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The person who wrote this article is already known to be a consummate nave and unapologetic Bankster tool. He insists that no actionable crimes were committed by Wall Street in the Subprime meltdown. Word brothers and sisters.

Now he posits the question: why is our 'savior' Ben Bernanke so hated?

Look at the smug falsely discerning pious grin on this central planning fool.

You want to know why he is universally  loathed by those of us who know better?

He is the one most responsible for institutionalizing the towering babel of financial moral hazard that has poisoned the global economy.

Wondering why Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon are chronically recurring raw nerves afflicting the popular psyche.

Because this man shields them from being held justly accountable. Accountable for leading their storied institutions in a perpetually sequenced crime spree of economic rape, pillage and fiduciary sodomy. Reset...

They can all go fuck themselves and bukake their knowing muppet clients for all we should care. Just as long as they don't come crawling back to us on their TBTF hands and knees begging for another bailout mulligan on Systemic Judgement Day.

Thank you Ben Shalom Bernanke for being the singular pompous PhD idiot who can take the yeoman's credit for navigating this entire ship of financial farce into the sargasso sea of pinstriped fraud.

Amen brothers and sisters...


'Initiative comes to thems that wait.'

(A Clockwork Orange)





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Remember though that Jews still understand shit deeply. I'm not a jew but i still see they see things and speak for many. I was brought up on hanna barbera and loony tunes so i was given opera string sections woven into my childhood psyche. I feel goosebumps over a good woodwind expression. That is a major contribution, and a few bankers grasping for power doesn't make me want to tar all with the same brush.

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He saved the global Plutonomy.

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I first thought the top version was also a WB7 satire... then I checked on their website - WTF

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I seem to recall Alan Greenspan being KNIGHTED for his money-printing prowess.....I wonder if we can get a recall.  So you mean to tell me all it takes to be a "hero" is to run a printing press like a fucking madman??  Where do I sign up? 

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Bennie's mom says: "My son is a real piece of shit - he hijacked my retirement savings!"

Bernie says, "FU, mom - suck it up!"

Niiice family....

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I thought the first cover was satire.

Is it real?

Part of me can't believe it; it is maudlin, garish, pathetic.

Is it really real?

It can't be.

Bernanke, for all his talk of not being a politician but an economist, actually posed for that cover and allowed it to go forward?

Astounding, I lack the words.

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wait, i thought both of those covers were by WB7

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Why can't the CIA psyops shoot straight?

First you have the purportedly aborted Zeta Mexican drug cartel hit on the Saudi ambassador to DC and now this:

Man behind ‘Kony 2012? arrested in San Diego- for masturbating in public

March 16, 2012
The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Christian filmmaker behind the Internet’s most recent famous activism campaign, “Kony 2012,” has been arrested. For masturbating. And being drunk. And vandalizing cars. In public. In the morning.

Jason Russell, 33, was arrested Thursday morning by the San Diego Police Department in Southern California and the earliest reports detailing the incident suggest it was one hell of a day already for the Invisible Children co-founder and proclaimed “mastermind” behind the Kony 2012 viral video.Police say he was described as “in his underwear” when the first 911 calls were made."


Jeez. I'm a taxpayer and I expect quality disinformation to incite me to support the invasions other countries. Aren't there any professional spooks left? What's the world coming to?


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For the record, I am extremely disappointed with The Atlantic.

I don't believe in stifling free speech, but they did not have to go all in with a propagandized cover like this.

I feel sorry for the working stiffs in their art department, who had to go along with it (the latter I am giving the benefit of the doubt).

As for Rahm Emanuel. What an ass wipe story that is.

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Bermonkey a hero? Existentially absurd. This sociopathic loser and his shadowy owners need to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. Roger Lowenstein is a hack of the first water.

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Anyone who believes that you can just print currency to infinity is an absolute idiot, who should have nothing to do with running our economy.


Read this


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Do you remember the days where if there was so much as a syllable about to come from the mouth of Alan Greenspan, all the trading floors across the country would come to a screeching halt. The business news stations would interrupt with "breaking news." Anyone remotely assocatied with anything to do with finance would have their ear cupped towards the TV speaker to hear the words from on high from the throne of Alan Greenspan.

Haha. We've come along way.

Now...no one believes a single word from either of these frauds.

There is an inverse relationship between the economy going butts up, and people starting to ask questions, and wondering who's behind this epic scam.

The money changers are running heavy PR damage control...but it's all of our jobs to counter it.

Thank you WB7!

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My first glance:  "Greatest living lunatic"   

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Ah ha, I just knew that subatch was acquirng precious metal for himself. I guess he had to keep in on a chain or it would burn him. 

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"The road to HELL is paved with good intentions" Now was that B.Franklin or Lyndon Johnson, hummmmm, can't rememeber?

"We meant well"...Karl Rove on his last day at W's House

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He's about as good an American hero as the Borgias were a good Catholic Pope family

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To William Banzai's mother,

Your son is appreciated here.

You should be proud of his work.

A fan...

