How Can You Help America? Let Politicians Know You Disapprove by NOT Voting Tomorrow & Buying 1oz of Physical Gold & Silver Inst

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Given that every single election in our lifetimes has been a sham between two candidates that serve the same money masters that want to destroy your livelihood and that of your family, why not save your time and energy by refusing to vote in an election in which your vote will not make one iota of difference towards America’s future but instead, choose to engage in an action that can? Take advantage of the bankers' raid of the paper gold and silver futures markets last Friday and subsequent lower prices in gold and silver by visiting your local precious metals dealer instead of going to the polls tomorrow, and buy one troy ounce of physical gold and silver! One of the main reasons that the bankers have been having so much difficulty matching the successes of their previous gold and silver raids executed just a few years prior is due to the support of recent heavy physical buying in gold and silver at both the institutional and retail level. So yes, there is something you can do tomorrow that is 1000 times more constructive and helpful to America than voting. Go down to your local precious metals dealer and buy an ounce of physical gold or physical silver, or preferably, one troy ounce of both, and let the politicians that bow down to the money masters really know what you think.

UPDATE: 7:55AM EST Someone just informed us that the last two minutes of the below video was cut off for some reason. As the last couple minutes contains some of our most important commentary, we are re-uploading the file to YouTube right now, so please check back as the full video should be linked below in about 30 minutes. Thank you.




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Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

Fuck YOU Bernanke.....

Golden Shower for all bankers...!!!

Piss on them.

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Just vote for Rosanne, or write in Ron Paul. Not voting is exactly why we get garbage year in and year out.

Voting for 3rd parties gives them more power and the traditional parties have to attract those voters somehow-co-opting their platforms or folding them into the party. For better or worse, that's why the Teaparty has the GOP focused on economic issues. Sadly, the teaparty became a group of neocon dummies

my puppy for prez's picture

Check this out:

I have no way to verify this stuff, but it DOES make for some interesting reading!

(The author is "ex"-CIA.)

crusty curmudgeon's picture

There are basically 3 levels of enlightenment here in ZH-Land (skipping over the obvious fools).

1.  R Voters.  "Anything but O"

First, there are those who realize their public education was indoctrination for the state and that the best government is one which governs least.  These folks choose R because of its purported stance on limited government and fiscal responsibility. 

2.  Third Party Voters.  "Libertarian"

It is a great awakening for those who realize there isn't a nickel's worth of difference between the R and D candidates and that voting for "the lesser of two evils" is still voting for evil.  These enlightened folks will vote for the L candidate or write in "Ron Paul" -- a principled vote.  Far superior to the lying R.  These folks realize both paths (R & D) lead to the same slaughterhouse.

3.  Non-Voters.  The "Voluntaryist" or "Resistance Fighter"

It is only for those few who have seen behind the curtain and realize the entire game is rigged; that playing a rigged game is a fool's errand.  These folks realize that withdrawing their consent is far more liberating and far more destructive to TPTB.  Living life outside the state is redemptive.  These people understand Etienne de La Boetie's "The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude."  In simpler terms, they've seen and understand the movie, "A Bug's Life" (


Edward Teller's picture

Crusty: Havn't you ever heard about inflation or looked at the FED money supply charts? There's a lot more than "a nickel's worth of difference" between them. Those who sit around claiming it doesn;t make any difference who wins are part of the problem - they are not responsible adults. They have not grasped the reality of what is going on, and how the different scenarios might work themselves out. They don't care about reality.

Let's take a simple example. Romney is a Mormon - they are raised as what I think are now referred to as "preppers" (or something like that). The Mormons in Utah last year passed a Currency Amendment (H.B. 317) which was signed into law allowing the use of U.S. gold and silver coinage as legal tender within the state that provides for "the exchange of gold and silver coins for another form of legal tender does not create any individual income or sales tax liability." In effect, it provides the legal basis for the development of a back-up medium of exchange - something that will be desperately needed and does not exisit today.


