Crony Currency Club Cartel Controls Captives

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(Note from Tim: This is one of those Slope of Hope posts that is Big Enough To Be Seen From Space, and it is written by a frequent contributor to Slope, BDI. Although, permabear that I am, I don't agree with his conclusion that the S&P will be rocketing to 1500 very soon, he could well be right, and the vast majority of the post has nothing to do with projections but instead is about currencies, market manipulation, and some of the most dazzling use of alliteration the world has ever witnessed.)

0726-gun-control-obama-played-safe_full_600 (1)


Well, my fellow Slope-a-Dopes, you may have noticed that I have been completely turned upside down by this week's developments.  Let me be clear, my crazed compromised counter comportment has nothing to do with the fact that the sitting U.S. president was re-elected.  After all, every single national poll, swing state survey, and comprehensive electoral college considerations, had the President as the winner by a cushy considerably comfortable count.  In this age of definitive digital data mining, why anyone would have been surprised by the well known outcome entirely eludes even eye.  The only truly shocking surprise, would have been if the dastardly dog delivery dirtbag had beaten the coy corrupt community creep.  So what has utterly upset & upended your favorite Idiot Savant's uneven universe?


The precise timing and violent intensity of the market's reaction to a widely anticipated, well understood and most expected election event, has left me not only scratching my head, but my juicy jingling jewels as well. Don't get me wrong, it is not the market direction that threw me for a laughable legendary loop. Like many, I had anticipated major market pressure as we happily headed towards the fiscal cliff negotiations.  In fact, if you had read EP 93.0 Supersonic Fiscal Freefall, you would know that I clearly expected the market to hammer BamBam until he reached a grand compromise with BoneHead, and we may well have more rapid red rain to run.  However, what has struck me here, was the exact timing and speed of the move which occurred right around the election.  The bizarre market action, the day before, the day of, and the day after the National vote, was seriously stupefyingly suspect to me.  Simply stated, the market's reaction was too violent in light of the known knowns.  Why now?  Why so sudden? Why so sharp?  What was really behind this most electrifying exponentially erratic market move?

A bright burning bulb has illuminated my mad mad mind.  Only one thing can explain such an unexpected intense market move off of such an expected known political outcome; COORDINATED MARKET MAKER CONTROL. Controlled demolition was most certainly the dominant determining deed done.  An orchestrated down draft has been engineered to make the emphatic point, right off the bat, that a grand compromise is to be quickly reached by the new sock puppet in chief. The real powers behind the merry mad marionette show, have once again pulled their slimy stealth strings.  The international banking & global corporate titans controlling the levers of power in our new world order, will continue to use all means of financial exchange necessary, in order to obtain the glorious governing goals they so deftly desire.  This includes the manipulation of all major bond exchanges, all major equity exchanges, and all major currency exchanges.

To those of you that will undoubtedly right me off as just another confused kooky conspiracy crackpot.  I only ask that you please indulge me a few pressing pertinent powerful points to further foretell my sexy super sensational savant sermon.

0601. Currency Control Club:  The preeminence of USD & EURO as the world's reserve currencies, along with their smaller subservient sisters Yen, Sterling & Swissy, and distant docile descendants CAD, AUD & NZD absolutely control the world's means of exchange. What I mean by this, is that since the lion's share of current global trade is conducted under this existing currency regime, it leaves the other "non club members" no choice but to pay to play.  Furthermore, in today's global monetary currency markets, it is the most powerful Central Banks of these reserve currencies FED/ECB/BOJ/BOE that dictate the pace of monetization of the critical currencies, and thus the exchange rates between them.  The rest of the world's lessor means of exchanges are directly controlled by the actions of the Currency Control Club's Central Banks.

AmericanConsumptionSmall2. Consuming Countries Control Producing Powers: Mainly due to the long running iron grip of the controlling currency club described above, which definitely determines the world's means of exchange, a most unreasonable, uneasy and unbalanced global trade paradigm has now been eerily errected & established.  The industry of the producing nations feeds the needs of the consuming nations under this inequitable currency conspiracy.  Plainly stated, the virtue of production has become subservient to the craving of consumption. That simply strikes me as dead wrong, utterly un-American and downright evil. And if one is inclined to ignore the immorality of such a disingenuous dubious development, one might consider its inherent unsustainability, as it continues to grow like a gigantic grotesque cancerous tumor on the gaping gaseous globe.   

