Take the Test to See If You Might Be Considered a “Potential Terrorist” By Government Officials

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There have been so many anti-terrorism laws passed since 9/11 that it is hard to keep up on what kinds of things might get one on a “list” of suspected bad guys.

We’ve prepared this quick checklist so you can see if you might be doing something which might get hassled.

The following actions may get an American citizen living on U.S. soil labeled as a “suspected terrorist” today:

Holding the following beliefs may also be considered grounds for suspected terrorism:

Many Americans assume that only “bad people” have to worry about draconian anti-terror laws.

But as the above lists show, this isn’t true.

When even Supreme Court Justices and congressmen worry that we are drifting into dictatorship, we should all be concerned.

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You Know You Are a Conspiracy Theorist If…


You are capable of critical thinking.

You distrust mainstream media.

You like nature.

You think that drones in America might not be for Al Qaeda.

You have read a book in the past year.

You think you have the right to protest.

You think the War on Terror is a scam.

You think the War on Drugs is a scam.

. . .



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So so sad yet so so funny. I honestly do not think we are quite aware of the extent of how fucked we are. 

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  Truth is we are all flagged just for reading this article!

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Facebook (tm) "Where sheep go to be branded"

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The misnamed USPatriot Act defines a terrorist as any person, who opposes the policies of the US government and this includes advocacy of different viewpoints.  So much for American style democracy.

By definition, both my wife and I are terrorists and proud to be so.  My wife brought the question of poverty into the United Nations and after opposing US dirty tricks for nine years had the Universal Declaration on the Rights of People Living in Extreme Poverty ratified and made part of the UN charter.

I earned my terrorist status by helping to promote the Conference Against Racismm Xenophobia and Related Intolerance in Durban, South Africa by paddling a kayak from Geneva to Durban.

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Nah, US american government definition of terrorist is simple: anyone who poses an actual threat to 'american' power apparatus.

This removes a lot, a lot of 'americans' from the list.

With 'americans', there is the speech and the acts.

'Americans' claiming they are terrorists is like Indians claiming they had property rights because they were human beings.
Both unreceivable from an 'american' point of view.

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Nah, China Chinese Citizenism government definition of terrorist is simple: anyone who poses an actual threat to import 'american' flush toilet apparatus.

This removes a lot, a lot of squatting Chinese Citizenism citizens from the shit list.

With Chinese Citizenism citizens, there is the monolizing of the speeching means and the roadside-crapping acts.

Chinese Citizenism citizens claiming they are not excrementalism terrorists is like Indians claiming they had property rights because they were human beings.
Both unreceivable from a Chinese Citizenism point of view.

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Oldspeak vs Newspeak


In Oldspeak (pre 9/11) to associate the article's list of attributes with trrrrr'ism would, of course, be ludicrous.

In today's Newspeak, however, where -

War is Peace, Worldwar Bigger Peace

Surveillance is Security

Sacrificing for Wall St Good, Not Paying More Taxes Bad

Funny Money Good, Real Money Bad

Natural Food Bad, GMO Food Good

Chemtrails Good, Clean Air Bad

Servile Good, Questioning Bad

Global Plantation Good, Local Autonomy Bad

Big-Media GoodSpeak, Alernative-Media BadSpeak,

Truth is Thoughtcrime, Falsehood is Goodthink.....

...anything that goes against "The Agenda" - anything that was once considered quintessentially American -  can now be classified as trrrrrrr'ism - and may well get you put on the Nonperson List.



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Newspeak is 'american' speak.

Another 'american' speak: human beings have unalienable rights.

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AnAnonymous speak: all human beings are 'american'.

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I answered yes to most of that, what does it mean? hang on there's someone at the door ........ ... 

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As for me:                                CHECK


1.  Permanent pair of black leather pants...                    X

2.  Kurt Russell lookalike....                                          X

3.  Eye-patch....(from my halloween pirate costume...       X

4.  Nasty disposition, distrust of society, anti-social...         X


Yep!   I'm the guy they're gonna call to retrieve the President when the plane goes down!

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Don't forget "posting a link to infowars.com".

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> "Paying cash at an Internet cafe"

Even worse, I've paid for things with bitcoin. Gitmo bound.

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Webster Tarpley's site tarpley.net is unavailable. Does anyone know about this?

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I'm sure this keeps me active on the list, but I just typed it into my browser & the site is up, for me at least. . .

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I'm okay.

