Should be on your daily news list if you really want to know about the Middle East or anywhere in Asia:


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Morsi's antagonists haven't been the Military since the "elections" or more accurately since he nulified Supreme Court's nullification of the  elections  and the Military Council didn't step in/up.  The parlimentary elections themselves were a rigged game, the people were given 3 choices- 1 continue the Mubarak/Military Legacy, 2 the MB, 3 the Salafists.  The MB triangulated and picked up a the chunk of moderates who would under no circumstances choose door #1 or door #3.  The final nail in the coffin of the Mubarak/Military crowd was the "event" in the Sinai which served as the basis for sacking the military brass, and stacking them with MBs.  So Morsi currently has control of the Executive departments, the Legislature and Military, and it's time to start packing the Courts or retiring/suiciding the current roster of judges.

Now the MB & the Salafists are jockeying for influence (to oversimplify- the Salafist movement would encompass all the different religous groups that view the MB as a bunch of soft-core moderate wimps).  The military and the moderates are disenfranchised.  Interesting that Morsi had enough sway over both the MB and the Salafists to get the riots scheuled for Friday afternoon shut down, wonder what he had to promise the hard-core koran-beaters, as opposed to the soft-core, yet still homicidal koran-beaters of his own party... Mob Politics 101- what does the puppet master want as the price for pulling the strings?

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Morsi-Friend or Foe? All depends...how far down the hole do yu wanna go?  Bank Guy has ripped off the kover...big boyz n grrls should grab their flashlights n head south for a forensic feast!

 I've been a big fan of da Bruce here - even outside of the domestic pieces, he's been good, on occasion - great...year ago he was hitting home runs with pieces of Cyprus n such which brought insight to areas seldomed mentioned, yet explored in the blogosphere...

So double the disappointment with this howler...which could have been produced by any number of the klowns who kome to the party here with a bag of kue kards which all boil down to the same tired kliche: Muzzie's hate us for our freedoms...now pull out that pocketbook and send another trillion or so to tel aviv...to protect them!

Not just Morsi, but the whole M Brotherhood thing is very well known to be a kreation, ongoing project of, and tool to the purpose of "the West" - which by the way is now equally well known to be exactly all those same things to "the moneypower" - which rules it's web of extortion from the tel aviv lair.

Any number of links could supply the author will details to back up this assertion: http://landdestroyer.blogspot.de/2012/08/west-celebrates-as-dark-age-des... or http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2012/06/us-struggles-to-install-proxy.... are some of the best.

The real deal about Sinai has been well covered by BGIB...that just leaves the LIbyan disaster to deal with as further followup from Bruce's jump off a high cliff into the canyon of complete credibility loss...

The hit on the Embassy Personnel in Benghazi was MOSSAD directed as usual...and just as usual, they direct their proxies from behind scenes, hoping for deniability. Qatari hit team -local paid off security guys. Lots more to deconstruct in this basket of bruised fruit, but I've no great wish to add any more bruises to those he's already suffered from his Wily E Koyote imitation here.

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Its well known that people love to blame mossad for everything. This is very much part of their ruse---keeping people guessing.. What would be mossads motivation for attacking egyptian officers and pretending to be al queda while morsi is in charge of egypt?

And where is your evidence?

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They want a fight give them a fight.

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Good sleuthing, as usual, Bruce.

One thing to take into account when assessing Iran: The Shi'a mullahs (who generally have the last say) aren't all that keen on I'madinnerjacket (who notionally controls the military, and may be a Luciferian sympathiser with the Sunnis).

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Eight women killed in NATO strike - JFC. Yep, everything is going good … are there any more countries that need policing? WWIII coming soon.





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Call it as it is, a "NATO strike" is a US drone attack on innocents.

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Did they sell all the ad slots for it yet?

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Is it Morsi? Morrissey? Always loved that band. Anywho I know the criticism of "shoot from the lip" has gained some currency of late...but generally speaking in matters of so called "geo politics" he who panics first panics best. What is striking of course is that the totality of the Western media complex is against any involvement in the ME whatsoever (witness the Anderson Cooper silencing.) I simply cannot get beyond the implications of this disruptive technology called "the Internet" playing itself. The bulk of the Western World seems to be trying to put it's genie back in the bottle...while the ME is going full bore "into the Internet as on" Age. Of course thank God we in the West that invented the Internet are having this discussion because in so doing we have been able to come to terms with the social and political consequences of "not being able to turn this thing off" and as such are having a much better time of it. No? Really? We're even worse off than they are? Wow...well let me get back to you on the whole "how are we dealing with it" thing later then...

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From AP

"...no Marines were guarding the compound when the ambassador and three other consulate workers were killed by a heavily armed mob of protesters and Islamist militants, U.S. government officials said."

"...approximately 90 percent of U.S. diplomatic security personnel are private contractors..."

Not only do we have a seriously flawed foreign policy...

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"Not only do we have a seriously flawed foreign policy..."

We also have an incompetent government they were warned and continues to blame a year old film when Al Qaeda itself is saying it's because of obama's drone strikes

Al-Qaeda says attack on U.S. consulate in Libya ‘revenge’ for death of its 2nd man


Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination

Exclusive: America 'was warned of embassy attack but did nothing'



Great story Bruce thanks for posting an intelligent article Karl Denninger has an interesting take all on this


Want To Know Why The Muzzies Are Sacking Embassies?



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From crypto-zionist Alex Jones' website so keep that in mind:

"Morsi himself is by no means an "extremists" or an "Islamist." He is a US-educated technocrat who merely poses as "hardline" in order to cultivate the fanatical support of the Brotherhood’s rank and file. Several of Morsi’s children are even US citizens. Morsi will gladly play the part of a sneering "anti-American," "anti-Zionist" "Islamist," but in the end, no matter how far the act goes, he will fulfill the West’s agenda."