Freemoney3. Money for Nothing and your Kicks for Free:  One of the principle reasons life continues to be so easy in most of the Western "civilized" world, is preferred currency status which increasingly makes daily life harder in many other parts of the world.  More and more with every passing day, this crony currency club cabal is abusing its reserve currency status immorally, to buy up non member nations natural resources and human labor with their unearned purchasing power.  The once class act country that created the chaste chivalrous concept of no free lunch, is indeed greedily gorging itself gratuitously on others' fine fruitful fare. By doing so, we export injurious inflation overseas to feed lavish consumption at home.  Press printing your way to prosperity eventually pisses productive peons off.  Same as it ever was.

ZeroPercent4. Captive Stock Markets & ZIRP Bond Markets: Zero percent real interest rates demean the absolute value of the means of exchange.  When the currency is a true store of value, its real worth can be witnessed by the intrinsic property to sustain its value over time and inflation.  In other words, the interest earned on it sitting safely unused should not erode its worth.  Therefore, interest rates of return on real money, must be equal to or greater than the devaluation caused by any monetization/inflation.  This is clearly not the case for us now. Today's imposed QE/ZIRP Central Bank policy removes the natural interest bearing protection mechanism of true money, and thus robs you of your earned wealth.  In fact, the value of money is insidiously taken away from the productive and or saving individual, and given to the unproductive consuming governing State controlled by the all powerful Central Bank Currency Cartel.  Furthermore, since they do control the ultimate value of the currency, as they are the only ones able to print it, they by proxy set the price level & nominal value of the equity markets as well.   All financial markets are theirs to freely manipulate, this will always be the case until they lose the ability to monetize our currency.

So what does this all mean for the markets moving forward?  Well, what I can cursedly claim with candid certainty, is had I followed my original and much acclaimed EP 3.0 The Globalists Take Charge, drafted in late 2011.  I could have surely saved myself much market money malaise, by repeatedly trying to wrongly anticipate a stock market meltdown throughout the year.  The facts are crystal clear to me now.  Every single time we have had a magnificent market decline over the past three years, two things have always occurred; A) the market was promptly rebooted via reflation &  B) TPTB increased their grip and significant stature by reflating.  The current cunning crafty character of this most recent swift deep dubious market party dip, only serves to further demonstrate to moi, that the very same perfectly preformed Pringles are about to be served up for a repeat perfect poping performance.

404688_lAt this point, the undeniable fact remains that the established controlling international Central Bank crony cartel club with their owned Governing / Corporate lackey leaders, have near complete control of the means of exchange, and therefore the virtual value of all financial assets.  In my view, there can be no doubt that they still retain full operational command of their potent purchasing power locomotive.  I see last week's sudden sharp slap of the stock market, as yet another example of an engineered take down, purposely designed to set the table for the faux "grand compromise" illusion to come.  And, we all know that the glorious compromise will include the following; infrastructure spending funded by more printed QE/ZIRP Dollars, minor revenue enhancements mostly for posterity, and a real reduction of all our earned & promised entitlements drawn out over time.  All of which will further empower the State and the powerful financial & corporate titans / cartels which own it.  

I fear that this complete capital control can last much longer than we all presume.  Only two fierce forces can run them off the rails to ruin.  Either rabid runaway inflation, or the refusal of individuals to participate in their currency control containment conspiracy.  Printing their way to prosperity will eventually punch them in the face, but it will only happen when either of these two terrific traits are patently present. The good news is that due to this despicable, deplorable, disgraceful, and sinful self interested path callously chosen by these misguided malicious morons, both of these fiery free forces will invariably arrive to our rescue.  The bad news is that is could take a while.  Until this Idiot savant see signs of either incendiary inflation, or effective militant resistance by independent industrious men here or abroad, BDI will NO LONGER lay down as consumed carnage, spewing his blood on the tracks.   

Evil Plan 95.0..........get the hell out of the way..........the TGV SPX1500 is fast on the tracks.

