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As most of you are aware, today marks the first  anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

Many people call it a "movement" and there are arguments about precisely what kind of movement it is if it is one. I personally spend zero time worrying about this.

For me OWS was an event and that event  was about raising the public's awareness of one thing, the intersection of rampant control fraud and political corruption between the TBTF banks and Washington DC;  the many ways this phenomena has decimated the lives of so many ordinary Americans.

In this respect they succeeded. Few would argue otherwise.  

Unfortunately, the efforts fell on deaf and corrupt ears in our hollow halls of democracy.

Now, instead of making wisecracks about the people who are on the street today attempting, as hard as it is in Blumfukistan, to raise a civil ruckus, I would ask you all to consider the following.

When OWS was conceived and first kicked off last year, there was no MF Global fiasco, Jon Corzine was still CEO, no one knew who the London Whale was, Jamie Dimon was still exhaulted by the MSM as Wall Street's Mr Clean, Bob Diamond was still CEO of Barclays, no one in Washington knew what LIBOR was. There was no sham Fraudclosure settlement, no sham Securitization task force. There were, however, a handful of ongoing criminal  investigations of Wall Street Banks...all subsequently terminated.

Last week we learned of the latest Mother of all Keynesian Bailouts. Try as they will to convince us that QE3 is designed to help the little guy, we of Zero Hedge all know otherwise don't we?

What is obvious is that since last September, our corporatist kleptofraudtocracy has only gotten exponentially worse.

The final insult was not the silence on these matters at the GOP convention (after all, we all know that Mitt the Twit is a Wall Street Ponzi pimp).

The final insult was the expectation of the Obamocrats that we would all accept their Big Lie. The biggest lie of all, that they and their Wall Street Bitch in Chief have cracked down on Banksterism.

There is not one shred of evidence that supports this Big Lie. A Big Lie that would make Herr Goebbels very very proud.

So today, instead of making wiseass remarks about unemployed, dirty long hair hippy anarchists armed with iPhones, iCollectivists and liberal arts students stepping off the curbs or chalking up the sidewalks, I would ask all of you to do something else...

Remind as many as you can of the outrageous fucking fraud that continues to be perpetrated by the thieves in pinstripes and hand made brogues and their harem of DC Bitches.




These bastards are ready to blow
Survival is all about flow
These suicide twins
Will pull out their pins
Unless Ben keeps printing them dough

The Limerick King




“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”--Joseph Goebbels




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Despite their lack of a coherent message, I admire the OWS movement more than any other I've seen in my lifetime.  We are literally selling our children into slavery to keep a Ponzi scheme going.  There is no more important "job" in this World than stopping that.

"Mankind was my business.  The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business.  The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!"

~Jacob Marley's ghost

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Totally awesome work as ususal WB7. What will it take to get the crowds on the streets like in Lebanon right now? A crap film about Jesus maybe.Or an attempt to ban guns? Or the internet perish the thought?

 Basically just as the banksters are in denial, the people in USA are also, it seems, except those who are in the streets...homeless that is! I heard there are between and 36,000 or 38,000 cops in NYC. Well I did my global citizen duty and defiantly walked around Wall St with the about 5 occupy protesters, yelling things;)

I love your passion on this WB7. Long may it reign.

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"For me OWS was an event and that event  was about raising the public's awareness of one thing, the intersection of rampant control fraud and political corruption between the TBTF banks and Washington DC"

You must have read the "intersection" signs wrong cause I don't think OWS made the connection between WS and DC, everything I saw from OWS was at the "intersection" of Wallstreet and Fat Cat. I think they still miss the connection and until they show up at the "intersection" of Wall Street and DC they will wander aimlessly in the desert. I give them an A for effort. And yes I have been to DC, Orlando and Tallahassee to protest at the "intersection" of DC and Wall Street.



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They were in DC and were most assiduously shoved out by our most professional security and anti terrorist machinery, which is really what we are best at now is it not?

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OWS was never a revolution because it never got past the "cry of despair" phase of revulsion.

I am still glad it happened. It showed that not all American's are lazy over-fed lard-assed pussies late for dinner.

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They'll get up and out on the streets to beg for more Govt. handouts.

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Family Motto : "Truth Conquers all things"......maybe not.


The complete destruction of a once wild & open heathland by the Gordon Gecko Helicopter elite



Courceys land is now a despoiled bunker filled wasteland of criminal bankers.


This corporate video is very sick - the golf course completly destroyed the wildness of the place - destroying the very thick heather grazed by just 2 wild Goats during the 80s when I went there most Sundays with my Dad to fish for Big Pollock.

