On Slime and Water

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Just saying the words, “Pink Slime” gives me the creeps. I’m not pleased to learn that I’ve been dining on this swill for the past sixty years. The US Department of Agriculture has made an interesting response to the public outcry about slime. (Link) Starting in September, every school district in the country will have the right to chose whether to buy burgers with or without slime.

Think where this goes. Beverly Hills schools will have no slime, while East LA is all slime. Scottsdale will go slime free, while Phoenix has slime-fattened burgers. Westchester will definitely go "No Slime", but I'm guessing the schools in the Bronx will opt for slime. Same for Bethesda versus the District of Colombia.

Should we see this new form of “red lining”, income disparity will be a topic of discussion. When school rolls around again, it will be at the height of the election. It will be interesting to see how the candidates handle slime.

The FDA left it up to restaurants and grocery stores to deal with slime as they wish. Without any rules, the public will decide what they want in their burgers.

Some tony restaurants have already changed their menus to assure their customers they are not eating slime. (If the menu has be changed, does that mean they were dishing up slime before?) It’s just a matter of time until more eateries follow suit. This has some interesting implications.

A fellow walks into McDees:
Can I have a quarter-pounder with cheese, fries and a coke?
Yes sir! How would you like that burger? With, or without slime?







It’s funny how a word can make a difference. I’m a big burger guy, so I went and bought a meat grinder and some chuck from the butcher. Delicious, made all the better knowing it wasn’t slimy. Very "Old School".


Peak Water

Twenty thousand folks from all over the world showed up at the World Water Forum in Marseilles, France this week. For those who lose sleep at night worrying about peak oil, I suggest they re-direct their stress to Peak Water. Peak oil may scare us to death, but peak water will be what kills us. In less than forty years, two out of three people will be living in areas described as being in Severe Water Stress.

There are two ways of looking at consumption of water on a global basis. The first is per capita: (Total per capita use = Agricultural +  Industrial +  Municipal + Individual consumption / Population



The USA is the world’s water glutton based on this measure of consumption, due to our industrial water use. GDP is directly correlated to total water consumption. A second way to look at water consumption is by comparing total gallons used.



By this matrix, China and India are the truly big users. Now look at geographic areas that are “water troubled.” China and India jump out as problems. (Mexico too?) Most of India and substantial portions of China are already stressed:


With a population of 1.2 billion, India is already facing a water crisis in some areas.


The US is in a very favorable position when it comes to water. There is adequate rainfall in most areas; the Great Lakes hold 22% of all fresh water. If water is to be the difference in history, then the USA will probably be the last country drinking. Unless we screw it up….  



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"Without any rules, the public will decide what they want in their burgers."

No, without any rules the companies will have no obligation to tell you if they're using slime or not. So you won't have no choice. It's so cool to have no rules. It makes me feel like a slave that has no choices. Wonder why.

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There is no true gross water shortage, but getting it where it's needed, (or should I say wanted?) is a different matter.  As EROEI for oil declines, there's going to be less oil available to pump water over great distances to arid locations with large population centers, let alone agricultural uses in areas where insufficient water exists.  Somebody has to pay for it, and eventually it becomes unsustainable no matter who is paying for it.

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I disagree with Bruce on lots of issues but ... peak water - we will see the ramifications in our lifetime (if you have at least ten years left). I have been purposely ignoring the issue (only such much on the plate at one time) but it is a biggie. Resource wars - all of them. 



G-R-U-N-T's picture

"Egoist"...Your a man after my own heart!

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The ultimate resource (man) is becoming the ultimate shortage. He is being driven out of existence (that is, rationality is banned in the decades-old creeping-statism). Choke off enough of those rational men, and every molecule of life is problematic (water, air, soil, concrete...).


Somebody above snarked about free energy. We'd have something like that if the control-freaks didn't destroy the nuclear power industry. Ever hear of "too cheap to meter"? It was a phrase from back in the day, but the apes won out.

oldman's picture

This is a world beater.

