CiTiZeN ALeRT...

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The Gasoline Gremlin is lurking
Higher the prices he's jerking
What's this about?
There is no more doubt
The new propaganda is working

The Limerick King







The USS Keynes is on route

With missiles and planes prepped to shoot

We'll make you feel great

With the debt we create

While the wealth of your nation we loot

The Limerick King

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Real life news: I have a naturalized Ukranian born female bookeeper who told me of two stories of where variations of the patriot act affected people she knew.  This last week a clerical friend of hers was sentenced to 20 years in prison for being an employee of a company that modified and resold some sort of american electronic product to Russia as technology theft.  THis is hear-say but she claimed she knew nothing was wrong and just wanted an ordinary job.  THe Fed in generaq, TSA, and Homeland security in particular, are imune from ordianry rules of law.  Some parts of our new world in the US resemble a police state.

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Dear alabama,

along the lines of my previous 'you worship the wrong god' comment, i would like to offer the further clarification:

you say you worship Jesus Christ; but to associate the name of Jesus Christ with your priorities and practices is nothing short of blasphemy.  Just calling it Christianity don't make it so.  much as we currently call fascism democracy.  just cause we call it democracy don't make it so.

Christ once said, "many will at that time say, 'Lord, Lord...we did many things in your name and called upon it.'  and I will say to them, 'be gone from Me, ye workers of iniquity; to a place where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.'"

the fact that there is not furious outrage over the death of Gil Collar on behalf of the academic establishment is to be expected.  those in academia are but slime; and slime congeals and obscures.  we can only assume that academia will behave according to its nature.

the fact that NO clergy have come to this young man's defense is an abomination.

how unfathomably perversely vile and wicked we have become.  how can this happen anywhere in the united states; and how is it that we laconically leave these matters to internal investigations. 

for shame, alabama; for shame america.

we are hopelessly lost as a culture.  i'm physically sick with grief for this young man; and i've lost all hope in this country.

these things don't happen in a vaccuume.  this 'officer' was obviously emboldened by university policy and a thuggish culture that cultivates a blood-lust and brutality.

now, ZHealots, understand this: if uncle sam has taught us anything, it is that nonviolence is a pathetic joke.  uncle sam has demonstrated, and to great effect, that violence is the ONLY way to compel your enemy's consent.

anything that is not horrified and outraged at the death of Gil Collar is my enemy.

again, america, fuck you.  you savage and sick land of criminality and cronyism.  what is wrong with you?  are you really THIS deranged?

i can't get over this.

May the REAL Jesus Christ bless the Collar family and the people of Wetumpka who loved Gil.

i'm just heart-sick.


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Totally slick!! ;-)

lakecity55's picture

Bagman Ben, Great!

The real bagdad bob was one of the classics of history.


janus's picture

Dear Lord, avenge Gill's death.

take it, jerry:

you know bettah/

but i know him/

like i told ya/

what i said/

steal your face/

right offa yer head.../

he's gone/

like a steel locamotive/

rollin down the tracks/

he's gone, he's gone/

and NOTHIIN'S gonna bring him back/

...nuthin left to do but smile, smile, smile!!!!!

i coached this boy up.  i told him things about mastering others.  i loved this young man.  i saw something special in him.  you soul-less  snot-masses will some grand day pay...and what a happy day it will be. 

now watch this university contort what is merely drunken cavorting into demonic hell-brewing.  i mean to say, this university will indeed attempt to destroy this young man's charecter.  they will do all they can to shed themselves of any semblance of dignity in favor of solidarity.  gotta protect those loan-funded salaries...a trillion plus?  the university system of alabama will show you bitches how to fuckin milk it.

moving along.

i am reminded of the smile-making betjemin poem (with words to accomodate my wrath):

oh happy bombs come and fall on alabama,

it isn't fit for humans now


and, so, alabama, a song apropos your rank ignobility:

keep an eye/

on the sky/

will they come?/

oh, the bombs/

do you wanna dance?


moving along again...

a song to set the stage for the war of generations:

judgment commeth...his name is janus.

i know many of you bitchez think i'm here to strut and show off my perspecacity.  you couldn't be further a-field from the Truth.  i'd so much prefer the lonely indulgence of my specific genius.  my thoughts and innermost machinations are so impossibly lucid and radiant...only a rare few among you could possibly comprehend the sumblime joy i'm attempting to blend into the brew of our fight-clubbin bloggoshpere. 

