The Looters Are in Control

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[And now it’s time for Mr. Obama to start paying for all those votes by reaching deep into our pockets. If you intend to avoid paying your “fair share,” however, please take note: There will be  few places to hide. For a gimlet-eyed view of what may lie in store for taxpayers and citizens of all political persuasions during the next four years, ponder the guest commentary below, from Wayne Siggard, a regular in the Rick’s Picks forum. RA]


The election was all about new math:  47 = 51. The foresight and genius of the Founders knew no bounds.  Ben Franklin said, “Once the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”  The trumpets have sounded.  The heralds have announced the awakening of the masses to that reality.  The greatest and most free nation the world has ever known has just sold its birthright for a mess of pottage; or, at least, the promise of an Obama phone. The takers have voted to take control over the producers.



Everyone will now get a fair shot — except that those who work in government and those who take government welfare will get a fairer shot.  Obama knows that you didn’t build that company.  You didn’t live frugally and save more money than your neighbor while they spent theirs on drugs or riotous living.  He knows this because he didn’t get anything without government assistance — affirmative action put him ahead of more qualified people who earned a spot that he took, just like Elizabeth Warren. You couldn’t possibly have gotten anything on your own merit or hard work.


"A claim for material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers." – Friedrich von Hayek


Von Mises said that full government control of all activities of the individual is virtually the goal of both national parties.  Have you ever tried to drill an oil or gas well?  Have you ever tried to build a house or commercial building?  Have you ever tried to manufacture and sell a product?  The International Building Code (IBC) increases in size, restrictions and requirements every year. Why? Because a bureaucracy needs to expand to justify its existence.


"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."Lord Acton


Have you ever experienced the disdain and contempt of a bureaucrat whose permission you sought?  It used to be that their power to grant a license or permit was retribution for their pay being less than that of the private sector.  Now, you get to pay them 50% more than you would get for the same job, and the disdain has not decreased.  Firemen, police officers, and military personnel can retire as young as 38, many making over $100,000 per year if they work until 50, and many can take another job and collect another pension on top of the first.  Meanwhile, according to the Census Bureau, the average middle class family’s income has decreased $4,019 during the Obama years, to $50,964.  More than half of the lifeguards in Newport Beach, CA, make over $150,000 per year and can collect more than $100,000 in pension benefits starting under 50 years of age.


So, What’s Coming?


That paradigm of preternatural  prestidigitation, the Federal Reserve Bank, will continue its policy of zero percent interest.  The big banks will mask their insolvency with free money from the Feds.  Greedy speculators and fools who overspent on housing will have their mistakes paid for by those taxpayers who had the foresight to save and invest wisely.  Obama bundlers and other insiders will continue to get billion dollar investments from the government, sucking valuable capital from the private sector. The official inflation rates will miraculously stay low while you are paying 100% more for gasoline and food.


"History is largely a history of inflation, usually inflations engineered by governments for the gain of governments."Friedrich von Hayek


Foreign nations are no longer purchasing U.S. government bonds. The largest purchaser is the Federal Reserve Bank.  In other words, the government is printing money from thin air. In 1970, you could go to Las Vegas and buy a silver dollar for one paper dollar. It now costs around $35. A mansion behind the Beverly Hills Hotel sold for $200,000. It resold in 2004 for $16 million. A house in Flintridge, CA, sold for $115,000.  Its current value is $4.5 million. The base price for a Corvette was $5192.  It is now $49,600, a comparative bargain.  What you could buy for $1 million in 1970 now takes $36 million.  Senator Everett Dirksen in the 1960s is reputed to have remarked,” a billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon we’re talking real money.”  You can now add three zeros.  The bottom line is that if you are collecting 0.15% interest on your CD, you are losing real purchasing value of at least 10%, and that rate will be accelerating in the next four years.  Carlo Ponzi was a hopeless naïf compared to our elected officials.