I have never read so mant trite comments on a serious issue(even though the article was extremely superficial).

disappointed                   om

G-R-U-N-T's picture


WTF does that mean "oldman"??? Geesh! The only thing "serious" about this "issue" is Krasting is full of shit... again!

Inspector Bird's picture

You guys and "Pink Slime", it all makes me laugh.


It's meat.  Processed, true, but not dangerous.  Disgusting in its 'raw' form, but delicious otherwise.


I've tried both, deliberately, on my own, since the outcry.  I can't tell the difference.  I know it's safe, that's the least of my worries.  I'm worried about the "OMG, it's soooo, like you know, disgusting!"


Yeah, right.  It's not.  STFU and move on.  There are worse foods on the market, like eggs.  You can actually get sick from Salmonella with even the best eggs - and they are 'better' for you, in some respects.


This is all just such multi-media driven nonsense.

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I got this comment on another site. It sums things up pretty well.


"Old School" is looking the cow in the eye before you put a bullet in its head.

I'm surprised you guys are only just now learning about this.

How does it feel, knowing you've been eating the anal meat of a dead cow?

G-R-U-N-T's picture

"How does it feel, knowing you've been eating the anal meat of a dead cow?

It feels good and it's damn near as good as the brains and balls I had the last time I shot my last buck!

in4mayshun's picture

Seems there is more ignorance here on ZH than normal...

Uh Big Bird, its not the "pink slim" that everyone is worried about. Its the ammonia the pink slim is soaked in that people should be concerned with.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

"Its the ammonia the pink slim is soaked in that people should be concerned with."

WTF is "pink slim" asswipe??? Perhaps it's what your pecker looks like after a dip in the arctic, right after it comes out of it's shell.

booboo's picture

Who needs clean water when you can infuse via the rectum, sit your ass in a mud puddle and reverse slurp. The UN should be teaching this technic to India. !.5 billion Indians Butt Slurping.

gwar5's picture

Peak water is the new global warming scare.


The water cycle, just like the carbon cycle, is naturally renewable and exists in dynamic equilibrium. Yes, aquifers can be drawn down... but where do you think all the water goes when you water your lawn or flush the toilet? Does it just disappear into hyperspace?  Nooooo......

Does anyone else but me see a pattern emerging regarding the complete control of all energy, food, and water by the NWO (UN) control freaks?  Is anyone familiar with Maslow's hierarchy of human needs?  It's a pyramid with basic needs like water, food, shelter, at the bottom... and lesser things like sex and aesthetics higher up.

The totalitarian control freaks are trying to lock up the most basic needs of humanity so they can have an excuse to dictate to everyone on the planet by rationing basic resources and, by extension, rationing humans. This is more neo-Malthusian programming. We know what is next.


G-R-U-N-T's picture

"Does anyone else but me see a pattern emerging regarding the complete control of all energy, food, and water by the NWO (UN) control freaks?"

I'm with you gwar5...I've been tooting my horn over this climate change loot the masses frauds for years.

Problem is the ignorant and naive of the world are getting to be a bit more of a majority than those of us that are self actualized with critical thinking skills.

Am I saying there are a lot more dumb shits in the world today, well what can I say....when you have the so called, sophisticated political elite, ivy league graduates together with some of the more prestigous earthly educational institutions, running the country/world, from both sides of the aisle and the best they can do is bankrupt this great nation, which is the mother of industrialization to the world, into oblivion...I think that pretty much says it all.

I base my judgements by his or her actions not by their intentions. A basic premise in which my principles rest!



Flakmeister's picture

Another denier of Global Warming who bases his conclusion on what GW implies for *his* cherished world view...

Just like Inhofe on Maddow when he said:

“I was actually on your side of this issue when I was chairing that committee and I first heard about this. I thought it must be true until I found out what it cost.”