       BDI SOH's Idiot Savant

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AurorusBorealus's picture

"I fear that this complete capital control can last much longer than we all presume"


I am not so sure.  The special currency status of the West that props this whole system up, whereby the West lives above its means without production, is coming undone rather quickly, and the pace is accelerating.  Russia does not want Euros...  Russia wants control of Europe.  China does not want dollars... China wants the resources that dollars can purchase (i.e. oil).  It is the resource exporters (especially Russia) who are increasingly calling the shots, because one cannot print resources.  There is only one way that this can resolve and that is in some form of war as the West tries desperately to maintain its currency priviledge and much of the rest of the world increasingly demands payment in kind.  Bank-runs in Europe or shadow-banking deleveraging in the U.S. could bring the issue to the fore in very short order.  The only thing holding the system together now is the U.S. imperial military and the illusion of invincibility that surrounds it.

Amagnonx's picture

Russia converted many strategic nukes into thousands of tactical nukes - I don't see any reason not to bring those to the table in any conflict.  Tactical nukes destroy soldiers and weapons - regardless of using nukes, it is conventional warfare.


Putin is still alive, and I am almost certain he is working against the western controllers.  That he understands everything, I am certain.  The situation in Bejing I am less certain of - however, there is a very strong chance that they are free of western control.


This means that any war will have to be nuclear, there is no other option for the western controllers - and frankly, I think it has been the plan all along.  Whether or not useful idiots will assist them to bring hell on earth remains to be seen - however, of all things in existence - I have noted that human stupidity is infinite in magnitude and scope.


Additionally - I don't think assassinating Putin will do them any good - I am certain that Putin has hand picked, briefed, and placed all the personnel needed for continuity.


The next 10 yrs is going to be dangerous.

acetinker's picture

I don't know why, but your well-thought words puts me in the mind of the Apple/Samsung case.  Apple won the argument, so Samsung raised component prices.  Fukking brilliant bozos!  Bite the hand that feeds and all that...

Anyway, how long do you suppose the vaunted might of the West would survive if Asia just said no?

spanish inquisition's picture

You could throw Mitt's campaign scorched earth strategy in there also.. (I don't think it will be a total loss for him though, I have a suspicion that he is smart enough to have started his own charity to donate his leftover campaign funds into)

Amagnonx's picture

A decent article, in a fun style - quite enjoyed it.  Don't be put off by the comments section - half the point is so people can let off steam, but there is sometimes some pearls of wisdom in the comments - expect to hand sift a lot of dung to find it though.


I think TD should keep around a 5% flow of mainstreaming articles here on ZH - to provide counter point, and provide the comments section with opportunity to perfect the art of abuse.  ZH trends to monoculture a little too much - lets open the door to some more controversy eh.  While I do doubt the comments section will develop into some kind of logical and reasoned debate, some countervailing input keeps the minds fresh.

PLira's picture

OT: here's a couple of interesting items, the first is on the steady pace of Capital Controls in the USSA:

And the second shows just how fast Barky is willing to fuck his voter base. These useless idiots will suffer with the rest of us.

I find it ironic this came out on the day after the elections. Bwwwaaaaaahahahahahahahaha

fukidontknow's picture

Does anyone know of a product for short selling New Zealand Govt. bonds???

israhole's picture

BDI is running on fumes around here.  How many times can he scream "Blow me" before he's sent back to Timmy's site, the " I HATE racists but will laugh heartily at crippled people as long as they're white like 'Timmah', just because I'm so awesome, even as I've remained short the market via options like a blind retard for the last several years?"

Timbo would be wise to dump BDI and his foul mouth, though the first move should be to quit trading.


Zer0head's picture

I decided to slum a bit more

BDI if you are so fucking good

why do you have to hide behind TIM'S big NAME and the SLOP blog


ya we know | blow this blow that

some adivice

nah forget it I've run out of pearls

luv nummy

Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

Tim's my Dad.....and who said I was good?

shovelhead's picture

Carry on, intrepid traders, and seek ye riches while ye may.

The monkey can go around the mulberry bush for who knows how long and I have no inkling what the catalyst will be, but the weasel will pop and exploding weasels won't be pretty.

It is written.

Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

Concur..................Not a shred of doubt about it...............



SheepDog-One's picture

Its getting harder and harder to make anything off the free money....QE1 is long left in the dust, new easing is now a negative effect....good luck going forward Maniacal Monetizers you'll need it. A dime is hardly even worth a nickel these days, know what I mean?

Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

exactly...........price means nothing.....not real value........just a number




in that order........

Clowns on Acid's picture

Incisive article that most have always suspected, but Knight's (or BDI) prose presents it in an orderly and clear fashion.

