Government Promises Jobs … Delivers Pain

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rn9Cz Government Promises Jobs ... Delivers Pain

But I was Promised a “Shovel-Ready” Job!


Government leaders talk about creating jobs … but their actions just hurt the average American.

Mr. Self-Sufficient Job Creator Mittens Romney’s Bain Capital destroyed jobs left and right.

Romney launched Bain Capital with money from the leaders of El Salvador’s death squads.

And a federal bailout saved Bain from ruin.

But surely Mr. Liberal Help-the-Little-Guy Barack Obummer is fighting for the worker?

Unfortunately not … Obama thinks that unemployment is a good thing, because it shows that the economy is productive.

Despite the partisan rhetoric, Obama and Romney both support policies which help the ultra-rich – and politicos in D.C. – at the expense of everyone else.

They both support terrible government policies, the off-shoring of American jobs, never-ending bailouts and ruthless behavior by the big banks … and so we will continue to have Depression-level unemployment under either a second Obama term or a president Romney.


In case we weren’t clear about how unhelpful government policies are in relation to job creation, let us give some example:

  • The government has intentionally squashed lending by the big banks in an idiotic attempt to give the banks never-ending bailouts, without causing runaway inflation.  (And see this)
  • The government is doing everything else wrong. See this and this


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Barry old buddy.....say it ain't so!

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Sort of like George Bush missed his jobs creation every month and thus punched the republican parrrty members in the face.


3 - D  printers are for Bernanke to re - hypothecate his bitch ass over and over and over again.

The Dracula of printing, if I may be so bold as to suggest.

Like a fucking FRN zombie army.

IT'S ALIVE !!!!!!

We will be stuck with this little Rothschild garden gnome until Christ is a cowboy.

Oh. Wait. We already had George Bush.


Red eggs and ham ,

blue eggs and ham,

it don't matter where the politics am -

so, I'll vote, 'cause i can !

But, it don't matter, worth a damm.

So, we better come up with a plan,

for when the shit just hits the fan. 

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    “I assure this committee that, if I am confirmed, I will be strictly independent of all political influences… essential to the institution’s ability to function effectively and achieve its mandated objectives”

-    Ben Bernanke, during confirmation hearings related to his appointment as Fed Chairman in February 2006.
    “Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's announcement Thursday of further monetary stimulus until we see "sustained improvement in labor market conditions" has many in Washington wondering whether the first job he is trying to save is his own.”
    Steven Moore, “Ben Bernanke’s Self-Interest,” Wall Street Journal, September 14, 2012.
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Friday September 21 9:00am
1 hour
Guns and Butter
bonnie faulkner interviews catherin austn fitts.
unpacking mr. global. pt 3.
Unpacking Mr. Global, Part Two — Catherine Austin Fitts on Guns & Butter

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Why Jesse Ventura is right:  unmeming the meme

The constant litany of “Supreme Court choices” as a motivating factor in reelecting the neocon administration of President Obama doesn’t really hold up when all the data is examined.

Those closely following federal court jurisprudence will understand what we say when it is explained that the majority of truly important cases never make it to the supreme court, while too many trivial cases do end up there.

The Citizens United case should never have made it to the SCOTUS level, where the vile decision was written by the so-called “liberal” Justice David Kennedy (so described by newsy pundits).

The really important judicial decisions, antithetical to democracy, to the citizenry, to working people and those seeking work, are rendered by the federal courts.

This structure isn’t by chance, but careful design, put in place back in 1978, and incrementally improved over the past thirty-some years.

The US Chamber of Commerce established the National Chamber Litigation Center to this very end, back in 1978.

Thus, when the populist Jesse Ventura urges American voters to reject their usual choice of militant ignorance, and seek the third party solution, he is quite correct.

Today, the government has the “legal” right to access all personal information about the citizenry without their knowledge, thanks to the Obama Administration and judicial decisions from the federal courts; this is no justification to reelect.

Obviously, the strategy was to find the vilest, most despicable American possible to run against Obama, making him appear pristine by comparison.  In this they’ve been most successful with their choice of the vile, despicable Romney (and Ryan).

Whether from indoctrination or mass advertising, too often Americans choose to remain ignorant --- and it is a choice!