Quoting Joe Romm:

The journalist Michael Kinsley famously said, “A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.”

in4mayshun's picture

gwar, please refrain form using up server space with useless blabber about a subject you obviously know nothing about.

FYI...water from acquifers does not just magically evaporate and end up back in the acquifer. It is distributed to thousands households who contaminate it then send it on its continuing journey to the treatment plant where it is cleaned (hopefully) and distributed into local rivers and other water systems where it eventually reaches the oceans and then becomes economically unviable because it is now salinated seawater.

So yes, an acquifer CAN be depleted. If an acquifer is being drawn down faster than natural seep can replenish it, it will run dry.

Divided States of America's picture

Dont worry America, your neighbor Canada right above has the second most natural freshwater reserves in the world behind Russia. Just march on up when you guys run out.

americanspirit's picture

You are what you eat, right? Still no problem with pink slime?

Gromit's picture

Water in Southern California is all about pricing, farmers have rights to use for about $30 per acre foot, that's one foot deep of water over 43,560 square feet. Townies pay maybe 10 times that.

When push comes to shpve industry and residential will access all the water they need, but will have to pay a little more for it. Which doesn't matter a lot, since it's priced at a fraction of its true utility.

the grateful unemployed's picture

the farmers get first rights, and they resell what they don't use to the rest of us, at a profit. but you also get a volume discount in gasoline. as techonology speeds up commodities take on the role of information, the farmer brings you (food) and water just like the news just like your favorite news anchor brings you news and a certain amount of raw data. news likes water is something processed and delivered for mass consumption. the assumption of peak water, or peak energy, is a ridiculous premise. the problems are all on the information side, what sort of energy, and how much water? to take it another step, there is no mass market in stocks and bonds, (no more individual investor) is there? hedge funds, hft, fed meddlers, an unequal distribution of information (the fed wants to be transparent, but they know they system will collapse if they do, humpty dumpty is broken) the have excluded the open market. it's not a money problem it's an information problem. and some people in the world have no water, and others have massive fountains at the foot of the palace.

viator's picture

What a bunch of crap. The anti-capitalists and anti-globalists have seized water as their next target as they rapidly lose ground in the anti-hydrocarbon global warming scam. Since that can't kneecap capitalism with global warming they are going to try it with water. They are right about one thing, if you control water you control a society. So water will be the key to central planning or to liberty. There are many, many ways to expand water resources and use them efficiently as the Israelis have demonstrated. India is surrounded by water and has the Himalayas on it's northern border. It is not short water resources. China has some of the great rivers of the world and is surrounded by oceans and mountains. But let's by all means have some more good old fashioned Ehrlichism.

in4mayshun's picture

and how much does it cost to treat the sewage water flowing in those rivers in china? Sure, lets just have unlimited free water....as soon as we can invent free energy so we can de-salinate seawater and then transport it thousands of miles all over the earth for no cost.

People here are trying to over-simplify a very complex issue

disabledvet's picture

I would argue it's the pro-profit people who want water scarcity. There was a huge debate in Oklahoma over selling the municipal water authority...relative to fracking as mentioned here. When you see observe water starved Texas you can see the wisdom of holding on to that authority as well. To take the general point given above and add this specificity with it would have helped out the very good case made here. And of course you need to include CLEAN drinking water as well. Simply stating "India has the Himalayas" or "China has big rivers" (both true) doesn't get at the problem. Moreover...unlike oil good luck transporting water. Water is HEAVY. There are answers i agree. But when i travelled in what Mao called "the Third World" i drank Coke and Pepsi. PERIOD.

magpie's picture

hydraulic despotism, bitchez

W10321303's picture

Americans will always take cheap energy (gasoline) over non-toxic drinking water. FRACK FRACK. How many Ford Truck commericials did you watch today?

