The Zero Hedge Daily Round Up #132 - 09/24/2012

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I decided to watch some TV the other night. 

I'd be surprised if you managed to get this far into the article. I'm sure the average Zero Hedge reader would've shouted 'Blasphemous!', before storming off into some rage about their expressed hate for Obama. 

I don't usually watch TV, but I must say, it's not all that bad. 

Please introduce my pet hobby.

I love and I repeat, LOVE watching paid infomercials. 

It's the fact that they're so ridiculously bad and full of lies, that it becomes an exercise to dissect their method of selling a particular product to the unsuspecting viewer.

There was this one particular example, where a woman with her accompanying man, attempted to sell a set of "non-stick" cooking pans. 

The constant emphasis was on how "healthy" the food was. 

Yet people never stop to think. 

Why is it that this fat and grossly overweight woman, is trying to convince me about 'healthy'? Clearly these dishes haven't been working on her, despite the constant use of the phrases 'low fat' and 'vegetables'. 

Do people ever stop to think that maybe fats are good for us? It's scientificially proven that saturated fat are good for you (The original claim that Saturated fats are bad, derived from a flawed study from the 50's that even the researchers admitted themselves! Although try convincing today's current marketing companies.), while monosaturated fats from vegetable oils are harmful because they're easily oxidised in the manufacuring process + all the other baddies. Carbs on the other hand, are a horrible source of the energy compared to fats. 

Of course, that's not what the plump woman on the TV says, so clearly I'm wrong.

It's no wonder people claim that TV brainwashes people. 

But TV isn't the culprit. People brainwash people, not TV.

It's like saying I didn't kill her, the bullet did. 

I think we have a little bit of a dilemma on our hands, especially when we look at the process of democracy and why it doesn't work.

If compaines are employing fat, unhealthy people to sell products that claim to make healthy living easier, then it's no wonder people fall into into the trap of the two-party paradigm.  

Free makets are great, but only for the productive, which is us. Not for everyone. 

In other words, it doesn't matter what we do.

We're all screwed. 

The irrational human being has won. 

Have a good night.

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Whoever wrote this, you have an actionable case against every English teacher you ever had.

If you ever had one.

BandGap's picture

I'm having a hard tie figuring out what the point of this is, is there actually is a point.

You have to be on some sort of chemical to watch infomercials and there is no two party system anymore.

dottjt's picture

The point: I summarise Zero Hedge in podcast form. You choose to stick around if you like the attitude. Everything else is bonus, the above article included. Otherwise, there is no point and you now have the ability to fly. Please jump off a building.  

I enjoy watching infomercials for the aformentioned reasons. It's like reading The Communist Manifesto or one of Krugman's books. You make the false assumption that information can have a negative connotation and that people can't make up their own mind. Knowledge is knowledge, it's not what you absorb, rather how you process it.

I'd argue that YOU would have to be on some sort of chemical to ignore infomercials.   

I never said there was a two party system. I said that's what the general populous believe in, my own personal beliefs excluded. In fact, it was implied that it didn't exist if you actually read the article. 

On another note, whether I do watch infomercials or not, should not be judged. It's ultimately meaningless and ignorance at best. 

i-dog's picture

Julius, I like what you're trying to do - though I'm one who reads the Hedge every day and therefore have only listened to a couple of your podcasts, so far. Your summary will be handy when travelling and the humour is a nice touch (and I'm sure it will improve with practice :)

However, might I suggest that you take the opportunity to attempt an improvement in your pronunciation of foreign names in your podcasts ... and in tightening up your grammar/spelling in your written additions?

You'll gain a lot more credibility and attention from well-travelled readers who spend a lot of their time preparing written communications for others to read/follow. (You must have noticed how Reggie's lack of proof reading causes his message to be lost in the string of complaints that he always attracts regarding spelling, grammatical and formatting errors). I wouldn't dare to submit a consulting report that was riddled with basic communication errors....

A member of the general populace (of a populous planet) ;) 

dottjt's picture

Thanks for the comment. 

