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As 10,000 UBS employees hit the road to McDonald's U, let us not forget this flying douche bag who apparently still has his critical job... 



Special From the NY FRB







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When will the looting start?  In '78 after the blackout it was very soon .... a couple of days later 'people' with new sneakers were casing Saks and Tiffany's on Park Ave.


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a eulogy that i meant to get to yesterday:

to George McGovern: God bless you.  no more george mcgoverns in politics; no more heros.  (no, i don't agree with all of his policies, but i respect him immensly...oh, but i do agree with a goodly-share of his beliefs/principals/policies -- which were indistinguishable.  a True Gentleman -- a man of honor and courage):

i'd often read opeds and whatnot by McGovern; but i feel i really got to know him via Hunter Thompsons' political masterpiece -- fear and loathing on the campaign trail, 72'.  and any of you who think HST was merely a novelty or drug-crazed loony should avail youselves of some of his more thoughtful work.  i believe david broder called 'fear and loathing on the..." the greatest piece of political journalism in modern america.  i tend to agree.  but this is not about HST... for now, more McGovern: (oh, that we could have put up with you longer)

happy trails, senator.




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Being a B-24 bomber pilot in the ETO, I can see how George became anti-war.

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Just got to my office on 58th. No power below 26th st and between 40 and 26 intermittent power east of 5th ave.
Above 40th is fine it seems at least in the middle. A tree fell behind the appartment last night but no one hurt n no damages, stocked up on water Ice and batteries so we are good for a week. It wasnt too bad today but hopefully we get fixed sooner than later.

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I warned you that seawater would dissolve domesticated gold that was not left in the wild.

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You go W7!Excellent pics and comments concerning the  POS that is Douche Bag Gramm and the rest of the merry gang par excellence.

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Just a brief salutation in honor of that Douche Bag Gramm.

He continues to insist that he had nothing to do with the slow motion financial/economic wreck we are still suffering. He is a fucking Wall Street liar just like Geithner. They both have the balls to insist that the repeal of Glass Steagall was irrelevant and that the derivative doomsday bomb factory is a positive force for the economy.

Meanwhile, the fuck has been skimming off the top at UBS for ten years now. UBS is a polluted financial sewer just like the rest of Wall Street. Now they are cutting investment banking to save their sorry asses, which is yet more proof that the financial supermarket model advocated and later renounced by Sandy Weil et al is a total fucking disaster.

But he continues to insist in his condescending Texas bullshit drawl, that he knows better than everyone else.

As the Chinese say, I shit on him and all his ancestors.

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Banzai, you havent heard from me in a while.  Your talent is Homeric .  Repealing the Commodity Modernization Act of 2000, demonizing the 106th Congress , Repealing the Financial Modernization Act of 2000,bitch slapping those who ignored Brooksley Born's warning in 1998 , Greenspans declaration to the BIS that realestate has double collateral value than caterpiller tractor recievables to the BIS board, Greenspan moving to Paulson & Co Jan 2008 to collect on CDS winnings, Holder & Bruer fixing MERRS at Covington then going to DOJ to collect bribes. Jimmy Johnson's FNMA promotion of the CRA, Raines' jackpot after the balance sheet exploded. 

If there is anyone who can tell the story in a mockery & humiliating fashion , you can do it with your pictures.


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Thanks bro. I definitey have enough for a seriously scathing book ;-)


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You can build the mother of all coffee table books right here unless you have documents in place that would be an impediment. The archives of your stuff probably has enough in place to have it half complete.

Eventually homeowners in non judicial review  forclosure states can buy a copy for the federal bankruptcy judge in their district or county prosecutors, sheriffs and consumer defense lawyers can have a copy in their waiting room. It would be a hit in all the legal libraries in every Americn Law school.

Then you can take out an ad in the ISDA trade paper.

10 million families living under bridges are banking on you getting copies into the DOJ and 50 state A.G offices. 

Bob Zmuda who managed Andy" Kaufman AKA Latka Gravas came to me in a dream and said you da man.

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A Gramm of Douche Bag will get you higher than Rick James, but the crash afterwards is a real world-class biotch.

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That ranks right up on top there with some of your finest work yet William. That UBS page needs to be made into a poster and sold. It's too bad few would even understand why that's not only a kick in the belly funny, but dead on target too.  The guy defines Douchebag

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He really is a piece of work as they say, and so is his wife, Mrs Enron.

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Yo banzai, would love to see a remake of the following! :)

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Look at the thread in my last post.

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So William, I would like to get a question out there, and as the other boards are full of comments that are hard to track due to volume, I am jumping in here and maybe it will spill out to another board later as Sandy updates come in for review (Sorry for the OT post is what I'm getting at):


With miles and miles of drilling, tunneling, haphazard shore and beach reinforcements, and forgotten tunnels or 'capped' tunnels; does Sandy present New York with a spring surprise due to all the water saturation in the form of sinkholes if winter brings in more saturation and the subsequent 'buckling' of frozen ground?