ZHealots, i'm here to say that we matter.  these fuckers are paying attention.  and well they should.

i'm also here to say that i've been taunting another to emerge.  and if he won't; then I most assuredly will.  I WILL.  the world has never known such an imposing WILL.  but I WILL teach them...because?  because they beg for IT.

so now, back to the war of the generations:

many of you noticed general flaws in the candidates as they wit: they are unfit to serve as fast-food managers; they are both party hacks; they are both men of dubious ambition; they haven't any regard for Truth or Honor; they are the things you would imagine if you were trying to conjure cartoonish cariactures of career politicians.  in short, they are a joke.  and the joke is on you, amorica.

nevertheless, janus set upon some specific truth warping.  to wit (no, i never get tired of 'to wit'): "those who are currently retired will not see any changes in their benefits."

really?  ya think?  babyboomers, is that what you bitches think?  is it with this fanciful idiocy that you feather your hair-plugged heads on your hypo-allergenic pillows?  we shall see.   i predict that you will suffer.  i predict that you will be denied.  i predict darkenss.

pride preceedeth a downfall; and a haughty heart commeth before destruction.

i remember watching a john stossel political piece; it was about medicare.  he gently informed some liver-skinned bitch in ft. lauderdale that medicare will not in 20 years exist...and then asked whether not this was fair.  her response, "sometimes life isn't fair."

choke on those words, babyboomers.  you made promises to yourselves, and we were to underwrite them?  fuck you.  no, really, FUCK YOU.

you were given a functioning and diverse economy/ you befouled it by destroying the manufacturing base and are now siphoning the capital sturctures.

you were raised by good-honest Americans/ you grew up to be depraved egomaniacs who patch your every problem with whatever pill your desk-neighbor or 'doctor' reccomends.

you were looked after/ you left us with latch-keys, cable television and TV dinners.

you were given everything, and you squandered it/ you left us with a depleted america over-stuffed with infinitely rehypoticated synthetic derivatives.

in short, babyboomers: YOU SUCK.  say you're sorry; and maybe it won't be so bad on you.  but, make no mistake, you OWE us an apology...and you OWE us america. 

pay up, cunts.  we are knocking.  don't make us burn down the fucking door.

invest in us or piss the zippers of your stiffly starched slacks...we intend to menace you. 

you owe us; and we are here to mutha-fuckin COLLECT.


i can feel Operation if The Phoenix.  shaking of the dust of apothetic malaise; craning its neck toward the dawn; casting a furtive gaze at what might be; doing what a Phoenix is wont to do.

nothing to build for now, by brothers.  but there is much in america craving its own destruction -- satisfy them, my brothers.  sate them fully; and may their cup runneth over with an abundance as such.

if you think i play too many pixie's songs, fuck off; i play way too many pixies's songs (but enjoy):


as rambo once said, "you drew first blood."

now i smell yours,


Cathartes Aura's picture


i coached this boy up.  i told him things about mastering others.  i loved this young man.  i saw something special in him.

while I understand you are grieving, you are doing it in public, and perhaps courting a response. 

you have played a mentor to a young man, and his last minutes were spent under some mind-altering substance, be it legal or otherwise, naked in front of a police station.  not a great combo, particularly in these times.  perhaps weigh this tragic event against what is being enacted throughout the world in the name of the nationState you live in, cheering the sporty teams & the boys who play on them, while unspeakable deaths occur daily, unreported, yet still real, still felt by all family and friends of each person murdered in the name of.


Afghan teenager recounts horror of US soldier killing his family

"He came to my uncle's home, he was running after women, he was tearing their dresses, insulting them," Rafihullah said on an audiotape of the conversation heard by AFP.