I'll be honest. The show is a humour podcast more than anything. Yes, it portrays the articles well and you could even argue that it summarises the articles sufficiently, however it's hardly my motivation when I go to do the show. I'm not sure why Zero Hedge admins decided to give me posting rights for the podcast. I guess they see it as a win/win, by supporting another media outlet that links in with their website. 

The problem is that the podcast isn't a fair representation of the website. It's my own vile twist and interpretation, which I can imagine, conflicts with the website in some ways. I barely consider it a summary. Rather a funny thing to listen to.

A whole new brand, seperate to the website.

The other thing with the podcast is that it isn't even aimmed at Zero Hedge readers. It's aimmed at a completely different audience. People who enjoy the show for what it is. Full stop. They don't care about the website, they care about the show. 

I suspect that a large majority of my listeners have never even visited the website in their entire life and could probably care less, so I'm supporting the website and the brand name in more ways than one. With that said, the download figures sure don't lie.

I'm here and I exist, but I don't quite fit in. I'm different enough that it's not Zero Hedge, but close enough that I could pass off as one of the crowd. 

I don't see what's particularly wrong with my grammar or spelling (except for the fact that I spell using British English, not American English). Speaking from a practical sense, is it the rhetoric you're refering to? Is it not 'professional' enough? That, I can understand. The thing is, I write as if I'm speaking or trying to deliver a speech. The podcast has influenced me in that way. Everything I write is a script. It's just what I do. 

I spend 10 minutes writing the article in the beginning. I barely have enough time to revise it. I spend three hours writing the podcast in the morning, then I have to rush off to work. 

I guess my biggest issue is with tenses and sentence structure. Obviously I work on it every day, but I'm only 19 and this is the beginning. 

On the other hand, I don't see myself delivering an important message in a journalistic fashion, so is there any reason to be remain practical in my approach? I'd rather keep it entertaining, as per my own perspective. 

My pronounciation is a whole different story. I actually struggle with pronounciation. My brain doesn't know how to certain pronounce words, because my mind keeps screwing with me. My mother is a Chinese immigrant and my father is from New Zealand. I grew up Australia with the most bogan Aussie accent, and I've been trying to mould my voice into something that even vaguely resembles a normal human being my entire life. 

It also depends on the day. Some days you just stutter like a bitch, some days just flow. Time is also a factor. Although I only occassionally misprounce something, it's not widespread.

So there's a lot of conflict going on, both internal and external, and there's no real solution. Only this thick cognitive dissonance that I have to work with. 

The best I can do is see how things play out. 



i-dog's picture

Thanks for not taking offense.

"Speaking from a practical sense, is it the rhetoric you're refering to? Is it not 'professional' enough?"

I certainly wasn't criticising your choice of communication style ... that's a personal choice we all make. No, I was simply referring to basic spelling and grammatical usage errors (as I hinted at in my signature line). BTW, I also choose to [generally] use British English, since that has generally been my audience in many countries - though I'll also use Americanisms and American spelling when communicating with an entirely American audience. Most people will accept both equally easily.

Typos and words out of order can happen to all of us at any time, but mistaking "populous" for "populace", "they're" for "their", "badies" for "baddies", "dilema" for "dilemma", "otherhand" for "other hand", "otherwords" for "other words" ... all in a single short piece ... interrupts the reading flow and causes an "aww, shucks" reaction in a literate reader that diminishes acceptance. Just sayin'....

In light of the fact that you're only 19, I think you're doing very well to put yourself out there and to tackle international finance and politics. Foreign pronunciations can only be mastered by either extensive travel (which brings you into contact with native speakers saying the names of their political and cultural leaders) or extensive foreign TV listening (perish the thought!'s just as bad, or worse, than in one's home country). Studying foreign languages at school would also have helped, since most languages use a consistent pronunciation of letter groupings that is totally alien to English.

As with anything, you'll improve with practice.

Best of luck,

dottjt's picture

haha definitely didn't notice that. 

Welcome to the generation that relies entirely on Spell checker. 

dottjt's picture

Bitch please. 

I even hit the green arrow for you. I'm sure your ego or your percieved lack thereof, has something to do with it.