GoT GaS?

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Lloyd is now siphoning gas
He's stealing from people en masse
What he takes from our tank
He pours into his bank
He's simply a thief with no class

The Limerick King

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With all the waiting from now fuel will be known as "gaso-line" instead of gasoline.

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Gas and oil markets follow similar price patterns.


These prices are headed south.  So why is gasoline so important in New York?  You have to own a car for gasoline to be practically useful.

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When price manipulation happens you are reporting inventory shortages to keep them high.

If you are in position with a couple of billion dollars of "paper" oil and a storm rolls around and sits on the fact your paper doesn't have value because you've got nothing backing it (refineries offline) so you attempt to sneak out the door quietly.  Except when gas it really expensive any nominal change in a percent, not barrel cost price, is VERY noticable.


Basically all those ETN's are smoke and mirrors and haven't got the capital to afford the cost of the goods to deliver.  Don't forget all these guys are broke and living on borrowed credit.


It is also historically a sign that interest rates are going to go bananas again, so whoever is holding all that paper doesn't want to be remotely near a margin call/delivery if interest rates are well and above 10%.


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GoT GraSS?

Dope will get you through times of no power better than power will get you through times of no dope.

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Bring Back Corzine for Christy;  put Christy Dept of BS. Jobs./Jizz Bizz.

FORWARD. foreclosure NY.



paging helicoper Ben, helicopter Ben,  the germans are pulling their gold,

time to 'Print and Sprint. vote and sprinkle and tinkle in the boroughs, 

NY?  Joisey,  stage a concert on TV, let them Eat marathons!!!!

Elections.....they have consequences.  cue up new storm 5 days,   ZOMBIES EAT MARATHONERS. 



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If only more conservatives would waste their vote by voting for Ron Paul, everything would be great!










Paid For By The Committee For Recovery Summer 3,4,5,6,7,&8



John Corzine Treasurer

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Good one!

I heard that when 0bama and Christie had their photo op/love fest the other day  Christie turned to 0bama and said "You're doin' a heck of a job, brownie!"


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2 men enter, 1 man leave...who run Bartertown?

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ING was a big sponsor of the marathon. I wonder if they pulled out or made the mayor's office uncomfortable. There's more to the story.

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I'm sure it happened JUST the way the media reported it !

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Blankfein is full of shit and gas. 

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WB7, please get yourself a bitcoin address for donations.  You deserve more than karma points.

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Don't worry, Christie has rationed gas for cars.

"The governor, a first-term Republican, pledged to send police to stations to “vigorously” enforce the order, which he said should only last “a few days.” The rule doesn’t apply to people filling containers with fuel for generators."

So, everyone will just park their car down the street (more congestion) and get their entire family to stand in line with gas containers (more time, longer lines) and then use it to fill their car.  

Gov't planning is genius.

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Our downfall.

Regulation without enforcement.

Oil, banks, entitlements, congress......

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You're senile, old man. We don't have a problem, there is no legitimate association between you and I, but you do have a problem, and that is being a masochistic fool who thinks the answer to state evil and incompetence is more state. Yes if only we had more highly paid and deeply captured revolving-door regulators-cum-lobbyists aka parasitic rentiers and micromanaging petty dictatorial pricks with trees up their asses and Napoleon complexes. Fuck your regulators, they are anti-Midas, everyone they touch turns to Detroit.

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You know, I was in a 7-11 somewhere in Virginia yesterday and it hit me: Someone might take a shot at someone if they start that marathon in Staten Island, close the bridge for supplies, etc.  And boy, I thought, how bad might THAT fuck up the election?

I heard the cancellation announced on the radio about 20 minutes later.  Great minds, eh?

Totentänzerlied's picture

The marathon should have gone ahead on schedule - with no government assistance of any kind, particularly police security details. Why is it that in the Greatest City on Earth (tm), The mayor's private army is needed to work a moterfucking marathon - is the city not as safe and friendly as King Bloomberg claims, or do they just collude with private event organizers to squeeze every possible second of overtime out of every possible special assignment no matter how incredibly stupid?

You know who's paying for the THOUSANDS of hours of overtime the local police and firemen are getting here? Why, you are, because FEMA is footing the bill.

Should have let the foolish private sponsors shoot themselves in the foot by going ahead with this marathon - tell Bloomie to pound sand and watch their precious marathon become a riot. Bloomberg is no fool, he knows the score.

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One of the few intelligent things they've ever done.

Besides outlawing Big Gulps.


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Bloomberg is a shill. Anyone that promotes carbon taxes is part of the problem. 

