NiGHT oF THe LiViNG CHaDs...

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maybe to short the living chads if we hung the dangling bads who occupy sad hill of Capitol, we could start a stampede that would make Fiscal Cliff look like Skyfall. The more fiat air gets blown into economy baloon the more we head for the moon on a voyage of no return.

Somebody has to take the DC bull by the horns, cut off its hose-tail of FED fiat semen and then eviscerate its hanging jewels of TBTF bigger than big bonus pumps; like the toxic and evil lumps they be. 

What a beautiful 'I have a dream' sequence I levitate in before reality hits me. 

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George Bush Accidently Votes For Obama

"Mr. President Fox News is reporting that you've accidentally voted for Barack Obama. Would you care to comment?"

"Yes unfortunately because of the incompetence of the folks who designed the ballot, my vote counted for the other guy," Bush responded.

"Just confuses folks"

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Another excellent post WB7

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oDid you photoshop that cop's face in the last one?

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No, that's a real picture. Classic no?

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 Banzai, I love the fact that you are keeping the metal down on "Tony Bologna". I still laugh my ass off every time I see his name!

 I wouldn't want to be on your "shit list". You're relentless. :-)

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It's extremely important that we remember what happened. That shows just how hollow our sacred civil liberties are. It is a sneak preview of what will eventually follow when push comes to shove.

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"This shit is fucked!"

Yes, even more so now.

Count on more pepper spray, swat teams, and drones from here on out.

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You could have counted on those either way.

You have to admit, TPTB puppet masters have played this situation exquisitely.

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indeed, like a fiddle.  more than enough extrortion dough paid to the MSM to keep them in line.

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I still truly believe I was the best candidate for the people, but they have spoken for TweedleDee, or maybe TweedleDum this day. So I will rest up for the next campaign, should it happen four years from now, and prepare another run as the only candidate that can fix our economy and bring our country together. 

Thank all of you that supported me. I shall return.

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Crony Swing Dancers nearly made beer come out my nose!  Awesome!

I only left home today to go buy bananas for a hemp shake.  Yep, drove right past the town hall voting palace.  Thing 1 or Thing 2? No thanks.

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Electionary mismachinations

Frightening our imaginations

The precarious hanging of a chad

A nefariously programmed touch pad

may lead to an obamanation!

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don't blame me, i voted for ross perot

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the good doctor's best interview ever?

looking forward to his speeches from the floor before his retirement...

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I hope he assumes a different visible role. He is the only one who has any credibility.

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RP is great as usually but don't you just want to bash the chick from CNN right in the face? 

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I was going to vote for Kiss My Ass, but I decided to save 5 minutes of my life for something more important.

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I vote for equal rights for the absurd. 

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Tuesday November 6 7:00am
gore vidal interview
paraphrase; the university system is dedicated to
convincing the public there is no class/cast system
in america.
notice the "cash for gold" pawn scam shops,
ubiquitous, and the public convinced there is
no legal tender crisis with the federal reserve notes
and "market" prices in those federal reserve notes
in america. we are all thoroughly convinced of
something that is entirely erroneous it seems.

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Diebold votes being counted in Spain; wonder who they want to win?

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Night of the living chads might become NIGHTS of the living chad.

This is how it might play out:

Rampant voter fraud accusations from both sides prior and after election.(This is already happening)

Hundreds of people disenfranchised because they arrived to late to the poll cut off line, and they are pissed.

Dozens of requests for recounts in districts throughout the country, especially the swing states.

Romney is finally the declared victor after shouts of 'foul', 'stole' and other four letter adjectives fill the air.

After waking up to the possibility all SNAP/Medical cards might be comprimised by a Romney Pres, many  take to the streets to relieve their frustration & fear. The American Spring has arrived in late Fall 2012.

Martial Law is enforced and the fun gang @ Homeland Security get to play with their new toys.

THEN it really gets shitty.


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Bill: I think you drew the "Desire for Change" part of the brain significantly too large. In my studies you need a fairly powerful dissection microscope to locate it, just within the "What's In It For Me" superior gyre of the mid brain, you know where the pleasure centers dominate.

I find that it discovers better on preserved specimens of brain. As I know you are are stickler for anatomical accuracy allow me to recommend a Wal-Mart near you, where you can usually find a large selection of well-preserved brains walking around already soaked in 64 ounce Big Gulp and Cheese Whiz.