Harry Reid Has a Plan


Harry Reid already has a bill on his desk which requires that all pension plans (except for the unions, of course), 401Ks, and IRAs be converted to annuities from the government.  This pile of cash represents the largest pile of readily available cash in the world right now.  The money will be gone as soon as it hits the government’s account, and you will be left with empty promises.  There is no money, only a printing press.


Capital export controls will be enacted.  You will not be able to get your money out of the country.  Already you can no longer open a bank account in Switzerland unless you have over $30 million because the reporting requirements are too onerous for a smaller account.  All requests to Switzerland for visas from Americans will be suspended. History will be repeated (shocking, I know), and all gold in private hands will be confiscated.  The Republicans will cave, the tax rates will rise, and anyone making more than the insider politicians and government employees will encounter ever-increasing marginal tax rates.


Payoffs for votes will be made.  Affirmative action requirements will be increased in every field of endeavor.  Women’s abortions and contraceptives will be free. Regulations will stop the advent of fracking and the boom in oil and natural gas will come to an abrupt halt.  Payments to environmental groups for lawyer’s fees will expand exponentially.  Government-controlled lands with oil and gas potential will be declared wilderness or national monuments, just like Grand Staircase-Escalante in Utah.  I could go on for another ten pages, but , in a nutshell, the message from Mr. Obama is, “You lost.”


And finally, Israel has recognized that Mr. Obama will offer no succor.  Before the end of January, they will raid Iran.  Gasoline will reach $7 per gallon, and voila, solar and wind energy will be competitive.  No matter that your thermostat is set at 40 degrees, if you can get fuel or power.


The looters are in control.  Set your alarms.

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jughead's picture

Who wrote this piece...Mitt Romney?

midtowng's picture

I thought this site was about economics, not a conservative partisan agenda.

Lord Koos's picture

Mostly it's a conservatarian echo chamber, as far as the comments.

flattrader's picture

...with a "liberal" dose of pretend Libertarians and wanna be Austrians.

Lord Koos's picture

WTF, morons.  The people aren't the looters, it's the TBTF and TPTB.

CitizenZeus's picture

What horse crap. So this same government (with Obama dutifully agreeing) gives billionaires and their buddies trillions, but the real problem is giving paupers thousands to buy votes. Enough already with the apocryphal welfare queens driving Caddies. How about the real oligarchs driving this country into the ground.

Lord Koos's picture

Exactly, the real "entitlements" go to the elite, while idots on ZH bitch about schoolteachers and some mom getting food stamps becuase her job doesn't pay enough to pay the bills and put dinner on the table... divide and conquer, bitchez.

MrBoompi's picture

The looters you refer to aren't in control.  A vote is not "control".  Lobbyists are the actual looters, and they are still in control, and cannot be voted away.

The "patients are in control of the asylum" is a stupid assertion created in the minds of sore losers.

toady's picture


Obama has a mandate, W has a mandate, Romney would have had a mandate...

The last president that actually made a major change was raygun with his trickle down, deregulation, deficits don't matter economics. Everyone in Washington has played by these rules, with minor differences, ever since then.

Obama will not add regulations to the financial sector or lower the deficit. Anything other than those two changes is the same old Reaganomics.

Don't trickle down my back and tell me its raining!

flattrader's picture

>>>Everyone in Washington has played by these rules, with minor differences, ever since then.<<<

And now the bill is coming due and ZH idiots want to blame everyone around them because they can't get their hands on the true culprits.

Classic transference...blame the victims...especially the guy down the street who has a Union negotiated pension.

blindman's picture

Bob Dylan - With God On Our Side (1964)
the looters are always in control,
that is why they call it control.

Shevva's picture

'The greatest and most free nation the world has ever known' - That right their is why the good old US of A will fail rather than being honest and realising your faults you just say but, but, but where the grestest so can't fail. Time to wake up america you've been lied to ask Rodney King how could of pointed out your police state or all the murder victiums that probably had it coming to them as you read of another mass murder down your local ghetto.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

shevva, you have no idea no really no idea..the police state is here but it's not the American people who created it's your globalist masters who run the world thru the UN and UN lyte groups CFR and so on..

j0nx's picture

The only succors out there are the ones who voted for Obama or have ANY faith whatsoever in him or any other politician.

