Blame Isn't a Platform

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Blame is Not a Platform


One of the core tenants of the Obama Administration’s 2012 platform is that Obama and Biden inherited a messy economy.


Time and again, the American people are told that the reason things haven’t gotten better is because the Obama administration inherited such a disaster that it was impossibly to fix it quickly.


This attempt to shift the blame elsewhere is not only immature, it isn’t constructive in anyway. In fact, it reveals in stark contrast just how the Obama administration views the world.


First off, Obama and Biden ran for the job of managing the US economy in 2008. This is literally the JOB they APPLIED FOR. No one forced them to do it.


By whining about how bad it was when they GOT the job, they’re effectively implying that they would only want to be in charge if things were good.


This is leadership?


On top of this, by blaming someone else for state of the US economy in 2009, the Obama administration reveals point blank that it surrounded itself with people who didn’t foresee the Crisis coming.


The fact of the matter is that quite a few economists and analysts foresaw the 2008 debacle as far back as the very beginning of 2008. If the Obama administration chose to surround themselves with those that didn’t, that speaks to administration’s inability to gauge its advisors appropriately.


Indeed, lest anyone forget, it was Obama who RE-appointed Ben Bernanke as Fed Chairman despite the clear evidence that Bernanke FAILED to see the Crisis coming and gave TRILLIONS of Dollars of taxpayer money away to the banks.


Obama did this. Not Bush, not anyone else. Obama. End of story.


Thus we see the Obama administration's underlying beliefs regarding personal responsibility and leadership. It is:


  1. Unable to gauge quality advisors who not only foresee trouble but have actual solutions on how to deal with problems as they arise.
  2. Only wanting to take responsibility for good things/ unable to admit mistakes/ unable to be leaders who accept the job they ran for.


Real leaders don’t WHINE about their jobs. They don’t blame others for their mistakes. And they surround themselves with quality advisors to help them in making decisions.

Blame is not a platform. Blame is not leadership. Blame doesn’t create jobs. And it certainly doesn’t improve anyone’s quality of life.


End of story.


Graham Summers





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hannah's picture

summers stop beating about the bush.....obama is a product of affirmative action. he can not be held responsible for anything. he cant be judged. get over it. you bitch and moan but dont have the balls to come out and state what the problem with the administration is...if you dont understand the underlying problems.....your view is therefore worthless.

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These were the exact two points I was making after the debates.  Obama/Biden worked furiously and spent millions and millions of dollars to get the job, and all they have done since they got it is WHINE about it.

I would have driven the word "whine" up Biden's nose so many times in that debate, he would have had to pause for the sudden, unexplained nose bleed.  That lying, arrogant bastard really pisses me off.  I too don't think Romney/Ryan can change much.  Maybe they will put the breaks on the current train wreck so the impact won't be so hard.  The wreck is coming and that is a fact. 

I cannot believe that Ryan gave him a pass on the fact that Obammy has spent more money than all the Presidents before him COMBINED!  Or that after spending $5 trillion in stimulus, we "created" 5 million jobs at a price tag of $1 million each.  I would have just given the people the money and created 5 million millionaires.  Bernanke/Obama  just kept 5 million on the plantation.

The system is so broken and the politicians are so corrupt.  I don't see a fix to this without some revolutionary type pain.  No rule of law.  No character to follow the law.  No leadership to establish the law of liberty for the people.  We live in a day when "every man did that which was right in HIS OWN EYES".

If Obama is elected, this country gets exactly what it deserves because it will get what it ask for.  I still struggle with the reality that such a man was elected in the first place.  The real danger is not Barack.  The real danger are the millions that not only think like him but will do his your detriment.....but always for the good of the country.....(sarc).  Remember there was another crazy-ass leader who was Time's man of the year, brought his country back from economic abyss by confiscating the property and wealth of his enemies, disregarded the law, slaughtered any who got in his way, and had the help and praise of millions and millions of fools who thought he was a messiah.  But I digress....

