Tuesday Humor: Ben Bernanke Telephones Hurricane Sandy.

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Julius Reade

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Stupid video.  

More likely Bernanke made a call to the exchanges "encouraging" them to close while the FED offices in NY & DC were closed.

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Cagati in mano e prenditi a schiaffi, stronzetto. Ben Bernanke is probably funnier in person than this crap.

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This nonsense made the cut at ZH, just because it looked as though it was lampooning Bernanke?

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Maybe it was an advertorial. Totally useless.

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It's been a slow two days friend. I'm a little stir crazy myself.  Biggest decision since Friday has been "which Scotch to empty today."

Have faith, the destruction of the  world will commence tommorow AM.  Give thanks for a  four day weekend..... They don't come often.

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<- Reade is funny.

<- Reade is annoying.

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"I can't Reade, and I'm good with that."

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Hurricane Deniers have been stirring up the interwebs by saying that the whole thing was a HOAX.

something about lighting and shadows and photoshop and blah blah blah.


get a life, you people. have you got nothing better to do than question every great achievement?