Apple Weakness Now Apparent To Other's Besides BoomBustBloggers

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Now that the weakness in Apple is apparent to all, and not just BoomBustBlog subscribers.... AAPL priced relative to the SPY... looking for this 4 year trend to break for the aapl story to be over as a market out-performer.

AAPL relative weekly rising wedgeAAPL relative weekly rising wedge

My next post on this topic will answer the obvious quetion, "Is it now time to short Apple?" - as I release the content from or updated Apple model. This will be some very, very good stuff and well worth the subscription rate.

Unique, Indpendent and Accurate Apple Research

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falak pema's picture

lol, ZH and Reggie aren't the smartest people to follow if you want to make a buck on the trading ticket.

French CAC went up 25% in first 6 months of 2012; and now Apple has made those who believed in it richer by bucket loads since lst three years; aka when the world collapsed to March 2009 low. 

Well all things come to an end; is all one can say.

Widowmaker's picture

Alright Reggie, I finally agree with you regarding Apple weakness.  Hold, not sell.

You will recall years ago (has it been two?) that I called the nonsense on ZH with AAPL at 625, which was absolutely unheard of at $385.   Yet here we are (again).  Right?

I hate to be right twice on your space, but GOOG is showing considerable weakness, too.  Where?  GOOG CANNOT AFFORD TO LET 3RD PARTY CARRIERS CONTINUE TO BASTARDIZE THE DROID OS, WHICH THEY REFUSE TO REIGN IN.

Those of you that made your year (or 5) can thank this anonymous later.

Short everything in this "market" mountain of Bernanke shit and you too can make momo money.

XtraBullish's picture

Wow! This is like a gold-bug forum where someone has recommended shorting gold after a $700 move! The hostility is beyond belief. You Apple-lover-worshippers are like the gold bugs of 1980. They could never accept that a top was in and rode it all the way to $300, every day spouting off yesterday's reasons for staying long. Sad.

Treeplanter's picture

What's with that apostrophe in the title?  Remedial education call.

tony bonn's picture

i believe that apple is overbought and that its price has plateaued.....its phone technology is 1-2 years behind the tech leaders and is earning premium pricing on its products due to halo and legacy effects.....its price should drop markedly but is too early to short.....give it 3-6 months for the best shorting opportunities....many funds have had a fun ride and will be happy to leave the late comers holding the bag...

RECISION's picture

its phone technology is 1-2 years behind the tech leaders

You are so full of it.

Widowmaker's picture

...not to mention Hong Kong sold out of iphone 5's.


orangegeek's picture

Apple follows the NASDAQ100 nicely.



The NASDAQ100 works well as a confirmation tool for Apple and other majors for that matter.

luna_man's picture



As for Reggie, I'm sure his call at the time, was based on technical and fundamental.  However, for you lovers of apple, today would be as good a time as any to buy that "dip"!


Bet with your hearts!...APPLE PRODUCT LOVER!!

pies_lancuchowy's picture

Me again. Came back just to set straigt the false claims against Reggie that I wrote.. He didn warn about Apple at 400 bucks. He warned about Apple far below 400 bucks. lmao. And he has balls to boast his predictions? that's what I call BALLS..

Zero Govt's picture

in life we all have to learn there's a fine line between balls and a Ronald McDonald outfit

ebworthen's picture

Important News Bulletin:  Steve Jobs, the Columbus of Cupertino, has passed on.

Apple is not Apple without Steve Jobs.

Newton or ROKR anyone?

Meesohaawnee's picture

Where would appl be if the fed werent "the market" the last 4 years?

pies_lancuchowy's picture

The point is that the Fed IS the market, so a much better question is 'where would you be ,if you really listened to MiddleDown and shortened Apple at 450 USD ?'

pies_lancuchowy's picture

this dude MiddleDown has no shame. Yes, Reggie, we remember you were warning us since Apple was 400 bucks . Thank you so much! Can I leave an additional tip for your paid premium research?

poldark's picture

Even the most stupid must now realise they have been taken for a ride by Apple

Zero Govt's picture

looks to me more like the stupid people are the ones that missed the ride

...they're slightly bitter and twisted types, like Reggie

MeanReversion's picture

Tsk tsk Reggie, even a broken clock is right twice a day.  The fact that anyone pays for your "research" just supports PT Barnum's maxim that there's a sucker born every minute.  From what I've seen on interviews, Reggie can't even articulate proper English, much less provide credible analysis.

If you folk had had listened to this blithering non-entity, you would have missed the epic tear Apple has been on this year.  Reminds me of that other genius, Doug Kass, who was calling for shorting Apple when it $90 a share (how'd that work out).  

Fortunately, I bought in 1997, with a cost basis of $16, so I'm not particularly concerned.  Apple is the reason I'll be retiring before the age of 40.

skyun's picture

Really you had money  when you were 25... Give me a break.