I'm pretty ambivalent about Catholics and I gave up the Choomwagon van in the 70's.

Not a perfect score gets you a pass, right?

Damn shame. I was looking for a job as an activities director in my local FEMA Camp.

I make a mean potholder.

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Clearly,. another nonsense article.

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I'm not sure which is more impressive, the substance or punctuation of your comment.

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Check, check, and check, infinity! So in other words being an American is anti-American! Let the author and enforcers of these "lists" be known as the treasonous bastards that they are. Scumbags to be covered with tar and feathers, banished to whatever place on earth may have them. However if there is life on Mars, a one-way ticket may be in order.

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I'm none of those horrible things.  I'm a proud 47%er.  I hang on every word that comes out of the mouth of George Stephanopolous, and Jim Cramer is my financial adviser.  My only problem right now is do I watch The Voice or The X Factor? 

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'Not having a Facebook account'...........Shit, I'm fuked!

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Take heart, friends: we can now wear those awesome Yassir Arafat scarfs without looking like hipsters! 

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A clear sign of being a terrorist is denying being a terrorist.


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There is a subtle little way to destroy all of this ya know.

If every man, woman and child made it a point to take an interest in what is happening in other obscure areas decreed potentially terrorist threats by the state there is no way they can deal with the number.

A single anti-terrorist agent trying to monitor 10,000 suspected terrorists you know they ain't got a chance. The number of events or points of interest overwhelm this kind of system.

The one system that does work is neighbours watching out for each other because it is a cheap security force just a shame in the last 40 years this concept is gone.

Now I will continue to read and browse all articles I choose and think what I want and if being considered a terrorist for doing so try considering it a duty to preserve the concept of freedom.

At that point by name I am more a freedom fighter than a terrorist as I do not seek to gain by my actions. Not like the state that would use all it can to maintain the advantage and the real terrorist.

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+1  100% with you there GU. 

It's a bit shocking to see so many people within this thread who seem to be intimidated by the repercussions of free speech and free association within the USA.


UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights - 1948


Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.


Article 20.

    (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.
    (2) No one may be compelled to belong to an association.




Wimps are entitled to no rights at all, nor to peace of mind, nor security.

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I drive a large van everyday. Oh and btw..........fuck the US gov't.  And fuck facebook also I will NEVER be invovled with that crap.

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Alot of these things are favorite pastimes of the islamic nut jobs rioting all over the world, but does anyone profile them? Noooooo!

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All those who have a any google, youtube, facebook and or twitter type accounts are automatically black listed and data mined, including but not limited to all comments on ZHegde and like wise blogs. Enjoy your land of the free!

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Well thank God the Government has the most secure Data platforms then. Otherwise the real terrorists would be downloading all our personal information from Government computers and then use it against us in a real terrorist attack. Or was it a hacking attack against a large telecommunication company? Who cares what happens right? There is no right to privacy so anyone can share this Data with anyone he/she chooses since that is clearly not illegal either..."it's just the phone company" right?

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With inspiration from Jeff Foxworthy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7E-isbgwpk

If you read ZeroHedge...you might be a terrorist (and a redneck).

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Standing around under some scorching klieg lights in an air conditioned theater working one's mouth doesn't make Jeff Foxworthy a redneck.  Being a redneck is apparently significantly more difficult than being a terrorist in the USA, which should give everyone pause for serious concern-

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I would love to comment on this ...but for the  fear of being locked up .....

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LOL ... just reading this without logging in will put you on the very same list as those of us who most vocally criticise the government here.

If/when they do a roundup of "dissidents", the VIPR teams will only be working from one list (remember: government stooges aren't that sophisticated). Even the trolls and shills who post here will also be included for "re-education", since they will be considered to have been "tainted" by the discussions here. ;)

So, you may as well make full use of your [alleged] freedoms ... while they last.

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There is no need for "round ups" anymore. There is no need for prisons period actually. The question on "how to create productivity" on the other hand...well, the bumper sticker "mean people suck" pretty much sums up that dilemma. "who the hell knows," right?

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A couple of the items have contra-items, e.g. "Talking to a policeman" makes you a potential terrorist, but "Not talking to a policeman" also makes you a potential terrorist. Catch-22

Let's face it ... We're all terrorists now.

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Many people in China think that the US is the "land of freedom".  It's getting really easy to disprove that notion.  In the past month, I have managed to convince 5 people I know that taking an offer in the US is a BAD idea, even if on paper it looks like a good offer, usually it's rather crap once you do the math.


