The American and British Governments Knew – Down to the Day – of the Coming Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor … And Let It Happen

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Preface: We don’t contest that World War II was – in many ways – a “good war”.

The Nazis, imperial Japanese and fascist Italians were nasty folks trying to take over the world, who brutalized millions within their own borders and in the nations they occupied.

But a full an honest account of World War II shows that some big American banks funded the Nazis. And America dropped nuclear bombs on Japan when top U.S. military officials said it wasn’t needed.

And – as shown below – we probably knew about the coming Pearl Harbor attack, but let it happen to justify America’s entry into World War II.

The White House apparently had – a year before Pearl Harbor – launched an 8-point plan to provoke Japan into war against the U.S. (including, for example, an oil embargo). The rationale for this provocation is that the U.S. wanted to aid its allies in fighting the Nazis and other axis powers, and decided that an attack by Japan would be the most advantageous justification for the U.S. to enter WWII.

Moreover, Honolulu newspapers warned of a possible attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor:

SMALL pearlharborwarning The American and British Government Knew   Down to the Day   of the Coming Japanese  Attack on Pearl Harbor ... And Let It Happen to Justify American Entry Into WWII

Indeed, as the following must-watch BBC documentary – with interviews with many of the main players, including military officers and code-breakers – shows, the American and British knew of the Japanese plan to attack Pearl Harbor — down to the exact date of the attack — and allowed it to happen to justify America’s entry into World War II:

And see this short essay by a highly-praised historian summarizing some of the key points. (The historian, Robert B. Stinnett, a World War II veteran, actually agreed with this strategy for getting America into the war, and so does not have any axe to grind).

Active Interference with Military’s Ability to Defend

It has also recently been discovered that the FDR administration took numerous affirmative steps to ensure that the Japanese attack would be successful.  These steps included taking extraordinary measures to hide information from the commanders in Hawaii about the location of Japanese war ships (information of which they would normally be informed), denying their requests to allow them to scout for Japanese ships, and other actions to blind the commanders in Hawaii so that the attacks would succeed. See, for example, this book (page 186).

Key Military Players Incommunicado

In addition, the heads of the Army and Navy suddenly disappeared and remained unreachable on the night before Pearl Harbor. And they would later testify over and over that they “couldn’t remember” where they were (pages 320 and 335).

Gagging Whistleblowers

Two weeks after Pearl Harbor, the Navy classified all documents top secret, and the Navy Director of Communications sent a memo ordering all commanders to “destroy all notes or anything in writing” related to the attacks. More importantly, all radio operators and cryptographers were gagged on threat of imprisonment and loss of all benefits. (page 256).

Scapegoating and Labels of “Conspiracy Theory”

The commanders in Hawaii, General Short and Admiral Kimmel, were scapegoated as being the cause for the “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor (they were recently cleared by Congress).

And, according to a statement made to me privately by a leading Pearl Harbor scholar, the government repeatedly denied foreknowledge and labeled anyone who discussed the military’s prior knowledge of the attacks as a nutty conspiracy theorist.

Media Complicity

Amazingly, the Army’s Chief of Staff informed the Washington bureau chiefs of the major newspapers and magazines of the impending attacks before they occurred, and swore them to an oath of secrecy, which the media honored (page 361); and listen to interview here (we personally spent an hour speaking with Stinnett, and find him to be a highly credible and patriotic American.)

Postscript: Coincidentally, Philip Zelikow, the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, the administration insider whose area of expertise is the creation and maintenance of “public myths” thought to be true, even if not actually true, who controlled what the 9/11 Commission did and did not analyze, then limited the scope of the Commission’s inquiry so that the overwhelming majority of questions about 9/11 remained unasked, also happened to be the main guy defending the alleged unforeseeablity of the Pearl Harbor attack, who wrote a hit piece on Pearl Harbor historians like Stinnett.

It has been proven that 9/11 was entirely foreseeable and yet – unexplainably – all of the key military players just happen to have been unavailable and out of the loop when they were needed (and see this).

But that’s just an interesting coincidence, because countries never use false pretenses to launch wars. Well, almost never, especially when it involves the innocent killing of our own people.

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Flakmeister's picture

Erickson did not discuss Sorge at all....

Lucy only came to light many years after Ericksons work...

denny69's picture

It could be that I have later editions of both books; but he does mention 'Lucy' (Rudolph Rossler) a few times in each. 

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The Japanese also desparately tried to surrender in the weeks before Hiroshima and Nagasaki  -the Americans would not respond, so the Japanese pleaded with the Russians on multiple occasions desparatley trying to get them to intervene with the Americans to allow their surrender. There is indsputable proof of this . We were hell bent on nuking them. Killed hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children. But I guess this was all okay  -you know, with God being on our side and all.   