Observer's picture

It would help if the people can differentiate competence from incompetence but enough among us have been brainwashed, oops educated so that all they care about is getting "the goods", "good things of life" in other words irrespective of whether they deserve it and will vote in anyone or anything that will give them that, but of course it is not possible to "give" anyone anything that they haven't earned and we have to take it from the producers for that with predictable results. So we end up with incompetent followers of the "majority" as leaders. This is the "swing" vote everyone keeps talking about ;-) Of course, the real producers of today aren't necessarily wealthy. Much of their wealth has already been confiscated though taxes. Even the name says it...taxes! Taxing indeed! Newton's third law of motion in action

Col_Sanders's picture

Losers always whine about "their best..." 

Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

57-71's picture

This is exactly the type of leadership you get from a bunch of bloody teachers.

Never had a real job, don't understand a damn thing about capital and ventures.

Just know how to stand there and point fingers, and give shit away that they didn't work for.

Fucking crazy if these assholes get another term.

GreatUncle's picture

The only point I would make on the article and yep the buck stops with whoever is in charge.

The previous administration if "not totally honest about the economic situation" prior to the election seals the fate of the next one. We had a good one over here with a little note on the desk for the incoming basically saying "there is no money"! WTF????

You weren't told that prior to being elected and led to assume by the figures governments publish that it is all fine and dandy in the economy.

Go Tribe's picture

Where the hell were you? Saw this coming from a long way off, just talking to all my new neighbors back then.

silverdragon's picture

Both parties are a joke, only fools would even debate which bunch of crimminals is better.

Monk's picture

This problem cannot be solved in four years.


Go Tribe's picture

It could have been solved in 12 months, just not with the same business order.

GreatUncle's picture

If the global economy has gone into a dead end.

With no way out this may the new reality.


tlnzz's picture

Obama needs a sign for his desk that reads ; "The buck stops anywhere but here".

Bob's picture


Some economists predicted the meltdown in early 2008?  Michael Hudson called it in early 2006:

It was neither a surprise nor an accident. 


Quite a few of us 'oldsters' predicted it was coming back in 1965 when they took the silver out of our coins, but especially by 1973 when the '70s inflation and gas crisis took place. It wasn't difficult to see what would happen eventually if those policies continued to be followed.

They were and it took all this time to reach the breaking point from which there is now no longer any escape from the pain of having the entire system collapse.

I pity all of you young people that have so much longer to have to struggle through what is coming. Many of you may not make it if you don't educate yourselves quickly as to the truth of what has been done to us by the criminal elites. You should make all haste to gather all that you will need to survive for several years without power, fuel, etc. Learn the basics and have lots of non power tools and know how to use them as well as plenty of weapons and ammo.

Zero Govt's picture

1. Unable to gauge quality advisors who not only foresee trouble but have actual solutions 


cough Jon Corzine cough

2. Only wanting to take responsibility for good things/ unable to admit mistakes

cough Solyndra cough 

Blame is not a platform. Blame is not leadership. Blame doesn’t create jobs.


I'll second all those Graham. 

PS. are you a Republican or will this election-fever focus just on Democrat inadequcies? 

barroter's picture

Not once did the author mention the name...Bush.  You see, it's verboten to mention that name when speaking of economic collapses.

Once again, they fail to persuade.

Winston Churchill's picture

Nor Clinton , who was even more too blame.

As neither Bush nor Clinton have been chief executive for the last four years, the

worse mess is credited rightly to Obummer.In reality none of the above.

You partisan arsholes from either side are morons.Entranced by the false Kabuki dance of

illusionary choice.Does it matter which overseer whips you on the owners plantation ?

therearetoomanyidiots's picture


The fact ahead of us is there is a CLEAR difference between the two candidates. They may agree on many key issues (40 as indicated in some articles).

One offers you some kind of hope that we may return to a freer existence where suffering and lack of resources (money) will be amerliorated. 

The other offers you divisiveness, totalitarianism and for sure, complete destruction of the country as we know/knew it.

I'd rather live freely in a country where people can enjoy liberty than live in Chavez's world or under the iron fist of sharia. 