So...don't get short ES ? Printing fiat but no inflation as middle class just happy to possibly have a job. Lowerr classes bought off with food stamps and cell phones.

Money printing insures that left wing facsist policies continue another 4 years...or less than 4 years if one listens to Marc Faber. Silly old Marc, he think that there will be such scandals that OBama will be impeached. Hehe....with a DEM controlled Senate ? C'mon the short fingered vulgarians in MSM will ensure that Obama detractors will be labeled racist, heartless, and feeding of off the lower classes.

Hey it worked on Romney !   

spooz's picture

I'm looking at The Chicago Plan as a possible way out. Cripple the banksters.

OldPhart's picture

My plan includes baseball bats.  Same, but more satisfying, results.

delacroix's picture

I believe in this application douchnozzle is one word

Quinvarius's picture

I am able to seperate the present economy from the stock market.  I agree with this author.  As much as it looks like nonsense that the market should rise, it is going to. In fact, I think 1500 is a pretty modest target.

OldPhart's picture

I do to.  I argued somewhere that as this collapse begins to accelerate we will see a flood of cash coming from europe as the euro sinks.  That flood, on top of the simulanteous gush of cash from the FED to mitigate our collapse, will loop on the market and send it soaring...temporarily, for a relatively short period of time.

That on the wall street side, on the every side the effect will be shocking price rises in food and energy until people simply want nothing to do with the dollar.

As the inflation boils, the market rises in nominal terms.  But there won't be any real change in the value of the underlying company.  They produce x for y cost sold for z dollars...and will continue to do so if they produce a good that guarantees survivability after the ultimate crash.  In the highly likely chance that they don't survive, then it's a shitstorm.

falak pema's picture

market freeze and monetary dictatorship. When do we have debt jubilee to get this shit over?

As nobody puts up, I tell you how its done :

debt jubilee; we declare Buffet most indebted person of USa and forgive his debt; so he can pay it back to the US in taxes; all 50 billion. Rinse and repeat with all the oligarchs. Debt jubilee them all and they will be so relieved they'll gladly pay their net worth as taxes to feel free n easy. 

The THIRD biggest secret of US capitalism is out! I learnt it by reading Graham Summers.

Debt Jubilee for tax reversion of all debt which is equity but becomes debt as jubileed! 

Toolshed's picture

This is a good article. Thoughtful and well written. Your big mistake was throwing a bone to the trolls. They live for that shit. If you want to read some real tripe, head over to economonitor and read some of L Randall Wray's crap. Best part is, if you post a comment that even vaguely and subtlely varies from his position he gets all pissy and calls you a troll. Good fun!

Oddly, they seem compelled to moderate comments there. Can't imagine why.

Tim Knight from Slope of Hope's picture

Incidentally, I was wondering if I should even be cross-posting to ZH at all anymore, since there are a handful of complete douche-nozzles (and you know who you are) that seem to spend their lives going to each post in ZH and pissing on it........but since the vast majority of ZH readers aren't members of this basement-dwelling group of chicken boners, I figure it's not worth worrying about.

PrintingPress's picture

For someone that has such a low opinion of ZH maybe you should take your shit some place else. 

vast-dom's picture

Tim: don't fear bc not you nor anyone else knows what will happen. like i said, we could epically crash tomorrow or levitate on like Japan for a thousand years. we just don't know when dealing with unprecedented central bank meddling coupled with unreal market fuckery. and no fear about readers here. 

northerngirl's picture

I agree, we have been playing this game for how many years?  How many stories have been reported just since 2005 that this is it or the game is over?  The game will end when it is no longer financially advantageous for TPTB, and since they have designed the system and wrote the rules to the game life is pretty good for them.  Outside of an, " Act of God", nothing is going to change.   

GCT's picture

Tim Almost every site these days has trolls. Read the comments and you will learn those to ignore.  There are those that provide great oposing views to consider.  Freedom of speech is more important then leaving a rare site that still allows it to be posted.  I disagreed with a blogger on Reuters and I am now banned for just disagreeing and posting facts with links.

centerline's picture

No need to worry about the moonbats over here.  Keep em' coming.  I have been visiting the slope for a long time too (lurking status of course).  Is good stuff worth sharing with a larger audience.

falak pema's picture

Zh is getting pretty thick and slanted with outright trolling and insider ideology.