Lord Koos's picture

Want some salt on your suckertash?

User 3461's picture

Ultimately, the idea of enslaving has never really been completely wiped out.

northerngirl's picture

We get the government we deserve.  Face it we produced the Looters, one generation after another.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

"Face it we produced the Looters, one generation after another." ah no ..we imported the looters, from blacks in the 1700's to todays wet backs oh I mean illegals..the elite globalists in control of .gov planned the immigration nuke on the ideals of a white european western nation.

etresoi's picture

Look, Rick Ackerman thinks all Swiss are racist, anti-Zionists; simply because the Swiss always gave him a seat on the bus, when he was in Zurich.  In his mind this is how the Swiss excluded him.

Everything that Ackerman posts must be viewed through tis filter.

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……the boom in oil and natural gas will come to an abrupt halt


Really?! One man can halt all oil and natural gas by his actions alone? I didn’t realize the president was so powerful with no checks and balances of the said power.


US active rig counts hmmm, that doesn’t match up with Fox News.

Another link.

North Dakota rig counts

Us Horizontal rig count


Obama sucks but it doesn’t give you the right to lie or misinform the sheep. That’s a job for Fox News and Drudge.


A Middle Child of History's picture

At least we are that much closer to being able to fight the bastards with bullets instead of ballots. If that is what it took for our founding fathers to secure liberty, that is what it will take to secure it once again.

Free birth control to cull the herd, and plentiful copper and lead for those who persist in breeding more proles.

honestann's picture

The predators are in control.
The predators steal from producers.
The predators buy votes from parasites.

That is a more precise statement of the dynamic.  The predators are doing business as governments and corporations (including central banks and large corporations).

Frankly, it appears the only effective recourse (for producers) at this point is to leave planet earth, or simply stop acting in commerce (produce only for your own consumption and direct trade with other producers).  Let the system collapse.  Help the system collapse.

flattrader's picture

Buy local.  Use barter or cash.  Everybody keep their mouth shut.  Starve the beast.

Been doing it as best I can for two decades.

Lord Koos's picture

The predators are the parasites.

ebworthen's picture

"Harry Reid already has a bill on his desk which requires that all pension plans (except for the unions, of course), 401Ks, and IRAs be converted to annuities from the government."

Exactly.  Been saying it for four years.  They WILL confiscate your retirement, with requisite euphamisms and rationalizations.

It is CONgress after all.  And...the Republicrats won't save it either...they voted for the bailouts and N.D.A.A., remember?

solgundy's picture

ebworthen....I figure you have 2 years to free yourself of those gov't created (and can take away) IRA's etc....the 2014 election will see the looters take back the House,then it really ends in the US....join the Looter Party after that

indio007's picture

You had me till I saw Obama phone.


DOT's picture

Telcos suck at the government teat. The access to communication networks provided is paid for by a direct subsidy. Yes, Obama phone, Bush phone, Clinton phone.......

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

Romney - born on 3rd thinking he hit a triple.... yet till managed not to score. Obama: walk, moved to 2nd on a fielder's choice, to 3rd on a wild pitch, then...steals home.

So, who would you rather have you your team?


Oldwood's picture

If the winning team has all of the best liars and cheats, then Obama is its star. Republicans think they can win by telling people to work harder and the democrats are handing out free phones. Who you think is going to win? Most voters ain't real deep thinkers. They are just like corporate executives. The only thing important is the next quarter...or less.

Lord Koos's picture

"Most voters ain't real deep thinkers."

And most ZH posters are sooo advanced in intellect and knowledge.  Elite much, Einstein?

true brain's picture

However, I do agree with Obama one thing: free birth control.

