The Zero Hedge Daily Round Up #131 - 09/21/2012

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I've got all these great ideas for insightful pieces, but I just can't bring myself to write them. Young people have a mind of their own, albeit obscured by internet pornography and the music of Katy Perry and Pitbull. Bring on virtual reality!

I'm still trying to figure out what might even be vaguely viable. 

I'm going to make a bold statement of Zero Hedge, and claim that a majority of the content on this website is merely a regurgitation or manifestation of a previous article or Zero Hedge idea. 

To all the new people, this may seem insightful and radically different to anything else they've experienced in their life.

But after a couple of months, you kinda realise that it's all the same shit repackaged into a 'whole new revelation.'

Listen Mr. ZH! I get it, the government is trying to take away my rights. No really, I get it. But do I really need to read about it every day, just in some other slight variation?

Once you understand the basic premise of collapse, you realise how pointless this website is. A chart depicting America's demise is great and all, but it's to be expected, thus redundant. 

Thus, the issue of Zero Hedge lies not within it's content as a news outlet, rather it's biased angle. Get rid of the analytical bias and you fix the problem. The issue with this, is that Zero Hedge would no longer be Zero Hedge and people wouldn't read it. 

Of course, this website caters to a specific reader. Clearly not myself, despite the fact that I do I podcast on it. I'd argue I do it for the comedy and the media, my two other passions. 

It's great to bicker over how much you hate and feel over a current reigme through this outlet, but informing and influence aside, serves very little purpose to the average reader.

Insight is only relevant if you're ignorant. If you don't get it by now from all these uncanny guest posts from people who write the same crap every week, then you're effectively a moron. 

Interesting, none-the-less. Our burning desire to learn. 

My two cents. 

This is the Zero Hedge Daily Round Up.

1. Greece Acharnes region suspends operations: No cash. 2. First Spanish bailout conditions. 3. South African gold miners in talks. 4. EU/IMF to delay report until after election. 5. Illinois prepare for federal bailout? 6. Gold baby! 7. Police kills protester on Government appointed holiday. 8. Apple success: Line waiters. 9. Romney 2011 tax filing. 10. NYSE volume 13 month highs. 11. LOCKHART QUOTE. 

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Julius Reade

P.S. For those paranoid about the government:

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Don't know about other people I read ZH because the mainstream media will not report many issues even if it is the same recycled stuff over and over "because they are poitically aligned".

The point though is that an action occured and reported then as it will be a financial manipulation somewhere it will have an eventual cost to you wether you like it or not.

The last point sums up why you need to scrutinize all they do so you know you future if you have one left that is. Good that by reading ZH I am able to predict my own future that will be permitted by .GOV far better that the mainstream articles who pretend you will have a nice life.

drchris's picture

I love zero hedge and I'm not a perma-pessimist.  When an economic report is released, I read the MSM spin and the ZH spin.  This gives me the whole story.  Sometimes I side with ZH and sometimes I don't.  The thing is, I am informed enough to make that decision.  I wouldn't be without ZH.

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Yes, and Armageddon is so boring!  Just drop the bomb already!

dottjt's picture

I wouldn't say it's boring, however I think it's a) predictable (i.e. history always repeats itself) and b) Extrmely repetitive (More debt. More bad blah blah blah.)

There's never any talk of the positives on Zero Hedge. More importantly, Zero Hedge, for all it is, lacks philosophical speak. Political and financial, but not philosophical (although I guess you could say that the 'free markets' are it's philosohphy, however it's biased and incorrect in the context of the irrational human being.)

I'm definitely asking for too much, however I'm the consumer and I shall be right.

ZH could be doing so much more with the audience it has. I doubt a majority of the readers are traders, even if they're the one's dishing the dirt.

GreatUncle's picture

I doubt a majority of the readers are traders, even if they're the one's dishing the dirt.

Spot on ... but what all people who read ZH are consumers and hence trade in one thing the fiat money they spend or save for retirement.

sunshineguerilla's picture

refreshing critic and a good start to the philosophical corner on zero hedge?

as micko might say, be the change you want to see.

also us neewbies need the never ending repition, unfortuantely.

sunshineguerilla's picture

a song to chew things over to:

new readers are people too

dottjt's picture

haha somewhat irritating, but I guess it's a matter of opinion.