Thursday Humor: How to Start Your Own FIAT Currency!

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Julius Reade

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Lol...but here is something you all must know.

Our govt is getting ready to not only declare more war on Syria, Iran, Russia, and China, but also they are going to declare war on you, the American people. What kind of evil insanity is running this ship into the ground is well known and yet, the stupid sheeple keep electing these psychopathic-things who profit from war, kow-tow to the zionist agenda, and have us ALL on the hell bound train to kill America fast.

At last, someone with some real fortitude now explains it to you all in “JWO Unmasked” It’s all one who actually cares needs to KNOW and UNDERSTAND.

For years we have told people what is coming and have tried to prepare them to grow foods and provide for themselves. For years we have told you that the US Military (“stupid useless brutes"-kissenger) have been set up to lose a world war by being depleted and worn down after ten years of going all over the world being nazi germany 2.0 on steroids. The mission has been accomplished. Americans are hated all over the world. When america falls to itself and the stupidity of the brainwashed multitudes, the world will rejoice. Whoa unto you o’ israel. (Here israel means, God’s people)

You all better tell the military they better stop killing and murdering for the rothschild bankster empire of elitists and globalist zionist oligarch pigs and their god money because they are ALL BEING SET UP FOR Nuremberg type trials in the courts of the new world order at the Hague. When it is all over and they have performed the evils they are being ordered to do, the globalist will turn on them and arrest all WHO ARE LEFT that partook in the atrocities, war crimes, and murders they are being ordered to do. Remember military guys and girls, following orders was NOT an excuse for the evil wickedness and killing performed by those nazi’s at Nuremberg. They hung! And, what part of “Thou shalt not Kill” do you not understand?

America, know your enemy. Here is a scary truth that was foretold. We said many years ago during the Iraq invasion that the “Juba” sniper videos on the net were done by the zionists to kick up anger amongst the troops and those at home (usa) that saw them. It worked well. We told you that the idf were the only ones with camera scope technology at the time and spoke to this exact reason for doing the evil sniper killing. (Put “Juba” into the U-tube search)

From the article below:

“One IDF sniper team has spread stories around Israel that they killed 400 American troops inside Iraq.”

“They brag about it constantly. It gets back. We are not deaf.”

By deception they make war for the profiteering puppeteers. What is a real shame is how israel has also been set up to go down and most Jewish people do not understand they are also tagged as useless eaters and breathers and are on the slate to be part of the population reduction agenda. Zionist stooges WILL fall to zionist evil.

In this time and age information can be the difference between life and death. Knowledge is power if you use it. Most people do not believe in death so they live their lives in a melancholy of disillusionment that thinks like we will be in Disneyland forever. If you ever saw war or real dead in your face, you would hear this voice seriously. What fools people are to ignore the real facts and actual signs of what is coming.

What is even more sad is seeing so many struggling and stressing things like school when in the not to distant future, it will not matter at all. It's like learning to be a brain surgeon, and then suddenly being thrown into a rugby ball game. Mere survival alone will be the most important thing on most people minds. Food will be used as a weapon to disarm and quell the hungry masses whose god has suddenly become the stomach. Many will perish because they refused to see the light and prepare for what is coming. May God have mercy on a civilization that allows this evil to succumb them.

Read this new important story that tells you what is coming and pass it on. Most of all, start preparing for the well planned martial law clamp down, loss of freedom, and an end to normal daily commerce. Help your neighbors too. When the stores close and there is no food or supply, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? Are you ready for this??

National Guard Whistleblower: “Doomsday Preppers Will Be Treated As Terrorists”:

Can it all be stopped?

Please people of the world, it is not too late to learn to live in peace as one people with individual purposes, identity, liberty, and free state governments. Take Iceland for an example. Only the globalist zionist banksters keep us all divided and separate living in shortages for higher profits. There is plenty to share and everyone world wide can have plenty. We must all know that in spirit, or what we are, we are all One and we can all get along just fine without the banksters and their puppets, the murdering evil war profiteers and plunderers for their god money.

Pray that those who are part of this money-god beast and the evil falling empire it is, see the light and DO the right thing when the time comes to act. Wield your double-edged swords for truth and real justice. Pray that real law enforcement people DO their job because corruption, theft, graft, killing and murdering, and anything contrary to the US and State Constitutions that harm anyone or any property is still against the Common Law and NULL AND VOID no matter what they tell you, or get you to actually believe. Know ye this truth; satan is an evil trickster.

May God (Love) and the angels guide you ALL but most of all, may you get jiggity NOW and prepare yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually for what is really possibly coming...soon!

Bless'ed Light and Love to drive it home....Home is in the Heart.


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We have been living on "fiat" money since Tricky Dicky took us off the gold standard and put the U.S. on the petro-dollar. Like the man said, eventually the Ponzi scheme will cave in on itself and we are very near that point.

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Gift cards/gift certificates are a form of fiat currency that you can produce yourself...

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fiat currencies are a form of gift cards/gift certificates?

As long as the language matches the that of the country, I figure it's virtually identical.

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How about my 25 oranges for your 40 bananas?

Or I can  give you some beads for you land?

who needs paper money?

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A lot of things may pass for 'fiat currency':  ammunition, food, toilet paper, gasoline, the list goes on.