JuicedGamma's picture

My Ford truck will kick the shit out of your Chevy.

onlooker's picture

Ogallala Aquifer
mudduck's picture

Pink Slime. Not in Canada they say. Wrong. We elected him as Prime Minister.

pmm009's picture

This is all about money.  They are taking waste product, or product that would be fed to farm animals, like pigs, and generating marginal revenue (i.e. nearly 100% operating profits).  The government is bending over backwards to try and keep food prices as low as possible.  Loosing control of gas prices is one thing, loosing control of food pricing will be quite another.  What companies produce this crap, and who are the congressional members where the factories are located? 

piceridu's picture

Bruce I love your analysis and have really enjoyed and learned much from your posts...but the fact that this information comes from the World Water Forum leads me to believe this is could be a crock of shit. Yes you have to be stupid to believe fresh water is an not important topic, but these dipshits manufacture fear so they can have a government subsidized job in perpetuity. Traveling the world on someone else's dime and spewing bullshit, only a dumbass can be swayed by this drumbeat of fear. This is as stupid as buying a bottle of friggin water for $2.00

Zero Govt's picture

"Peak oil may scare us to death, but peak water will be what kills us."

2/3rds of the planet is water and 8% of the atmosphere (trillions of tons in the sky)

You want more? ....fuck me if some people are never satisfied!

"In less than forty years, two out of three people will be living in areas described as being in Severe Water Stress."

You mean they live in desert areas. What's the problem?

Romans were able to pipe water hndreds of miles.. and that was 2,000 years ago!

Has modern man lost the skills of moving water? We've gone backwards have we??

The ONLY issue with water is putting in the investment, everything can be solved and sorted.

The primary (only) problem with water is it's a monopoly, usually a public-private monopoly (a carve up) with scare stories like Brucie Baby is peddling designed to cover up their incompetence, shite planning and investment and desire to stiff consumers with extortionate prices for a plentiful resource they want to defraud as "scarce"

We need a free market in water, don't we Brucie?

Simple market economics and it's sorted ...like Chillis free market model which works perfectly ...go figure (do some research Bruce)


Flakmeister's picture

Yeah... those crazy statist Romans....

I wonder where the modern aqueducts are going to be sourced??

Zero Govt's picture

it's not for the likes of us to think up solutions ...because here's the lesson, the free market beats the f'ing crap out of any one persons ideas

just let the water market FREE

...order, price competition and excellence will prevail better than any one man, committee, Govt or Brucie 'Short on Water' Baby could ever imagine

the problem is Govt

Flakmeister's picture

Do you need me to remind you about what Adam Smith said about regulation?

Dust off your copy of Wealth of Nations and look up this sections 

(WN II.ii.94: 324)

He acknowledged that such regulations are “a manifest violation of that natural liberty which it is the proper business of law, not to infringe but to accept” (no prevarication there then), but set against the “security of the whole society” the “natural liberty of a few individuals” which “might endanger” that “security”, should and “ought to be restrained by the laws of all governments; the most free, as well as the most despotical” (no lack of clarity either). 

                                               Gavin Kennedy Professor of Economic History at U. Edinburgh

Or here


malek's picture

Bruce is becoming a professional fear-monger!

In less than forty years, two out of three people will be living in areas described as being in Severe Water Stress.

Oh, another self-elected panel making marginal forecasts many decades into the future!
So pray tell us, what does that one include? Unrestrained population growth, extreme global warming, but no technological advances, and no utilization improvements?

Dugald's picture

Ha! Fuel shortage, Water shortage, just wait till they get around AIR shortage, yup, line up for your air quota coupons.....only six cans per customer.......

G-R-U-N-T's picture

"just wait till they get around AIR shortage"

It's already here...It's called criminalizing (via the mechanism cap and trade) the air (CO2) industry and humanity exhales. Before your children are born they will be demanding a fee before they come out of the womb!

These sick bastards have a desire to loot the planet and what's tragic is the planet is full of idiots that believe this nonsense.

The whole global warming/climate change IDEA is nothing but one big sick ass FRAUD!!!