Romney might go along with something like that for the whole country. We may be certain the other guy wouldn't. The above example is but one of many that will reduce the death count, and increases the outside possibility that something partly resembling the "old life" emerges on the other side as this thing works it's way through. Romney is at least a real American and there at least exists the probability that he is far more competent to guide the inevitable collapse than someone who wants it to happen.


I repeat, those who sit around claiming it doesn;t make any difference who wins are part of the problem - they are not responsible adults. They have not grasped the reality of what is going on, and how the different scenarios might work themselves out. They don't care about reality.


Google Utah HB317 2011 to read the statute.


pods's picture

Sorry but legal tender laws are nothing but force.  Force to make me accept something for my labor.  Nothing different than legal tender for the FRN.

You cannot really use a legal tender law to support a stance on less government.  It is kind of oxymoronic.

A backup legal tender is dumb.  It relies on the false assumption that if there was no legal tender law today, there would be no exchange.

As for debt, we have not paid a dime's worth on the principal of our debt since Ike.  There is a reason for that.


crusty curmudgeon's picture

Reality is not always what it seems.  But let's follow your logic:

1.  Utah passed a symbolic (buy seriously flawed) law on legal tender;

2.  Outside Salt Lake City, most Utahans are mormon;

3.  Romney is a mormon;

4.  Therefore R is much better than O and you morons who claim there is no difference are the problem and you don't care about reality.


Keep smoking whatever it is you're smoking--it's obviously good.

Vooter's picture

LOL...irresponsible adult here! What are you going to do about it?

laughnow's picture

This is epically retarded. By choosing not to vote, you still have voted for Obama. 

OneTinSoldier66's picture



So by choosing not to eat dung, that means that I've put a check-mark next to Obama's name? By choosing not to eat ice cream, that automatically means I must be eating broccoli?


The only people that are responsible for voting for Obama, are those that voted for Obama. It really is that simple. Just because you want to try and complicate things by saying that anyone who doesn't vote is automatically voting for Obama, doesn't make it so.


That fact that you choose to lie and then proclaim it as being the truth... doesn't magically turn your lie into the truth.

odatruf's picture

The only Romney or Obama votes that matter at this point are those cast in the 7 or 8 swing states. The only other (presidential) cast votes in all other states are those for 3rd party candidates in hopes of hitting the 5% or higher thresholded needed to force their or their parties participation in the national debates in 2016.


jughead's picture

What is epically retarded is doing the same thing over and over again (voting for evil-dumb or evil-dumberer) and expecting a different result.  Neither one of the Obamney twins deserve my vote and I'll be damned if I'll sanction the actions and policies of either one of them with it.

Be sure to come back and let us know how doing the same thing worked out THIS time!

Vooter's picture

What part of WE DON'T CARE don't you get? Jesus--talk about epically retarded...

monogratis's picture

By that logic, I must assume that by not taking a dump in the toilet then I must have crapped my pants...

SilverMoneyBags's picture

Politicians love people that don't vote. It means their path to domination over you is met with less resistance.

Vooter's picture

What domination would that be?

goldfish1's picture

They have only the dominion you give them.

Orwell was right's picture

"Not Voting" doesn't send much of a message.   Polliticians don't care about people who don't vote...they care about influencing people who DO vote.  If you want to send a message, vote against incumbents...and in states with third party or Libertarian candidates, vote for one of those.    Politicians ONLY pay attention to poll results.   

Vooter's picture

WE DON'T CARE WHAT POLITICIANS THINK. Is this concept really that hard for your little walnut-sized brain to wrap itself around? WE'RE NOT PARTICIPATING.

Glitterbug's picture

What do people reply when you say you will vote libertarian? Usually, not a hope in hell of getting anywhere near.

So, vote libertarian this time and narrow the gap. Then next time the gap won't be so big.