Here's some more math for ya'll.  A pathetic english teacher in a city like Beijing or China can pull in around 15,000 RMB a month after taxes without much difficulty at all.  Even more if they are any good.  With that comes free housing in the city, health insurance and some other benefits.  Leaving out the health insurance part, this translates into a solid $50k of compensation if keep the wages the same, factor in US taxes and the free housing in a major city.


More math for ya.  I am self-employed for all intents and purposes.  If my wife were to take an offer to transfer to San Fran, her entire 6-figure salary would be eaten by our combined tax obligations.  Add in the cost of living and it just becomes a massive hit to us financially.  To keep our same level of living standards, we'd be looking at not paying the $500 or so a month that we piss away now.  No, that would be jacked up to around $4000~$5000. You do the math eh? Deal with all that bullshit in the US for a whopping $40k a year more in pay... but $150k more a year in expenses and taxes.  Or stay put and have plans to retire at 40?

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Hmmm the only issue being the government can declare you a leaker of state secrets and send to you to jail to learn the error of your ways and correct it through hard labor. But yes, you wouldn't be declared a terrorist, you are right about that detail.

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Sure, but the odds of that happening are essentially nil for anyone normal.  How about in the US?  Threaten a cop? Or hell, just talk back to a cop who is pulling "laws" out of his ass?  The new trend is to charge you with "terroristic threats".  That's right, you're a terrorist now, enjoy indefinite detention and no right to trial!  If you're lucky you'll get a chance to plea to made up bullshit and get 20 years.


Don't forget the additional trumped up charges of resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, and anything else they feel like throwing at you.  After all, you didn't cuff yourself and you attacked their fist with your face.  Or possibly you touched them in any way... like when they were putting cuffs on you.


Traveling with money? Better not be a "suspicious" amount, like $1000 in cash.  They'll just seize it because there is no way for you to prove it's not "drug money".  Hey, maybe you'll end up like Brian Mulligan if it's the LAPD. 

Maybe you just so happen to live near a raid target.  Sorry, but knocking is too hard to do, better not be looking threatening when someone breaks down your door at 3am, or you'll just be shot dead.  Whoops, honest mistake!  


Seriously, even the WORST extremes in China are nothing by comparison.  The US has MORE prisoners than all of China.  Chinese prisons may be rather spartan, but you're not gonna get raped and/or killed in them.  Prison labor? Think it's bad in China?  It's an even bigger industry in the US.


Much more freedom in China than in the US.  We also do not enslave ourselves with debt just to survive.  Credit card debt? none.  We all pay in full... we even pay annual fees on our cards because they are an operating loss for the banks.  Student loans? Forgiven after 5 years of wage-based repayment... but school is cheap anyways.  Mortgages? Bare minimum is 20% down, most pay at least 30% with a significant portion paying 50% or cash-in-full.  Car loans? What car loans? We all pay cash up front.  No property tax for individuals either... you know, that thing that is getting jacked up in the US?  Hope you enjoy pissing away $1000 a month for the right to stay in the house you bought.


But yea, sure, China has no freedom and we're all slaves.

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Spot on, Mate. Last month I was in Beijing. Took all of 15 mins to get through customs. Took all of 30 mins to get on my plane when leaving. TSA? Not.

This morning I had TSA looking at me sideways at a major airport in the central US. 45 mins to the gate after checking my bags.

I have an expat friend who will never come back from China if he can help it. It's thousands of years ahead of us in societal lesson learning. Literally thousands. Poor people? Sure. Poor is relative.

Sure, Mao was a dirtbag, but that's only because we have had nothing to compare him to in our own country, until now. Homeland Security just bought 200 million more bullets, Bitches. That makes over a billion in the last 12 months that we KNOW of.

The land of the free? If I hear that the "Islamists" hate us for our freedom one more time, I'll fucking scream. They hate us because we have exported our inflation to them, along with our phony Al qaeda construct, the perfect storm for the loss of any and all quality of life that they may have had....which wasnt much to begin with. Now that machine is strong enough to take pretty much what it wants since they have all the munitions they need from us, along with any number of funding streams from any number of US tax payer funded nefarious sources.

I'm not ready to move to China, but the propaganda against China is staggering. Their seedy corporations are rank amatuers compared to the scheming fraudsters at the helm of many of ours, especially in the financial sector. It's but a small matter of time before Americans welcome a liberator from outside, even a fucked up one, as many common Roman citizens did in the 5th century.

