The Real Meaning of the 1-Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

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On this one-year anniversary of the start of the Occupy protests, let’s refresh our memories about what really happened.

Despite the divide-and-conquer tricks of both the mainstream Left and the mainstream Right, Occupy and the Tea Party were originally protesting the exact same thing: the malignant, symbiotic relationship between big government and big corporations.  Conservative and liberal protesters both railed against the unchecked power of the Federal Reserve.

Indeed, if the partisan shenanigans on both sides hadn’t derailed the protests so quickly, Occupy and the Tea Party would have joined forces in a way which affected real change.

Highly-militarized, federally-coordinated police used such brutal violence to break up the Occupy protests (see this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this) that the Egyptian military used the crack down on Occupy as justification for the murder of protesters in Tahir Square, Egypt. 

(Despite media portrayals, the Occupy protesters were not violent.)

While psuedo-conservatives may laugh, true conservatives do not find this amusing.   Remember that according to Department of Defense training manuals, protest is now considered “low-level terrorism”. And see this, this and this).  And an Army colonel has written a paper advocating military methods for “crushing” a Tea Party insurgency.

Veterans get it.   They know that protecting all political protesters – Occupy, Tea Party, etc. – is the core of American liberty. See this, this and this. Even active-duty police know it.

(While the slur of "dirty hippies, get a job" was applied to Occupy protesters, most of them actually had jobs, and many economists supported their demands.  Again, people may agree or disagree about specific positions, but true conservatives defend everyone's right to speech and assembly.)

Speak with most Americans today and you will be amazed that they don’t realize (1) how much police violence was inflicted or (2) that the protesters – like the original Tea Party protesters – were standing up for the American people against the incest between big banks in New York and politicos in Washington.

The bottom line is that the powers-that-be used a combination of brutal violence and disinformation to take the wind out of the protests.  Any protests – whether they be of a conservative bent like the Tea party, or a more liberal flavor like Occupy – are doomed to failure unless we can reach the people with the real facts.

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GW, while both were protesting against the same thing,

in the end I'd say the only thing the OWS protesters could come up with is more government as the "solution" approach,

while the TP wanted less of... well, something, they just didn't know exactly what.

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You may think we are better than the apes, we are no banna republic, but the truth is we are still shackled by the Mayflower, and how many of our leaders were shooting leader sperm into the womb of democracy. It seems they all were, and all are, thank God Barney Frank lived before you could reproduce in an easy bake oven. Into this rant I produce some fact. Toronto is now governed by a Mayor who is part of a dynsty, he is like cinderella for the people who make transfats. I have imortalized him in a performance art spectacle that may remind you of Yoko Ono.

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One of the responses to the violent crackdown on OWS was for the liberal artsy crowd in my 'hood to start buying guns, PMs, and food.  These are folks who would never, ever look at a gun without wincing going to Dicks Sporting Goods or Walmart and picking up a cheap 12 guage and a few boxes of shells.  Maybe their grandpa that hunted was not such a nut after all.  They were watching their kids and friends getting tear gassed and imagining it could happen to them.  I've had some remarkable conversations about their newly discovered interest in the second amendment and which type of silver round to order.

It's one thing for the locals to watch foreigners get blown up as we export "democracy", but when local cops mace your peers, that's different.

Those new pink pistols at the gun store are just faaaabulous!

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Despite the divide-and-conquer tricks of both the mainstream Left and the mainstream Right, Occupy and the Tea Party were originally protesting the exact same thing: the malignant, symbiotic relationship between big government and big corporations.  Conservative and liberal protesters both railed against the unchecked power of the Federal Reserve.

Dang, GW, that is exactly wrong.

TP protesting "Taxed Enough Already?  All (ok +/-) positions cleaned up like trash-locusts?  You know, like respectable citizens.

Occupy protesting:"you ain't givvin me enough shit yet, give me more and make my student loans go away" rape/crime/kill the grannnyz grass/millions of police union dollars to "protect" the murders/drug deals

Just the facts of a year ago and such.

