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Twinkies may give us the runs
Bernanke has just ordered tons
His printing is peaking
So now he is seeking
A new recipe for sore buns

The Limerick King






Beware of this well disguised fake
Our wealth he is trying to take
Our health he is killing
With Keynesian filling
Bernanke says: "Let them eat cake"

The Limerick King

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outofhere's picture

That face just made my pet rat puke.


ShakaZulu's picture

A bearded monster riding on my favorite childhood snack; NAY, my childhood lovelly-liscious lunchtime treat!

This for me represents the end of civilization as I have known it.  It is a sad day for America.  The end of a era.

Dave Thomas's picture

The parasites killed the Hostess!



Bunga Bunga's picture

I thought he would at least wear some Federal Reserve notes at his legs. That's what those rubber strings for.

Zero Govt's picture

Very Great again L'King and Banzai  :))

never imagined bubble Ben in such bright colours, more Brownies than Twinkies, following the DC and WS losers picking up their soiled nappies and pretending these babes, well brats, will turn around the economy

let's hope Ben is witch doctor of a tribe of head shrinkers when his 'magic' fails and they turn on him... blowing electro-bubbles up the arse of politicians and banksters is not doing anything out here in the real world to make anything more productive.. this 'spell' is just so damn stupid he's gotta be drinking some mentally dysfunctional potion

Burticus's picture

WB7, surely a man of your obvious talent could find a New Guinea native in formal dress uniform (like you wearing a tuxedo), including the "piece de resistance," the ornamental penile cone.

For starters, a quick search found:  http://www.pbase.com/image/90519037

GoldRetriever's picture

Ding Dong! The Twinke is dead!

But we still have circuses and bread

Who needs Little Debbie

We have Ben Bernanke

and To The Moon! pies at The Fed


ThaBigPerm's picture

You're not going to believe this.  OK, I take that back.  You will.  Pardon if this has been posted by someone else, but there is now a plea to Dear Leader to nationalize the Twinkie:


the grateful unemployed's picture

that should be "Corporate" Sponge Cake with Keynesian filling, and maybe "Scotess" Bernankies. then there was the famous "Twinkie Defense", the man who shot SF mayor Harvey Milk said he was on a sugar high when he did it, caused by overeating Hostess Twinkies. In this case it was a Bazooka, and he killed the economy. I can hear him explaining himself in the future, blaming easy money on the indulgent Congress, when they should have made him eat his vegetables and not overindulge the debt limit.

Atlantis Consigliore's picture

Twinkie Economy;  use Exlax, fart poop; recycle,  call on Obamaphone for Free Toilet paper;  I want it I need it,  repoop.

Whats on danceing with the Regulator whores? 

monad's picture

Twinkies are good currency. They are imperishable, and you can eat them if you can't trade up. Exchange rate: 4 twinkies = 1 silver dime 

rlouis's picture

A new image for Vodoo Economists.

kaiserhoff's picture

Channeling the inner Ben.  Great one, William.

pd303's picture

A most excellent parody Sir Banzai.

QE3 as 'filling' - great.

'Bernankies' - lol.

stant's picture

twinkies 100 bucks a box on ebay. inflation indeed, or so lazy wont work in a pie factory. as the old southern saying goes

diogeneslaertius's picture
cargo cult junk food ideologies which serve the agenda of destroying civilization to pave the way for a new world order


That's a Big Twinkie...




Wakanda's picture

Now that is junk food.

Awesome WB7.

mjorden's picture

You got the weight wrong. 15 oz my ass ... 

williambanzai7's picture

Send a message to @Hostess_Snacks

They are still blabbing on twitter.

CH1's picture

Dude, some day I want to buy you a drink. Really.

Zero Govt's picture

Me too ...you ever come to Europe Banzai let us Euro fans know ok 

williambanzai7's picture

Just knowing I've got so many offers from all around the world is a bonus I truly savor. ;-)

ItchyBeard's picture

Beer & dinner on me if you happen to be in India ;)

ptoemmes's picture

Sell By: Infinity


I mean, just like Twinkies, QE never goes bad, right?

Temporalist's picture

Shouldn't the "Keynesian Filling" actually be nothing?  That "Bernankie" should be filled with puffs of air just like the fiat dollars he prints.

And instead of "product enlarged to show detail" it should be "product manipulated to represent value".

nonclaim's picture

I thought it should be brown but nothing is one up. +1

fourchan's picture

bill you are hilarious!!

Nobody For President's picture

My, the Limerick King is in fine style this Friday, and Uncle Ben as witch doctor is perfect!

Zero Govt's picture

bubble Ben is sure going down in history

"down" being the operative word

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

The Queers  "Too Many Twinkies"


Ripping off your friends, stuffing your fat face
I'm kinda bummed out I'm part of your race
Someday you will learn that it's cool to start
Just look at me and B-Face and try not to barf
Too many twinkies
Too many twinkies
Too many twinkies
Too many twinkies
You're a bunch of rockstars, you're a bunch of lard
And I hate to tell you, your bass player's a retard
So shut your stupid fat moth and hang up those guitars
Quit beating off every night and smoking those cigars
Too many twinkies
Too many twinkies
Too many twinkies
Too many twinkies