Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken …

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See if you can guess in which European country all of these beautiful pictures were taken:

LhfDF Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

iran xmas2 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

iran xmas1 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

Q2Dyi Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

gorgeous iranian nature photos 640 35 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

gorgeous iranian nature photos 640 high 48 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

048 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

latian lake near tehran Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

mansion in mazanderan northern iran Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

oroomieh lake north western iran Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

parandegan park in isfahan Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

pear orchard shiraz Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

uramanat north western iran Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

armenian church north western iran Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

sobatan village ardebil Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

waterfalls near shiraz iran Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

186953 bigthumbnail Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

xnmrNh Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

naturea damavand Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

2Knmi Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

gorgeous iranian nature photos 640 high 03 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

05110004 copy Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...Nature Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

gorgeous iranian nature photos 640 12 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

gorgeous iranian nature photos 640 11 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

iSNJl Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

bQaPQ Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

gorgeous iranian nature photos 640 15 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

gorgeous iranian nature photos 640 17 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

gorgeous iranian nature photos 640 21 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

gorgeous iranian nature photos 640 22 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

gorgeous iranian nature photos 640 28 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

gorgeous iranian nature photos 640 31 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

Actually, this is not Europe … all of the photos were taken in Iran.

Wait … what?  How can that be?

When Americans think about Iran, they usually picture something like this:

desert1101 428x269 to 468x312 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

Or this:

mecca Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

Or perhaps this:

SandstormSaudiArabia2 Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken ...

The 4 Middle Eastern pictures above are from Saudi Arabia, not Iran. Same thing, you say?   Actually, Saudi Arabia is doing its best to overthrow Iran via terrorism, and is persecuting Christians and Jews much more than Iran.

Maybe we should learn a little bit more before deciding whether or not to bomb Iran?

Especially since the U.S. has been claiming for more than 30 years that Iran was on the verge of nuclear capability, and top American and Israeli defense and intelligence bosses say that bombing Iran will only increase the odds that Iran will actually build a nuclear weapon?

Postscript:   Iran obviously has problems and is far from perfect.  But given the tidal wave of propaganda in the news which is doing everything possible to “demonize the enemy” to justify war, we think it is valuable to provide some balance and perspective.

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Cosimo de Medici's picture

Wow, quite a portfolio.  If you are like me, you can pretty much tell everything about a country’s government, its commitment to human dignity, and its adherence to the universal principles of the rights of man just by looking at a dozen or so heavily saturated photos taken within the borders.  It takes a particularly keen eye, however, to pick out the differences in a virgin forest or a group of snow packed peaks or a long exposure of a mountain brook from the time of the Shah to after the Islamic Revolution.  And undoubtedly those majestic ruins of Persepolis were not built under Darius, but more likely commissioned by the Ayatollah Khomeini himself, as nothing so moving could have existed under the time of SAVAK and no such photo would have been possible.  As for those grand estates with the great views and peaceful surroundings, they simply scream religious freedom, sexual equality, and even commercial honor, much like our country’s own grand estates with ocean views in the Hamptons.  Yes, every picture tells a story.  In fact, twenty pictures tell the complete story.

I don’t know why I (and maybe Banzai7) ever bothered to go there and take a look for ourselves, when we could have learned everything we needed to learn just by seeing some snaps selected and downloaded by George.  Somewhere in my journeys I got the completely wrong impression about how open and fair that brilliantly led society is.  How silly it was of me to feel sympathy for those tens of millions who truly live in Paradise on Earth!  I didn't want to bomb them before, and I don't now, but I can today shift my compassion toward a more needy and deserving target.

casfoto's picture

Iran. Home to the Caucasians. The Caucusus Mountains. Home of the Aryans. The Iranians are Aryians. Same name. Different spelling. No wonder the Israelis want it wiped off the face of the earth. It immedialtey reminded me of Germany. But when I saw the columns at Persopolis I realized where these were taken. What a beautiful place. May we spare them the horrors of another war. And may be spare our selves the same thing. We are dimwits to be pushed into this and if we do, then shame on us. We are spineless to not stand up to Nuttyyahoo and his idiot neocons. The irrational actors are the Israelis not the Iranians.

gregga777's picture

To all of the "Chicken Hawks" who call for war against nations they do not like, Iran, Israel, and others, and who called for war against Iraq and Afghanistan, I offer the following quotes by U.S. Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman, who spoke both plainly and eloquently:

"I am tired and sick of war.  Its glory is all moonshine.  It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, for vengeance, for desolation.  War is hell."

