The Looters Are in Control

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[And now it’s time for Mr. Obama to start paying for all those votes by reaching deep into our pockets. If you intend to avoid paying your “fair share,” however, please take note: There will be  few places to hide. For a gimlet-eyed view of what may lie in store for taxpayers and citizens of all political persuasions during the next four years, ponder the guest commentary below, from Wayne Siggard, a regular in the Rick’s Picks forum. RA]


The election was all about new math:  47 = 51. The foresight and genius of the Founders knew no bounds.  Ben Franklin said, “Once the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”  The trumpets have sounded.  The heralds have announced the awakening of the masses to that reality.  The greatest and most free nation the world has ever known has just sold its birthright for a mess of pottage; or, at least, the promise of an Obama phone. The takers have voted to take control over the producers.



Everyone will now get a fair shot — except that those who work in government and those who take government welfare will get a fairer shot.  Obama knows that you didn’t build that company.  You didn’t live frugally and save more money than your neighbor while they spent theirs on drugs or riotous living.  He knows this because he didn’t get anything without government assistance — affirmative action put him ahead of more qualified people who earned a spot that he took, just like Elizabeth Warren. You couldn’t possibly have gotten anything on your own merit or hard work.


"A claim for material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers." – Friedrich von Hayek


Von Mises said that full government control of all activities of the individual is virtually the goal of both national parties.  Have you ever tried to drill an oil or gas well?  Have you ever tried to build a house or commercial building?  Have you ever tried to manufacture and sell a product?  The International Building Code (IBC) increases in size, restrictions and requirements every year. Why? Because a bureaucracy needs to expand to justify its existence.


"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."Lord Acton


Have you ever experienced the disdain and contempt of a bureaucrat whose permission you sought?  It used to be that their power to grant a license or permit was retribution for their pay being less than that of the private sector.  Now, you get to pay them 50% more than you would get for the same job, and the disdain has not decreased.  Firemen, police officers, and military personnel can retire as young as 38, many making over $100,000 per year if they work until 50, and many can take another job and collect another pension on top of the first.  Meanwhile, according to the Census Bureau, the average middle class family’s income has decreased $4,019 during the Obama years, to $50,964.  More than half of the lifeguards in Newport Beach, CA, make over $150,000 per year and can collect more than $100,000 in pension benefits starting under 50 years of age.


So, What’s Coming?


That paradigm of preternatural  prestidigitation, the Federal Reserve Bank, will continue its policy of zero percent interest.  The big banks will mask their insolvency with free money from the Feds.  Greedy speculators and fools who overspent on housing will have their mistakes paid for by those taxpayers who had the foresight to save and invest wisely.  Obama bundlers and other insiders will continue to get billion dollar investments from the government, sucking valuable capital from the private sector. The official inflation rates will miraculously stay low while you are paying 100% more for gasoline and food.


"History is largely a history of inflation, usually inflations engineered by governments for the gain of governments."Friedrich von Hayek


Foreign nations are no longer purchasing U.S. government bonds. The largest purchaser is the Federal Reserve Bank.  In other words, the government is printing money from thin air. In 1970, you could go to Las Vegas and buy a silver dollar for one paper dollar. It now costs around $35. A mansion behind the Beverly Hills Hotel sold for $200,000. It resold in 2004 for $16 million. A house in Flintridge, CA, sold for $115,000.  Its current value is $4.5 million. The base price for a Corvette was $5192.  It is now $49,600, a comparative bargain.  What you could buy for $1 million in 1970 now takes $36 million.  Senator Everett Dirksen in the 1960s is reputed to have remarked,” a billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon we’re talking real money.”  You can now add three zeros.  The bottom line is that if you are collecting 0.15% interest on your CD, you are losing real purchasing value of at least 10%, and that rate will be accelerating in the next four years.  Carlo Ponzi was a hopeless naïf compared to our elected officials.



Harry Reid Has a Plan


Harry Reid already has a bill on his desk which requires that all pension plans (except for the unions, of course), 401Ks, and IRAs be converted to annuities from the government.  This pile of cash represents the largest pile of readily available cash in the world right now.  The money will be gone as soon as it hits the government’s account, and you will be left with empty promises.  There is no money, only a printing press.


