Tips for Surviving the Second Phase of this Global Economic Crisis and Future Financial Armageddon

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The two below videos pretty much sum up what I have to say so I will not add too much here other than the following couple of points. Number one, please note that while the first video is new, the second video below is a couple of years old and the contest giveaway promotion is no longer valid.


Secondly, for the minority of people out there that will continue to make the ridiculous assertion that the gloom and doomers are slowing the recovery of the economy with our persistent realistic take on the global economy, please note my following preemptive rebuttal. Firstly, I prefer the label “realist” as a more apropos label than “gloom and doomer”. Most of us that have remained realists for the past six years or so have a very public track record through public blog posts and public interviews. I guarantee that if you check our track records versus the so-called “professionals” and eternal, rose-colored tinted glass-wearing optimists like Paul Krugman, Nouriel Roubini, Barry Knapp (Barcalys Capital), Liz Ann Sonders (Charles Schwab), Abby Joseph Cohen (Goldman Sachs), Ben Bernanke etal, we have a far superior track record of being right at a very high percentage regarding our macro-economic calls while the aforementioned list has been wrong in nearly every single one of their incessant calls for stock & real estate market recoveries and employment statistics for six years straight.


Thirdly, for six years straight, the millions that follow and believe mainstream media’s outlook regarding the global economy have attributed gold and silver advocates’ positive outlook on gold and silver over this time frame to a desire to “sell our book.” However, I have never been a gold and silver dealer. Thus, the only ones that have benefited from my strong advocacy of gold and silver over the past decade have been my clients and independent bullion dealers with whom I have no connection nor from whom I receive even the slightest amount of commission. I have no “book to sell” in this regard.




In fact, from June 2007 until January 2012, my Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter has returned a cumulative +202.22% to my clients versus the +45.15% return of the benchmark PHLX Gold/Silver Sector Index, and has outperformed the S&P 500, the FTSE 100 and the ASX 200 each by +216% to +232% during the same investment period. Thus, I prefer to view myself not as a “gloom and doomer” by any means but as a realist that attempts to construct as honest and realistic outlook of the global economy as possible so that my clients can take adequate and concrete measures to preserve and build real wealth given the still horrendous economic outlook for the next several years.


About the author: JS Kim is the Chief Investment Strategist & Founder of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent investment research & consulting firm dedicated to exposing the fraud of Wall Street and the best ways to invest in gold and silver.

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I agree with what the author says, but man... this is basically an ad, and membership on his site is price-diddly-expensive to boot!  Guess I'm still in the peasantry.

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So, this article is basically a pumped up ad. Meh.

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1 billion humans will not have food today.  I will gladly allow this system that makes that happen collapse so a fair and just form of system can be put into place. The programs that convince us that the system we support now is the best there is,  must begin to be dismantled. Religions, patriotism, all worshipping of gods and man must be allowed to crumble and in its place in supporting the true nature of all humans, we will find compassion based on love not worship. We will find in supporting our true self's, that fear is not what rules and laws should be based on. The support we will have will be there naturally replacing all the programs we have been taught since being in the womb that have created this system that allows the destruction of the one place that gives us life. By allowing this fear based system to crumble that promotes starvation, war, and destruction of earth, we will find a new form of living and sharing all we have and all we are to where true understanding that 1 billion humans without food today is the real crime. The flags of all countries do not need to be burned, they just need to be made into clothes. And all religious books made into toilet paper.   Let's move on, lets evolve.
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What about the 6 billion people who got fed today? Is that a crime too?  If this system collapses, probably 6 billion will starve and 1 billion will eat.  You talk about religion like Marx did: Opiate of the masses.  But I think we've figured out that people need to be FREE to pursue their spirituality any way they want.  If that means being Catholic, that's NONE of your business.

 Then you talk about "evolving" to solve these problems.  How does that work?  Last time I looked evolution involves the "unfit" being weeded out of the gene pool.  Sounds like your 1 billion starving people, or maybe the Jews in WW-II.  Yes, I know that's not what you meant, but be careful what you wish for.

Every political "system" proposed inthe last 200 years beleived it would improve the lives of the down-trodden, but ended up just killing them off in one way or another.  These systems are all based on emotional impulses, illusions about human behavior, and in the end a desire for power.  Inevtiably they end up as corrupted group-think based organizations that benefit the chosen few and no one else.

Right now our modern version of economics is what has betrayed us in this way.  It exists to make bankers the ruling elite.  What a horrifying vision, a society eaten by parasites.  Solutions are NOT easy.


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You sounds like John Lenon and you know what happened to him.

Just like George Carlin said: "They killed anyone who preached love, Jesus, John Lenon, Martin Luther King.."


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...but..but...Uncle Warren just said this morning on CNBC that kids born today are the luckiest ever. He said they will live like a Rockefeller or Uncle Warren.

It looked like Buffett was on drugs when he was rambling this morning. Nothing like getting my daily dose of bullshit, and some laughs at the idiots on CNBC.