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"night of the living chads"


- very nice

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Just one small addendum addition to your wonderfuliscious blog, Buckaroo:


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Cali voters have capital punishment, taxes, GMO food labeling, and many local issues on the ballot.  These issues are directly decided by the voters, not by a two-faced, agenda-hiding representative.  The more apathetic the voter, the easier it is for those promoting, or fighting, the initiatives, to win out over the smug, silent, inactive majority.

No, on second thought.....I'll just wait for WB7 to satirize the outcome.

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sandy says they are fighting over a corpse, goodbye $

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The image is iconic. Please use it often, as you do. I just want to keep the record fresh on who that is.

That phat phuck was Lt. John Pike and he worked as campus cop for the University of Calif at Davis. He no longer works there, nobody knows where he went, but he's out there somewhere waiting like a rabid pit viper for another chance to fuck people over, you can count on that.

This found at the HuffPo:

A task force report on the UC Davis pepper-spraying incident, released on April 11, found Pike's decision to use pepper spray on seated protesters was "not authorized by policy" and "critically flawed."

"There is little factual basis supporting Lt. Pike’s belief that he was trapped by the protesters or that his officers were prevented from leaving the quad," the report stated. "Further, there is little evidence that any protesters attempted to use violence against the police."

Nobody in uniform faced charges for the abuse. John Pike got months of paid administrative leave.

UCD recently paid out nearly $1 million to the victims. The amount divided might just pay 2 years tuition per student.

Hey. Maybe John's stationed at a polling place today. Bet he has his pinky finger on the trigger even as I write this.

The phat phuck.

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The guy is a fuckin' hero in my eyes

those cocksucking marxist agitators deserved much, much worse

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@ cortez-You are wrong. Those lefties had every right to protest even if the cause was/is stupid. That cop should be put in stocks and everybody in America gets three shots with pepper spray back at him. Abuse of power is a crime. This guy is a piece of garbage whose name should remain one saved for derision.

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What that pepper spray cop represents is the new crony fascist modus operandi. Hire sub IQ goons to break up the crowd, then disavow their actions later.

The same goes for Tony Baloney who is being forced to defend himself from civil suits without city funding.

I really don't care about pepper spray cops name. It's the people who hired him and set him loose that I am interested in.

And unlike what some morons might think, it has nothing to do with left or right and everything to do with TPTB.

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So, you would have been in your element with the nazies @ Kent State?


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can't fix stupid


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Of course you're right. I admit I'm stupid because a bunch of cops decided to blow away unarmed teenagers expressing their right to protest the war.

You would be on the front lines these days willing to trade lead for an insult to a protester that had the gall to call you a pig 3 feet from the "designated protest zones".

Goons like you will be the first to die very soon.

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seems to be some controversy as to who fired the first  shat at Kent State. 

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The national guard troops shot warning shots over the heads of the protesters and hit innocent students walking to class as the bullets came down. Then the situation got ugly as students started throwing rocks and anything they could at the troops.

Things were thrown at the troops before they fired. The anti-vietnam crowd latched on to the shooting and spread a lot of misinformation, ad the anti-war media spread falsehoods about the shooting.

My mother was there during the shooting and has told me many times how it went down.

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wow.  you just single-handedly lowered the collective average ZH IQ by 10 points.

as to my demise; you'll eat a lot of 7.62 x 39 getting to me, loser

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Big man, woo, let me touch you.

Allow me to tell you a story Cortez. I few months ago I was trying pass through a military guard post that stopped traffic entering the base. The roads are not clear what is public/private or government land. At one time you could freely go through. Since I had not been on that particular road in a while, I wasn't sure if it went through, which it didn't. I knew what was coming.

Stopped. 4 men fully loaded AUTOMATIC rifles, 9m attach, cams etc greeted me. Handed them my ID, explained that I thought it went through and asked permission to turn around. They were all mostly cool except for on jerk-off that wanted to impress his men or his superior on duty how big of a dick he had.

Gave me shit left and right. I didn't have the front registration tag on the vehical?-though it was on the back and officiated with the reg forms. License, Registration, Inspection Tags, Proof of Insurance check...but this Rambo-wanna-be that thought his uniform didn't stink wanted to tow my vehical and make me walk, till I found it. No respect, like they demand always. I was a useless civilian.

Those types, like you, will be the first to be recognized. I would have made it my personal HOBBY to fuck this guys shit up. You are too clueless to understand what is at stake and will wonder why some peasant like me suprises you someday with a 16" cross-bow arrow when it goes silently through your 7.62 x 39 gear then awkwardly through your head. Might even make an improvement.


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you are too stupid to sneak up on me, and are the least of my worries

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Ol' pepper-can cop gets around, no?

We can expect more of the same.