Everything else wrong with the country, the crony capitalism, it can all be fixed.  We cannot fix it if it goes away. 

And to desire a 'revolution' or hoping for it all to break down, a reset, will only give us all much misery and death. 

So - buck up and pull the lever for Romney - if not, you choose to vote for Obama which means, plain and choose economic marxism, big brother double speak and vicious and ugly facism, which hs been on display since this guy took office.   Yes, Bush too was bad but we don't 'fix it' by voting for a double or triple dose of the same thing.  

Seize Mars's picture

Romney is for NDAA. So if you are for Romney, you are for NDAA.


oldmanofthesee's picture

I didn't have to read past the first few lines, pal, you are full of crap. Obama "walked into" what they identified as the worst disaster in decades. They KNEW!

They spent $1,000,000,000, to gain access to our Treasury. Don't tell me now, how bad it was! 

markettime's picture

Hey Phoenix Capital,

I never saw a follow up to your Is the Fed Bluffing article. I am curious, is he bluffing or not? What was the outcome? 


Seal's picture


Now, the greatest punishment, if one isn’t willing to rule, is to be ruled by someone worse than oneself. ….In a city of good men, if it came into being, the citizens would fight in order not to rule, just as they do now in order to rule. Plato


stormsailor's picture

barry davis,  affirmative action socialist puppet


This article is simple-minded  BULLSHIT!

While I know that what Obama has done has only made the economic disaster WORSE by inflating the money supply through Bernanke (which beneficially will make the collapse come sooner so we can get it over with) he DID walk into a mess created by Bush and others before him that made the situation so bad that it could NEVER be fixed BY ANYONE without destroying society and lowering our standard of living to serfdom or worse.

Now before any of you ASSUME I have a preferred side in this mess...I DON'T.

Both (all) of our candidates are WORTHLESS and I choose not to vote in a broken system that doesn't work for the citizens anymore. It does, however, work for these criminal bastards currently in office in their attempt to destroy our currency, eliminate much of the population as useless eaters, and create a one world system run by the elites.

Obama (none of use truly know his true history yet and may never know the truth) got where he is with the backing of the rich, powerful elites (probably the Illuminati types, Bilderbergers, etc) and his deal with the devils required him to put their cronies into useful positions to manipulate the economy as much as anyone can (they can't do anything but make it worse). If Obama had any choice in the matter, it might have been because he was naive and thought people who had experience in the job would be more effective than some newbies. His lack of understanding of Austrian Economics and its practicality and validity caused him to make a poor choice of putting the same incompetent fools in their positions.

He attempted to seek bipartisan workability, but because the Republicans are sociopaths that don't care about anything but power, control and having more money that any human could use constructively, they sulked and refused to co-operate with the smallest detail and instead embarked on a path to defeat Obama in every way they can. They are simply TREASONOUS. The Democrats, on the other hand couldn't organize a circle jerk when they had the majorities in Congress.

These people all know how the system works and simply chose the path of least effort for themselves and let the money flow in to them and became richer than any Congress persons in history all on bribes, insider information and campaign donations from the real owners of the country now...the corporations, who couldn't give a shit about the welfare of the citizens but who don't realize that if they kill their customers through poverty, they won't have any income soon.

All you nasty filthy mouthed posters need NOT reply to my post because I am correct in my analysis and have been in finance my whole life and am an active full time trader and know what I am saying.

The system MUST COLLAPSE! No politican, banker or even Jesus Christ can fix it. It must collapse to clear out all the mal investments and debts.

The creditors will lose, along with society, and the debtors will win as their debts will be wiped out as unpayable. That's how the system works.

We will probably get a new crop of sociopaths and psychopaths in charge or have a military take over because they have all the guns which goes with the belief that 'might makes right', which is true until they run out of bullets and explosive...but they might still have clubs and swords.

The citizens of this country ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN by not being engaged in their local and national politics and allowed themselves to become pacified with sports, TV, drugs, alcohol all the other SOMA that the elites designed for them including CONSTANT PROPAGANDA through the mass media which we all know is owned by them and a profit making enterprise with the elites benefit as its sole goal.