"War is cruelty.  There is no use trying to reform it.  The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over."

"In our class of men makes war and leaves another to fight it out."

"If forced to choose between the penitentiary and the White House for four years, I would say the penitentiary, thank you."


DarthVaderMentor's picture

As a matter of fact, those pictures (except for the four of Saudi Arabia) remind me of how beautiful Germany looked under the Third Reich........

Zer0head's picture

Great article George.


I was fortunate to be able to watch Obama today at the UN.   If ever there was proof of the accuracy and reliability of The Book of Revelation, that speech was it. I would encourage all to view the video of that speech.

TheProphet's picture

What a dump. Bomb the shit out of it.

Savyindallas's picture

They don't live in an Orwellian police state like we do  -shouldn't we hate them because they are free? That's the way it works, isn't it?

steelrules's picture

And these are the people that live in that land, not so different from us.

PLEASE WATCH Rick Steves in Iran

lakecity55's picture

We have no neeed to attack Iran.

We need to work out a regional hedgemony agreement with them.

The pie is large and and we can bake more pies.

The Anglo-American Bankster Cartel needs to figure this out.

We are not going to fight for you anymore.


We The People.

Yes_Questions's picture



From a very simple standpoint, I hope this shit ends soon.


I would love to see all these places sans fallout: political or atomic.

W74's picture

Will trade them Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, or any other diverse liberal hell hole for Tabriz, Tehran or Ishfahan.

SafelyGraze's picture

Shithitsthefan? where the hell is that?

oh. right.

it's here.

Savyindallas's picture

You mean Shithitsthefanistan  -just south of Werefuckedistan. It's where we will all be if we don't free ourselves of these zionist globalists who are leading us to ruin

Hapte's picture

I'm not saying they can't have Mtown, but diverse and liberal? Try Atlanta....

atomicwasted's picture

It's always amazing how much Tehran looks like Denver.

Toobigtofoil's picture

Your right, its definately too scenic to consider bombing.

Toobigtofoil's picture

Your right, its definately too scenic to consider bombing.

New_Meat's picture

GW, great pictures.  So you are suggeting that we do the neutron bomb thing on the Persians?  Like get rid of all of the people and then others can enjoy the scenery?

- Ned

{NO! JUST KIDDING!, cuz u accused me of similar shit, and I wanted to play it back on ya.}

are we there yet's picture

As a phototographer I can see when the color saturation has been amped up way past reality. Still nice pictures. Sadly, Iran's politics are insane and thuglike from what I hear. No photo vacation plans. Wasn't one of those pictures meca in saudi arabia and not iran? Or was it just a junior version of the meca franchise?

casfoto's picture

All digital pictures are ramped up. The reason for Photoshop. Of course they are.....I am a commercial photographer and that place looks wonderful. I have traveled the world and when I see this I can understand that these people are just like us (as all people are). The picture you question are the columns of the ancient city of Persopolis. It is one of the great wonders of this world. The history of this great contry is long and beautiful. They ruled the ancient world for 600 years and achieved greatness in many ways. And we are going to bomb them? Let Israel bomb them and let us leave Israel to face the consequences.

a growing concern's picture

There's this new thing called reading...

Radical Marijuana's picture

Sorry, but these beautiful photos only emphasize how tragic our reality is ... We ARE controlled by the best liars, and they ARE almost certainly going to succeed in starting world war, to nuke most of those beautiful places into oblivion. More truth is not making much difference to the triumph of runaway lies, backed by violence. Instead, the deliberate destruction of the truth is the primary preoccupation of the people controlling the real world that we are forced to live in now.