Sad but true. Our discussions are not up to par as the posters merit.

Toolshed's picture

I disagree. The comments from ZH readers are educational AND entertaining. We get to see all opinions at full volume! Sure, you have your assorted trolls and imbeciles, but considering the total lack of moderation, the discourse remains surprisingly civil and topic related. Check out some other economics related sites and you get moderated  gibberish. Dissent is rarely tolerated and dissenting comments are simply Corzined! ZH is truly an oasis in the desert of economic bullshit.

falak pema's picture

I'm glad we get the other side. I'm not an advocate for one sider discussion, but some days it looks like a beach with a lot of rubble and little clean sand along the shore, as if Sandy had passed. Deadwood all over. Anyways there is always the tide, so you're right.

OldPhart's picture

I don't learn anything until some smartass on the otherside beats me over the head with facts and knowledge.  I like honest dissent and disagreement.  It brings up issues neither considered.

Shit, that's what congress is actually supposed to be: an angry mob arguing over various issues until they come to mutual agreement.  Not this 'take our ball and go home' or 'take this and shove it up your ass' congress we've have for the last forty fuckin' years.  It's the equivalent of fucktard internet trolls in government.  (actually that pretty well defines our government).

Have a point, make it, defend it, and let others beat the shit out of your point.  That's called honing.  Handy when it's time to put heads on a stick.


israhole's picture

Gee Tim,  pretty cool that you were the first comment on your own material.  How long were you saving up terms like douche nozzle and chicken boner?  Retard.


Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

I wrote it bone head, not TK.

Blow me!

centerline's picture

Mole over at ES had a good one up showing diminishing returns.  Something I have been watching myself.  Not that this sort of analsyis really means anything anymore - but I suspect there will be a decent sell-off at some point soon.  A big, scary move by TPTB.  Maybe hot potato toss between EU and US now that the elections are over.  Central bank reaction is likely to be big as well - and this whole mess could take on a different personality/intensity.  Probably not runaway inflation, but closer to it... or some other system failure.

Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

Don't think so    


ECB & FED are all part of the same Crony Currency Club Cartel............kinda the whole point of the essay.......

centerline's picture

Dude - that's the whole hot potato toss thing.  It is a game.  It is largely staged... the politicians getting played (ohh, a rhyme).  My bad if it that was not clear though.  Has been one of my analogies for several years running.

Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

we agree then, my mistake, misunderstood you my man

Zer0head's picture

Incidentally, I was wondering if I should even be cross-posting


Tim not to worry!  cross-posters, cross-dressers even cross-species are welcome at ZH (not that I am on the welcoming committee).

It is curious though that a gentleman like Krasting receives 10 times the comments and one hundredth the douche-nozzle activity that your posts seem to attract.  And I am guessing just a wild guess that you are the first contributor other than Leo who is so insecure that he/she/it has to make a comment like the one you just made.  Tell us did that move into managing money work out for you okay? Ritholtz seems to be doing okay douche that he is.

centerline's picture

Interesting that I can't down vote your piece of douchbaggery.  Is there some sort of lifetime junk limit going on here?  lol.

Zer0head's picture

Get a life, what are you one of Timmay's special friends?

centerline's picture

The way this mess keeps getting funkier by the day I am really starting to feel "special."  Like a few synapses have just flat out given up.

Pseudo Anonym's picture


Is there some sort of lifetime junk limit going on here?

she just started her comment with a quote.  it's a bug in the 0hedge blog software

centerline's picture

Thanks for the explaination.  Did not know about that bug.  Otherwise, I was just being a weenie for the fun of it.

Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

You can Blow me too!


I am BDI!

Quinvarius's picture

It is a tough room.  A lot of frustrated chicken boners waiting for the sky to fall.  But the market moves on easy money, and nothing else.  I think you are probably pretty accurate on what is about to happen.

centerline's picture

Fair assesment.  I think the general consensus around here is correct, but the timing is off.  I think most of us (myself included) have at some point really underestimated the ability for broken systems to keep chugging along - and the power available to the masters of this game to make things happen.

At some point, when the defication really hits the rotary oscillator, all bets will be off.  Between now and then, different story.

Roger Knights's picture

S&P futures down 0.89% three hours before the open.

Something is happening, but I don't know what it is!