"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."

But after all, you are not so much George Washington, are you?

- Ned


New_Meat's picture

GW, this is the least attractive method of an argument, but O and Alinsky do it in their practices and their theory.

Answer: NO.

Let's play, over time.

How 'bout them "spontaneous" demonstrations in, like >100 locations in the med?

How 'bout your history on the subject of the "Arab" "Spring" "democracies"

Let's do some research on your "judgement"

Shall we?

All  in public, and, actually, I think we are aimed at the same outcome.

But the "spontaneous" "outbreaks" of the "Occupy Wall Streeeeet" gangz  raise at least one eyebrow.

Do you think?

- Ned

I am on to you's picture


He is right behind_____ YOU!!

kaiserhoff's picture

When does the fake "Libertarian" George, ever advocate reducing the income, power, perks of the fat fuck class in Washington?

If this isn't propaganda, or disinformation, what is it?

George Washington's picture

You have a sophisticated debating style, sir:

kaiserhoff's picture

I despise hypocrisy.  if you would quit claiming to have any interest in libertarian principles, and admit you are a typical Washington parasite, I could almost tolerate you.  Until then, I will continue to point out the obvious. 

knowless's picture

you replied to the wrong person. i work in metal fabrication. my eyes are sore from tigging gutters for solar panel arrays... i do not make prevailing wage, and the retinal damage is permanent, good night.

knowless's picture

alot of differing ideologies were involved in the occupy movement, although it did lean left, many different perspectives were represented. I don't think it's over, more of regroup realign, hopefully the tea party/occupy can coalesce behind the same platform, as they have the same core issues. less flash point, more coherent organizational structures.

I wouldn't say that the tea party was any more organized than occupy. and i think the point is moot, if people are actually behind getting something done, then they need to put the past behind and think about what can be done for tomorrow. just because you grew up listening to the "democrats" debate the "republicans", doesn't mean it needs to keep going on like that, choose to identify differently.


of course this election will be a shitstorm, but political parties don't arise through the system they seek to change, they are created independently first, as popular systems of living, and only later, after their infancy do they have the ability to wield any power, this being granted through their governmental success through their own ranks...


I still personally identify as a libertarian, the party i first registered as once I had reached the legal age to do so.. but i would be open to any name, as long as the party's members would hold to an ideology which was consistent with the goals of liberating the american populace from the banking interests, and allowing hopefully for a revival of mutual individualism, anti-aggression, and the rule of law..


thread jacking on a non-thread, just liked the gif.

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The somewhat agnostic Lobster magazine of old always gave a Byzantine view of things withen the security state.

Now it is bland beyond description and not worth reading.

Robert Johnson of the Soros crowd talked about possible inter capitalist conflict withen the various spheres.... and I believe him.

With even the Rothschilds fighting amongest themselves I imagine...... but like  sheep Dorks just do not know what truely goes on.

The above bits about how intel penetrates various budding poiltico - groups is interesting.

Things are almost never quite what they seem.

But Maybe even the Guild navs do not know what to do ?

They had a project to destroy the nation state that they also created but the market state feels like a cul de sac also........

Strange days..............

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I went to a few Ron Paul speeches in Houston in the years before he became a national sensation. The audience was traditional/conservative, a mix of Democrats and Republicans. You could not tell someone's party affiliation, though, unless you straight out asked them. It was here that my suspicion about the false choice between the RedTeam and BlueTeam were strengthened. It was in these face-to-face meetings that I was able to confirm that Ron Paul was the real deal, that rarity of rarities, an honest-to-goodness conservative politician who faithfully practiced what he preached.

Sean Insanity, BTW, hates Ron Paul's guts with a fiery passion, which should tell you all you need to know about him.

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Although I agree with most of the article regarding the mis-information and police brutality I am not convinced that is how OWS lost public support.  I was at all three major protests in Oakland.  Every demonstration was progressively dominated by elements that were bent upon baiting the authorities and pushing fringe agendas that diluted the focus of the movement.  At the third protest I was standing 20 feet away from a dude who tossed a brick through a window before the march even started.  At that point I got on the train and went home.


