70% of all Ground Beef Contains "Pink Slime" ... and USDA Bought 7 Million Pounds of the Stuff for School Lunches

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By Washington’s Blog

ABC news notes:

“Pink slime,” a cheap meat filler, is in 70 percent of the ground beef sold at supermarkets and up to 25 percent of each American hamburger patty, by some estimates.

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The USDA just bought 7 million pounds of pink slime to add to school lunches (up from 5.5 million pounds in 2009).

Jamie Oliver gave a must-watch demonstration on the subject a year ago:

But at least we know where the real meat part of ground beef comes from ... right?

Nope ... the World Trade Organization struck down American laws requiring labeling of beef to disclose the country of origin:

But at least beef is being tested for horrible diseases like mad cow disease, right?

Negatory: the government does very little testing ... and prohibits private citizens such as ranchers or meat packers from testing it themselves.

What Should We Do?

So what's the answer?

You could cook a pot roast or other cut of meat and grind it yourself. That way, you'll be sure there's nothing but real meat.

Or you could buy grass-fed beef. Organic, grass-fed usually contains no pink slime.

And all grass-fed beef - organic or not - has a much lower risk for mad cow than other types of beef.


Because mad cow disease is most commonly caused by feeding animal products to cows. For example, Wikipedia notes:

A British inquiry into BSE [the scientific abbreviation for mad cow] concluded that the [disease] was caused by cattle, who are normally herbivores, being fed the remains of other cattle in the form of meat and bone meal (MBM), which caused the infectious agent to spread.

If they are fed grass - their natural food - they are much less likely to get sick.

Stores like Trader Joe's label grass fed, so it is easy to find.

Grass-fed beef contains more Omega 3s than beef from cows fed corn, meat or other “modern” feeds. See this and this.

Why is this important? Because eating Omega 3 rich foods can increase gray matter in adults and boost neurological development in children. Conversely, low dietary levels of Omega 3s in mothers can reduce their kids’ IQ. (This is not entirely surprising, given that (1) our brains are about 60% fat, and (2) leading nutritionists say that humans evolved to consume alot of Omega 3 fatty acids in the wild game and fish which they ate (more), and that a low Omega 3 diet is a very new trend within the last 100 years or so).

And if you think that asking for organic beef is a counterculture hippy thing, note that Ronald Reagan insisted on organic meat.

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UnderDeGun's picture

Sad I have to watch russian television to get a hard hitting story about America getting screwed by thet WTO.

UnderDeGun's picture

Sad I have to watch russian television to get a hard hitting story about America getting screwed by thet WTO.

soopy's picture

Mmm. Soylent pink.

stiler's picture

long GRAS

pink slime, made by sweeping up the scraps of fat off the floor (full of toxic growth hormones & antibiotics) and rinsing with ammonia. Repeat.

Mary Wilbur's picture

Another way to get Omega 3 is take two tablespoons of olive oil per day. Eat one tuna sandwich a week.

vegancapitalist's picture

There's no such thing as safe meat. If it's not pink slime, then it's E. Coli. If it's not E. Coli, it's salmonella. If it's not salmonella, it's cholesterol. If it's not cholesterol, it's fat.

Meat is just bad for you. I've stopped eating it and I've never felt better. My vitals are perfect. No medicines, no drugs, no illness.

Citxmech's picture

You think store-bought, factory farmed veggies are any better?  How many folks have gotten E. Coli from greens in the past year? 

Until you figure out how to live on sunshine and distilled water, the better option is raising your own, or buy from those who do.  

Processed foods = crap.


TheInfoman's picture

The posted video is the same video I saw two weeks ago from Mike Adams the Health ranger.  However he showed it pertaining to chicken nuggets.  Question: Is it beef or chicken?

JustObserving's picture

No need to ask - they are all toxic. 35% of adult Americans have Metabolic Syndrome or prediabetes.  And more than 3% of adult Americans have undiagnosed diabetes.