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there is something strange happening with the first video we posted above. for about an hour, the video completely disappeared from the youtube search engine and if you searched for "how to survive financial armageddon", the exact title of the video, the video did not appear in the search results. now it's back in the search results but we've noticed that 6,000+ more people have read this article on ZH, but the views for the video have remained stock on 305 views for the past four hours. apparently 6,000+ more people have read this article but not a single one of them have viewed the video. anyone else notice this? maybe it's just a regular glitch with youtube but somewhat strange nevertheless, we think...

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For the record, I watched both.

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Kim, we got a little too close to the truth here this morning. I noticed that even Zerohedge took us off their front page and filed us in the archives. Good to know that we're hitting em where it hurts

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You are dead on with the Home Schooling Agenda.


WE will indoctrinate them into the NEW system, and OUR way of thinking.

We do not, and will not allow any individual thought any longer in our society.(total control)

I have seen many home schooled families kids, they are ALL 2-3yrs ahead of the Governmental Schools curriculum, AND they have their parents Values and Mores not the STATES brain washing agenda,or turning out more Sheeple.

buckethead's picture

My children; Homeschooled.


Was scared initially. What I leaned however, is that I learn too. (I also had the pleasure of getting to know my daughters)


When I'm working, wifey handles the school. When I get home, I share what I learned on ZH (and elsewhere) that day.


Not owning a television is also a nice arrangement.

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Indeed.  However, not only are many homeschoolers (like ours) years ahead of the government education insitutions, they are being taught in areas that these institutions completely ignore.  Read a few school textbooks on history sometime (if you haven't already)'ll scare you as to how the institution has dumbed down the subject matter and omitted great detail.

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They don't even know who George Washington is but they can put condoms on a banana.  Oh, and rat their parents out to the cops for drug use and not meeting the government mandated food requirements at home.

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tariffs the word not allowed in any MSM outlet- you should wonder why. the nwo elites see only one problem to keep the one world gov on track..National leaders are needed and the USA would reduce it's imports and start producing here, but I repeat the current crop in DC are one worlders thru and thru. this economic mess has very simple solutions but they do not support the run to the NWO.

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The principal problem with K-12 education today is that it is far more indoctrination than practical learning.  In the 50's and 60's there were shop and mechanical classes, civics classes to understand the political and govt arenas, and most importantly, the examination of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Back them it was the exception not to graduate.

All the above were discarded or marginalized in the 70's when teachers became unionized and students were subtely indocrinated that Big Govt had all the answers.  Well, the results are in over the past 40 years and they aint pretty.  Graduation rates are at an all time low and  every new cohort of teenagers becomes more and more dependent on the govt teat in one form or another.

Many now call for a revolution.  It won't happen, folks.  The marxists have succeeded only too well. 

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<rolls eyes> Yes, the public education system has obviously failed you miserably, either that or it should have.

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...but do they roll?

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They "rick-roll""lick-roll"

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the 666 bottom rally ended last week - look out below

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Rising wedge=bad.  In most cases.

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technicals don't matter anymore

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"technicals don't matter anymore"


I keep hearing people say this but my account has been going up year after year on technical trades.


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You probably manage to lose less than you contribute in fresh cash each year.

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Watch out if the Bush Tax cuts and payroll tax holiday are not extended into 2013.  Watch out if deficits are cut or even held flat into 2013.   2012 is set for Obama.

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Yup. 2013 will be a world of hurt.  Enjoy this year to prepare.

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A close friend was a very successful hedge fund manager in the 90's and semi retired to Switzerland 10 years ago at around 40 years of age.  Yesterday he sent me a proposal for a New Tax/Political System that he has been working on for the last couple of years.  He approaches government management from a business vantage point.   It will only take 5 minutes to look it over.  You may agree with his points or disagree but you won't be bored.


Check it out and  Leave feedback.

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Running government like a business sounds great, but business isn't so good at compassion and frankly, business has been nothing but cutthroat, short-sighted, and destructive.  Not that government isn't.  What we need to solve is the transparency issue so that a handful of insiders don't keep running away with all the largesse based on insider knowledge and backroom deal-making.  It's funny that a rich, former hedgie in Switzerland is the one promoting all of this.  Talk about your rose-colored glasses!

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At first look, it is OK. Fair Tax is much better, in that it stops in it's tracks this monkey business as to SS and Medicare Tax. The prebate is the key - and taking it OUT of Congress hands. Already, the liar Obama has "looked at it, and deem it regressive in nature". This, from a cunt that LOVES to regressive tax. ...and that's the rub. Congress will never go for it. Too much power taken away. Moreover, bankers would hate it. No more monkey business of gaming the system. Translation: It's too "fair", and they don't like fair. They hate fair.

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In one word, minimise taxation to starve the beast. Make the state lilliputian and the Corporates into unchained Gullivers. Ain't life simple and don't we stay blind mice. 'Cos my friend, we are already there! In Corpocracy land. 