"He killed my uncle and killed our servant and killed my grandma, he shot dead my uncle's son, his daughter," the boy said.


in other words, perspective.

oh, and this,

ZHealots, i'm here to say that we matter.

is pure nonsense, as the numbers continue to dwindle, and the rehashed, repeat-one-liner posts circle the drain, know that "we" dont' mean shit in the Grand Scheme of Things.



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Not me, I supported Jesse Helms.


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Citizen Kane is now in control and what Orson Welles told of that tale is far removed in its virulence from the true reality of today's world.

Not that a million  Rosebuds don't abound, lie around like broken dreams,  to remind us of what we have lost in this crazy merry-go-round we call the global financialised economy.

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Hey! That Chevy there reminds me of my '71 Caprice. What a great tuna boat it was. And I also see a Camaro, that brings back some memories.

I used to drive to music gigs in CA in those days, making sure to have enough gas until my next rationing day ( even-numbered  license plates could buy MonWedFri, odd plates buy on TueThurs. Then it reversed for the next week. Or something like that. )

Of course, if you had friends ( or relatives ) in the gas station business, you got a pass for any day.

How do I know? I pulled into a station where a girl was filling up on the 'wrong' day, so I thought maybe I could fillup as well.

The attendant said "Sorry sir, your plates are odd so you can't fill up today"

"But, that girl there is filling up and her plates are odd, what gives?"

"That's the station owner's daughter"

As I pulled out of the station, I found out that my '71 Chevy Caprice could burn rubber.

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I was in college back then jockin gas at a Shell station.  I remember one Saturday I had the morning shift.  As I aproached the station I saw solid lines in all directions out of the lot.  I stopped and asked this guy to move his car so I culd get in and open up.  Even though I had my Shell uniform on he wouldn't budge.  So we stood there for quite some time until someone deided to move and let me in.  You can bet I took my sweet time opening up that day.  There sure were a lot of angry people.  My fear is, if that ever happens again, it won't just be burning rubber, people will be getting hurt or shot.  It's a different world today I think.

falak pema's picture

In terms of style the Chevyes of the 50s beat those of the 70s. I remember that as a kid. 

Cars of the 1950's / Chevrolet 1955-59 

Cars of the 1950's / Chevrolet 50-54

Nobody For President's picture

Great little story. I had just moved to the land, spent 90%plus of my time there working my ass off, barely noticed the 'great shortage' (no TV or radio to distract me, either). Was always able to get high-priced gas when I needed it. Regular was $4.79 yesterday, can't wait to see what it is tomorrow...

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There has got to be a Nobel Prize for the Limerick King and Banzai somewhere. The new dynamic duo fighting and exposing crime.

falak pema's picture

Maybe Krugman should donate his; I'm sorry I don't own this....just like Potus.

I_Am_'s picture

E Pluribus Dupe Em........ f'ing correct globally... Spot On WB7 and LK nice start to the day. 

Race Car Driver's picture

I'm too young to remember Texaco station attendants wearing spiffy (company supplied) uniforms while they pumped your gas, checked your oil and tire pressure and washed the windows. But beings I'll be fiddy this month, I do remember when Watergate, woman's lib, desegragation of public schools and 'do your own thing' and 'let it all hang out' were all the rage. Why, just this year, the number of gay and bisexual TeeVee characters are at the greatest level ever!



Now, we don't even have service station attendants. Hell, we don't even have service stations anymore (except maybe in NJ) ... and certainly, no one is getting dressed nicely to not do it.


How far we've progressed in such a reletively short bit of time!

Cathartes Aura's picture


I do remember when Watergate, woman's lib, desegragation of public schools and 'do your own thing' and 'let it all hang out' were all the rage.

and now yer sad that you have to heave your ass outta your car & pump your own gas, eh Ricky Racer?  all cuz the skools got integrated & the feminazis took yer jawbs!!

if you can find the time to glance away from GayTeeeVeee, look a bit closer at that Watergate story, see if you can follow the dots Tricky Dick & Kissygrrr laid down to the Great Wall. . .