The primary purpose of our weapons is to back up the banksters frauds. Therefore, "we" will go to war with Iran, no matter how insane, and out of touch with reality that is. "We" will be dragged into an utterly insane and irrational world war, escalating out of control, because the international banksters' systems of triumphant frauds depend on destroying any possible opposition to the banksters being able to control the world, throug controlling the money supply.

The REAL world is global electronic fiat money frauds, backed by atomic bombs. Therefore, all of those beautiful places will be bombed into oblivion, in order to sustain more and more of the runaway triumphant frauds that already control our civilization, through their dominance of the mass media and the political processes.

I try not to be so completely brainwashed, but I too was surprised by those photographs. ... Meanwhile, our political systems are set up that the propaganda only has to trick about one quarter of our people, during elections, in order to have unfettered power to start insane wars, based on deceits.

It is hyper-bizarre that there are millions of Iranians living outside of Iran, and some appear to have done some interesting things:


It is hyper-bizarre to live inside of our systems, of triumphant propaganda, being able to demonize places and peoples, enough to cause insane wars to happen. Total war against a country with tens of millions of people, and which has millions of them living all around the world, is way too weird, but nevertheless, that is still our "reality!"

However, our system only needs to fool enough of us, enough of the time, in order to continue to start more insane wars ... and there is NOTHING in history to restrain that!

After 1970, some theorists claimed that nuclear proliferation made Clausewitzian concepts obsolete after a period – the 20th century – in which they dominated the world. ... by developing nuclear weapons, state-based conventional armies simultaneously both perfected their original purpose – to destroy a mirror image of themselves – and made themselves obsolete. No two nuclear powers have ever used their nuclear weapons against each other, instead using conventional means or proxy wars to settle disputes. If, hypothetically, such a conflict did in fact occur, presumably both combatants would be effectively annihilated.

From the 1990s onwards, the people who actually control the world have been able to decide that depleted uranium weapons were acceptable. They have been able to rationalize first use policies with respect to nuclear weapons. Those people intend to attack Iran, and when Iran fights back, they then intend to totally destroy Iran, to make another example out of them. The people who actually control us ARE planning to start a world war that kills billions of people. They are working hard to make sure enough people believe their propaganda, in order to continue to carry through those plans.

Therefore, when Iran attacked, and fights back, the response in the mass media will be that we should bomb Iran into oblivion. The people who believe that will think Iran looks like Saudi Arabia. The photos of beautiful realities, like these, will be only seen by tens of thousands of people, while the huge lies promoted by the mass media will be seen by tens of millions.

It no longer matters that total war is totally insane. The people who control the world ARE totally insane, and they have enough supporters in the population who also ARE totally insane.

The FACTS that weapons are billions and trillions of times more powerful than ever before in human history will not matter, since too few people appreciate those FACTS to make a difference. The banksters already have enough of the population conditioned to be brain dead sheep, being routinely fleeced, in order to continue to set them up to be slaughtered.

Tragically, whenever one sees beautiful photos, like these, the most realistic future is that those will not last much longer, before they are destroyed by runaway greed and stupidity, astronomically amplifed in size by science and technology.

As always, I WISHED I believed something else. However, I actually think that there is nothing which can stop the insanity of the banksters attempting their complete global consolidation, even though that will start world wars that kill billions of people.

sgt_doom's picture

Great post, GW, great post.