"Green energy" is also a con. Unless an energy source can move trains, planes, and automobiles as cheaply as oil and gas it is only a pipe dream! This is what the ecological, environmentalist, political forces have a desire to do to humanity...Loot them blind, subjugate what freedoms they have left, and feed off their industriousness and productivity. This is characteristic of the leech infested parasitical lifeforms they are.

Here is what these lifeforms really looks like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADRv6AsznH4

Please be advised!


El Gordo's picture

Do not underestimate Mother Nature's ability to deal with any problem mankind will throw at her.  Not enough water to support the population, the population will decline to levels which can be supported.  Not enough gas to go around, people will find other ways to go around.  Famine, drought, disease, whatever, Mother Nature will deal with it.  Anyone who thinks a realtive small number of people who inhabit a relatively small portion of the available land mass can destroy the planet with aerosol cans of hair spray or farting animals just needs an ego check.  Mother Nature will deal with the problem, so no need for us to worry our little brains with such trivia. 


This old "we consume" "X" amount of the world's resources with only "Y" amount of the population - I think it may not be enough.  Not falling for any of that guilt trip crap.

W10321303's picture

Yes, Mother Nature is going to deal....The Pentagon already has a contingency plan for the 40% reduction in the Chinese population due to Climate Change. No reason for you to worry.....

the grateful unemployed's picture

I understand the Beef Industry is trying to spin this, they have come up with an ad campaign, slender girl holding some burger, and telling us about Pink Slim-ee, get it, it makes you Slim-ur that you were, because it has none of the bad stuff beef has, and has been sterlized like Bernankes bond purchases.

Cathartes Aura's picture

bonus points if you acknowledge that males are overwhelmingly the fast food burger eaters, and the "slim girl" is like a Bud commercial pavlovian *bell*

Sudden Debt's picture

I live in one of the most rainy countries in the world. Yet, these last years where very dry.
This winter, we had a minimum rainfall. The lowest since 1830 when they started recording.
We hear that "new record" about the weather at least twice a year.
I live about 1 miles from one of the biggest rivers in belgium And everyday i walk my dogs i see how low the waterlevels are.

It's not how much rain there is. It's what kind of soil you have. And ours is very sandy which when dry turns into ultrafine dust. During the summer, if we don't irrigate, my lawn seems to turn into dust in a week. During the summer it costs me about 1000 euro to water my garden and another 1000 for my pawn and more and more people i know are putting in wells that go down 200 meters for free water. It's forbidden and it destroys the waterlevels but if this year is like all the others, i'm putting one in myself.

Lednbrass's picture

1000 euro for watering your garden?

Wells are forbidden?

This really surprises me.  Its rare I see something that makes me think its still a great thing to be American, but this has done it.

Dugald's picture

You water your Pawn?....well guess it takes all kinds...

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Sounds like a good idea SD. Keep in mind our own ingenuity or just plain common sense can solve a lot of these problems.

What irks me is fear mongering especially when it comes to climate change, whose basic premise in which they make their claims has been based on fraud. ACO2 is not a pollutant nor does it effect global atmospheric temperature change in any significant way.

Many of these idiots have a desire to loot the living shit out of the worlds populace on an IDEA that is nothing more than a confidence game.



G-R-U-N-T's picture

Not this peak oil and water crap again, please!!!!

There is plenty of oil to last us for hundreds and hundreds of years and we a currently drinking the same water dinosaurs drank. There are massive amounts of water. Quit trying to induce fear, good lord get your poop in a group!



Cathartes Aura's picture

if you live in a city, I'm guessing you're drinking the same water your neighbour drank last week, never mind the dinosaurs - plus added chemicals designed for ill-health.

there may be "massive amounts of water" - but how much of it is potable?

G-R-U-N-T's picture

"but how much of it is potable?"

Don't know, ever since that drilln' rig has been frackn' next door all that's come out of the spout is gas! It comes in handy when I need to cook, however it's forced me to drink my toilet water.

One thing I can say, is whatever is in my toilet water cured me of the clap!