Now you can't enter - 1000s of ordinary Sunday walkers & fishermen  have been shut out of one of the most beautiful places in Southern Ireland.


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PROTIP: its faster to switch to your secondary than it is to reload.

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Honest question:

What can we do? (yeah I am going to write in Ron Paul)

blindman's picture

share, live and learn.

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Run the banksters out and start the free range chicken factory.

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Excellent work WB7 and Limmerick King, thank you.

Keep up the truth telling.

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Unfortunately only a few hundred people showed up. So far it looks like more cops than OWS. More than 60 have bean arrested for???

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According to the livestream, over a thousand are marching right now.

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"Let them march all they want, so long as they continue to pay their taxes." --Alexander Haig, 1982

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Very true William. If people could actually understand what Wall Street is doing to them and to their lives, there would be no words to describe the rebellion that would follow.

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I have words that would describe it: Too little too late.

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Was listening to NPR just now. Segment was titled This Machine Kills Secrets - a lot about Wikileaks and related. My post does not wish to go down a Wilkileaks rathole.

The title of the segment was inspired by the sign Woody Guthrie had on his guitars.

Seems apropos.

Go ahead...look it up.

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I haven't contributed in a while, and I have been looking to put this up for some time:

<a href="http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4103/5000059967_f89ea2d03a_z.jpg">Survival of the Fattest Punk Album</a>


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when the television pollsters add the numbers up they always come up with 100%, when we all know that the system is rigged in such a way that it should 110% at least.  (thank you Diebold for improving voter registration) Then after we check which way the people plan to vote we check the approval ratings which adds up to something around 75%.

a third of the voters are voting for the lesser of two evils, and if my math is correct, half of them are voting pure evil. (that group is what is known as the swing vote). not that either of these guys is pure evil but America definitely watches too much TV. being the publics living embodiment of evil drove W Bush to ruin, (lets make up lies and invade foreign countries) and it changed Obama from bright progressive to chicago gangster. how else do yhou explain the right turn he took on inauguration day, when the chief of scotus wouldn't read his oath of office properly. (you think that was an accident? there are never ANY ACCIDENTS. thinnk Building 7 WTC).


in order to get anywhere you must be ruthless (OWS is not). and Al-Qaida will soon be a legitimate political party, represented in the parliamentary house of most European countries. once your group gains access to power (real power) the stupid and meaningless violence ends, (and the real slaughter begins, the mass impoverishment of millions, thank you Ben Bernanke for stealing our life savings).

i don't believe in violence (therefore I am ANTI US GOVERNMENT). because i don't believe in violence i believe in OWS. Gandi was a fluke, a social outlier, like the 1960s, peace and love, and HDT. they all fit together oddly enough

happy anniversary.





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i think you will find they disregard or spoil sufficient negatives to leave a sample that says what they want...a bit like Paulson and the fraud he perpetrated in making his billions out of MBS, but thats another thing...if you cheat an idiot..are you really cheating him or living the american dream?

disabledvet's picture

Hey, Ezra. How's Chicago treatin' ya!

blindman's picture

you know he wound up in the building/lot in
washington d.c. where home land security now
reigns. former prison for the insane or something
like that, not that he was insane, just labeled
as such.

blindman's picture

it is of no use to tell people what to think, the
only value is in the ability of people being
able and willing to think, then the greatest
good is possible. anyone with an agenda and
proscription on the content and correct way of
thinking about it is involved in marketing and
advertising which is fine as long as you recognize
that. when it is taken as something more you have
gone down the wrong road. when it is presented
as something other than advertising you are
being handed a bag of shit by fool and a liar. (think
politics and the mass media) though they say
"everybody plays the fool sometimes."

Rich Man's War - John Trudell
rich man's war
john trudell

hay ah iy ya hey iy ah hey......

rich mans war,
industrial streets, class lines
money talks, turning language to paper pieces
rich man's war free man's society.
raging violent insecurity
nuclear man, nuclear woman
unclear how to act.

rich man's war
Persians cruising Europe.
America Russia
governmental nuclear views
industrial allies cutting the world
as though they cannot see blood flowing
rich man's war
Central America bleeding
wounds same as Palestine and Harlem
Three Mile Island in El Salvador
Pine Ridge in Belfast

rich man's war
the poor, starving for food
starving for land, starving for peace,
starving for real.

rich man's war
attacking human, attacking being
attacking earth, attacking tomorrow

rich man's war
thinking of always war
thinking of always war.