Remember the excitement of the Ron Paul campaign amongst the youngsters. Harness their vote this time around and next time - you will have a hell of a chance. Otherwise, you are left with just ----- Hell.

Dumpster Fire's picture

Perot got 19% two decades ago.  GJ hoping to get 5%.  History doesn't agree with the gap closing.

clam's picture

Your knowledge is not so smart...It's infantile...

You will elect a marxist...


Bananamerican's picture

O is a crony capitalist corporatist....with an EBT glaze.

You, however, are a Foxtard...


Romney is a crony capitalist corporatist...who will have a fracking straw up your ass by wed.

Glitterbug's picture

Hear it everywhere - two peas in a pod, same masters, same agenda, we don't have a choice.

Crapola, you did have a choice, Ron Paul was in there with a shout but the local party leaders defrauded him of his fair opportunuity. How much noise did you make when his delegates were locked out?

It wasn't the bankers who took away your choice, it was your own local party heads. Now go put it right, get rid of those who broke the rules. No? You can't be bothered? It won't make a difference? It's not your job!

Ok, so if you won't fix something that is obviously broken, don't whinge about the two candidates having the same masters.

TrustWho's picture

I think the world's path FORWARD is fixed with a wall facing the financial system. If you want to send the politicians a message then you should vote against all incumbents. Throw the bums out of office, because the politicians only care about power and holding their office; therefore the only fear voters can create is FEAR OF LOSING OFFICE.


Totin's picture

Go out and buy some gold or silver then go vote for the lesser of two evils. 

jughead's picture

more like the emptier of two suits

Bananamerican's picture


Until the day Banks are disallowed from picking our Prez candidates, don't vote for either one.

monad's picture

Having bilked about 2 billion for this fake election, tomorrow Dick Cheney's nephews Mitt & Barry will flip a coin to decide who runs the apologist con for the next 4. Then they'll be sipping champaign together and sucking each other off, just like they are doing today. Its a big club and you're not in it. We're not in it. Its the club they beat you over the head with every day...

ZeroAvatar's picture

"Follow us on's for the orphans."


Jah, Sure, YouBetcha.

MacroAndCheese's picture

Yeah that'll fix 'em!

cramers_tears's picture

JS Kim is right about the precious metals, but some of you ZH'ers know you like to smoke the herb... Plus we need to get a third-party candidate into the effin debates...  So 1) go vote for Gary Johnson and then 2) go buy an ounce of silver or, maybe better, a big can of dehydrated strawberries.  We get these Crazy Libertarians up to 15% and even the CPD will have trouble keeping them out of the debates. --Holy Shit, A Libertarian actually having to be covered by the MSM!!!?!!  Why that would shake the pillars of (0.1%er) heaven.

Go Gary!

1.  Each individual has the right to his or her own life, and this right is the source of all other rights.

2.  Property rights are essential to the maintenance of those rights.

3.  In order that these rights be respected, it is essential that no individual or group initiate the use of force or fraud against any other.

4.  In order to bar the use of force or fraud from social relationships and to place the use of retaliatory force under objective control, human society requires an institution charged with the task of protecting individual rights under an objective code of rules. This is the basic task, and the only moral justification for, government.

5.  The only proper functions of government, whose powers must be constitutionally limited are as follows: settling, according to objective laws, disputes among individuals, where private, voluntary arbitration has failed; providing protection from criminals; providing protection from foreign invaders.

6.  As a consequence of all the above, every individual -- as long as he or she respects the rights of others -- has the right to live as he or she alone sees fit, as a free trader in a free market.

Government Price Control off everyone's back.   If that would happen, I'd be growing Marijuana, making corn-mash, building extra space for the bar, sports book, poker parlor and professional girls down on my farm and not have to worry about the Revenuers.  Come on down, open 24/7, plenty of parking, check your firearms at the gate.

