The Critical Thinker's Worst Nightmare!

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Julius Reade

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piece. of. shit.


who the fuck died at ZH and replaced the editorial board with a retarded 7-year old?


This is strike two this week. If there is a third I am cancelling my subscription.


Ok I freeload here but jesus it;s getting awful at the edges.


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people talking to themselves on a Youtube video is really lame, you can just picture them setting it all up.

It must be an Asian-Australian thing?

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total nonsense,and btw that's an australian accent

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Cliff's notes for those who don't want to watch:  Asian guy with British accent, talking to himself.  One version had tape on his face.  Obama, Romney.  Crying.  The end.

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Whadda crocka chickenshit bullshit.

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All of the Tylers must be in the bunker preparing for the tsunami hitting NY.    No other explaination for this mess getting posted.  

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This.  This I do not get.

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Tylers, if you please, I humbly request that you refrain from posting anything by this guy again.  It's worthless and not funny.

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Every once in a while there's a new ZH poster, who has really crappy posts

But that makes the comment sections A+ hilarious

Tyler might do it on purpose


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Oh crap! Someone just hacked ZH. Tyler will get this straightened out.

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Is that the Gangham Style guy?

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this guy's got posting privileges?

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Certainly titled appropriately ... My worst nightmare

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Tyler, check today's date.  It's not April 1.


The Klingons from Uranus have stuck - again.

"Warp factor nine on the Charmin' Scotty !"

"I'm gaevin' 'er all she'es got, Captain, I dinna think she'es gaen tae hold taegither!! "

" Stink finger's on you, Scotty " 

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WTF is this shit