Please check your fasting and 2 hour post prandial (after a meal) blood sugar every 6 months if you are overweight or have high blood pressure and are above age 45.  And you can cut your risk of diabetes very substantially with simple steps:




El Viejo's picture

Looks more like an emulsion than a slime. Slime is what is found in my bathroom. While I do not speak for the meat industry, I did work in that arena for 10 years over 30 years ago. I saw their ingredients lists at various plants and I still eat hot dogs and balogna. The main ingredient in good brand name products is Beef Chuck.  There is a FDA inspector at every plant. It's the things you can't see that will kill you.

There are some interesting laws concerning meat. For instance in this country the blood is not used. It goes down the drain or is recovered for the garden or animal feed, but in Canada they are allowed to use it for making blood sausage. The govt allows up to 30% fat in hot dogs, but fat tends to make the dog white and so your cheaper brands will add coloring which makes flourescent pink hotdogs. (check the fat content) I saw a stainless table leg collapse under the weight of slabs of bacon and crash to the floor. The plant people were not allowed to touch it. They had to go and get an FDA inspector and he tagged certain slabs and then they could recover the slabs that didn not touch the floor. I thought to myself 'man a little water and I would have loved to gotten my hands on some of that'.  (at that time about $100 per slab)

There are natural laws concerning sausage and hotdogs that they simply can't get around. It's the binding law. If they only used grizzle and other items such as the tail etc the product simply falls apart. It will not bind together. So they have to put a goodly quantity of real meat in the product. Also, organ meat has an additional taste characteristic that is undesirable and so they have to limit that as well.

Since most plants produce at least a hundred thousand pounds a day their primary goal is to get as close to govt label restrictions as possible without going over or under. The same is true for percent fat dairy products in the dairy industry and most other industries as well.


AN0NYM0US's picture



El Viejo, I call 100% certified Angus pure adulterated  Bull Shit on your post.  just search Cargill e-coli  or tyson e-coli 


And then there is Canada, which arguably has higher standards than the US.

So I forget if it was 20 or 30 people that died eating product produced by Canada's largest meat packer, Maple Leaf Foods


(but Maple Leaf had a good PR firm and smart counsel - I think they ended up settling for $20 or $30m)

and then recently 60 criminal charges were brought against Maple Lodge Farms (they love their Maple up in Canada)



fredquimby's picture

There is no better giver of Omega 3 than HEMP my friends!!


I get through a huge amount of their gear...especially the shelled hemp seed and the hemp cooking oil.....both are awesome :)

unemployable's picture

from Ted Turner to David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, to executives of governments and corporations, they only eat organically grown foods prepared by private chefs who travel with them wherever they go.   

Trans-national agribusiness giant Monsanto, world leader in bioengineered food crops & GMO seeds, lacks the faith in its product-line that its sales and marketing departments declare:  that's why you can feel safe eating in the company's cafeterias, canteens, and executive dining areas which ban any GMO-containing foods from being served.   That's putting your money where your mouth is....

Mr_Wonderful's picture

What the F is in that pink slime? Don´t tell me this is the beginning of sovlent green.

Citxmech's picture

Brilliant idea really - just keep adding more "Soylent" filler until it's 100% garbage - no one will ever notice.

Escapeclaws's picture

Anybody know of any water filters that remove flouride?  I just found out the Britta filters I use do not--I suspect it is illegal to filter out flouride.

Cathartes Aura's picture

can also recommend the Berkey filters - I have the "extra" ones that filter out flouride, have used it for 3 years, absolutely zero problems, great tasting water.

johnQpublic's picture

there are also 'steam' filters for lack of a better description

they distill the water by boiling and distilling off the steam leaving behind everything thats not H2O

leaves crusty crud behind, minerals etc

nasty mess to clean

find vids on youtube of the units and cleaning process

BlueCollaredOne's picture



Only one's I have ever found to claim removal of flouride.  I haven't read a negative review about them either.

Escapeclaws's picture

Thanks BCO--that one looks like a winner

OldE_Ant's picture

I and friends have used Berky's for decades.  They are AWESOME and there is nothing better no holds barred.  All gravity feed too.  The best thing is they don't remove most of the 'good minerals' in water and do remove just about everything else.