Mark Noonan's picture

Actually, it wasn't like that, at all.  I suggest Japan's Imperial Conspiracy by David Bergamini.  Don't be put off by "conspiracy" in the title:  the author explains early on precisely the Japanese meaning of "conspiracy"; it doesn't have the same, wicked meaning we have for it in the West.

The Japanese leaders knew they were beaten after the Battle of Midway but they simply could not bring themselves to surrender.  They weren't planning on a surrender even in July of 1945 - they were hoping to avoid a US invasion and occupation but they were also well prepared for a final, drawn out battle on the Japanese mainland.  There are lots of reasons for this Japanese attitude (the above referenced book goes deeply in to them) but if you want it in a nutshell:  the Japanese ruling class was afraid of a complete collapse of their position if they had to admit to their people that they led them in to a bloody shambles.  Remember, it was completely suicidal of the Japanese to attack us (as no less than a Yamamoto knew right from the start):  the disparity in power between the United States and Japan was so vast that only an outright miracle could have led to Japanese victory.  It was an act of criminal negligence - and for the Japanese leaders, the whole point of fighting from June, 1942 was twofold:  to convince us that an invasion and occupation of Japan would come at a horrendous blood price and to convince the Japanese people that it was their failings which caused the defeat.  They succeeded in both efforts - but they didn't know, of course, about the atomic bomb.  But, in the event, it served the purpose the Japanese leaders desired - given them the chance to appear as merficul to the Japanese people.  "Ok, poor, fellow Japanese, even though you let the Emperor down, he is going to grant you peace so that the Americans won't nuke you in to extermination".  That is really what it boiled down to (it did help, in the very final analysis, that MacArthur, put in charge of the occupation, had long-ago divined that the Japanese Emperor was a symbol behind which you could do whatever you like...including introduce democracy...and, so, MacArthur refused demands to put the Emperor on trial and used the Emperor's continued prestige in Japan to transform Japanese life).

As for why we used the bomb - while time has blurred the jagged edges of Japan's Greater East-Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, the fact is that the Japanese were a savage foe.  They really did rape women to death; toss live babies on to bayonetts, sack whole cities - and not as part of "troops got out of hand" in the heat of battle, but as part of calculated, government policy.  Captured allied soldiers were beheaded, tortured, turned in to slave labor.  Japanese, when captured, would often turn on their captors - even when their captors were trying to bring them food and/or medical aid.  Our fathers - my father, among them - were furious with the Japanese.  Not as a matter of racism, but because the Japanese were acting like a bunch of beasts.  Given the choice between invading and fighting a drawn-out, brutal campaign against a savage enemy, the choise to drop an atomic bomb was easy.

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where were you yesterday?! lol. The comments were filled with flag wavers

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 . ATM, I must disagree with your analysis though I understand where you are coming fromt. A Corportion by law must fallow certain bylaws of the state, and are answeableto it; not you and me. In an individual, the state is answerable to you and me. (I know that's what comes out of the north end of a south bound bull) but that is the way it's supposed to work.

In sum then I believe you cannot give an entity dual status; it has got to be a legality of one form or another, but it can't be both. And above everything else, it must stay within the boundry of the Constitution. You cannot be both a slave  and a free man.                 Milestones 

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Let's put these people in charge of our health care and every other aspect of our lives.

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Great series George.  Might I suggest a tell-all about the Crimean War and the various conspiracies behind the Battle of Thermopylae?  You would know at least as much about those, and in any case, you have fun making shit up.

OR... How about taking on a real conspiracy, like the rape of the taxpayers by the kleptocrats?

Yes, I know, right after hell freezes over.


kaiserhoff's picture

Oh yes, George.  Take a tiny kick at the bankers and Timmy.  That's really bold and brave here. 

How about the $150,000 file clerks in Washington, who fuck up energy policy and small business all day every day?

And when, if ever, will you endorse Ron Paul's economic plan?  Fake Libertarians are the Worst.

TraitorsHang's picture

Why all the haterade for GW? I think what I am reading in your posts is sarcasm, but it's hard to be sure.

kaiserhoff's picture

As CD often points out, it is easy, on blogs to be misunderstood.  This is pretty simple.

I see politics as a multi-period game of producers versus parasites.  Fair enough, but those who claim to be on your side, while carrying out the opposite agenda need to be outed.

New_Meat's picture

"I see politics as a multi-period game of producers versus parasites."

don't cha' know.

- Ned

George Washington's picture

I've long said I would vote for Ron Paul.  Now that he's out, I'll probably vote for Gary Johnson ... LIBERTARIAN WHO IS ON ALL 50 STATES' BALLOTS

Clashfan's picture

Ron Paul is a 911 truth denier, so I see no reason to trust him at all.

