Watch the Third Party Presidential Debate

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The presidential debates between Obama and Romney are nothing but a scripted beauty contest.

Third party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have sued the presidential debate commission to allow inclusion of third party candidates.

Tonight, Larry King will host an alternative media debate between the remaining third party candidates.

You can watch the livestream of the debate right here:

Previous third-party presidential debates - which point out how similar Obama and Romney really are - can be viewed below:


And see this.

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Clever Name's picture

Havent watched it yet, but why dont all of these guys get together and form one 'Super Third Party' and put aside their differences? They could theoretically get enough support to get something accomplished?

Tango in the Blight's picture

Just like Demotwats and Republicunts became the Demopublican Republicrats?

Clever Name's picture


The anti war party?


Gotta love a guy who says "moah".

hivekiller's picture

Greens are the new reds. Get a clue.

Renewable Life's picture

Instead of 18 bullshit republican debates on every collage campus in America, it would have been nice to see these 4 candidates along with Obama and Romney, at least once!!! Shit that might have looked like a democracy though, and we wouldn't want that gods sake!!!

New_Meat's picture

Gary and Jill have at least enough support to get on the ballot in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Virgil and Rocky can't even get enough organized to get on the ballot here in the center of moonbatism.  Gotta' love 'em, but if they can't get enough organization to get onto the ballot, how in hell can they expect to govern?  Maybe Virgil and Rocky are setting up the infrastructure to have an actual organization; that has been the pattern for ages.

And this is no commentary on any of their policies; just that if they can't get an extensive organization, then they can't be effective.  Chicken and Egg of course, but also it takes time to grow the ideas.  If the ideas are good, then they will extend into the general population.

- Ned

{and falling off my comfortable chair, I note that the Boston Globe endorsed a Republican today.  Careful, the next world-ending earthquake is not far off.}

nmewn's picture

Well, Virgil & Rocky are on the ballot down here...along with Gary. And Jill & some chick named Honkala who has some "serious issues" with Barr & Sheehan (guffaw!!! please make it stop!!! sides hurt!!!).

A sample ballot from Fla (no, not my county...I like my

Now, down here they have made it an annoying practice lately to put legislative items on the ballot. If passed, it becomes law and goes into the state constitution. You see, because they have no balls, this gives them an out...the people voted for it!!!

Now the long term consequence of such spineless deviltry is, in a decade or so, our STATE CONSTITUTION will read like ObamaCare and be three times as long...full of the conflicts inherent in having the rule of law made by plebiscite.

The last major kerfuffle down here (you may have head about) was having pregnant pigs in a cage. I know this hits home with you...but really...this is something that could have been adressed legislatively ;-)

New_Meat's picture

"The last major kerfuffle down here..."

Ya, heard about that, so wrong on so many levels ;-)

We do have initiative petitions resulting in ballot questions, here in the Commonwealth.  You cite a possible problem, but we here have solved that.  Our 87% Demz Leddislature just disregards the items they don't like.

- Ned

new game's picture

yes there is sound whether or not you are there. 

mayavision2012's picture

Before last night, I'd never heard of Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson.  I watched the debate last night via Democracy Now! because Jill Stein was going to be on. 

But I tell you true, Rocky Anderson (Justice party) knocked my socks off with his incredible insights.  I hope he does as well tonight because he has some really good points to get out to the public.  He would have made a great running mate for Ron Paul, IMHO.


hivekiller's picture

Is Ron Paul included? How many votes did Gary Johnson get in the primaries?

One World Mafia's picture

Third parties need to offset msm snubbing by selecting their candidate early. April too late. Need to get people talking about the winner before the Demapubs have their first primary.

The Alarmist's picture

If a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear, does it really make a sound?

tony bonn's picture

a vote for obamney is a vote for tyranny and naziism

Smiddywesson's picture

I'm really concerned one of these guys will win and continue the destruction of our country.  Thank God for the vote, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't have a choice.

Smiddywesson's picture

Larry King is still alive?  I thought he finally succumbed to his 10 millionth smoke and was an extra for The Walking Dead.


How about a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 skit on the debates?  These guys are hilarious.

takinthehighway's picture

I would have actually watched one of the debates if it were hosted by the crew at MST3k.

Matt's picture

If you can get the Presidential Debates on Blu-Ray, I'm sure the MST3K guys would sell you a riff-track for it for $3.99:

lakecity55's picture

O-Phone looks like he just snorted a line off Larry Sinclair's ass.

Uncle Remus's picture

That shit can't possibly be good for his sinuses...

diogeneslaertius's picture

its pathetic (overall impact-wise on the fluoride-head sheeple masses who tuned in, popcorn tub at the ready, to the POTUS2012 reality show)

but it is also a Sign Post - and i welcome it.


Tarpley once said "you either get politically active, or you get Radioactive."

Duke Dog's picture

Thank you sir for bringing this to attention. I had heard last night they would be carried on C-Span, but this will be better. I enjoy your diligence,especially regarding the GC/Fukismisha catastrophes.

nmewn's picture

"We have ships that go underwater; nuclear submarines.”


I thought they were called boats.

New_Meat's picture

Only the drivers and crew call them boats.  Our esteemed debater knows better.  After all, the nurses aboard are all Navy Corpsemen.

Dang, I wish I could be that smart.  Of course, I'd have to drag along like 200 people and 1,000 kilos of electronics, plus power, to get TOTUS up'n runnin'.

Poor TOTUS, he'll go immediately into U-6 come later January.  Dang.  At least HE could make O appear to be friendly and nice.  Get rid of HIM, and O is like that wicked Witch mixed with water.

- Ned

mvsjcl's picture

Much respect to all the Navy Corpsmen assigned to our units. Invariably, we called them all "Doc."

New_Meat's picture

mvsjcl: u betcha' and, with all of my extensive experience, I can say that I love 'em all and they can't play cribbage worth a damn!


- Ned