MoVe OVeR CHia BaMa AND CHia RoMNeY...

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Check out the Romney and Obama Chia Pets. Cute? We don't think so.

The San Francisco-based company, Joseph Enterprises Inc., came up with the idea to green this election with the political plants, which among other things, has helped pundits guess who is winning the race to the White House.

To date, Chia Obama is beating Chia Romney, 60 percent to 29 percent.

Not to be out done, Banzai7 Labs has designed...


Idead h/t: TD

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like heirloom organic produce

your work is the stuff of champions

"the Banz"


you hit the culture with your fist and it started playing rock and roll sir and neither I, nor anyone can ever repay the true and actual debt we owe you for this


your work allows us all to delight in and triumph over our enemies in this infowar, the enemy is behind algo and logistical moats so deep we can never cross - but you have constructed supersonic diamond idea bullets


i assure you these bullets are loaded into our finest sniper rifles and that we shall aim true


in a handful of decades we will have entire museums dedicated to paintings of chase burning and there will be an entire wing for Banzai Steel

there will be intellectual conservancies and wildlife preserves upon which such ideas can roam free

in bustling coffee shops they will all hang this shit on the wall, as if to say "NEVER FORGET"

in an age of eternal vigilance we will look back and remember how you marched into the gap and took the enemy fire when so few had the fuckin balls


and every time i see banz on TKR or CA, everytime I see someone laugh when I show them one of your works... (forgive me) I cannot help but feel some sense of personal victory and victory for our entire movement/awakening whatever you call it


thanks chief,

you're aces.

-Joshua Roberts

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Love the 'green'...


Here is more about Senate Candidate and green scammer Angus King...


More on Bloomberg/King


Three Wall Street billionaires, Michael Bloomberg, Peter Ackerman, and John Burbank III, have funded Americans Elect, an organization that has spent more than $800,000 in the past three weeks in support of Independent Angus King's campaign for the office of Senator for the great state of Maine. King's opponent Republican candidate Charles Summers joined radio host Howie Carr along with the Breitbart reporter breaking this story Michael Patrick Leahy.

John Burbank:


For Burbank, it’s reminiscent of 2006, when he bet big on a tumble in subprime mortgages, a wager that earned his fund 220 percent the following year.

Peter Ackerman: (from wikipedia and other sources)...


From 1978 to 1990, Ackerman was Director of International Capital Markets at investment bank Drexel Burnham Lambert.[5] While at Drexel, Ackerman made more than $300 million working alongside 'Junk Bond King' Michael Milken, raising billions of dollars for junk-bond-fueled takeovers.[6] While criminal charges were never brought against Ackerman in Drexel's insider trading scandal, he paid a $73 million settlement in a civil case brought against him by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Resolution Trust Corporation alleging misappropriation and diversion of investments.[7]

OldPhart's picture

Shouldn't ObamaChia be sprouting choom leaves?


ReligiousAtheist1's picture

The last picture is absolutely hilarious

Clowns to the left_ jokers to the right's picture

Chia Ben would have to grow pretty fast to match real Ben.

Piranhanoia's picture

Make his nose grow green buggers please dad, please?  5's and 10's and silver certificates.

JethroBodien's picture

William have you used the muppets in any of your creations?

onebir's picture

Is that Blankenstein/Bank Lloyd Left (on the right)? Kinda hard to be sure without his Opus Dei lapel pin...

Big Ben's picture

The Chia Ben should come with a guarantee that the Fed will buy it from you for 75 cents if you are not happy with it (and you are a Primary Dealer).

Jim in MN's picture

How about a nice fruit basket?  Everyone loves fruits.

kaiserhoff's picture

My Mom likes fruitcakes.  Other than that, she seems perfectly normal.  Go figure.

StychoKiller's picture

Fruitcake is great, so long as you get one without so much candied fruit in it:


The golden raisins and nuts make this one deelish!

Translator's picture

I have an Obama Chiahead unopened in the box w/t the protective wrapper........