What has Gary Johnson said about 911 truth? That's my litmus test, period.

kaiserhoff's picture

And still, yet, again, we are Waiting for Godot,


Disinformation and distraction are not helpful.  There is, in fact, an election on

contested between producers and parasites.


For those interested in an honest approach to libertarian ideals, this is a decent start.

Precious's picture

Please don't say "waiting for Godot".  It's a piece of literary SHIT.

George Washington's picture

Reason looks like a good publication.  What's your proposal, dude? Instead of throwing names around, how about contributing something useful by spelling out YOUR proposal of the particular libertarian agenda which YOU like?

By the way, REAL libertarians - like Ron Paul and the Founders - are against foreign entanglements, i.e. unnecessary wars.  That's why I write about these topics of false justifications for war.

nmewn's picture

While we're on this subject, whats your opinion of the Cato Institute? ;-)

nmewn's picture

To be or not to be...

Sometimes, no answer, resolves the question ;-)

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the best strategy is not to play

New_Meat's picture

that's dirty pool you bastard ;-)

kaiserhoff's picture

You claim consistently to be a libertarian, and you don't know about the primary journal of the party?

Great higgly-piggly.

For those who don't know, Dr. Paul's plan calls for the complete elimination of five cabinet departments, a proposal George could never support because he is a shill for the fat fucks in Washington.  Enough said..., except,

How much do you get when you sell your soul to the Devil these days, George?  Enquiring minds want to know?

"Government is best, which governs least."

           Thomas Jefferson.


Sheriff Douchenik from AZ's picture

You could call him Beltway George.

Bugsquasher's picture

More revisionist history based on a false assumption.  Politicians of the past were no more cognicent of the laws of unintended consequences than the current batch of fools.

New_Meat's picture

Prange did this shit years ago, viz.

really entertaining reading, almost Tom Clancy level of insight.  "At Dawn We Slept" is the pattern that GW us using in this article.  Probably a good thing to have GW re-surface this stuff, to keep the commotion going before the election.  Gotta' watch all these various levels of distraction, thanks GW.

We've seen that GW is rather skosh' with his attributions to the individuals who actually come up with his "ideas".

"Miracle at Midway" is compelling reading, no foolin'.  Prange is really good reading, but hasn't been confirmed in how long?

- Ned

nmewn's picture

I'm still waiting for his Harry Dexter White expose'.

Maybe that points to a tooooo left of center for his comfort zone ;-)

FeralSerf's picture

Harry was just another Zionist Jooboy that didn't concern himself with loyality to the country that reared and nurtured him.  He's already been exposed for what he was, i.e. a traitor.

nmewn's picture

Harry was a Soviet (communist) mole/spy.

How interesting to find him and his associates inside the FDR administration at the highest levels. It was he who wrote (and passed to Morgenthau to present to FDR) the memorandum that the Japanese found so offensive and impracticable wasn't it?

He was a traitor and a communist who happened to be a Jew. Elizabeth Terrill Bentley was an Episcopalian who also happened to be a communist and a traitor who rolled.

What did they have in common?...they were traitors & communists.

FeralSerf's picture

You are confusing religion with tribal loyalties, but that's the object, eh?  I don't know if Harry was a practicing religious -- not just a ceremonial -- Jew, but I would bet not.  Most Ashkanazim are not particularly religious as I'm sure you know.  It doesn't matter  if either Elizabeth or Harry were Episcopalian any more than it matters that Mitt belongs to a cult.

Elizabeth Bently appears to have been just a political wacko, one that can't decide what side to be on.  She was a fascist for a while before she decided that the commies had a better political story line or at least were better (or  available) bed partners.   Women often have different motives than men do.

nmewn's picture

I don't automatically ascribe a persons actions to their gender or tribe or race or religion. They were both spys, communists and traitors.

The FDR Treasury Dept was stuffed to the rafters with these snakes and more than a few wound up at the IMF.

Frank Coe was another...but now I'm just name dropping ;-)

nmewn's picture

"Ï hate Illinois nazis"

New_Meat's picture

I keep ending up with these, rather fast, instant junks.  Gotta' wonder, well, nyet, no wonderin at all.

Someone has a rather thin skin.

- Ned

{Was he the one who Harry S. Truman asked: "Can you give me a one-handed economist?"  Ever since then (when I heard that while a little pilglet) I've been at least as suspicious of economists as I've been with that Rusty guy.}

nmewn's picture

On a GW thread, anonymous junks are a badge of honor for the recipient (I think its like #11 or #16 in the GW playbook) their world view just crashed & burned and its all that can be mustered.