Cow's picture

All the libs should not vote or vote on Wednesday.  All conservatives need to vote on Tuesday.  New policy

Bananamerican's picture

 you    fucking    partisan    FOOL

Totin's picture

It's time that we all need to come together, Democrats and Republicans alike. In a bi-partisan effort for America: If you support Mitt Romney, please drive with your headlights ON during the day. If you support Barack Obama, please drive with your headlights OFF at night. Together, we can make it happen.

optimator's picture

Write in Hon. Dr. Ronald Paul.  You'll feel good.

spondoolix's picture

I just hope all you non-voting and write-in pekker heads would have voted for Obama.  Since the U.S. has a federal government (and will for your lifetimes), the libertarian/anarchist vote should have coalesced around the major party favoring SMALLER federal government.  This is imperfect, but at least you would have had some input into a platform.  Instead, the whiner Ron Paul (even though he is correct on many things) just took his ant's testicle (very small "ball") and went home slinking off to sulk - and is taking all of you with him. 

For all those who counter that a vote for Obama will facilitate the requisite catastrophe, I urge you to listen to those on this thread such as Gmpx (or any of the other immigrants) who have already faced what your morons are hoping for.

You people will be better off emigrating to a less regulated place, like Sudan or the mountains of Pakistan. 


Vooter's picture

I"m not emigrating anywhere. I was born on this land, through no choice of my own, and I'm going to stay here. FUCK THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. What don't you get?

trichotil's picture

how about a transcript that i can read quickly instead of wasting 10 minutes staring at jootoob?

Hannibal's picture

The American Red Cross is a fraud. DO NOT DONATE!

Rainman's picture

Clever idea they had there a hundred years unfunded GSE masquerading as a private charity.

AnAnonymous's picture

1-'American' nations work through the consent of the governed.

2-Voting is a middle class thing.

3-Exercize of power in 'american' nations is institutional.

Politicians who are servants to the middle class voters and seek their consent do not see their institutional powers limited by the lack of support from non voters.

It is how 'americanism' works.

More than a half of the electorate is used not to voting in the US. If non voting has any effect on 'american' political ways, it would be known at this time.

Be they elected by 90pc or 10pc of the electorate, politicians in 'american' nations operate with the same institutional power capacity.

As the 'american' middle class is shrinking, the number of voters with an effective voting result, is destined to decline.

Voting in 'american' nations is about testing whether or not you are a full member of the winning team.

If you dont vote, you do not play and you cant win. 'American' rules...

goldfish1's picture

rigged game

remove your energy and the zombie dies

rsnoble's picture

Why buy something that the politicians can declare their property at the stroke of a pen?

I have no doubt gold confiscation will come, anyone that thinks the gov't is just going to fold and go away is in la la land.

On the flip side if you have lots of $ then sure go ahead.  But for most people a stash of food and water supplies would be a better investment.  Not only that it would be a lot more convenient to trade a container of salt for something vs. a $1700 pc of gold. What are you going to do? cut it in little bity pieces?  

I'm convinced if things get as bad as bad can get it will be a full blown circus and none of this will much matter.

Vooter's picture

LOL...and how will this confiscation go down? Is the U.S. government going to go door to door and ask the good people of the United States to turn over their gold? Are they going to raid every house in the country with SWAT teams? Are they going to go yard by yard and dig exploratory holes?

Ace Ventura's picture

They won't have to. The objective is to make the ownership of gold by the peasantry 'illegal'. From there, the already well-developed modern snitch-society will do the rest when those peasants who choose to 'illegally own and transact' with gold get ratted-out for a nice reward. From that point, tossing one or two of these horrendous criminals into prison for over a decade will do the rest of the psyche-work on the remaining proletariat. The objective is not to raid every household, but to make the penalty for having the audacity to own something 'illegal' punitive enough that 98% of the serfs will comply. Throw in the heavily divided population thoroughly entrenched in 'multiculturalism' and the task becomes easier, as the herd controls itself as the various factions battle to oppress the others.

grunk's picture

I'm going to buy a 32 ounce soda and rip the tag off my bed.