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I have a few of the same observations.  But they can't handle the truth.

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Mao's journey to being a dirtbag:

He was power hungry, no doubt about that and in the early days he pulled some rather fucked up shit.  Yan'an had a purge to secure his throne that was fought over ideaology.

HOWEVER, that being said, he was very cunning in winning over hearts and minds.  Soldiers who don't just take? Soldiers who are nice to villagers? Soldiers who get screwed over for basic goods... which they are buying instead of taking, and instead of arguing they smile and give thanks.  This was new and this is what gave everyone all that hope and high spirits at the beginning.

The first few years were genuinely good stuff, great stuff actually.  The kind of stuff that inspires men.  The KMT was corrupt as all hell, in bed with the mob, they murdered and pillaged the countryside for pathetic attempts to fight the Japs.  My own wife's family was thrown into poverty by the KMT, when they conscripted all the sons at gunpoint and seized all their gold (they were goldsmiths and definitely in the 1% and had been for hundreds of years).

Then we start getting the comedy of errors.  Great Leap Forward was a disaster.  It wasn't just the worthless steel, but ignoring the harvest was a bad thing.  Mao didn't know shit about steelmaking, but some assholes lied (showing off actual steel and claiming it came from a backyard furnace) and it seemed like a brilliant idea.  Tack on the soviet quack theories about agriculture (which had been so carefully construed as a validation of communism that it was politically impossible to dispute).  And mix in a helping heap of local officials overly-eager to make shit up to impress the Great Chairman.  Aaaaand, we get famine.  Not right away, but genuine drought conditions kinda sorta killed it.  So did killing the damned sparrows as pests... whoops, locusts are bigger pests!

Do keep in mind however, that the first multi-year plans had been brilliant successes, it was awe inspiring progress.  Which is why everyone rushed into the idiocy.

In retrospect however, it wasn't just about steel, it was about everything.  No centralized production made communities more self-sufficient, and that's something that continues to pay off to this very day.  Less transport needed to get things where they need to be and many mid-sized companies regionally instead of just a few mega-companies nationally.  But, despite that success, it most definitely was a failure at the time.

Now, people were not blind, people knew what stupid shit was going on, and some of them dared to challenge Mao's authority on the failure.  Mao stepped down because, well, it was in fact a massive failure, but he still had those hearts and minds, and he just had an entire generation grow up with him at the microphone, and having only experienced his success.  Enter the next phase:

Cultural Revolution:

The best campaigns (with political aims) cannot just be political in nature.  No, ya gotta wrap some real issues in with it.  Being critical of authority wasn't in it's nature a bad thing.  And conveniently, it rid him of his foes.  Smashing the 4-olds, it's tragic now historically in terms of the things that were lost.  But it was entirely true that China was BURDENED with it's history.  You see in Rome and other ancient places how impossible it is to make anything new in fear of destroying what is old.  Kinda hard to start from nothing when no one wants to build anything for fear of insulting the ancestors.  Old traditions were a burden on the functioning of a new China as well.  Ancestry was a BIG deal in China and after the war and the turmoil, there was huge effort to reconstruct those records. Why? well to burden people with that history and old relations and feuds again.  The "old way" of doing things is what got China screwed in the first place.  Look back to the end of the Qing and the "self-strengthening" period.  It hit China about the same time it hit Japan.  Japan looked outward to secure relations and bring in everything that was deemed the best.  China tried to keep it all domestic, copy what could be copied, make excuses for things that could not be.  And oh the corruption! 1894?1895's war with Japan kinda nuked that idea.  Boxer rebellion was a response to that failure.  And it just got worse from there.  Everyone in the world kinda figured out the way to deal with China was to spark a conflict, turn it into a war, then demand more land and reparations to further bankrupt and weaken China... making it even easier for the next war.

Reform was required and it was shock therapy.  Yes be critical of leaders, because if they had any of those ideas left in their heads, those heads needed to come off and never be allowed to have authority again.  The building of new china, despite all it's missteps and deaths along the way would not have been possible without this.

So, it got carried away in the end.  Did you see the crowds of protestors over the latest Japan spat? That's just a small TASTE of the insanity that's possible when hearts and minds are in play.  Shocking? That was nothing.  There was all out war on the streets between Red Guard factions.  Everyone was the purest and everyone else was corrupted.  Pure and utter chaos and Mao was a god to them, whether he wanted it (he kinda did) or not.  The response to this was the "down to the countryside" movement.  Funnel that stupidity into something productive like building things... far away, not here... and what the hell, toughen them up some too.  Give them something else to think about other than ideaology.