FYI I just got a Crown Berkey which has 8 slots and can filter 100-200 gal/day.   I plugged 4 and use it that way with 4 Carbon and 4 PF2 (floride) filters.   I would suggest people go for the Berkey version that only has 4 holes if they want to use the PF2 floride filters.  Be careful with the filters and be sure to prime and test them according to instructions (use red food dye to confirm filter ability).  

Claims are that the PF2s should reduce floride by 1/10 to 1/100 depending.    The other thing I do is let the water sit before filtering allowing any extra florine/chlorine to turn to bubbles and leave.  I get a little from this step.

As to the issues regarding red meat.  Plain and simple of it is to reduce red meat consumption and increase the white meat (chicken, fish).  Though be careful about seafood given the Nuclear incident in Japan it looks like they are able to ship their contaminated fish here w/o any real checking.    Absolutely stay away from bottom feeding sea-food unless you know the cleanliness of the bottoms the fish have been feeding in.   I've been going with organic, range fed chicken and can say it's absolutely worth the $$.  When it comes to red meat I purchase organic, grass fed and grind it up myself.  On occasion I'll cull the herd of deer in my yard that I feed and go for venison.  While good it can be iffy due to all kinds of environmental concerns (pesticides mainly), but I've always loved venison.

As to other gotchyas coming down the pipe so to speak.  GMO's are penetrating a lot of food chains now.  Corn is 90-95% GMO, soon alfalfa, wheat, and yep they even are doing GMO salmon now.   I don't have the links handy but a Ph.D. in the UK published some decent papers indicating that while the GMO foods may test the same chemically, when he used them as food in animal studies he found huge nervous system, and internal organ issues that would either cause death, near sterility, or various nervous system disorders.  The effects are documented and published, the causes are 'unknown'.   I'm sure others here will correct any 'inaccuracies' of my comments.  The plain and simple of it is as follows:

1)  Grow it yourself or find out who IS and buy direct.

2)  Buy organic whenever you can (GMO is limited to .1 or 1% I can't remember what the real low tolerance number is but it ISN'T zero).

3)  Absolutely don't eat out.  After clearing out my system with a set of fasts, etc.  I often will get ill now eating the crap that comes from almost any restrauants.

4)  If you eat out - get to know your restrauant manager and check how and what they prepare.  If you show up at slow times you'd be suprised how many of them would be happy to show you ingredient boxes, and possibly even switch away from stuff known bad.  (i.e. Aspertame, MSG, Olean, etc. etc.)

5)  When you eat (out or not) - eat the least processed foods you can, or go for whole grains, steamed vs. pan fried, etc. etc.  Be careful of salad dressings and soups made from package mixes (anything from a box is suspect)

Above all find food you enjoy, and that is also good for you.  You will know by the resultant energy level, the feeling in your stomach and above all how it feels not just going in, but going out.

Cathartes Aura's picture

great post!

don't know if these links are the same you mention, regarding research into GMO and organ damage, etc. - but I'll post them for anyone still reading:

Three Approved GMOs Linked to Organ Damage


A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health


Escapeclaws's picture

Everyone should go out and buy a copy of Richard Rhodes' book "Deadly Feasts".  He is a truly great journalist who also wrote two majesterial volumes on the bomb, "The making of the Atomic Bomb" and "Dark Sun" which is about the H-bomb.