Who'll start the bidding?

Jim in MN's picture



I will trade you an expired fruitcake...


....but it'll be hard to tell the difference!

mess nonster's picture

Years ago, I was paddling my kayak up the Mississippi River (true story). It was June, and I came across a fruitcake tin floating in the water. Inside was a fruitcaka- perfectly preserved, on the wrong side of Christmas. I ate a bit to see if it was any good- it was just as inedible and indestrucable as any other fruitcake.

Uncle Remus's picture

Toss in a free 1/2 lb. of tannerite with each one and you might get some nibbles.

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Whoa! Those chia heads are $18 a pop + $8 shipping. I think you might have under-priced printer boy, WB7.

Why do I have the feeling that a big chunk of the GDP of the United States is utterly superfluous stuff like this.

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"Chia Heads", were popular in the late 70's and early 80's.  Billy 7 was being " period satirical".

Yen Cross's picture

 Jamie Dimon in the " JPM" locker room. Rare head shot!

Atlantis Consigliore's picture

Wheres Bernank pussy?   Galore being stuck with heroin on the streep pimpin, chuckin and jiven with the

BreadnH2O's picture

What? No Monchichi Romney or Magic Obama 8Ball?'s all about the jingle. Mr. Banzai, how bout it? Your brilliant caca with limericks set to Zep, NY Dolls, Iggy...?

williambanzai7's picture

Actually, we are too busy launching Porto-CDO


Jamie is selling some crap
The markets he's trying to tap
A shit CDO
He'd like to bestow
On suckers who fall for his trap

The Limerick King

BidnessMan's picture

Man - should have put a warning label on that one!! Muppet Bukkake made me blow ice tea out my nose.

Angus McHugepenis's picture

Where's my Dimon Dogshit Default Swaps! You promised...

Wakanda's picture

I can shit there.

I'll take two, one just for the pets.

BreadnH2O's picture

Muppet Bukkake! And just like love... "spurt goes the financial dy-no-mite!"

FEDbuster's picture

Jamie dumps his shit into the Port-o-FED just like every other TBTF bankster.

OneTinSoldier66's picture



That's awesome, I love it!

Heyoka Bianco's picture

The lead for Chia Obama just tells you where the sad shut-ins and fat housewives votes are going. Seriously, what kind of adult would actually spend their hard-earned (or even government check) on such kitschy crap?

williambanzai7's picture

I'm sure there are people who collect all the Chia pets because they can't afford a decent dressage horse.

NotApplicable's picture

I'mma steal that one

Pure gold.

Uncle Remus's picture

LO very L. And scared every animal in the office.


nmewn's picture

Cha cha cha Chia!!! love capitalism.

Clearly, this calls for an iChia app on the iPhone creating an e iWar for this now obscure but potentially highly lucrative market...just add iHedonics and watch it grow!

kaiserhoff's picture

OK, mein platt-deutsch is rusty at best, and many here are better qualified, but...

Schwarzenegger translates into... black nigger.  Never mind.

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture

Timmah,  is that a roll of freshly printed bank notes in your swim trunks, or are you just happy to see me?

Jena's picture

dang, i knew I should have ignored that phone call!  you beat me to it!

kaiserhoff's picture

Forwarder, to infinity and beyond. 

Jena's picture

Is that a sock stuffed in his Speedo or is he just glad to print?  


Or is it related to stimulus?


I suspect the real Timmah... is not similarly endowed.  


But I could be wrong.

optimator's picture

Plain to see, I'd estimate 8" or more.  (Get your head out of the gutter, I'm estimating the length of his nose!)

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Be sure to check out Bobo and Gono the Central Banking Clowns on the Keiser Report: Here



diogeneslaertius's picture

when i do manage to get some actual REM sleep, this is the kind of nightmarish shit i end up seeing anyways


coffee anyone?

Wakanda's picture

dat's scary clown sheeeet!