There should be less of them. And they know who they are: useless, envious, affirmative action addicted human leeches.

lunaticfringe's picture

Billy Moonbat said it best. Without abortion...there would be 50 million more of us. Hard to argue. Point taken.

monoloco's picture

Not only should it be free, it should be mandatory.

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

Yes, I agree....all your daughters and your sons wives should be sterilized.  What?  Oh right...your special. 

brettd's picture

Mr. Emmual calls them:  "useless eaters..."

DeadFred's picture

$7 gas... what an unbelievable optimist.

heresy101's picture


I understand the ground rules on Zerohedge - anything position can be supported no matter how stupid or illogical.

But, try not let too many Ayn Rand sociopath's such as this fill the space on Zerohedge or the sane working people will view you as a pathetic fool like Karl Rove when he realized his plan to steal the election was blocked by Anonymous.

DOT's picture

The "sociopaths" are those in positions of power already. All you life you have been lied to by those who seek to control you. By complaining that Tyler does not moderate this board you expose yourself as a mindless sycophant licking-up the crumbs your masters have allowed to drop.

notadouche's picture

Funny how everyone is "congratulating" Anonymous for supposedly manipulating voting machines and "protecting" them from Karl Rove and his evil minions.  Well it's also funny how no one is concerned that some group has openly admitted to tinkering with voting machines.  How the hell do we know what Karl Rove was or was not up to.  How do we know that Anonymous didn't manupulate voting machines in order to create whatever outcome they wanted.  It's just automatically assumed Anonymous has done good.  Why isn't Anonymous being investigated and charged with screwing with voting machines?  Hmmm....

If a Karl Rove came out and said he manipulated voting machines in order to protect their integrity I would assume there would be huge outcry for investigation.  Why does "Anonymous" get carte blanche?

Lord Koos's picture

They manipulated nothing... they put a firewall in place that blocked manipulation of the vote count.  Computer much?

Do you really think that Karl Rove and the anonymous collective operate in the same moral universe?

notadouche's picture

How the fuck would anyone know being Anonymous is anonymous.  Hell it could be George Soros and I don't believe he has a moral univers.  Who is Anonymous to supposedly put up firewalls and how do you know what they did or didn't do.  You just take some hackers word for everything they do.  Man you are the eptiome of naive and gullible.  I wouldn't trust either one.  Why would you?

strannick's picture

Letting the AynRandians speak along everyone else is a necessary part of what makes ZH great. You start ''editting them for brevity'' or ''editorial discretion'' and you start looking like a university campus, or a progressive rally of any descrpition

WAMO556's picture

I agree! Anonymous tinkers with software to fight off rich white guy while black thief steals election. But...Anonymous did a good job??? Really? A nameless, faceless organization doing gods work??? Maybe, just maybe these hackers work for the banks? Just saying.

Oldwood's picture

But..but..but..there are so many really smart and enlightened people such as yourself posting here to more than outweigh us few fools!

monoloco's picture

We have a corporately owned neo-liberal duopoly, anyone, like the author of this garbage, who pretends it's anything else, is full of shit.

Zer0head's picture


nothing more needs to be said the headline nails it, period.

scraping_by's picture

Actually, it does.

If you go Randist and declare anyone who recieves social insurance benefits a looter, you're likely living in a fantasy.

The situation is this: a banker, a union man, and a man on welfare are sitting around a table with 100 beans. The banker grabs 99 beans and turns to the welfare guy and says, "That union thug has your bean."

Rand coined the phrase 'useless eaters' while taking Medicare for her health problems.


honestann's picture

Not sure whether your "fact" is true or not.  However, there's a big difference between "theft", "parasitism" and "taking back some of what was stolen from you".

pitz's picture

Lock and load motherfuckers, shit's gonna start to get very turbulent now that the elections, as much of a sham as they were, are done.

Hope you got your SUKI (tm) RELIGION membership, "motherfucking religion".