Now that life is getting hard for the simple minded population who have not taken responsibility for their own education and search for the truth of how the system REALLY works, they are all screaming for a free handout from the politician who promises the most pie in the sky which can only temporarily be done with new funny money and more debt, but that has now reached the end point of being possible as the debt is now out of control and the funny money can't be printed fast enough to keep up with the interest on it without creating a hyper inflationary collapse.

Soon there will be food riots and our newly trained dumb ass youngsters who have had no choice but to join the military to survive and are, after experiencing the truth of war, now committing suicide at an increasing rate both in the field and at home or are becoming violent on their wives and neighbors or have become our new police and are killing citizens for minor infractions (kill first, ask questions later...officer felt threatend from situation he created) are have been trained to become killer psychopaths who will have no qualms about gunning down any citizens who gather to protest their starvation and lack of shelter.

That is all for now. For you disbelievers in what I have posted here, time will prove me right.

My blog, updated each day, all day is:


myptofvu's picture


All you nasty filthy mouthed posters need NOT reply to my post because I am correct in my analysis and have been in finance my whole life and am an active full time trader and know what I am saying.

Uhm, I don't think you do. Look at some of the inconsistencies in your post. his deal with the devils required him to put their cronies into useful positions to manipulate the economy........caused him to make a poor choice of putting the same incompetent fools in their positions
Which is it? I could go on but not going to.




It's easy to mis-read when you don't have an open mind.

Did you not see that I posted:

'If Obama had any choice in the matter, it might have been because he was naive and thought people who had experience in the job would be more effective than some newbies'

I allowed for there to have been the exception for him to have some input into his choices for his appointments as being reasonable in putting 'old hands' into the positions to avoid newbie mistakes in a very critical financial situation.

Many of you repliers seem to think I am excusing Obama.

I am NOT.

He has done a terrible job and has gone back on EVERYTHING he promised in his campaign.

He has MADE THINGS EVEN WORSE with his military decisions as well as his financial decisions.

I was simply pointing out that the THEME OF THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE ABOVE is INCORRECT. Obama is not whining. He is CORRECTLY stating that he was handed a  BIG BAG OF UNFIXABLE SHIT!

And yes he ran for the office because the controlling powers needed him as 'oil on the water' and a possible pawn to blame when the system collapses under his watch. What could be better than a dark skinned, half black-half white man with a good smile and a 'cool' manner who can read a teleprompter well or rouse up a crowd in his shirt sleeves for the job? He probably took the job when it was pitched to him because he fell victim to the power and wealth he could obtain as well as being known as the first 'black' president.


It has nothing about WHINING or HAVING A CLEAR CHOICE this election.

Elect Romney and we will start WW3

Elect Obama and we will fiat paper ourselves into a hyper inflationary collapse that will buy us a little more time to prepare for catastrophe.

Use your brains...YOU HAVE NO CHOICE ANY MORE!

A big change in the world is coming and many will not survive

forexskin's picture

He has done a terrible job and has gone back on EVERYTHING he promised in his campaign.

for anyone that believed anything most any politician says.

contrarily, i told anyone who would listen during the 2008 campaign that obummer would not be able to change anything, and that it was virtually impossible for him to defy those who put him in power. terrible job? no, he is doing exactly as he was intended to do all along.

another usefule pole turtle, defended by a bitter disappointed former HOPE-er. quit hiding it - your ratty rhetoric is readily revealing.

illyia's picture

Good for you Gold Trader. It's hard to see through the slime and not get stuck on one side of it or the other. It is also hard to speak the truth to tribal cheerleaders who think their guy or side is exceptional. As if.

Kudos to you.

(True leadership would not have to blame or tear an opponent down - he/she would be too busy explaining the great ideas for the nation and presenting the real situation without manipulation. But, of course, poor leadership would hire someone to kill him/her so there we are, actually.)


Thanks Illiya...

You're a rare breed on this website.