Mr. Regression's picture

I was one of those spiffy guys!  We had girls too.  I worked at an independent Shell station (before the gross receipts tax chased Shell out of New York).  We had a great time as kids back then and I worked my way through a private college (can you IMAGINE!).

Not only did we have nice uniforms we planted flowers, kept the curbs painted nice and white, and kept the garage bays squeeky clean every day.  We gassed you up (the Corvette owners were very fussy, you'd better not spill gas on the rear deck paint), asked to check your oil, checked tire pressure, and often checked transmission fluid levels, power steering fluid and coolent.  You had to be careful with the coolent not to get scalded but we did it.

We had some great looking girls working during the summer. We wore the uniforms, they wore short shorts and tank tops.  My boss decided to hire them just to pump gas while the guys did the service work giving the cars a thorough check.  The customers loved it.  We used to make little "bonuses" selling oil and fluids.  It was amazing how many cars came in really low on oil.

You didn't get rich but it was fun and paid the tuition and a little more.  Really!



Curt W's picture

My brother and I both worked at a Phillips66 after school, We both earned the money for our first cars, and filled them up at the stations cost, about $ .59/gl

My first car 73 Plymouth, my brother a 69 Mercury

Nobody For President's picture

Oregon still has service station attendants. Mandated by law.

FrankDrakman's picture

I worked at a Texaco nearly 50 years ago. We bought our own uniforms, Jack.

williambanzai7's picture

You can trust your car to the man who wears the star.

ebworthen's picture



nmewn's picture

Jimmy Carter on steroids.

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Regarding oil, did you know that the usual tune "first oil shock=arab embargo" is a complete myth, the simple reality being "first oil shock=US 1971 production peak" ?


the embargo lasted 3 months, was ridiculous in terms of barrels put out of the market, and wasn't even effective at all from Saudi Arabia to the US


If you consider the first oil shock for what it was : the price of the barrel moving through a steep transition to a new plateau, it is about :
- the period is OPEC countries getting out of the "seven sisters" era and wanting a bigger share of each barrel revenue extracted from their soil
- The US production peak in 1971 (with shortages and price rise starting from there, much before the embargo), the US being by far the first producer of the time let's not forget, and in a growing market.
- Bretton Woods dropped and the dollar devaluated also after US peak so the barrel increasing even more in $
- The so called "embargo" further to Yom Kippur war, also influencing price rise even if towards a few countries (holland, US, portugal), from a few countries (not Iran, not Venezuela, Not KSA effectively for the US), with very limited impact in terms on number of barrels "retained", lasted 3 months
- However chosen as the label or name for the first oil shock

Not forgetting that :
- for the western "majors" a higher barrel price is always better (even in a distribution role)
- US peak meant for the majors that a higher barrel price was required to start and invest in more expensive plays : Alaska, GOM, North Sea
- This also corresponds to the majors keeping a higher market share outside of OPEC and in particular less dependency on foreign oil for the US
- And the fact is that US diplomacy PUSHED FOR the barrel price rise (through Akins, Kissinger, in particular)

AllWorkedUp's picture

All that's right on yt75! Lest we not forget that the liberal greenies have somehow made it forbidden for the good ol' USA to build any refineries for the last 30 years. There is no shortage of oil, it's a shortage of anyone to refine it into gasoline.

All likely to keep us at war in the M.E., keep the military industrial complex in business, and keep our blessed Israel protected.

yt75's picture

Even though I don't agree with him on future prod (his recent paper published about an "oil revolution") below Leonardo Maugeri's book (chapter 8 and 9 especially, fully available  online), is quite good for the bare facts regading the first oil shock:


And the key graph about all this :


Quite a spike for an "embargo" period !! ;)

janus's picture

tell ya what, ZHealots.

i'm off to buy some wine (lots and lots of wine). 

i'm gonna forego the game of the year so far -- UGA/USC, and set my mind to some truly furious writing.

phase 3 begins TODAY.



Cathartes Aura's picture

ahh janus, so after your fight upthread, you're going to deny yourself the sporty match of the year, and instead go get drunk & write fury?


once upon a time your avatar seemed ironic. . .

defender's picture

[ (Janus) + (lots and lots of wine) ] * truly furious writing = ?????