MeanReversion's picture

Graduated from lawschool at the age of 23 and worked for a top law Manhattan law firm.  Before then worked two out of the three years I was in law school at that same law firm and also worked my way through college.  So, yes, I had money at 25.  I wasn't rich, but I had a low debt burden and money to invest. 

WaEver's picture

Bank guy in brussels : thanks for pointing me to ixquick !

exartizo's picture

Ya... that would be ME Reggie. I was short AAPL before you were even A Twinkle In Your Mama's Eye.

devo's picture

January should be great (an illusion). After that, bottomless pit.

Grand Supercycle's picture

As mentioned previously, overextended AAPL weekly & monthly parabolic charts are at EXTREME levels.

This will end in tears and longs will be badly burnt.

Seasmoke's picture

an Apple a day , will keep Reggie Middleton away

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

Reggie should've replaced Obama (Obomber) in the debates.  

Can U imagine Reggie debating that fucktard Mittens Romney?  Reggie would've made him look like a 1st grader (no offence to 1st Graders as most are more economically astute than Romney..or Obomber).

Racer's picture

I have no real desire to know about US politics but one thing that struck me after hearing (if true) that Romney/his wife was surprised that plane windows didn't open...  even the 'elite' are a product of their own stoopidity lerning plans and they will breed themselves out of existence sooner or later because they won't know how to use any tools

Zero Govt's picture

Reggie has been blowing hot air threw his trumpet, tripping over his size 19 clown boots and burying his fiery sword of truth for 12 months, he has every qualification to be a politcian anytime he likes now

Xandrino's picture

Google is completeley CIA,

Steve Jobs was a transhumanist...

you do the math.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Reggie, you know I got love for you, and I don't give a shit what happens to AAPL, but shorting AAPL has proved dangerous, and with Bernanke jizzing all over the stock market I will bet shorting AAPL will remain dangerous.

BeaverFever's picture

Google = CIA

Apple sells products

Reggie promotes Google

Whom does Reggie truly report to and actively support???

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Well considering they are both intel fronts who gives a shit.

BeaverFever's picture

Apple sells products, with Google, YOU are the product. Google OWNS your search results, your GOOGLE results, and your MAP searches. It has embedded itself with all U.S. telecoms with CIA/PROMIS  software to spy on you, record you, intercept your calls, record you, save your voice patterns, etc. Apple has fought to keep the agencies and its tentacles away from the company, but no one can be free from the evil that permeates all that exists in the government. 

Android is evil. Google is evil. Google is the Big Brother sleeper that has crept up and is helping to take away our freedoms. Just like the suckers who donate their private information on Facebook. And Reggie knows this and readily promotes the company. Apple wants profits for its shareholders while making overpriced yet quality products. The Android division of Google makes more money from the iPhone than from its Android phones - and that's fine with Google, the NSA and the Shadow Government. Forget about money trades and futures, we are dealing with a fight between good and evil right now...

Element's picture

Wasn't it Apple that was first detected to have a file in it's operating system that continually logged the precise GPS location of all users, then explained it as a marketing feature?

None of these 'smart' phone companies are serving our interests or protecting our privacy and public interests, they are all remote spying and tracking devices.

Why bother with implanted chips in chips on cards when they can structure society and law to make life too difficult to live without a smart phone, and to also remove all lower 'feature-set' phones from the market?  Then at any moment you're only a mandatory software 'upgrade' away from totalitarian control and real time continuous surveillance. Can there really be any doubt this is where we are going with this "new and improved" smart-phone-warz bullshit?  We are continually told it is cool and good for us.  

Suuurrre it is.

At best these 'phones' serve is a slavery-enforcement technology.  Don't believe it?  Then turn it off and see if you remain 'employed', see how you start to get treated.  Leave it off and see if you can then get a new 'job'.  And when the Govt can't 'contact' you for awhile, see what starts to happen in your relations with it.

A thing is what it does.  I know what a phone is, and these things are not that.  We are being socially conditioned to buy and to pay more and more for these idiotic things, and people are being socially type-cast by whether they have bought the latest fucking gadget.

It is supreme cultural and social degeneracy.


DISCLAIMER: I have an android 'phone' and it is a piece of shit, I have also tried the 'iPhone' and it also is an irritating piece of shit.  You do not want to buy either.

Zero-risk bias's picture

Professor Stephen Hawkings (2000)

"Imagine one day of having the ability to accomplish all your daily task anywhere and at anytime, without having to be at a particular location to achieve a certain task. In today's fast paced society people want unlimited flexibility and mobility. This is now mandatory for virtually every aspect of human progress. Almost everyone possesses a cellular telephone and the subscription number is expanding exponentially. One day we'll all be wireless and this a fact. One day we will be able to do almost everything by remote control with a multiple array of digital handheld devices. What are the implications for humanity? Who will benefit and who will suffer? These are the important questions that we as a society must seriously ask ourselves. We are all atomic and subatomic particles, and we are all wireless."