Deadly Feasts is about Mad Cow Disease and Rhodes builds a strong case that it is in the American meat supply. The reason is that prions result essentially from cannabalism.  This turned out to be the basis for the disease Kuru which was discovered in New Guinea by Gajdusek whom you can Google to get more background.  Here is a url for kuru:  http://www.as.ua.edu/ant/bindon/ant570/Papers/McGrath/McGrath.htm

Cannabalism for cows is when producers feed them their own offal. This offal is "rendered" by heating it to high temperatures.  Unfortunately, the temperatures used in America for this are too low to prevent prion disease.  You may wonder why we don't appear to have hoards of people dying from CJD Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, the human form of mad cow disease.  Rhodes believes that in fact, CJD is misdiagnosed as Alzheimers.  If that is the case, the CJD is already widespread in the American population.  The book also has an angle on all the cattle deaths that were occuring several years ago in the West that many people were attributing to UFO activity.  Rhodes believes that this was actually night-time surreptitious sampling being done by the USDA.  The parts removed from the cows were precisely those where you would look for Mad Cow disease.

This book didn't get a lot of publicity at the time.  I read it in Borders several years ago and when I went back to buy it a couple days later, all the copies on the shelves were gone.  Shades of Oprah Winfree and the hullabaloo that developed when she merely questioned the integrity of American beef supply. If you have doubts about misplaced concern about mad cow disease in America, ask yourself why you can no longer buy bonemeal in health food stores or why they are no longer allowed to spray tomatoes with it.

The point is that if you have read Rhodes' books on nuclear bombs, you will agree that he is one of the greatest journalists of the modern era. This book deserves serious consideration.  Nowadays, people are much more skeptical than they were when his book was written. Now is the time to bring this book back into play and at least answer the arguments it makes.

By the way don't buy Hermes bags from the person who posted above. They are knockoffs whose leather comes from downer cows.

flattrader's picture

Big Rhodes fan here.

I've only chucked one of his books, "Making Love," which was ghastly...and probably explained by "A Hole in the World" which was a truly poignant account of child abuse from the child's perspective written as adult.

winter2012's picture

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aerial view's picture

i tink it 2 layt 4 me

Whoa Dammit's picture

ConAgra says "Let them eat slime."

Jim_Rockford's picture

Forks over knives, bitchez!

Michael's picture

The only solution is to default on the national debt so no other country will trade with the deadbeat USA anymore.

Bear's picture

No mo burgers fo me.

flattrader's picture

Me too.

I grind my own burger at home.  I don't eat fast food burgers...with the exception of once a month White Castle Bacon Cheese Burgers.

I dine in...There's something about the ambiance of the Aluminum Room at the Porcelain Palace that makes them taste even better.

El Hosel's picture

Furked and fed by the feds, early and often.... Bitchez

kaiserhoff's picture

If you like sausage or laws, you should not watch either being made.

                                             Otto von Bismark

sIewie the pi-rat's picture

is the featured image in George's post from the executive commode-cam at 200 West Street?

Jeffrey Lebowski's picture

A story that can be googled easily is the jap university student motherfucker who found a way to actually make human shit edible..... Google it up and try to find where its in our food sources...Me thinks its in there, just not voiced about what it really is...

LaLiLuLeLo's picture

Sludge (human excrement) is sprayed on all those lovely California crops. ENJOI!

Normalcy Bias's picture

That would certainly explain lots of peoples' behavior in this country...

PenGun's picture

This 50 year vegitarian just laughs. I ate meat till I was 18. Seemed like a good idea to not do that so ever since I just predate the odd fish. That would be sockeyes, right from the guy who caught them.

themisanthrope's picture

That picture comes around every few months with a different story every time.



Defenestrate's picture

Your Snopes article reports, "In February 2012, fast food chains McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Burger Kind announced they would stop using BLBT in their food products."

A month later, the USDA is buying 7 MILLION pounds of it for school lunches.


Sounds like a conveniently timed government bailout of Big Butcher to me.

palmereldritch's picture

Plus eerie timing worthy of a publicist courtesy of Snopes...it's not completely false because we found a better way to dump the waste?....who says the MSM is a worthless butchered product

kaiserhoff's picture

So there really aren't anacondas in the sewer?  Good catch.

nah's picture

the globalists hate america if you dont belive it


you are fucking retarded

oogs66's picture

Soylent green!!!!

honestann's picture

Corporate nazi scumbags.  Grind them up and feed them to the dogs.

AGuy's picture

Why would you want to Poison Dogs?