NoTTD's picture

Take it easy, hotshot.  This reads like you're having a stroke.  Nice self-promo, though.



No, just making an intelligent point on this website where most of you just like to holler 'bitchez' and fuck this and screw that in almost every comment.

You all must be very young as your comments reflect the lack of ability to spell, use proper grammar in your sentences or make anything but severely unintelligent statements exposing the lack of study as well as any research into the subject under 'discussion' AS WELL AS SHOWING YOUR LACK OF LIFE EXPERIENCE OF ANY VALUE.

And yes, I did promote my blog so that anyone who is interested in my point of view can acquire a deeper insight into the thinking of someone who has been around 68 years and can do all of the things I listed above that most of you other posters either can't do, or are unwilling to do, because you don't have any other way of displaying your hostility through an anonymous keyboard towards anyone that has an opinion that you either don't understand or that doesn't support what you think.

You probably should leave your cave more often and go out and give support to the less fortunate. It might increase your limited humanity.

Medea's picture

You don't really think you use proper grammar, do you?



Feel free to point out any grammatical errors you see.

I proof read my posts but see I had a couple of left off letters in my first post to which you replied that I can't correct now because the edit function has disappeared for my post.

My sentences can be more complex than simply saying 'fuck off, bitchez',

so you might get a little confused by more complex thoughts being stated.

With a little more practice you 'may' improve.

You have sparked an idea for me. I could invent an app for folks like you who can transform simple-minded attack posts into reasonably well thought out retorts that have something to do with the original poster's line of thought that would use more than four letter words, proper spelling and coherent sentences.


BeetleBailey's picture

Yes, garner support and bring more people to your point of view by demeaning verbiage and hypocritcal prose - you'll go far.

On the other hand - go screw yourself.



Thanks for your reply. It was a wealth of intelligence on display.

BeetleBailey's picture

Why thanks! Now follow my advice.....

Imminent Crucible's picture

We're all very young? Heh--if only. I've been hiding out in my cave drinking beer since before the Eisenhower administration. I may be illiterate and sorely lacking in "life experience of any value", but AT LEAST I KNOW WHERE THE SHIFT KEY IS.

Hint: Your thoughts will be more interesting if you develop at least a trace of a sense of humor, and a micron of humility. Life is too short to read blogs by ranting codgers who have a grudge against bitchez, and even us fucktards need love.


@Imminent Crucible

No, of course not 'everyone' posting on this website is 'very young' but most of the posts certainly show a very inexperienced, youthful style of thought and verbiage.

If you've been in your cave drinking since Ike, you're probably rotting on your insides and your brain must be seriously pickled by now. I'm surprised you posted as well as you did.

As to the shift key, I only use CAPS to emphasize certain important thoughts and/or words.

My post did not require a sense of humor, of which I have an abundance, as I was posting a serious thought. This isn't a comedy website is it? Most of the posts appear to be an outlet for extremely prejudiced, xenophobic, troubled souls who have not found any other outlet for their hostility.

Humility...I have plenty. I also am now old enough to know that water is wet and rocks are hard and am more than willing to identify bullshit when I hear it. That's still my right. If  you can't handle that, that's your problem.

If life is too short, you certainly took too much of yours to both read my post and then reply to it. Maybe your priorities aren't as clear as you believe they are.

At least you are aware you are a 'fucktard'. Congratulations on your ability to still recognize that and to be able to type it while holding a beer or two in your dank, dark cave in front of that glowing CRT monitor (they have new flat panels now, you should come out and see them. They're quite something and have colors now.)

StychoKiller's picture

Has it occured to you that you AND the article are BOTH right?



The article is completely off point on criticizing Obama as a 'whiner', especially by describing it as a 'platform'.

Obama has every right to repeatedly state that he was handed a 'Gordian Knot' of impossible to fix shit and anyone who thinks they could do better had better state EXACTLY HOW they would do it. 

I notice NO ONE does that, but everyone is willing to CRITICIZE anyone who tries to do something, even if nothing will ever unwind this mess except complete financial collapse and the systemic collapse that will follow.

