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Goldman sure knows how to screw
It's what they're paid billions to do
Although there's a chart
It's more a black art
How they've managed to rape me and you





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Living in an Alice Permafrost Wunderland aka.

Tyler Durden's Zero Hedgetown USA




+ 10 for WB7

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My wife is getting reddy for wrk and I'm here in front of the 'puter "cacklin" and she is yellin' "Are you readin' that 0-hedge site again? "Of course, honey, where else can a person get sum humor"

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Nice touch with the screws------------------------ FLATHEAD.

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gotta add the "double helix screw"--goes in despite either way it is turned ;-) - Ned

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Mr Banzai

Seen this before?

I was thinking Rettung bringt die DDP could be Federal Reserve System & the Ten Billion Mark bank notes could be Ben Bernanke bucks, or something.

Anyhow, you might be able to do something with it.

AUD's picture

No problem.

I know it's not humourous or anything but done properly it could really shock..... people into action.


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That flow chart is hella way better than the ones Mad Magazine used to put out.....or even Tepco or CNN for that matter....when dey was xplainin' how Nuclear Reactors worked soze we could be sure the disaster was contained and the cold shut-down was on schedule. Maybe they shoulda had WilliamBanzai7 draw them up some flow charts. Got Fission?

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I took an actual plan for a waste treatment plant and twisted it up ;-)

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the brain is just a number on steroids, and banzi  those arent even single wides



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Been a member of CAGW since the 90's, love their writings.

Porker of the month

(my old favorite Porker , that made Porker of the year, the late Robert Byrd)

Kent Conrad

On January 24, in commemoration/lamentation of the 1,000th day since the Senate Budget Committee last performed its most significant task - passing a budget resolution - Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) Porker of the Month. The last time the Senate approved a budget was on April 29, 2009. The House, by comparison, has voted in favor of two budget resolutions during the past two years. This is “an important milestone in fiscal ineptitude and mindless brinksmanship,” declared CAGW President Tom Schatz, noting that Chairman Conrad and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) have made clear that their decision not to enact a budget resolution is conscious, unified, and partisan. “Since April 2009, the budget deficit has exceeded $1 trillion for three straight years, and the national debt has climbed by more than $4 trillion to $15.2 trillion. Chairman Conrad’s bewildering reputation as a budget hawk makes his legislative catatonia all the more frustrating.” For cashing a hefty paycheck for doing nothing in the last 1,000 days, CAGW names Senate Budget Committee Chairman Conrad the January 2012 Porker of the Month

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help me here, I don't get it.

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Even one holding up his poster had to wear a tie?

Thanks for sharing good stuff, WB

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ok. this is on topic,funny and pertinent.
John Hiatt - Since His Penis Came Between Us

blindman's picture

oh damn it all anyway (mary use to say that) and ....
John Hiatt - Have A Little Faith In Me
the enemy has yet to show his true face.
what did einstein say? we use only 10% of our
brain and even less of our asses!

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Warren Buffet.

Ya know, I'm really starting to dislike this guy in a visceral way.

williambanzai7's picture

He has graduated to a new level of goonery with this latest round of Obamo cheerleading and banksterganda.

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Wow the shareholder screw is a big one. Those guys are seriously kinked.

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An indication that benefits the few with inside info....hence the need for a 'fuller' size reaming

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WB7, you really do add some spice to my droll days!  Thanks, buddy

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And, of course, Row 2, Screw #4 is the highly efficient "Self-tapping Screw" that allows "citizens" to screw themselves without the need for a stalwart, over-worked and underpaid civil-service factotum to lift a finger.

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nice catch. that mister banzai7 likes to throw in those hard to find details.


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WB7 -- the physiology of the Eurocrat displays a curious dissimilarity to his American counterpart ( either that, or this test subject has been lobotomized ): there is no evidence of the Krugman Lobe; without which, the American Keynesian Technocrat cannot properly function at any fiscal or monetary level.

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WB7 - you might want to re-run the tests; preliminary indications are that the "Pedophilia" lobe is at least twice the size shown, and if there's one inaccuracy......

On the other hand, I think the part about calculation (and maybe a few more) are overestimated, and I don't even see the part about cognitive dissonance - wait, maybe that's on the other side. Never mind.

iamtheeggman whooooooooooooo's picture

I get the double wide!

Hey- no cars? Just car tracks? This isn't zero emissions ZeroHedgeTown is it?

Reptil's picture

Now where's that tv when you need it?

The Zerohedge-town card gives me warm feelings. More inviting than that FEMA summercamp invitation I got in the mail. eerm

Hot women pretending to be men should be able to rub a few off on cold ponzi days (just to keep warm yunnerstand!).

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STOP! You are hurting my eyes!

Ruffcut's picture

Calling Becky?

"Becky? Hello Becky?  Becky Quick??? Mr. Bubbles here.  Becky, quick, cum wash my dick."

williambanzai7's picture

He has apparently retired, so Uncle Warren has assumed the mantle of Chief Crony Douchebag.

metastar's picture

Save me a place at the ZH compound. The FEDs would love to get us together at one place.

It would be a hell of a fight.

Liquid Courage's picture

... thus the term: concentration. But I was never much for camping, so ... dunno.

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I go and log in to suggest a little cognitive dissonance for the eurocrat noggin, and what appears from out of nowhere but the optical nerve destroying image of the Orifice of Omaha on his porcelain throne apparently dispensing with a pile of his patented Anti Gold Excrement. That come hither twinkle in his eye, the mesh wife beater, the unseen left hand: I feel violated somehow.

MrBinkeyWhat's picture

Dear Goddess Sir William,

Why won't you let us drink before viewing your work any more? S#it! things are pretty FUKKED up already, and...

well anyway.



MrBinkeyWhat's picture

OH! That is so wrong. Thanks for the beverage worning, but...

Jumbotron's picture


Well....there went the beverage.....but it wasn't from a cup.

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White Stripes "Screwdriver" lyrics (slightly screwed up)


Tuesday morning now
I gotta have somewhere to go
I call up timmah now
I call him on the telephone
Won't you wake up and come with me now
I'm going to the pawn and loan
Walking down thirty three
Walking down thirty oh

Well what am i supposed to think
I drop a nickel in the sink
I love people like a brother now
But i'm not gonna be their mother now
What if someone walked up to me
And like an apple cut right through me
I'm not just gonna stand there grinning
I'm not the one who's sinin'

Now that you have heard my story now
I've got a little ending to it now
Whenever you go out alone
Take a little dog a bone
Think about your little sister
Then you got to drive it home

I got a little feeling goin' now
I got a little feeling goin' now
I got a little feeling goin' now

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Yes...I want to live there!!! NAO plz.

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V beverage warning below V
Put your cup or glass down and swallow before scrolling down any further.