Recently, like many others, I was approached to make a donation against the validation of Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker in his recall election.  Naturally, I declined --- not having the money was beside the point --- having watched the exit interviews of union members from the Walker’s first election to governor, I was convinced of their militant choice to remain ignorant.

I was sadly proven correct:  40% of union households in Wisconsin voted for Walker in both elections!

Presently, we see the workers at Bain’s Sensata facility, whose jobs are being offshored to China, having finally recognized the impact of jobs offshoring, and blithely explaining how they were taken by surprise?

Amazing, given the overwhelming data to suggest that was the likely outcome!

I have personally witnessed this type of behavior again and again and again; where the workers refuse to acknowledge the obvious --- where they chose ignorance above all!

Now the Bain-owned company workers are begging Bain not to offshore their jobs; the psychopaths just love to see them beg.

Of course, those pathetically begging workers don’t realize this as they’ve chosen to remain ignorant all along.

Those of us who’ve been actively fighting jobs offshoring --- one of their major tools in the dismantling of the economy --- since 1978, the same year of the Powell memorandum, the year the USCoC established their National Chamber Litigation Center, and the Rockefeller Foundation's creation of the Group of Thirty --- view the begging workers with disgust and disdain.

(At this late date, thirty years too little, too late, they would probably be better served going back to watching their sports, cable TV and movies, etc.)

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A great read on the atomisation of society by the free market forces of autoregulated wealth creation to the detriment of organic social order criteria in society :

Jesse's Café Américain: Karl Polanyi On Liberal Economics and the Rise of Fascism


Charybdis of Fascism meets Scylla of non regulated free markets, at the inevitable asymptote. 

Pseudo science of Economia summed up here :

It is a grave mistake to treat economics as a physical science like chemistry. Chemistry seeks to quantify and explain an essentially unchanging physical world in substance if not in incidentals.  There are real laws. Theory becomes verifiable fact, and new facts build to new theories. Chemistry evolves, in that it changes with a remarkably evident progression of one thing on another which can be seen against some objective standard. 

Economics reflects the changing attitudes of politics and the other social sciences to the relationship among the individual, society, and nature.  That is not to say that there is no learning in a social science. There is plenty of learning, but also a strong tendency to have to re-learn the same hard lessons over and over again.  

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Yup, Polanyi's Great Transformation was an awesome read.

Who was it who said something to the effect that classical economics was just their description of the inequities of illogical ownership?

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"$40 billion a month buying levered debt into perpetuity benefitting TBTF banks will improve employment."

Get out a piece of paper and write it longhand (those of you who learned how) 40 billion times and you will believe it too.  A.O. (Always On) generation:  txt it 2 urslf 40 blln x's

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Wow, havn't laughed that hard in ages.

What a perfect vid-bite for the title.   Perfect.

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I am here for the Little Rascal videos. Hal Roach bitchezz. I believe thats Stymie behind the wheel. Free Wheeling is the name of the episode

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Bondage Economic Policy, the new way to do Business!!

It might be painful for the little guy but you know he secretly likes it.


To all ZHers

We're all in strung out shape, but stay frosty, and alert -


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george....such propaganda...! when do your stories go from 'americains are cheated' to 'americans need to take arms'. jesus christ you are straight out of a commie how-to propaganda booklet. i really like the twist by using an american 'hero' washington as mao. too funny.

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The Enron bus left a half-hour ago; you missed it.

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If you don't like what he writes why do you read it? Trying to prove something? Commie? Who the fuck talks like that? The Banksters have made almost the whole fuckin world Communist. The elite and the rest of us. If you feel you have to spout out of your shithole you call your mouth try attacking the problem and not the messenger. Why do you waste your time here?


"Commie" WTF

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funny how the same group of 'support trolls' show up when you question olg george mao..i mean george washington.

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I went to the 3D Printing store and made 40 billion FRNs. I plan to buy as many MBSs as possible. I am going to corner the market.

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Yes, but I am going to print the guy who prints the printer which prints the money ...

noob's picture um; witch came first, the printer or the guy? ;-)

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Bernanke says the FED will invest in 3D technology so that they can just print jobs. 

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And those 3 D's would be Depresssion, Debasement, and Deadbeat.

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The printers were made in China.  Instead of jobs they printed drone workers to undercut humans.


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So thats where AnAnonymous came from...

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So that's what those 3D printers are about.