with machines for ancestors
new unborn generations
chemical umbilical chords are only wiring
in your electrical progress
human lives burnt offerings to the god greed
with lies for ancestors

there is no truth in some futures
rulers of minds feeding next generation's souls
to the control machine.
sacrifice ritual for the proper technology
with isolation for ancestors

there is only the present bought by the credit material uses
forging chains binding you to destruction
compliments of your deities
the industrial priest.
hay ah iy ya hey iy ah hey......
no more than neon flash
trying hiding in neon mask
have to face who we really are
at some point we had no choice.
distant star distant light
in real world we are human being
in shadow of real world we are
being human.
neon mask for neon flash.
distant thunder distant cloud
passions reign
drenched in possession
what we take is hard to do
what we do is hard to take
some ones are crazy or maybe we take turns
dreaming about some kind of life we say
"it could have been different".
but it wasn't because we weren't
no matter what, it turns out the same
a lot of things we said weren't true
industrial stories in an electric instant
neon mask neon flash neon flash.
thing is nihilistic desires
civilized gone insane
didn't imagine it turning like this
some things start good and go bad
some things get bad and stay bad.
are we caught in between living a lie or
not living at all?
eliminated choices lost in dreams we let go
memories we never got to have
something else to think about...
waking up in industrial society
surrounded by angry days,
going through motions
of not being.
wanting the best but not expecting it.
surviving paid for in dreams
feeling like a world alone
serving god with the devil to pay.
feeling like something in no place
what goes on in hell anyway?
thing is, it has to do with heart.
we have to understand what hearts are for
before we can get back to heaven or paradise
or the power in OUR MIND.
hay ah iy a hey e ya hay........
poets never lie, they wax poetic, but they
are frequently considered fools in the standard
model of human intercourse.

blindman's picture

9/11: The Mysterious Collapse of WTC Building 7 was Not An Inside Job

I am on to you's picture


EL AL Flight 1862 Boeing 747 crass of 04 october 1992 at the Klein Kruits condos in Groeneven Holland,let Bush Chenney Rumsfeld Powel Rice ect oh and Tennet, explain that one!

I am on to you's picture


EL AL Flight 1862 Boeing 747 crass of 04 october 1992 at the Klein Kruits condos in Groeneven Holland,let Bush Chenney Rumsfeld Powel Rice ect explain that one!

Graph's picture

Blanky & Dimy.

A powerfull graphic WB7!

blindman's picture

"..The use of disinformation and diversion to manipulate public opinion is a highly developed art. It is well understood not only by psychological operations experts in the national security establishment, but also by marketing and public relations wizards. With the engineering of public reaction to September 11, disinformation has been used with a sophistication and depth that is historically unprecedented. A key tool in this modern form of psychological warfare is the "meme" -- an idea that acts like an infectious agent to spread itself through a population. Through careful construction of memes, the perpetrators could depend on others to unwittingly promote their cover story and conceal the truth. Their disinformation strategy was twofold. First, they would sell the official story to the masses through the compliant mass media, relying on people's desire to believe the official story. Second, they would seed specious ideas in the community of "9/11 skeptics" in order to distract and discredit them." ...
BBC now admits al qaeda never existed, Bin Laden had NO organization!
etc. etc...

blindman's picture

cognition is dependent on acceptance in the
first case. this is why most people will
accept and then believe nearly anything that
is repeated and appears to be accepted by
their fellow person/s. everyday symbolically
communicated and reinforced, the system of
false beliefs. .... problem and the solution
are the same thing, ongoing ....
thinking etc....

Mr Kurtz's picture

       ATHUR MILLER: “Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow make sense. The thought that the state has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied.”


Joe Davola's picture

Hook me up a new revolution

'Cause this one is a lie

George Washington's picture

Mr. Banzai, thank you for nailing a very hard-to-pin down issue, which both the mainstream Dems and mainstrem GOP are trying to use as a false divide-and-conquer wedge issue.

Bravo, sir ...

aint no fortunate son's picture

Big Banks, Big Oil, Big arms merchants, Big pharma/health insurance have been using Big Propaganda for decades (but most especially the past decade) to keep the "electorate" (a couple hundred million brainwashed sheep) fighting each other rather than looking behind the curtain at who's the real enemy. Both political crime syndicates - the dims and the repugs - are just bought and paid for whores of the Bigs, and they expend great efforts to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. Divide and conquer indeed. The Bigs don't give a flying fuck who actually wins these elections - they own every member of congress, the executive office, the judicial system up to and including scotus, the regulatory system and all major media propaganda outlets already, and on the first wednesday of november it'll be business as usual in the gulag.

blindfaith's picture

The best way to 'get your vote to the ears of power' is to stop buying their products and at their stores.  Putting you money where you mouth is, is the only real power left.