It is good to be suspicious of ALL economists (one handed or not) as their track record outside of Nobel back scratching elite circles is a solid D- to say the least.

Most of those we call economists were trained in one school of thought...all Keynes...all the time. It would seem, as we approach a century of this bullshit someone would step Forward and say...

The circumstances on the ground Change everything we thought we I can get the last monetary laugh ;-)

New_Meat's picture

you did, in fact, have to use the word "Forward", didn't cha' ;-) - Ned

nmewn's picture

Hey, if they're going to use both arms of Marx and use it as their slogan, I'm going to wrap their own arms around their throats and strangle them with his.

And idiot Obama college age kiddies, don't fuck with me on this, I will strangle you with it and ;-)

tony bonn's picture

"...Preface: We don’t contest that World War II was – in many ways – a “good war”.

The Nazis, imperial Japanese and fascist Italians were nasty folks trying to take over the world, who brutalized millions within their own borders and in the nations they occupied..."

the war was not good - it was planned and engineered by wall street plutocrats who funded both sides of the rightly note that the bush crime syndicate led by prescott was busy as a liason building up hitler while others were funding mussolini (duponts / morgan).....

i believe that wall street was busy provoking the japanese but the stinnet material is weak and bad....i also do not believe that fdr was engaged in the provocations....he was more of a pawn....i have studied this matter at length with that as my tentative conclusion as badly as i wanted to implicate fdr who was an extremely bad president....

however, there are massive numbers of documents still classified from world war 2 and should be immediately opened to the public....therein may lie some information to fortify the thesis of this essay.....

taxpayer102's picture


@tony bonn

Robert Stinnett's 'Day of Deceit - The truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor' drew conclusions based on very limited numbers of intercepted, decoded or declassfied material released to the public.  Even using FOIA Stinnett noted "None of Station H's estimated 143,000 message sheets originated between July 15 and December 6, 1941, have been declassified by the US government as this book goes to press [1999]".  He also noted Admiral Stark, Chief of Naval Operations, Washington DC throughout his Congressional Pearl Harbor testimony was evasive and defensive on 343 occasions using such phrases as "I do not know" and "I'm not clear, I'm hazy". Stark invoked "I can't recall" 160 times when testifying before the Joint Congressional Investigating committee.  In his afterword Stinnett said "Overwhelming evidence contained in the May 2000 FOIA release, reveals that by mid-November 1941, as Japanese naval forces headed for Hawaii, America's radio cryptographers *had* solved the principle Japanese naval codes and that Japan's top admirals went on the Japanese naval airwaves and in a series of radio messages disclosed that Pearl Harbor was the target of their raid."

TerraHertz's picture

Over the years, my gradual realization that WWII was far from a 'good war', and that in fact the Allies were more evil in many ways than the Axis, has been one of the more painful awakenings I've experienced.

Some links:
The Two Austrians. The “artist” versus the “house painter”!_Zionism_links.txt!_WWII_Allied_attrocities.txt


NotApplicable's picture

FDR considered himself to be a British secret agent, and was thus very active in aiding their war plans. It's in the book I listed above by Percy Greaves.

disabledvet's picture

the British Empire ceased to exist as a result of this war. This is the must read book of the war that actually has been written and is...well, it speaks for itself:
sad to see he has passed actually. i don't watch t.v. anymore or i might have known...he's one of my hero's. to understand WW II you have to understand WWI...and that was when the USA's only 6 star General (Pershing) wanted to go "all the way to Berlin." For this he could have been court martialed. Instead he was allowed into retirement...and the Army was disbanded. AGAIN. This did not happen after least until Vietnam. America looks a lot different now than it did in the 60's! FDR was an avid stamp and coin collector...but for most Americans he was the only President they ever knew. When he died (in office) it was a big deal. And the USA was forever changed because of it. Given the status of our economic state these days "for the worse." I still have faith that our Government will find a way to get us out of this mess...we shall see. A trillion dollar deficit is a hard thing to pay back...especially when Wall Street simply keeps firing everybody. I do think their hush money has been vaporized by Face-bomb while Government can go a long way towards "shutting down Democracy"...when interest on the debt reaches the scope of the Pentagon's budget...well, let's just "if they ain't complainin' they ain't trainin'." Great Great comments too. This place has really been on a roll of late.

Flakmeister's picture

Did Keegan pass?

The man was my introduction to military history...

Flakmeister's picture

I suppose thats true in the same way that I fantasized being James Bond as a child....

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Finally  the Govt stood up and did the right thing!

q99x2's picture

That was a small incident. Today the banksters are working on a controlled nuclear exchange. And I"m going fishing.