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Mom and Dad send their greetings and best wishes to all.

williambanzai7's picture

Tnx for that...I'll hear about it later ;-)

You don't know how lucky I am to be able to share something like this with my parents, who are both lively and outspoken seniors.

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Good on you WB...your parents should be proud. Takes guts to openly lampoon these bastard liars - which you do with aplomb and hilarity.


THIS is what we need to do to our "leaders" - Al's flamethrower....



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I've got a long way to go, but you've inspired me to play with Paint Shop.



I am sorry to inform you Klaatu; We are entirely capable of destroying ourselves. In fact, we are well on our way. Progress is ahead of schedule. We are ignoring this message and returning to our regularly scheduled distractions...thanks for coming.

It's not really funny, it's a story (played out in Federal Court) of bankster men and their lawyers doing a foreclosure sale despite a standing "Stay Order". I think it will end well because the homeowner's attorney is suing the shit out of them for defying the Judge's Order, among other things.

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If Binny were honest he'd post here that his friends are doing really good, even with out playing around with oil futures.

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this guy is doing everything to prevent his name from forever being mud

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Written by Roger LOWENSTEIN. Says it all, no more comments necessary.

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Bernanke is the Honey Badger of Central Bankers.

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We will be having many bad things happening when the bad things the bernanke has been kicking down the road will be happening down the road.  Many peoples here are wanting the many bad things to be happening now and are having angries because they are having to be waiting for them to be happening.  I am thinking if they are happening now we will be wanting to have changes to our minds about not kicking them down the road.   One thing that is going to be happening to all of us maybe before the bad things bernanke has been kicking is we will be having tumors in our brains or rupturings in the muscle that is pumping our bloods or our brains will be having clogging to make us not be able to be having much happiness but much unhappiness for the peoples who will be cleaning the bad stuffs that comes from our bodies that we are having no way to controls or maybe the dying we will do will not be such a bad thing when it is happening but for sure it will be happening and for many of the peoples here it will be happening more sooner than more later.

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Good impression of Randall.

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why is everyone afraid to use the 'communism' word these days?

it's creeping around our constitution like a bad case of kudzu

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It is fascism. You can look up the definition. You can look up the quotes of successful facists about their nations.  You can do the heavy lifting to find out if you really want to know. Fascism has no leader,  just a board of directors.

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There are many attributes of fascism and no simple definitions. In any event I was one of the first openly making comparisons two years ago.

I caught flak drawing comparisons between Robo Foreclosers and storm troopers.

I caught flak comparing Eurocrats to inter WW II fascism.

Now it all seems obvious to many.

When I make comparisons to fascism I have something very specific in mind.

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There are certain analogies, but it is not a perfect comparison. There are elements of collectivism, central planning, fascism, totalitarianism etc.

Inverted totalitarianism, state controlled by the banks, is the description I like best.

The truth is, there are certain theoretical observations that Marx made about capitalism that seem to be coming to fruition. That does not mean he was right about everything.

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Instead of arguing about meaningless stereotyped slogans that became useless years ago, how about we try this...

Corporate Sponsored Statism or Corporate Syndicalism

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Marx stressed that capitalism was unstable, and prone to periodic crises.[4] He suggested that over time, capitalists would invest more and more in new technologies, and less and less in labour.[3] Since Marx believed that surplus value appropriated from labour is the source of profits, he concluded that the rate of profit would fall even as the economy grew


the working class, the proletariat, should grow in numbers and develop a class consciousness, in time realising that they have to change the system. 


Marx correctly predicted that over time, inequality would grow while elites counter labor by creating a reserve army of the unemployed.

williambanzai7's picture

And anyone who wants to calmly point this out, is labled a communist hippy.

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The original cover is probably THE rimjob of the year.

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Ben Bernanke saved the global ponzi (for now).

That's why bankstas love him.

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He doesn't care.  The end-game will probably arrive after he's gone; or if not, it won't matter to him anyway - he'll just take his ball and go home.  A chasm of difference of philosophy: Central Bank vs. free market.  Sucks out loud.

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I just assumed the Atlantic cover was an April Fool's deal.

Did I get this wrong, perhance?

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As the founder chief or our local VFD (now retired) I gotta thank you for that one...

williambanzai7's picture

I had some college buddies who were volunteer firemen ;-)

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Turn a couple of pages, and there's a pic of Rahm Emanuel. I can't believe The Atlantic has lowered itself to this level. Everyone employed by or advertising with this rag should be ashamed of themselves.

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Emanuel is the modern day version of a true gangster. A complete thief, robber, liar and goon.

That he is in power is frightening. Glad I don't live anywhere near Chicago.

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Yes, it is amazing the castles in the air that can be built with paper money and deceitful manipulation of all economic data.  And Madame Bernanke de Pompadour will do anything to keep King Louis XV Obama happy, including flooding markets with unlimited amounts of printed money. They both know that, in their holy alliance, they are committing a cardinal sin. But clinging to power is more important than the good of the country.  An economic and social disaster is imminent for the US and a major part of the world and Bernanke de Pompadour and Louis XV Obama are praying that it won’t happen during their reign: “Après nous le déluge”.