Obama's Alternate Universe
Around 10 years ago, I heard a truly annoying female on my favorite progressive radio show** who was trying to "...increase awareness of the horrible genital mutilation of African women in certain regions of Africa."
Of course, every sane person agrees that such acts are monstrously obscene and barbaric; my problem was with the bearer of the message, a wealthy trust fund baby, and member of the Guggenheim family.
Since her surname wasn't Guggenheim, the show's host wasn't aware of who she was and therefore didn't realize that her family and ancestors (along with the Rockefellers, Mellons and, recently, the Gates Foundation) were responsible for the situation she was describing --- that her trust fund wealth derived from the financing of mercenary armies in the Congo and elsewhere to secure precious metals that both allowed for, and promoted, this horrible mutilation of African women.
This female was the cause, or at least part of the cause, of the situation she was publicly lamenting.
I was reminded of this the other day when I heard President Obama's bizarre speech in Wisconsin, where he was accusing Romney, quite correctly, of wishing to do those things the Obama administration was already guilty of, in other words, they both have the same agenda!
It would require many pages to critique Obama's entire speech, therefore I'll just address one sentence where Obama warns of " insurance companies writing healthcare reform."
Word up, people, Obama's health insurance reform was written by the health insurance industry, with Max Baucus in Big Pharma's pocket, and his advisor was Liz Fowler, former VP of health insurance giant, WellPoint who, the morning after the passage of that legislation, would be publicly thanked by Sen. Baucus for her help, and then she would immediately proceed to her new appointment at HHS to sign off on waivers to exempt insurance companies from said legislation.
Whether it was that Guggenheim family member warning of monstrous acts against African women --- which she bore responsibility for --- or President Obama warning us against Romney doing what the Obama administration is responsible for --- we should all be aware of the bizarre alternate universe we reside in, thanks to the global banking cartel.
Those bi-polar crazies who control so much money always want the rest of us to believe there are two choices, and only two choices, for every situation.
** (   --- "Mind Over Matters" show, on Sat. and Sun. mornings from 6:00 am to 9:00 am, Pacific Coast time standard)
Article referenced:


ajax's picture



@ Sgt_Doom

Thanks for the fine post and please more links to "Counterpunch" - a great site!!

25 August 2003 saw the death of Edward Said. Alex Cockburn died just this year.

We need them back.

Everyone see "American Casino": the documentary on the hideous financial scam of

2007-2008. No one mentions "American Casino": see it!! Pass it around!!

New_Meat's picture

"I heard a truly annoying female on my favorite progressive radio show**"

Dang, that target list wouild go on to ... er ... not very many, since progressive radio ain't shit.  And can't stay in business without giant subsidies from the Soros or the ...

Don't cha' know.

- Ned

{truly anoying female on a progressive radio station--that must be the women with a face for radio and a voice for a dying pulp newspaper}

{{we have same here in the Commonwealth}}

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Yup - take a good long look at those photos.


What more proof do you need - just as Dubya said - that they have nothing better to do than to hate us for our Freedom Fries... and won't be happy until they've laid nuKular (thanks again Dubya ;) waste to such architectural jewels as Camden NJ or Detroit MI ???

theprofromdover's picture

Beautiful post; this is why the mullahs will not win; they have to keep very tight control. This is the land of a free and sophisticated people.

Should the idiot congress and senate see these images, they might understand that the Persians are being supressed, and are not an enemy.

Centuries past, as religions go, they had one of the most elegant ones. Read up on Zoroastrianism, deep down, the philosophy probably lives on in most of them.

There is huge momentum for change inside Iran.

Destroying the currency sends the wrong message; tightening the sanctions is the behaviour of a despotic empire; bombing them is grotesque.

Hillary, you should be ashamed of yourself. History will be very harsh on you if you blow it like you intend to.


Kreditanstalt's picture

Perhaps Iran sees the REAL threat as a nuclear-armed Israeli government...  Seems to me getting your OWN nukes might just be a prudent thing to do.

whotookmyalias's picture

That can't be Iran. My gubmint says they are evil so it must look desolate there.  Nice try.



tony bonn's picture

yahushua gets an A+ for creation - the pictures were sublimely beautiful....

and george is a man for all seasons....

DizzySailor's picture

You  are a fraud and a dickhead.  Why provide information, ask a question and then reveal you initial information was a LIE>

Darkness's picture

You're an idiot, every country has enough beautiful places to take a handful of nice pictures. Nice try, communist. If you don't like America, LEAVE IT. 

sgt_doom's picture

Dood, I've been attempting to secure a job over in China at one of the multitude of American multinationals there forever, but no such luck.