I bought an android device, with the hope it would allow me to send messages without feeling like sawing through my arm. After rooting it to throw off the worthless applications, I installed some more. 70% of the apps wanted me to agree to access personal data and location. Some of it even wanted me to pay for that. When leading design software packages are up to scratch for handheld devices, I might consider buying one again. Besides 'being online', and browsing information (when connencted), what is it used for? Messages and calls. It doesn't particularly help in that aspect.

Taint Boil's picture



...... with Google, YOU are the product


"If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold".

Credit usually goes to this guy

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Apple has fought to keep the agencies and its tentacles away from the company

Yeah fucking right.

Zero Govt's picture

Lennon  -  for a guy that purports to "not give a shit" either way you spend alot of time giving a shit

maybe you should join Reggie sitting on the fence..

...oh, Reggie's just fallen off the fence (again), another Apple-hater series article dis-lodged his tenuous grasp of balance. Shame

While he's on the floor sweeping away Googles red ink Android he's now gotta smokescreen Google subsidising advertisers to keep their declining Ad revenue going

Cover-ups, smokescreens, deflecting the fiery sword of truth away from the all-too apparent truth of his beloved Google. The life of a shill is not an easy one

hotkarlandtheclevelandsteamers's picture

reggie congrats if it drops down another 400 pts it will be back to where you started warning about it.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

says the avatar who sucks balls at trading lol

derek_vineyard's picture

reggie did draft goog over appl on cnbc.   gotta give him his kudos on that call!  and im giving reggie kudos for not overly pounding his chest here on zero hedge about that.   i did critisize reggie that on cnbc he should have said (being a bear) that it was a paired trade goog long appl in a crash he would have had same outcome.

hope you made that trade, reggie, with your own funds....its time to take at least half of that profit off table

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Meanwhile Tyler just ran a ZeroHedge article on the latest scam of Reggie's criminal pals at Google ...

A perspective quite deepened by Karl Denninger, who says that this latest 'deal offer' by the CIA's criminal Google monster, offering to 'finance' advertising that often doesn't work, is, according to Denninger:

« ... as dumb as it gets ... a desperation move » for Reggie's Google pals.

Apple stock is indeed pumped-up fluff, but the CIA's Google Inc. is a more insidious pile of sh*t, and deserves to have a much more devastating collapse.

Google needs to die and be replaced by non-CIA search engine competitors like Ixquick, which protect privacy and don't turn search data over to the US government  ... while Apple at least has produced some bright fun toys.

Karl Denninger's piece, 'Time's Up!' about this leading indicator of the Google major decline:

Live Photo: Google Inc. Caught Censoring EU Search Results on US court corruption (for USA - CIA)
Google Internet Censorship - Censure d'Internet par Google - Internet censuur door Google

'Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google', retired intelligence agent Robert David Steele interviewed by Paul Joseph Watson, and speaking of the CIA's Dr Rick Steinheiser and his connections with Google:

To search the internet without US government snooping you via Google:

Go Tribe's picture - are you kidding me? Now and then the national enquirer gets it right, so too with infowars, but usually not.

Ratscam's picture

another safe search engine is

onebir's picture

"« ... as dumb as it gets ... a desperation move » for Reggie's Google pals"

Not sure who's dumb: this is a way to earn a huge margin between Google's (near zero) funding rate and credit card rates. They get to count the clickthroughs, which should put them in a better position to spot which borrowers are failing than most providers of trade credit. (Near 100% margins on advertising also put them in a better position to absorb losses.)

Zero Govt's picture

Bank Guy  -  i just read today, increduously, the story at of GOOfball (and Amazon) now subsidising their own advertisers with low interest credit (debt)

the desperate acts of a drowning man (diseased dinosaurs)?

GOOnbubble are not only sinking in red ink with losses to get Android to Mobile Phone dominance, much to pay-off Competition Commissioners across the Western world for their anti-competitive, anti-commercial patently corrupt monopolistic biz practices

...but now, in another act of pure commercial desperation, subsidising advertisers to keep their Ad revenues going

where is Reggies "Fiery Sword of Truth" ???

getting fucking desperate around here, Reggie has been running 2 to 3 octaves above shrill for almost 12 months flat now

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

This is like discussing the GOP vs Dems. 


Zero Govt's picture

We Care ...coz Apple-hater, GOOnbubble and Microshite-luvver Reggie made us care ...with his trumpet, with his clown boots, with his long since vanished fiery sword of truth

buried in his pompous arse probably as the Apple share price lapped GOO's last year

derek_vineyard's picture

tell what side the criminals are on so i can buy their assets, too.   smart man knows who criminals protect.