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well, no, actually none of those thingiez on your list are subject to "fractional reserve" nor to you have to do "Taylor Series" to understand how they grow.

But none of your examples pass the reality test.

don't cha' know.

- Ned

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Your list isn't fiat currency, it's money.  Big difference.  Fiat = paper (electronic) IOU

Your list contains real usable items, fairly easy to barter with.  When you start talking about a 1500 lb. cow, then trading becomes a little less convenient (but still worth quite a bit). 

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you know he's speaking truth, look at the furniture

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"How to Start Your Own FIAT Currency!"

according to the history books you simply brown envelope a handful of politicians and pass your private monopoly cartel license through Govt chambers in the dead of night when nobody is there to vote it down

nice job this extortion racket of society if you're sick enough to carry it out

the wonders of democracy never cease

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You know what "democracy" means in practice, right?  Democracy means predators and parasites vote, and producers need not bother.

A few variants exist.  Either producers are not allowed to vote, but that's not the politically correct form.  Usually humans are suitably mislead, brainwashed and bribed to the point predators and parasites outnumber producers.  At that point, the system is inherently robust and the producers cannot get themselves out of the mess they're in.

The system is then secure (for the benefit of predators and parasites) forever.  The only three ways the system can end are:

#1: personal version:  One by one, producers "shrug".
#2: thorough version:  All producers "shrug".
#3: thorough version:  The sun supernovas.

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Addendum:  I forgot to mention a dwindling possibility that might (if we're lucky) become practical again.  I refer to times in history before the present when there were always one or more "frontiers".  During those times, at least some of the best, brightest and bravest abandoned the predator-parasite domains and made their way productively in a frontier.

Today, all potential frontiers are difficult to realize.  To build a viable floating existence on the open ocean is difficult.  To build a viable submerged existence in the open ocean is difficult.  To build a viable existence anchored to the bottom of the ocean is difficult.  To build a viable existence in the arctic or antarctic is difficult.  To drag enough mass into orbit to build a viable existence in outer space is difficult.

All the easy frontiers are difficult.  And unfortunately, the overwhelming financial, existential and psychological weight of the predators and parasites today on the minds of those who might attempt these difficult tasks has made it very difficult to collaborate with others.  This is also where the extreme propblem of modern "moral hazard" enters the picture.  Those who we might collaborate with are vastly less reliable than in the past, due to weakened internal compasses, as well as external difficulties applied to them by the ever more arbitrary craziness of the world at large.

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I like # 1 & 2 ...and by "shrug" i trust you mean the productive stop paying taxes's the greatest WMD the people have against Govt, cutting off the teet to Jabba the Hut

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Sure, "pay no taxes" will do.  But I more-or-less meant "shrug" as per Atlas Shrugged, where producers "go on strike" and refuse to produce in any way that helps the predators.  For some that can mean "just retire".

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There are 1 billion Chinamen available to take over your job if you go on strike.

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You misunderstand.  I haven't stopped working, I just left the USSA and refuse to feed the beast that intends to enslave me, bleed me dry, and eventually destroy me outright.

Besides, you could say I'm a "chinagal", being that all my ancestors are Chinese and I didn't move to the USSA until just after I graduated from college.  But I escaped the USSA for greener (freer) pastures 3 years ago, to avoid being caught up in the police-state USSA.

Personally, I consider myself an "alien", "individual", "free agent", "one-of-a-kind" and "sovereign".  Hell, I don't even feel much solidarity with organic beings for that matter.  I am whatever I choose to be [this year, month, week].  I am always amazed to observe how virtually everyone wants to align themselves with some group.  Me?  I am a group of one.  At my core, I feel utterly independent, for better and possibly for worse in a few less important ways.

PS:  I am no more interested in letting the commies in China enslave me than the commies in the USSA or Europe or anywhere else.  To hell with all of them!

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Incidentally, the US is NOT a democracy but (In theory at least) a Constitutional Republic. The founding fathers deliberatelly avioded any reference to "Democracy" recognising the latter as "Two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for lunch".

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Exactly, which is why it is sooooooooooooooooooo incredibly exhausting to read endless writers write "democracy" over and over and over again.  Makes you wonder about supposedly smart people, who can't even get the very most basic aspects of a situation correct.

Of course we all understand that in the context of elections there is an element of democracy in a limited context.  But that's so obvious the term "vote" will do, and "democracy" shouldn't even be written or spoken (to avoid confusion).

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#1: personal version: One by one, producers "shrug".

#2: thorough version: All producers "shrug".

#3: thorough version: The sun supernovas.


you will see the army at every corner of the streets before 1&2

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Not at all.  #1 has been happening for years, and has picked up a lot of steam in the past couple years.  To be sure, the number is still a small minority, but is growing exponentially.

There is another version of #1 that is slightly different though, and much larger.  I can't even count the number of essentially entrepreneurial people who now say something like this.  "No way, no how would I even consider starting a new company in the USSA any more".  The reason is always related to the currently extreme arbitrariness of the predators-that-be, and endless chaning of rules at their convenience, failure to prosecute high-level criminals, etc.  The almost uniform consensus is... "if you are not connected, you are screwed".