I'll bet you know all the right people, huh?  You could put me in touch with one of your commie-loving buddies at those multinationals, right?

samsara's picture


Ad Hominen
and Black And White

From the 25 rules...
Or #5 & #18 & #24

lotsoffun's picture

george - by the way.  just asking.  don't really care either way - but just wondering.  those red flowers with the black centers.  what species are those?


samsara's picture

Probably an invasive plant coming from the country to the north that has a whole foreign army protecting said plants for some reason.

Florida Joe's picture

Arthur - you did not really check Saudi Arabia to see if it were they who were providing terrorists and terrorist support? I seem toi recall something about 19 terrorists, some jet planes, etc . . . and they were not from Iran.


Some people take to main stream facts like fish -- hook, line, and sinker.   



SmittyinLA's picture

Our immigrant growth is contingent upon their annihilation, obliterating Iran and possibly subjecting our civilian population to possible nuclear attack(s) is worth an extra 1% diabetic indigent Hispanic & Muslim population growth per year, right?

Arthur's picture

It would be a shame to see the whole place turned to useless rubble.

But the last time I checked the Saudies were not directly funding,arming and training terrorist.  athough funding extremist madrassa's get close.  Nor have teh Saudis explicitly threatend the existence of an alley of the USA.

Hopefully we are at least funding an extensive covert war against the present Iranian government.  We have had good luck in the past with this tactic.  Didn't the regime of the late shah and his father last about thirty years.  Why not one more go?

samsara's picture

Come Come, with your extensive background in Iranian history, You already know that it was the Shah and the Savak and what happened in 1953 that put us in this mess.

George Washington's picture

Saudi Arabia backs terrorism ... perhaps including 9/11.  Specifically, a 9/11 Commissioner and the Co-Chair of Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 both say in sworn declarations that the Saudi government is linked to the 9/11 attacks.

gregga777's picture

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and some other Iranian leaders have allegedly said that they want to destroy Israel and the Jews. I do not know what they truthfully think because I do not read, write or speak Farsi. And I do not trust mainstream media reportage nor US Government statements.

I think that it would be a colossal blunder for either or both Israel or the United States to attack Iran. I strongly oppose any attack on Iran.

I also strongly oppose an Iranian attack on Israel. I hope that the Iranian leaders are not crazy enough to attack Israel with nuclear weapons directly or through a surrogate because the Israeli counter-strike would be devastating.

Few people know that all fissile material contains specific concentration of impurities and isotopes that allows it to be traced back to the plant that produced it. Thus Iran could not escape responsibility if they allowed anyone to detonate one of their nuclear bombs in another country. The Iranian leaders would have to be insane to start a nuclear war.

Iran would have to build an arsenal of at least 50-to-100 nuclear weapons with dispersed and hardened locations for their delivery systems to be a credible deterrent.

On the other hand the Iranian leaders may be insane and really do plan to launch a nuclear strike against Israel as soon as they have two or three bombs. The Russians and Chinese would be extremely upset because of their close proximity to the war zone and fallout zone. The inevitable Israeli counterstrike could draw in the Pakistani's; and then the Indian's. The severely damaged Israeli's would probably feel compelled to launch pre-emptive strikes on Egypt and Syria. The conflict could spinup to a general world war.

Let us all hope that the Iranian leaders are sane and that neither the US or Israel launch pre-emptive strikes against Iran.

lakecity55's picture

I've said it before, it needs repeating: The Israelis have a Triad. If the Iranians were dumb enough to launch a first-strike, they would be glassed.

The Iranians want a nuke to keep from being overrun by the western banksters' army, NATO.

Now, there is no doubt Persia would love to see the "Zionist Entity" wiped out; they are competitors for regional power. These two outfits need to figure out how to share regional power w/o war.

No, TPTB do not want Iran to develop into a powerful regional entity they do not control via the BIS or IMF or some other ponzi fiat CB scheme.

So, Persians, more power to you, as long as you don't strike first.

Most USA persons and European persons do not want any war with you or your people.

Let's make Money!

"War. What is it good for? Absolutely Nothin'!"