More than a Dozen Nuclear Plants Near Hurricane Sandy’s Path Brace for Impact

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Bloomberg reports:

“Because of the size of [Hurricane Sandy], we could see an impact to coastal and inland plants,” Neil Sheehan, a spokesman based in Philadelphia for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said by phone today. “We will station inspectors at the sites if we know they could be directly impacted.”


The NRC met earlier today to discuss the necessary precautions to take for the storm, Sheehan said. Plants must begin to shut if wind speeds exceed certain limits, he said.


As of 2 p.m. New York time, Sandy had winds of 75 miles (121 kilometers) per hour, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami. It was about 430 miles south-southeast of Charleston, South Carolina, moving north at 7 mph.


The current Hurricane Center track calls for the system to come ashore just south of Delaware Bay on Oct. 30.

Reuters provides a list:

The following lists the nuclear reactors and utilities in Sandy’s potential path.

Plant More than a Dozen Nuclear Plants Near Hurricane Sandys Path Brace for Impact

While we don’t foresee any problems, the risk of nuclear accident in the U.S. is actually much greater than it was in Japan before Fukushima.

For example, fuel pools in the United States store an average of ten times more radioactive fuel than stored at Fukushima, and have virtually no safety features.

Let’s review the list and look at examples of problems experienced by the nuclear plants in Hurricane Sandy’s path:

  • Salem has been riddled with problems with security, turbines problems and  other issues.
  • Hope Creek has suffered security problems, has the same design as the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1, has “some of the same issues with above-ground storage of spent fuel rods as Fukushima” and “was designed to withstand certain major weather events but we need to look at the potential impacts of more extreme events, especially … sea level rise and flooding”
  • Limerick has suffered electrical and other issues
  • Oyster Creek has been plagued with electrical and other problems
  • Millstone’s vulnerability is shown by the fact that it was shut down due to warm seawater

It’s not surprising that there have been problems at all of these nuclear plants. After all, the U.S. has 23 reactors which are virtually identical to Fukushima. The archaic uranium reactor designs developed more than 40 years ago are only good for making bombs.

Most American nuclear reactors are old. They are aging poorly, and are in very real danger of melting down. And yet the NRC is relaxing safety standards at the old plants. And see this.

Indeed, while many of the plants are already past the service life that the engineers built them for, the NRC is considering extending licenses another 80 years, which former chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority and now senior adviser with Friends of the Earth’s nuclear campaign David Freeman calls “committing suicide”.


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What's up with the dot matrix style print-out?


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New treatment system could see discharges into Pacific as storage space rapidly runs out No. 1 radioactive water tanks maxed



A new treatment system will be used to ensure safety before discharge (Japan Times Online)

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Mr. Washington brings us the facts.  You might just save your life.

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- If you like Buffalo Wings

- If you hate Buffalo Wings

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Don't sweat it George, Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. is still in office so it'll be all better.

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Since when are any US nukes so vulnerable? Isn't there something more constructive to fret about?


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Jeebus, hurricanes in the East, earthquakes in the West,

What next?! 

Maybe we call off the elections.



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GW ... not a peep about Benghazi ... are you waiting to gather more facts?

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What would George do with facts?

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Perhaps we could ask the Chinese for some help on the Weather Modification Science front.


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Finally, we can have our very own Glow in the Dark Chesapeake rockfish and crabs.

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We definitely need to do something about those war-mongering Iranians.  They have a long history of military domination and aggressiveness.  They have military bases all over the ME and are trying to establish bases worldwide that would threaten our entire planet with nuclear armegeddon.  We gotta do something about Iran.

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A new sociology class subject being taught in most universities now.:

The Gentleman's Guide To Forum Spies (spooks, feds, etc.)



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More insane fantasies from Green Wang. You know Wang, the Obama campaign pays good money for material far more absurd than this. You should jump on that ship before it sinks.

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You misspelled Mongoloid.

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and quotes a disney ride's animated dummies.

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Uncle Walt was smarter than you'll ever be. So it is with conquered people. 

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Licking up all the Government Worker kooloid, are we? Be afraid, be very afraid. And misinformed. It makes you more managable.

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I would be more concerned about all that BP oil being blown on shore.  Nuclear disasters being particularily awful, the icing on the cake is the oil slick crawling up the coast.

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That slick is not oil. It's Dick Cheney being towed behind a Haliburton tug boat as they take him for a swim. The other 50 rusted, leaking boats are his security teams. Those boats were formerly active fishing boats until BP "nuked" the Gulf.

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Why can't we have fun disasters, like rye ergot mold poisoning that trips out everyone on naturally produced LSD.

I personally would mind a few hallucinations if I could see that snarky minister down the road have a personal encounter with Satan.

With my luck it would be the fat old ladies that would tear off their clothes to have rampant sex with male strangers rather than the hot young babes.