Unfortunately, everything Obama has chose to do has only made the situation much worse and will result in even more pain when the default happens.

Neither of the candidates for prez will do anything but make things worse. One will just make it happen faster...which is probably better so we can get it over with.

forexskin's picture

gordian know - total bullshit.

this rests on the assumption that obama wanted to fix anything. he is a bought and paid for meat puppet just like bush, and laughs with his handlers at the naive idiots that believe his rhetoric. he is doing and accomplishing everything he is intended to do - essentially to grow the state and protect the elites until their power is permanently unassailable.

the citizens of this country, who despite your claim of 'just let this happen', have been up against an evil cabal with more "money" than god since its founding. i no longer hold sleeping people to blame, when they've been put to sleep intentionally by powerful intersests that hide in the shadows. anyone in power that calls it like it is, like Kennedy or Paul for instance, is either killed or sidelined.

get off the self promoting soap box with your partisan crap. many people here understand that what passes for politics in this country is no more than a sophisitcated diversion. your bile tell all - you are not ready to fully admit this yourself.

shovelhead's picture


Asshole of the day award.

Nobel Prize on the way...



Wonderful news! I can use the money.

And because it's an award 'for the day' I have 364 more chances to win. That's better than Powerball odds.

Imminent Crucible's picture

I think the award should be good for a month in this case. Anyone who can classify the Republicans as "Treasonous sociopaths" but Obama and the Democrats as merely ineffective is telling you two things:

1. He was so stupid he failed to see through Barry Chicago Mob Obama in 2008 and he's still defensive about it.

2. He wears ideological blinders. "Bush Lied, People Died" but "Obama didn't really lie, he just overstated his case a few times, and uh, you know, maybe Eric Holder wasn't the best choice for Attorney General and uh, we never said the attack on the Benghazi embassy was a spontaneous mob event triggered by an outrageous anti-Muslim video, and uh, we can't prosecute anybody on Wall Street because nobody committed any crimes and besides, they were our largest campaign contributors in 2008, and uh....."

What a loser. Bush/Paulson handed Whining Barry a mess. And the Whiner spent four YEARS making it WORSE.


@Imminent Crucible

You're back for another purge of bile. I must have really hit your 'hot button'!

You sure have read a lot more into my post that I wrote. 

After a lot of ranting about what you 'think' I posted, you finally stated in your last sentence what I agree with.

Glad to have given you the opportunity to get all that hostile shit out of your system here instead of beating on your wife and kids.

jeff montanye's picture

good points.  and on a separate note, vote for gary johnson.

kaiserhoff's picture

All we have is arrogance and cotton - Rhett Butler

All we be is arrogant commies - Barry Ooga Booga

LMAOLORI's picture



Blame is all he has besides Class Warfare the problem is actually his Marxist ideology which is why he surrounded himself with those kind of people to begin with.  Some people were fooled by obama because they were naieve enough to believe we can have a utopia on earth failing to take into account human nature. They also do not understand that under that kind of system only the leaders share the gains Communist China is a good example where the majority of the people share only pain.

You know what else was predicted in 2008? 


Barack’s Wall Street Problem is Now America’s

but people had all that false hope and now even liberal's are starting to catch on

Third Way Document Proves Democratic Party Supports Institutionalized Looting by Banks
Read more at 

This is not an accident it was the plan of Socialists/Communists all along...


"Modern bourgeois society ... a society that has conjured up such gigantic means of production and of exchange, is like the sorcerer who is no longer able to control the powers of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells."


Those of you with revolutionary zeal will immediately recognise these words. Penned by Karl Marx in 1848, they form part of the Communist Manifesto. Marx, like Adam Smith before him, had a historical view of society's development. Capitalism, with its bourgeoisie, had replaced feudalism, but capitalism, according to Marx, would be replaced by communism. "



jeff montanye's picture

yes.  obama, geithner, summers, emanuel, bernanke: all communists.  how can you tell?  because the workers are doing so well and the owners of property are on gibbets, strung from ropes and machine gunned in basements.  oh wait....