I grew up in Chicago.  I was kid when the riot occured at the Democratic Convention in 1968.  It is estimated that 1 in 6 protestors back in 1968 were working undercover for the Chicago Police, the FBI or the CIA. This is no different.


When protests start with brick throwing it means one of two things:

a) Subversion by law enforcement authorities

b) Idiots have taken over


On May Day 2012 in Oakland it is safe to say that those two groups were dominating the event.  The 98% had already caught on and stayed home.  I suspect mainly because they still had something left to lose. 


But once that changes it will be a whole new ball game.


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OWS had a few problems. No leader and no clear goals.

The organization seemed to be trying to avoid certain mistakes by not having an acknowledged leader or explicit goals but having neither is also a problem.

And let's be honest there's a certain subsection of the left that LOVES to play at protest. It's both whimsical fun and a moral status symbol for such people. But, the rest of the populace is sick to freaking death of the play revolutionaries. Sick to freaking death.

So, get fucking serious or go away. And if OWS is going to get serious then where are the White House protests? Where are the protests at the Federal Reserve? Where are the protests at the treasury? Where are the protests at the SEC? Where are the protests at CFTC? Yeah, it's nice that they target Wall Street but to lump everyone on Wall Street in with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan is probably unfair. It starts to look worse when NONE of the government institutions that aid and abet corruption are targeted.

OWS failed to gain wider support because it didn't come up with some simple, explicit goals and because too many of the OWS people were playing like children. I have a lot of ideological sympathy with OWS but the combination of moral posturing and playing a game is repugnant.

Pejorative Requiem's picture

The press and the other media, in the mind wrenching fasion, have touted, celebrated, and ballyhooed a non-existent anniversary. A huge difference (among many) between the tea party and occupy? The propagandists strongly supported occupy, and did everything they could to ignore and denigrate the tea party. The tea party and occupy strive for completely different outcomes, and GW saying they want the same thing doesn't make it so. But the tea party now owns the quiet underground, and the occupiers have nothing but turf toe.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

There is something deeply wrong with our present elite.

I have talked to many (but not all Scottish landowners) many who come from the Norman assendency who are quite happy with walkers roaming their land (although not all) once you respect it.

Many of these guys are asset rich but yield poor fellows who like a drop of whiskey.

Indeed Many of these guys came from warrior stock - some not very good in Business but you break the glass firealarm in the event of war.

The Courceys were famous in this regard.

(PS - God knows what truely went on in Ireland back then - I Imagine it was chaos with Gaelic , Viking and Norse moving into Normandy and then outwards again , add in the expulsion of the Templers and their money from France to the west of Ireland and then Scotland ,  Strongbows subsequent wars......CHAOS with different factions fighting for the marrow of society)

The Old English as the Gaelic Irish called them added greatly to the place after much chopping of was Cromwell and the Venetian banks which destroyed Ireland & Scotland in the 1600s.

They wanted to turn the place into a gigantic ranch , and they mostly won the day.

The Venetian banking system was the hidden power behind Cromwell...

THE DORK OF CORK's picture


Family Motto : "Truth Conquers all things"......maybe not.


The complete destruction of a once wild & open heathland by the rampant Gordon Gecko Helicopter elite


Courceys land is now a despoiled bunker filled wasteland of criminal bankers.


This corporate video is very sick - the golf course completly destroyed the wildness of the place - destroying the very thick heather grazed by just 2 wild Goats during the 80s when I went there most Sundays with my Dad to fish for Big Pollock.

Now you can't enter - 1000s of ordinary Sunday walkers & fishermen  have been shut out of one of the most beautiful places in Southern Ireland.

"Old head golf links - a private international members club"

Doing what they do best - seizing the commons for what ?

Its just a good walk wasted.

These people are scum with no taste or any sense of Aesthetic.