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Perhaps. Water mains often burst and entire blocks cave in when they do to everyones amazement.

The subway system in NYC looks almost as decrepit as the London tube.

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That's been my take on this for a while, based on the repeated comments that 'New Yorks infrastructure is in need of an upgrade' or simply put: We've fucked off our maintenance while pulling down huge salaries and shafting the taxpaying on a ROI for what they use, 

I get the feeling that the true devastation won't be apparent until spring thaw. Then things might become a true shithole and the exodus will begin.

Long Rider trucks!

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They fired everyone. That's all I know. How can they fix everything properly if they fired everyone? When you have an army of people you can work small miracles. But without the people you are going to hit a wall because the people you have burn out when they are overworked.

And you are right, the MTA plutocrats do quite well for themselves.

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Wm. just talked with an old electrical engineer that worked on the last of the diesel submarines, he advised that if all the power was shut off,  they wash all componets with fresh water, then 180 proof alcohol, then power up, should be ok, if all the preventative maintainance has been done (kept good varnish on the motors, if they power up to check it out, they will screw it all up, will need to be replaced, rebuilt.

He knows his shit about that stuff!

I was in Hurricane George in 98, they kept the power on at the refinery's at Passagola, didn't think they would get hit, flooded into all those electric motors, took 30,000 electrician to get all running again in about 3 months, Talked with some of the electricians removeing and replacing the motors, 1 a day were getting fried because the power was still on to some of them!

Got short on subway shit!

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I don't know how they are going to do it. I'm sure they have been cutting back on maintenance crews and expense to save money.

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Delacroix is trolling with political ads, you prick!

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I'm apolitical. my 2 year old grandaughter clicked on that while surfing youtube. she's pretty good on the mouse. I just thought it was funny. my next offering will lampoon the current douche in chief.  this stuff has a shelf life that expires in 6 days. don't get your panties in a bunch.

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Kick him in the balls for me!!

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Who knew solid gold bars could float...the liquid oozing out of the FRBNY must have had a very high viscosity.

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Assuming the big "O" wins election...think of all the "recovery stimulus" that will be needed to revitalize the NE from Sandy...should be in the hundred billion + range.  Perfect cover for more spending "we must ease the peoples suffering" and "who can raise taxes at a time like this"...Fiscal cliff bout to get resolved out of "compassion".

What's the over under that 2013 will see the largest US deficit yet???

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And if Romney wins he'll balance the budget, cut taxes, grow the economy, and produce 12 million new jobs. He doesn't need to provide any details because he was such a great governor and worked in the private industry. He's the greatest person who ever lived.

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First we had "Hope and Change"

Now we have:

"He's the greatest person who ever lived."

Next election:

”He is God.”

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Just like his uncle, he's wants to use the presidency as a stepping stone.

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I vomit thinking of either one of those two assholes winning.

One could ask the question why it is that the signaling system in the mass transit of the "financial capital" of the world is so easily susceptible to salt water contamination. I would have thought fiber optics etc would have solved that problem. They are saying all the electrical components have to pe replaced and they are probably correct.

They will no doubt hire Chinese contractors to handle all the long term work. The Chinese are now the world leaders in infrastructure projects. 

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Luckily Chinese contractors are renowned for their quality of work and attention to detail. 

Lived and worked in Taiwan and China and construction built there is built with the intention it will need to be rebuilt w/in ten years.

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Yes, as was demonstrated by that high speed mishap last year.

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The tungsten gold is in the East River?  I'm going snorkeling!

Tell John C to bring an extra 12 pack and we'll do cocktails on the "Vaporizer" as the island bails itself out.

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The tungsten free bars all fell into the River. All the shit left in the vault is dummied up replicas.

It is not easy to salvage anything out of that river. How convenient.

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I spit coffeee when I read the "ferry to Officer Tony Bologna house" , damn that hurts when the coffe is hot!

I gotta go combine soybeans for the son, get his crop out, would love to surf ZH comments all day today but duty calls!

William, your the reason I tolerate this old cancer ridden body , just got to get up and log on for more of your stuff!!

Sail on oh ship of State, They will probably have you in Levenworth by the end of the year, but don;t worry I will come and see you, its not that far away! I go to see Leonhard Peltier as much as they will let me, so it won;t be that big of a" otta the way"!




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All the best to you sir,i hope time is on your side,and the cure will find your way!!

With all regards!

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They think the only people who see through their bullshit are interlopers from out of town. Wrong. Plenty of New York people know exactly what is going down. Their time will come sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

You take care of yourself, beating cancer is as much a spiritual battle as it is physical.

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Occupy Rats 2012-13 NY Tour

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Where are the lights and gensets?

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How'd Kony get in there? Is he the janitor?

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Dude Helicopter Ben's landing pad at the top of HQ Screw is pure fucking genius! Mad props!

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It'll be fixed. In Bloomfukistan everything is fixed.

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Surprisingly I think the screw design looks better than some towers I have seen built.

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Nice exterior elevators...