I do NOT buy products by Kraft, Coke, Kelloge, Chick filthy lay, BP, GE, BAC, BMW, Apple, Cheveron, and a host of others or from stores such as: Walmart, Whole Foods, Target, Amazon, Circle K, to name a few.

Has not hurt me one IODA, and them???? well one never knows what power a penny can play in a world that they have created for our dissatisfactions.

SO>>>>>>Put your money where you mouth is: STOP BUYING CHINESE!!!!! Just put it down, you got along without it before and you can do without now.  Control yourself and your buying!!!!  And I shall now add India and Indonesia to the list of countries I wil not buy products from (any other islamic leaning out-of-control countries that want to get on my list, step up).

I am on to you's picture

Right on,most sane thing i have read for a long time:Everybody is eating everybody,so use WB7 advise:

Vote for Nobody,cause Nobody cares for you:Gulag or Washington!

willien1derland's picture

Awesome work as always WB! Love the Chiquita pic - Tragically Ironic that Chiquita Headquarters is in Charlotte along with Bank of America...Must have DNC/RNC affiliation or as Ben Bernacke, Obama's equivalent of Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi" character...there is "No funding (SOUP) for you!" -

takinthehighway's picture

For all those in the USSA - happy Constitution Day!

ParaZite's picture

Banzai... you need to do a photoshop with Ben Bernanke inside the Buzz lightyear outfit. 

Printing... to Infinity and BEYOND. 

theprofromdover's picture

Methinks the cowgirl would have been more appropriate as Benny; the mighty Buzz may have been confused about what was real and what was fantasy, but he was on the side of the righteous.

or maybe the panicky toothless dinosaur

cherry picker's picture

As long as the majority has something in the fridge and a TV, there will be no change.

Things will change when people have to really struggle to survive.  We still have a way's to go.  How far?

When the people feel what the Greeks are starting to feel, then there may be change.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

Bullocks.   What evidence, may I ask, leads you to say that? 


There has been NO CHANGE in Europe or Greece. As noted above with us, Europe's shit pile has only gotten much much larger.



therearetoomanyidiots's picture

I think OWS WOULD have been successful, Mr. Banzai, if they had not focused on the banks but had concentrated their efforts on DC and this fuck of a president and his administration who has allowed this fraud to be enlarged and expedited exponentially. I've read so many 'pro-ows' folks on this site but the evidence is quite clear, OWS is either part of or under the influence of Obumbler, or minimally the democrats. So, let's stop celebrating them...

bunnyswanson's picture

OWS crowd for the most part have stated clearly that they supported Ron Paul.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

That's great.  They support ron paul and good maroity of them support anarchy, violent overthrow and even here in this thread, violence and death. 

I support Ron Paul and if you could see all my posts in this site that support Ron Paul you would see I'm not BSing.  And alot of people I know support Ron Paul...big fucking shit.  What did it get us? 

We have to work within the system that is given to us and to me, violence and death is not an answer.  Regardless of what you think really happened with OWS the fucks in the street looked like a rag tag bunch of deadheads, or were actually violent.  Oakland was a great experience. 

Fuck man, if OWS and Tea Party had gotten together and 2 million showed up in DC every day for week, and asked for investigations and a groundswell really happened, THEN my friends you would see this chicken shit politicians and their political best...stepping right up to the plate to do what the people want.  But instead you were all on this website, and others, bitcihing about how the end is nigh and how poor off we all are. 

Finally, the only to stop the bullshit with bernanke, geithner, and the bastards at the top of the bank  is to have congress call them to capital hill and actually bust their asses - that is the only power in this country that can stop them.   And the politicians WILL do it if we, and it has to be more than a bunch of all-knowing key tappers, satirists and cartoonists, it has to be all of OWS (calm and civil not the shit they presented, getting together with tea party, and ron paul-ists) - marrching on that fucking DC and demanding it.  


tip e. canoe's picture

"concentrated their efforts on DC"

actually...they did:



"OWS is either part of or under the influence of Obumbler, or minimally the democrats."

actually...no matter what your personal criticisms of the ideological intention of the participants are (and i personally have quite a few), one credit that you have to give them is they successfully deflected a full-court co-option effort by the obamabots & the democraps.    hence, the severe crackdowns and continual monitoring of participants.

one can bemoan that there is not participation across a broader sociopolitical spectrum, but one should realize that is as much due to the lack of participation of the liberty minded (due to them believing the meme that occupy is a leftist movement), as much as it is due to the usual harbingers of the Left filling the power vaccuum that needed filling due to our overall social conditioning.

in short, it's a bit more complex than what it's made out to be.