I have this sudden image of Lewis Black writing an updated version of War and Peace.  Make sure to keep us updated.

janus's picture

oh my brother,

you have no idea how much that complement meant to janus. 

genius, too. 

melding two of my heros so splendidly...and the perfect immediacy, as per the the specificity of my indignancy.  i tip my hat to you, sir...humbly.



brak's picture

long gas cans and siphoning hose

takinthehighway's picture

"a global force for good"...

Walt D.'s picture

Time for GAS STAMPS.

Careless Whisper's picture

Once again Californians screwed themselves. While 2 refineries are closed for repairs, there is a gasoline shortage because California requires a special "blend" of gasoline. It's for the environment, you know. Well, only the refineries in Cali are geared up to make this special blend, hence, no importation from any neighboring non-communist states.


AllWorkedUp's picture

Yep! Let the morons still choosing to live in CA. with their northern CA. lib retards in charge, suffer the consequences of the environmental whack jobs that run the state.

Umh's picture

It does sort of sound like something out of a Ayn Rand novel. And so many people think she was crazy and those things couldn't possibly happen in real life.

FrankDrakman's picture

I posted a similar comment about Rand last week, and I got 8 reds and 1 green. She wasn't perfect - who is? - but she certainly saw a lot of what's happening today 50 years ago.

janus's picture

dark dayz:

janus has gone well past rage now:

this young man wrestled with my son.  he was a good young man.  campus security???  unarmed.  murdered in cold blood.  thought what happened to janus in alabama was a one-off anomolie???

think again.

this is what you send your dollars and your youth off to attend, amorica.  this is the consequence of unchecked tyrrany.

may the american univeristy system be damned and utterly destroyed.

why stop there...may every single institution in amorica be damned; and may those who stand with them perish in unimaginable suffering.

amorica, can't help but say that you deserve every goddam bit of what's commin to ya.

and you miserable cunts in alabama, go ahead and pray to whatever swine-god you call lord...let ole janus assure you on one count: he ain't the REAL GOD.

fuck you alabama.  fuck you america.

to GILL COLLAR and all who loved him: may the Prince of Peace comfort and protect you.

this is truly the final straw for janus. 

war is what they call it.

you know where you are, amorica?/

yer in the jungle, baby/

yer gonna DIE!!!



stuckonarock's picture

cop was scared and reacted in a very regrettable manner.

the cop should be tried as his actions cannot be allowed to go unpunished, he should be tried for manslaughter.

But why the war on amorica for 1 mans actions ?


why pour petrol on the flames ?

CompassionateFascist's picture

Meth-brain, stark naked, tried to over-run a cop. Bad idea. Try that w me, and I'll shoot ya.

janus's picture

i think i may try something with you.  in fact, i'll interpret your comment as a threat.  i bristle at threats. 

you are talking about the real life of a real young man. 

you must now atone, cp.

things are about to go dark for you...what you think is cute is actually incindiary. 

janus ain't into funny no-more.  i'm gonna crush your fucking soul and then piss on the shards.

got some guns/

got some dogs/

show you what we got...,


(ps. cp, now i know you're reading janus and following closely.  i know you want my dick.  slobber all you want, bitch; ya can't have it.  but, lil faggot, i'm a-gonna fuck you somethin serious now...know this)

CompassionateFascist's picture

Some of the finest keyboard commandos are to be found at ZH.  A greenie for Janus.  

janus's picture

all-right, compassionate faggot, i'll accept that as an apology.

your soul is safe...for now.

good for you, though.  some day you can tell your grandkids that janus took the time to bully you...consider it a badge of honor.

ain't no use in bringin no jive to me/

yer southern can belongs to me/

...ashes to ashes; sand to sand/

when i hit ya, momma/

then you'll fell my hand,




BigDuke6's picture

The pixies!

Group hug everyone!!


a growing concern's picture

All hail the Limerick King! (and Banzai, obviously)

SokPOTUS's picture

A black helicopter atop the Creature from Jekyll Island.   Beautiful!

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oil and the consequences of it video montage