They merely want to grasp objects without any understanding or feeling for the land.

q99x2's picture

The people at least the ones in colleges have the facts. They need pushed to the point where they all turn at once. A false flag will do that. Most know the banksters are the real terrorists at this point.

venturen's picture

They should occupy their senator and congressman as well. Video the lobbists in action!

hidingfromhelis's picture

Thanks, GW.  Both your and WB7's ( ) anniversary articles are dead on and cut through the spoon-fed partisan bullshit that is being manufactured to keep people distracted from the real issues.  

George Washington's picture

Banzai's must-read article was so good that it inpired me to write this.

HUGE props to Banzai ( )

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

The only hope for America is a revolt withen a enlightened sect of the officer class against the "normal" Rock Ape Army faction

Damon Vrabel was  closest to the Mark.


jumbo maverick's picture

A revolt by the enlightened sect of the military against the ape army faction would result in this-cries of racism. It would all be about race. The enlightened sect could be stationed in Nome Alaska yet cries that the belligerent south has risen again would echo across the media airwaves.

The racist military would be portrayed as a collective George Zimmerman whom cannot take orders from the first AFRICAN AMERICAN commander in chief.

The coup engineers would argue and debate the merits of following the Constitution, sound monetary policy, individual freedoms, small government and ones freedom to be free from another. The government and the media would answer by showing pictures of Obama as a young boy aka treyvon Martin. They would show the picture and the one word story line would just say- racism. Somehow the media and government would win.

cougar_w's picture

Okay, but wiill any from the "Officer class" be willing to endanger their pension or benefits? Didn't think so.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

In a war its sometimes more then your pension.

I agree , its not going to happen.

Just listen to Vrabel though - he strikes me as a True Republican that also understands the power of vertical money to create wealth.

He is not a Austrian headbanger......he wants a organic power base that flows upward - not a Synthetic top down system.

 The world is & will be destroyed.

This Venetian banking system is very sick - they get their kicks out of entropy....they want it all.

WHY ?  whats the point of it ?

We are controlled by a small sect of very sick Guild Navigators .


KK Tipton's picture

Best. Comments. Here.

We would literally need a "benevolent" military coup in the US to retake control.

Force is the only thing that can get the land back to the people.
You literally have to conquer "the king", whoever it is.

No "legal remedy" exists kids. None.
All the lawyers/attorneys are sworn to the "crown". And not the one you are thinking of.

The military coup is problematic because they got em all to swear an oath to defend the Constitution.

The Constitution is the only thing keeping the US lands/power linked to England.
You may think that's backwards...but if you's not.


"It's possible to annihilate a lie simply by becoming aware of it"

I just made you aware. The lie is annihalated. The rest is up to you.



the grateful unemployed's picture

as the jobless society takes hold, and people start to move off the grid, think nuclear and extended family by analogy, then the powers of central planners become less and less relevant. the more accurate the message of OWS, the less relevant they seem.

KK Tipton's picture

Well, they are still kinda stuck due to "crown" ownership of all the land in the US.

But, you are correct if by "move off the grid" you mean..."remove their consent".
It's really important that the US citizens do this.

NO is the most powerful word in a language.
Even silence (a non response) implies NO by default.



Heyoka Bianco's picture

No, they're doomed to fail until they realize facts don't count for shit. Nobody acts on facts, they act on emotion.Also, no leaders mean no one to take responsibility when the shit gets deep, so everything just washes away like a sandcastle at high tide.

The power of money has become very difficult to control. Man has always been a venal animal. The growth of populations, the huge costs of wars, the incessant pressure of confiscatory taxation - all these things make him more and more venal. The average man is tired and scared, and a tired, scared man can't afford ideals. He has to buy food for his family. -Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye (1953)

malek's picture

Oh, they will start acting on facts if things get shitty enough.

Diamond Jim's picture

Don't know about this George W.....the Tea Party movement was a response to the enormity of the Federal government and its lack of response to our Founding documents. They also realize that working within the system is the way to reform by getting their people elected.