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the State, the sewer that keeps on giving (us all shit)

blindman's picture

you may understand that the heating systems
are integrated with the electric power grid
and one does not function without the other.
hence, the red gas jugs for the generators as
the electrical grid failed so the heating
systems , even though fuel ready and available,
can not be activated or monitored where this be
required by law, we have a "problem" mounted
atop a problem. sound/s sexy, no? or smells
like money? jeez, and whatnot, (politics as
but the cold and hunger can kill u

MsCreant's picture

I have a short term lighting solution.

Have Lloyd butt chugging the gas. Then stuff a rag up his ass. Anyone around here have a light? Help a lady out here?

blindman's picture

here the math. personal time (4 hours or more)
at $4.15 a gallon, maximum 13 gallons or $50, the population is all in at this (time. also willing,
ready and able to lose their minds) over slights
of place and position in line, no problem.
let's get it on but not in a good way.
Marvin Gaye Lets Get It On

saturn's picture

Haha, marathon for gas cancelled lol.

boogerbently's picture

How about, Rebuilding NY/NJ cancelled.

Totentänzerlied's picture

The worst elements are very much in tact. Schumer, Cuomo, Bloomberg, The NYFed, Wall Street, the insurance companies, the lawyers, etc. etc. are doing absolutely fine. The poor who lived in flood zones, though they should never have been there if they couldn't handle the situation with their own money, are the ones suffering. And the 100,000 small businesses. The yacht club crowd has already bounced back.

(I need a shower, I feel like I channelled LTER there, yeuch)

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Classic rock video partly about 'petrol crisis', video with the famous scenes of an Arab hitchhiking and getting picked up by a religious Jew in a white Cadillac convertible ... and then they together get some petrol (gas) which costs a lot of fiat

1982 by the Clash, 'Rock the Casbah' ... when the 70s petrol shortages were still fresh in mind, and juxtaposed with the Iranian Revolution era suppression of Western-type rock entertainment

Today I suppose this Clash video might start riots, as lyrics seem to refer to the Prophet Muhammad:

« By Order of the Prophet,

They Ban that Boogie Sound! ...

Sharif Don't Like It! »

Great entertaining vid still, 30 years later

Jim in MN's picture

Now half the Clash has been doing the Gorillaz vids also some awesome work there....

Overfed's picture

Love The Clash.

Here's another great tune from them.

blindman's picture

and it is getting colder this being
november 3rd, 2012.

goldfish1's picture

Special Weather Statement
505 PM EDT SAT NOV 3 2012



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Some punishment for Obama voters is in order.

Ckierst1's picture

Some punishment for ALL demopublican voters is in order.  Sorry, lesser of two evils is still evil.  Remember, if your vote for them mattered they would make it illegal.

monad's picture

"I Voted For Stupid" should be a hit no matter what.

machineh's picture

You voted for Stupid, I voted for Evil.

Time to join Depublicrats Anonymous and give up this destructive habit for good ...

monad's picture

Stupid is Evil and the entire federal government is too stupid. I want to see WB7 coffeee cups with "I Voted For Stupid" and the picture of the swine of your choice.

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Looks like a powerful 980mb storm brewing for next Wednesday and Thursday too.

Earl of Chiswick's picture

and a nor-easter forecasts for Weds

Published: 7:38 PM GMT on November 03, 2012


Storm-weary U.S. residents pounded by Superstorm Sandy may have a new storm to contend with on Wednesday: an early-season Nor'easter is expected to impact the mid-Atlantic and New England with strong winds and heavy rain.

blindman's picture

the story is like this. people have no
electric service and have purchased
generators that run on one hour for one
gallon of gas, generally speaking, or they are
road folks making a living on driving and have
decided the walk with a can line is shorter than
the queue up with the vehicle line. and it is all
due, me thinks, to the damage done to the traffic
signal system, electric power grid transmission system
that was integrated with the the tree line and
roadways back in 1950. or so. if you had a million dollar + , (including potential liability/s ) unit/s
would u put them on the road where there was no
traffic control at intersections in place?
hence no private gasoline supply for u with no power
and no electric connection to the power grid.
there we be, off the grid in the domain of the grid,
on lines stretching out to no-w-here.

blindman's picture

he he fu shoo crazy ,mo fo ya,
ya, ya. ! bing. ...
oh> > dot. laugh too much . t,
the street is getting schooled and
the temperature is rising and coolor-ing,
un- natural, naturally.
? The Faces Live 1972 ?
Ronnie Lane live at Rockpalast 1980.wmv
Kevin hart - Teacher Confrontation
passing it along

Captain Planet's picture

Fan-fuckin-tastic WB.

Gonna go buy myself a 500 gallon tank for next year's storm of the century.


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Bloomberg & O'Barry...two incredibly shrinking men. Which one will disappear first is the only question.