Then Mao died (finally) and there was a coup by the gang of 4 to keep power (everyone wanted them dead for kissing so much ass and pushing Mao to do his craziest shit) and another coup when they were kicked the fuck out, to be replaced with.... Deng and the capitalist roaders!  Bring back in those mob connections, hookers too, listen to the western ideas on economics and fuck up the stability people were enjoying in the name of progress.  SOE? Sell it to the highest bidder, we need cash!  Housing prices? Fuck this free housing thing, we need to cause massive inflation and force people to buy more things.  Deng was definitely every bit and more the capitalist roader that Mao had him thrown out of the party multiple times for being.  Thank you Milton fucking Freidman for destroying the happy times in China where people could just work and eat and have stable lives with high ideals. (Not a big fan of Deng if you noticed).

Enter the fun of the 80s, but that's pretty much the end of Mao's tale seeing as he died in '76.


He was indeed a dirtbag, but that bag wasn't just dirt, there was some good stuff there too, stuff that was required.  And as fucked up as Deng was, he did bring great wealth to China.  Mao's greatest legacy is his ideaology to be honest.  Despite all the so-called "public intellectuals" who cry about "freedom" and "democracy" without knowing a damn thing about it being an even bigger sham, the BIGGEST criticism of the government is how they are not really Communist anymore.  Ya see how popular Bo Xilai was getting? His policies worked very well, his attempt to revive a new cult around himself? Yea... not such a good idea and he, being in a position of power his entire life was corrupt as all fuck.  The biggest cry has nothing to do with electing the leaders, everyone knows that's a sham, and everyone knows that they don't want to be forced to care about the political bullshit.  The biggest cry is about inequality and demands that echo what was in place in the Mao era.  The history here is long and a shared experience.  The values are very much cemented deep down.  Sure it's all about money now, but that's from the generation who only knows of the 90s.  Old people feel bad for us for not knowing the *real* good times when life was not about money.  If there is ever another coup in China, it will not be in the direction of democracy.  It will be a reversion to Communism.  However, according to Marx, Capitalism is a necessary evil for real Communism to thrive.  It needs technology, it needs pride, it needs hard capital and assets or it's just a very slow climb out of a very deep lake full of shit.  So, the end result will not be like before, it will, in fact, be that ever-feared "Good Example" that scares the US shitless.  An example of an ideaology that is better than its own and more successful.


Sound crazy? It's really not.  If not for decades of anti-communist propaganda, Japan would be an ideal model, as would most of the developed world.  Infrastructure is there, capital is there, labor is available, national pride is there, working for a common good to benefit all (you may have noticed that the world is getting really pissed at the excesses of the rich lately).  Communism, contrary to propaganda, does not actually mean even distribution no matter what.  It means limiting the excesses.  It will probably take another massive world war to get people to take notice that these rapid leaps in technology are just building deadlier weapons.  The mentality of "good enough" is already starting to take root.  You don't need a $80k car to get groceries, you just need a car that's affordable and "good enough".  Jobs are permanently lost in under a generation of their creation and the skills become useless.  Things honestly need to slow the fuck down and I think that's on everyone's mind.  What's the rush? Real innovation is not a matter of destroying labor, real innovation is an art of pushing the limits of what already exists with a solid bridged roadmap to the next phase.  Does all this shit actually make you happy?  If anything it makes everything more stressful.  Take for example, the uncontacted tribes in the Amazon and jungles of south east asia.  They're ignorant as all hell, never seen an iThing, don't care about the latest and greatest gadget, but they are happy as a puppie with two dicks.  Amish? Yep, they pretty happy.  Farmers in remote villages in China? Yep, happy.  Can you honestly say that anyone is "happy" in the cities?  Well apart from the rich and the drug addicts who buy their happiness one needle at a time.  Slow the fuck down world is all I'm saying.  I don't say "go back to living in caves", but for fucks sake, at least make it possible to have job skills that don't become worthless in 20 years.  There's a place for everyone at the table, but shit's gotta take into account the impact on society as a whole, or the greed and fuckyougotmineism is gonna be the eventual death of us all.  If not by violent civil war, then by the depletion of resources to try and keep up with it all (infinite growth on a finite planet... have fun with that math)

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Im really glad I read that. Im going to send the link to your post to 100 people. Really great stuff.