The Occupy group was financed by G. Soros and to me appears to be somewhat of a "progressive" leaning group of protestors that would rail against capitalism in general, and crying about a lack of "fairness" in all walks of life. I believe they could care less about electing their people, think they are back in the 60s,  and are only out for their instantaneous gratification of their rally points.


KK Tipton's picture

Lack of response to our founding documents? No, they are following their agreements and laws correctly.
The "tea party" (whatever the hell that is) has no say in the matter. Neither do any of us in 2012 USA sans military coup by the military (cause like, they have all the guns).

"Then confirmed by the 1783 Paris Treaty, wherein the minerals did not change hands, they stayed with the king, his heirs and successors. In other words, the king, his heirs and his successors forever, were to continue to receive as a matter of Trust, the gain, profit from his corporate venture. To cement this since his subjects had gone brain dead, and now believed themselves free from their obligations. Believing when the States became States of, after the 1787 Constitution was ratified, they became free and sovereign. In March 1791 thanks to George Washington, the States of, became District States of the Crown, side stepping the 1787 Constitution and the States short lived independence declared in 1776, in favor of the king's public policy, his taxes and licenses to be administered by his United States Corporation and its elected fiduciaries and den of thieves. When governing for the king, the President and Congress were no longer bound by the 1787 Constitution. The king wouldnow receive as declared in his early Charters for himself, his heirs and successors, the 30 percent tax for his family business venture. Because now his bank could operate within the several District States, incorporated in the District of Columbia, this was not possible until Washington made the District States; never to be repealed."

imbtween's picture

You completely missed the point, which is about our loss of those founding document's guaranteed "rights" of "assembly" and "free speech" and how those principles were completely disregarded.

What do the messages of the tea party or OWS have to do with that?

Diamond Jim's picture

I would say that both groups make use of the 1st Amendment. But the Tea Party appears to understand the use of the ballot box in changing things. The OWS movement believes that squatting on public land for an indefinite time is an appropriate way to get change. The Tea party has made progress in their plight; the OWS group has accomplished nothing.

El's picture

Really? And just what did the Tea Party accomplish? They got their stars in office and then those stars lost their shine and fell right in with going along to get along crowd. What a sad disappointment most of those folks turned out to be. Most of them voted for the 

The ballot box will change nothing.

KK Tipton's picture

"The OWS movement believes that squatting on public land for an indefinite time is an appropriate way to get change."


It is. They ARE the public too ya know.

Don't turn your fellow countrymen into the "other".
It's a dangerous game.

Papasmurf's picture

Nothing changed at the ballot box.  You haven't looked at the presidential choices for 2012, have you?

Diamond Jim's picture

I have been holding my nose and voting in presidential elections for too long now. This election will be no different. Many suggest there is no diff between King Owe and Mittens. I am more willing to take a chance on Mittens, as I already know what Mr. Owe will do...he will complete his make-over of America by proclamation, better known as "executive order".

I submit that a Tea Party guy or even someone like a Ron Paul kind of candidate will not make it to the WH without the support in Congress. Therefore, the Tea Party,  if it can continue to make gains in elected congressional candidates could, maybe someday get a candidate for prez. But then again, it is not a party per se, ie, not officially a recognized or organized party.

So, support those candidates that walk the walk of believing in and espousing the views / principles of "Tea Party". Any OWS candidates ??? Thought they prefer to cry and whine rather than make changes for the better through existing avenues.

nmewn's picture

Well stated and regards to GW from broaching the topic, we're going to have to arrive at some sort of understanding at some point.

From my standpoint, anyone who thinks TP would have picked Romney as their standard bearer is delusional. Likewise, anyone who thinks the TP is not "changing" things right now has forgotten the 2010 House takeover. That was not some milquetoast intervention on behalf of the crack heads of our society saying, just smoke smaller was a legal demand to cease & desist your addiction which is compelling you to steal from us and our children.