Oh well, guess I'll have to settle for glow-in-the-dark testicles.

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Sandy makes me want to watch the movie "Perfect Storm".

90 ft. waves breaking on the deck of the super carrier USS Kittyhawk.

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Do radioactive mutant zombies vote? That is the question.

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They do not need to vote for they already knew the stupid-we-don't-foresee-problem crowd is doomed, just as their masters planned, radioactive food for them.

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Ya. When Rome started to fall apart a lot of people buried themselves in books and writing. Not really a good time to go out and campaign for saving the whales. I think the earth itself is going to go wacko due to a center of gravity shift which will cause it to change the physical axis that it revolves around. Like an ice sheet out of Antarctica cracks off at the same time the Arctic loses the weight of its ice cover. God damn volcanoes forming under the Salton Sea. Even beyond reproach Orange County smells like crap these days. Some nuke fallout on NYC from an act of God wouldn't be too out of place. Almost like the stories in the Old Testament.

Nothing to Hope for except Hope itself.

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Jesus.... the whole bloody world is getting really prickly, short, irritable restless and discontent over the smallest aggravations, differences and grievances anymore...

Like society itself is coming unglued... certainly no veneer, no veil of civility left about anymore....

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It's the grieving process. Next they'll fight over frayed hand-towels and refuse to speak to each other for a year.

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Honestly I like society better this way, better than having mindless zombies walking about with bleached teeth and fake smiles.

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Guys, they said they would station extra inspectors, so everything is cool.

In the "unlikely event" something should go wrong the inspectors will dial up the NRC, which will contact the WH and request help to prevent a bunch of people from being killed or injured.

It worked in Benghazi, it'll work equally well here.  So everyone chill.  It's cool.

Switching gears.... let's say you're one of those "inspectors" and something DOES go wrong.  You make "the call" and you get voice mail.  You try again.  Eventually, somebody calls you back and says "OK, Bill, just stay put.  We'll get some people out there."  Tell me you wouldn't feel like that goat in Jurassic Park tied to the stake, waiting for the T-Rex to come and eat you whole.

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Three Mile Island:

Latest score: Harrisburg 0 Chappaquiddick 1

George - what odds are you offering that Hurricaine Sandy evens the score?


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 The markets are going to " TANK next week"    The "Chair Satan"put , is .toast

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the NRC is RELAXING safety standards???

NOT surprised!! they are taking fast n furious orders from the QEorganizer !! he says "PRINT BABY PRINT"...RUn the nukes til FULL capacity...he says I want them to keep up with the PRINTER !! cause I don't want inflation to destroy my ponzi scheme "rally"

LOL !!!

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Damn. Relaxed safety standards at the NRC is like 'relaxed fit' crotchless panties.

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Wake me if Sandy gets a Cat 3 attitude...

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C'mon, George.  I appreciate Fukushima updates and appreciate exposure of industry and regulator malfeasance. 

But seriously, this is FUD/hype/MSM-like horseshit.  These plants have been "bracing" for hurricanes since they went into service, without a glitch.


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It's ratings week for TV weather!

Let's wait and see how bad this is. The 1938 storm was a bad one, but they did not hype wx forecasts back then.

Prepare, but don't freak.

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the only reason for nuclear plants is to keep building nuclear was an interesting but half baked idea soaked in evil.....nuclear plants are simply too eratic and unsafe in the limit to warrant the risks.....and i say this as a former nuclear diehard.....

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"nuclear plants are simply too eratic and unsafe in the limit to warrant the risks"

Where did you get this from?

Don't tell me - you already took advantage of Joe Biden's free colonoscopy?

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the only reason for nuclear plants is to keep building nuclear bombs


Really?  How's that work?  Having worked at the Oak Ridge K-25 plant for several years I never came across a whole lot of nuclear bombs.  It was a big place though, maybe I never stumbled across the secret underground bomb making bunker.  

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Congrats, Louie. Yours is one of the stupidest posts I've yet seen on ZH. Are you buds with nmewn?

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Thanks for the award.  Why don't we swap stories about our years at K-25.  

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Careful there'll be included in the Annual Clashfan Psy-Op of the Year Award contest.

You see, if you don't agree with the sheep herding tactics and hysterical banter common around here you are the object of ridicule & subject to censure (#9-#11 & #15, I think), called a government shill, a denier of "truth" by one of the resident this case Clashfan.

As all other "former truths" fall away, like Mossad suicide pilots, New York skyline holograms, inoperable air to ground communications, voice recognition software, nano-thermite ad nauseum...they become "some other truthers-truth"...not their truth.

Of course, when those "truths" were first put forward they were accepted as fact by "truthers" seeking some description of truth...they just never said there was this black hole of known at the time "truths" to recieve the unviable "truths" they were spewing...very convient for "trutherism"

A remarkable study in mass delusion.