Cathartes Aura's picture

thanks for that rant laomei, written in my favourite "voice" - that touch of angry sarc with a desire for understanding. . .

I have a few friends in Taiwan & China, and their version of "events" echo yours, as do their perspectives, for the most part. . .


laomei's picture

As a white guy, all I can say is "I have been here far too fucking long" and when I first came over, I went to rather great efforts to expose myself to as much of that "shared experience" as possible.  Not to get brainwashed, but to have a better understanding of the mentality here.  It's honestly paid off in spades.  I have a DVD collection of pretty much every single "red" movie made, and have watched them all critically, I know where the propaganda comes in, how to identify it, and can see how it's evolved over the years.  Sure, it's bullshit, but ya gotta remember that it's stuff people were exposed to, and at least at the time it was relevent for a reason.  So for that reason alone, it's VERY important.  For a LONG time this sorta crap was the only game in town.  Honest? No.  Perception shaping? Hell yes.  History has clearly demonstrated, it's that what you believe to be true is far more real than what is actually true.

If anything, i'd term it as a form of "analytical empathy" and it's honestly what is required if someone honestly wants to understand why things are the way they are in foreign cultures.... it's also a giant pain in the ass to do to a degree that means anything... whole lotta "data points" that have to be digested.

malikai's picture

Um. I'd just like to say - Fucking spot on, all the way through.

Reading that is errily similar to listening to my mother in-law or late father in-law (from Beijing).

Element's picture



'Go on,' said O'Brien. 'Stand between the wings of the mirror. You shall
see the side view as well.'

He had stopped because he was frightened. A bowed, grey-coloured,
skeleton-like thing was coming towards him. Its actual appearance was
frightening, and not merely the fact that he knew it to be himself. He
moved closer to the glass. The creature's face seemed to be protruded,
because of its bent carriage. A forlorn, jailbird's face with a nobby
forehead running back into a bald scalp, a crooked nose, and
battered-looking cheekbones above which his eyes were fierce and watchful.
The cheeks were seamed, the mouth had a drawn-in look. Certainly it was
his own face, but it seemed to him that it had changed more than he had
changed inside. The emotions it registered would be different from the
ones he felt. He had gone partially bald. For the first moment he had
thought that he had gone grey as well, but it was only the scalp that was
grey. Except for his hands and a circle of his face, his body was grey all
over with ancient, ingrained dirt. Here and there under the dirt there
were the red scars of wounds, and near the ankle the varicose ulcer was an
inflamed mass with flakes of skin peeling off it. But the truly frightening
thing was the emaciation of his body. The barrel of the ribs was as narrow
as that of a skeleton: the legs had shrunk so that the knees were thicker
than the thighs. He saw now what O'Brien had meant about seeing the side
view. The curvature of the spine was astonishing. The thin shoulders were
hunched forward so as to make a cavity of the chest, the scraggy neck
seemed to be bending double under the weight of the skull. At a guess he
would have said that it was the body of a man of sixty, suffering from
some malignant disease.

'You have thought sometimes,' said O'Brien, 'that my face--the face of a
member of the Inner Party--looks old and worn. What do you think of your
own face?'

He seized Winston's shoulder and spun him round so that he was facing him.

'Look at the condition you are in!' he said. 'Look at this filthy grime
all over your body. Look at the dirt between your toes. Look at that
disgusting running sore on your leg. Do you know that you stink like a
goat? Probably you have ceased to notice it. Look at your emaciation. Do
you see? I can make my thumb and forefinger meet round your bicep. I could
snap your neck like a carrot. Do you know that you have lost twenty-five
kilograms since you have been in our hands? Even your hair is coming out
in handfuls. Look!' He plucked at Winston's head and brought away a tuft
of hair. 'Open your mouth. Nine, ten, eleven teeth left. How many had you
when you came to us? And the few you have left are dropping out of your
head. Look here!'

He seized one of Winston's remaining front teeth between his powerful
thumb and forefinger. A twinge of pain shot through Winston's jaw. O'Brien
had wrenched the loose tooth out by the roots. He tossed it across the

'You are rotting away,' he said; 'you are falling to pieces. What are you?
A bag of filth. Now turn around and look into that mirror again. Do you
see that thing facing you? That is the last man. If you are human, that is
humanity. Now put your clothes on again.'