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The act of printing new money is itself a tax on existing money because it devalues it porportionately

 Why would anyone want to be taxed twice for the same thing?

Since they will never stop printing money, there is no need to tax anyone or anything ever again

 Tax and print does not work for those without a printing press

The best solution is to, instead of taxing the production side, inject all newly printed money in to the very bottom of the economic pyramid

This is what the mainstream media and the  mainstream educational system do not want people to learn

I suggest that people might want to consider to choose to learn about this before the third wave of the economic crisis hits


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"Since they will never stop printing money, there is no need to tax anyone or anything ever again"

Finally somebody gets it.

The US Corp. Gov. runs on it's Federal Reserve credit card. Nothing more.
Forget all talk of "cutting spending", "balancing budgets" etc. That's all a fake distraction.
NOTHING will change until the Fed Reserve is voted out of a "job" by Congress.

The states and locals are on their own. They can actually go bankrupt.
The focus should be getting power back to the states.
Nothing else matters.


metaforge's picture

Agreed, but not sure why you say "finally someone gets it"?  We say that stuff every day around here.

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Is Warren a realist too? Or an inflatable gas balloon?

buckethead's picture

All wrong..


A terrist. {terrorist}

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I WAS taught both Keynes and the Austrians at college in the 70's. I guess the old duffers who were in the Econ Department were a little more balanced in their politics than the namby-pamby assholes that are teaching today.


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I don't think the problem is with the academics, quite frankly.  Well, maybe the few big name people who make headlines.  But by and large, I think most economists understand that money doesn't come from nowhere.  The problem is the entrenched, politically-connected interests who wish to drive favorable outcomes towards themselves. 

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I could care less how other investors "label" me. Since I'm not a TBTF bank - if I invest and it goes to hell I take the loss...moral hazard keeps the mind sharp. I don't want or need the approval of the CNBC herd - success is the only validation I'm looking for.

I make the best decisions I can based on any credible information available. I listen to all opinions, double check the "facts" and sources. You can never be 100% sure how much is reality or just spin - but such is life.

Do I think the world is going to end? No, we will dig out - but not soon and not without real pain. Am I short S&P and long gold? You bet. Can the central banks keep the world duct taped together another six to eight months? It's looking less and less likely. I think that's why the heat is being turned up on Iran - it's a convenient excuse for gas and food inflation, yet more money printing, increased "security" and any *cough* "unforeseen" events.

Call me whatever you like, a realist, a doom and gloomer, a bear, a short, or just some long-winded asshole. All I care about is making more than I lose while the largest fiat bubble in history bursts.

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"I'm gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames"-Jim Morrison

smartknowledgeu's picture

@bedhead, ah absolutely. Had a brain freeze moment Re: Volcker. Thanks for pointing out my gaffe and will correct it in the vid!

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Happy to be a realist.

rustymason's picture

"Actually, I've been thinking it ever since I discovered what the banksters are up to: Why oh why didn't I take the BLUE pill?"

Reality is too stressful. I wish I was back in the RedTeam-BlueTeam land of make-believe, of Uncle Sam Good Guys vs. the Evil Terrace Under My Beds.

Making more dough this way, though. :-)

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As PAx Americana, in the eyes of the contrarian view expressed here at ZH, enters deeper into the zone of decadence spiral, the bread and circus of print to infinity so prevalent in ancient Rome to divert the sheeple THEN will ratchet up NOW, relayed by MSM.  What is amazing to see is the increasing divide between MSM predictions, which see S&P at 1400 and unemployment at below 8%,  and the contrarian blogs which say extend and pretend is now running out of steam world wide. The media analysis divide is Grand Canyon land. Who is kidding whom? 

One other famous quote of Roman days was : Happy are those who be feeble of spirit; aka innocence, or stupidity, is bliss! Was this also Jesus's message on the Mound? I am being facetious. But it certainly fed Roman "bread and circus" strategy for sure! As maybe today, if we align with ZH views, the Oligarchy spiel broadcasted by MSM; full of optimistic zeal and built on factual sleeze and mal-affirmations. 

A good example : BI, supposedly a reputable forum on predicting macro economic trends and micro social trends in uber-alles class "whose doing what with whom and where" type spiel, predicted that George, who had won the Golden Globe best actor award recently, would double up to win the Oscar as well. This was headlined just prior to result

Their facts like their prediction were off target, as the winner was the same as the one who really won the golden globe but who was not George C, either of Clooney or looney Constanza brand. 

I hope BI has better factual basis for its economic analysis than for Oscarnomics! 

Is this a vindication of the contrarian view on macro events as well...? Yours to conclude! 

BeetleBailey's picture

I want the 3 minutes of my life back for reading your crap-post - and the 30 seconds it took to demand it back.

falak pema's picture

I think you got your kick in writing your rant so we're quits!