The intention is to take the Senate and hold the House, whether Romney gets in or not. My gut bias is to oppose anyone from the NE. Notice I said MY bias, not everyones, I just don't trust them...and they talk funny ;-)

And I say again, the time for any "reconciliation" between whatever the fuck OWS was and TP will be from a position of fiscal sanity and personal responsibility. Its a fact, OWS leadership allowed the criminal element to come in among them and tenured college professors with marginal at best republican (note the small R) values and idiot pols to preen in front of them when none of them could ever be considered "common". Thats the fault of its leadership.

Bill Ayers? Really? He should have been immediately denounced as part of the problem, not any part of a solution.

Everyone, (including myself) take a breath, remember, what has happened and why, detach yourself emotionally and think of the mechanics involved to make these following words become reality...then read his exact words...again, detached emotionally...

He's saying to his audience they are entitled to anothers labor. Whether for housing or education, one can pick their flavor from the above...but this is the most striking to me...

"To all communities that take action and form groups in the spirit of direct democracy, we offer support, documentation, and all of the resources at our disposal.

Join us and make your voices heard!"

This from a man who would never teach his young students some of the results inherent in direct democracy while at the same time pillorying the rule of law that he himself advocated >>>as a right<<< to anothers labor, which also brought about much of the financial carnage of late.

TP has NO leaders, especially not Bill Ayers types, it has members. Its based on an ideal that will never die. One that Bill Ayers discarded long ago to become the national socialist prick he is, disguised as a man of the people.

tip e. canoe's picture

dear nmewn, that HotAyres link is an example of a parasite climbing on a living host in an effort to stay undead.    are you defined by the parasites that suck you (and the rest of us) dry?     

nmewn's picture

Now tip, you know as well as I do that OWS was comprised "mostly" of those who are the exact opposite of TP. Naomi Klein, Danny Glover and a host of others said much the same things as Ayers.

We should all strive to squash the parasites among us, not give them a podium & microphone.

tip e. canoe's picture

true dat, tho i would replace the word "comprised" with "compromised".    of course, we become victims only when we allow ourselves to become victims.   at this stage in the game, the parasites have left the host, cuz they believe it's been sucked dry.   we'll see if there's enough life left for a new blood transfusion or not.   if so, have a sneaking feeling the blood won't be so red this time.   time will tell...

imbtween's picture

the brutally repressive responses by the police departments of America, in America, against Americans is ALL that matters. Whether or not you agree with them or their message has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they had a right to protest, and that was taken away from them.

KK Tipton's picture

Yes. This is the crux of the biscuit. Force.

"In March 1791 thanks to George Washington, the States of, became District States of the Crown, side stepping the 1787 Constitution and the States short lived independence declared in 1776, in favor of the king's public policy, his taxes and licenses to be administered by his United States Corporation and its elected fiduciaries and den of thieves. When governing for the king, the President and Congress were no longer bound by the 1787 Constitution."

Who are the police actually working for? The answer might suprise you.

Diamond Jim's picture

I have not said anywhere that OWS did not have the right to protest. Police brutality is not to be condoned anywhere except where protest gets out of hand and human life or private property (one of those unalienable rights the Founders espoused) are threatened.

tip e. canoe's picture

LIVE NOW: spontaneous action at GoldSacks met by overwhemlming NYPD presence:

check out Occupied Air

JOYFUL's picture

The only authentically american act that could (possibly) escape the fate of all these self-absorbed, media driven legacy protests would be for a bunch of peeple to take over a factory that's being shut down cause of offshoring, and keep it open despite the protestations of the owners...

makin Made in Merika stuff, manning the lines, not outside the plant, but inside...everyday, no salary, no union backup, no partisan shit... just straight in yur face I'm American, I make this stuff, it ain't cheap crap; do yu wanna buy it?

No sales force needed. No middleman...yu wouldn't be able to keep up with the orders. Suppliers would be competing for the right to send in stock needed to keep the plant producing. For free...just to get the publicity...

Would Barry send in the goons? Yu bet he would....leftists got no time for workers who git uppity...

then would the sheeple finally rise?

I bet they just might.