Winston began to dress himself with slow stiff movements. Until now he had
not seemed to notice how thin and weak he was. Only one thought stirred in
his mind: that he must have been in this place longer than he had imagined.
Then suddenly as he fixed the miserable rags round himself a feeling of
pity for his ruined body overcame him. Before he knew what he was doing
he had collapsed on to a small stool that stood beside the bed and burst
into tears. He was aware of his ugliness, his gracelessness, a bundle of
bones in filthy underclothes sitting weeping in the harsh white light: but
he could not stop himself. O'Brien laid a hand on his shoulder, almost

'It will not last for ever,' he said. 'You can escape from it whenever you
choose. Everything depends on yourself.'

'You did it!' sobbed Winston. 'You reduced me to this state.'

'No, Winston, you reduced yourself to it. This is what you accepted when
you set yourself up against the Party. It was all contained in that first
act. Nothing has happened that you did not foresee.'

He paused, and then went on:

'We have beaten you, Winston. We have broken you up. You have seen what
your body is like. Your mind is in the same state. I do not think there
can be much pride left in you. You have been kicked and flogged and
insulted, you have screamed with pain, you have rolled on the floor in
your own blood and vomit. You have whimpered for mercy, you have betrayed
everybody and everything. Can you think of a single degradation that has
not happened to you?'

Winston had stopped weeping, though the tears were still oozing out of his
eyes. He looked up at O'Brien.

'I have not betrayed Julia,' he said.

O'Brien looked down at him thoughtfully. 'No,' he said; 'no; that is
perfectly true. You have not betrayed Julia.'

The peculiar reverence for O'Brien, which nothing seemed able to destroy,
flooded Winston's heart again. How intelligent, he thought, how
intelligent! Never did O'Brien fail to understand what was said to him.
Anyone else on earth would have answered promptly that he HAD betrayed
Julia. For what was there that they had not screwed out of him under the
torture? He had told them everything he knew about her, her habits, her
character, her past life; he had confessed in the most trivial detail
everything that had happened at their meetings, all that he had said to
her and she to him, their black-market meals, their adulteries, their
vague plottings against the Party--everything. And yet, in the sense in
which he intended the word, he had not betrayed her. He had not stopped
loving her; his feelings towards her had remained the same. O'Brien had
seen what he meant without the need for explanation.

'Tell me,' he said, 'how soon will they shoot me?'

'It might be a long time,' said O'Brien. 'You are a difficult case. But
don't give up hope. Everyone is cured sooner or later. In the end we shall
shoot you.'


Nineteen Eighty Four, Chpt 3, George Orwell

Venerability's picture

Actually, the primary thing I believe gets you flagged by monitors is simply reading articles from Middle Eastern media sources.

If you dare to read any of 'em - even the Jerusalem Post and Haaretz or primarily business oriented media like Khaleej Times and Gulf News - I think they immediately put tags and trackers on your computer.

This is extraordinarily annoying - not to mention extraordinarily silly - because it focuses on people like many Zero Hedge readers who own energy stocks or resources in general and therefore consider it necessary to keep up with geopolitics in the Middle East.

Apparently, some monitors think we should be content to get all our oil and resources news from approved US, UK, and Canadian media only.

I even think they are putting trackers on Xinhua readers lately.

Personally, I look at Xinhua several times a day, as most people active in the market do. It's a very good site. 

Element's picture

Hi V,

I read any site I want, always have, always will.  Who or what does a Govt think they are?  The way they behave on the Internet it's as if you went to a University Library and there find some Govt arsehole wants to follow you around to record how you used the Indexing system to find books, and to make sure you only read from the approved reading material relevant and specific to your course's stipulated reading list.

To hell with any and all Govts in that area, and what they want.  To hell with out-moded and irrelevant 'investigative' organisations like the FBI, CIA, NSA, and their lackeys like ASIO.  And all the rest of that pretentious crew defining thought-crimes and crapping on everyone with idiotic tyrannical legislative proposals (to free themselves from criminal prosecution).  

The internet is not theirs. They have zero rights or place to interfere with freedom-of-association, or whatever I want to read, research, or discuss.

I don't defer to them, they are in essence a parasitic vermin hitching a free-ride on the rest of us.  Maybe they fear we might realise that's virtually all they do.  And thus have no reason or justification to exist any more.  

The only reason they have become such an objectionable plague in the last 10 years is because of the 9-11 farce, which they seem to have covered up.