Capital export controls will be enacted.  You will not be able to get your money out of the country.  Already you can no longer open a bank account in Switzerland unless you have over $30 million because the reporting requirements are too onerous for a smaller account.  All requests to Switzerland for visas from Americans will be suspended. History will be repeated (shocking, I know), and all gold in private hands will be confiscated.  The Republicans will cave, the tax rates will rise, and anyone making more than the insider politicians and government employees will encounter ever-increasing marginal tax rates.


Payoffs for votes will be made.  Affirmative action requirements will be increased in every field of endeavor.  Women’s abortions and contraceptives will be free. Regulations will stop the advent of fracking and the boom in oil and natural gas will come to an abrupt halt.  Payments to environmental groups for lawyer’s fees will expand exponentially.  Government-controlled lands with oil and gas potential will be declared wilderness or national monuments, just like Grand Staircase-Escalante in Utah.  I could go on for another ten pages, but , in a nutshell, the message from Mr. Obama is, “You lost.”


And finally, Israel has recognized that Mr. Obama will offer no succor.  Before the end of January, they will raid Iran.  Gasoline will reach $7 per gallon, and voila, solar and wind energy will be competitive.  No matter that your thermostat is set at 40 degrees, if you can get fuel or power.


The looters are in control.  Set your alarms.

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TruthHunter's picture

"it is not the people voting themselves more money that is destroying the republic, it was the corproations and industrialists and of course the parasitic banks"


Ben's right, but they(c, i & pb) are the people that he's talking about.  Don't confuse them with sheeple.

BKbroiler's picture

just like Elizabeth Warren. You couldn’t possibly have gotten anything on your own merit

You honestly believe Obama and Warren both got where they are because of special treatment for being black and wannabe indian?  You don't think it might be a little more advantageous to be white? really?

scraping_by's picture

Being working class, being white doesn't mean a thing.To quote that great American sage G. Carlin, "It's a club, and you're not in it."

Don't be fooled by optics. It looks like fat middle aged white men, but it's their own club. Most white men, fat or middle aged, aren't in it.

flattrader's picture

>>>Most white men, fat or middle aged, aren't in it.<<<

But they aspire to be in the club and are programmed to mouth the party line for the truly wealthy and fight the culture wars on behalf of those who could care fucking less about their conservative christian values.

Oldwood's picture

Are you serious? Why do you think i have to fill out forms asking my minority status with every corporate quotation? And do you think stoner Obama got into an Ivy league school due to his top secrete grades or big wallet? Yeah, old white guys got it all going our way!

Lord Koos's picture

Huh, I suggest you racially profile the Forbes richest men, Corporate CEOs and the political leaders of western nation.  Mighty white is right...  but it's about class not race.  You are gullible indeed if you sucker for the race thing... divide and conquer.

All Risk No Reward's picture

Don't you think that Obama's CIA connections to Big Finance Capital who control those universities played just a wee bit of a role as well?

Obama is a Big Finance Capital Weapon - and they don't give a chit about his color...  just the quality fo his results to further their agenda.

Their Alladin's Lamp of Fraud is Debt Money Tyranny...

Spread the word far and wide...  it's all fraud and both establishment leaderships know this full well.

They think their supporters are stupidand they have nothing but contempt for them.

thedrickster's picture

Elizabeth Warren got where she is by peddling social contract snake oil to naieve coeds and the willfully ignorant.

Tired playbook.

And besides, who really knows if Barry was affirmative action cum lade.

woggie's picture

the beast is on the gobble and all that matters is we're all headed for it's belly

q99x2's picture

I know where there's one them looters is in California. They like to hide out in State Senates. No. I think we have two of them hiding out there right now.

sangell's picture

Interesting factoid in the Washington Post about senior US generals. Their pay grade says they should make $238K per year but are only paid $179K. I suspect that is because that is the most someone in the Senior Executive Service of the US civil service can be paid. The four stars get their full $238 when they retire!

So Ackerman is right, maximum tax rates seem to be tied to salaries just above the top government pay grades.

Lord Koos's picture

They only get $179k but have zero living expenses. 

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Rick, your party ran a rank corporatist for President and lost.  Deservedly.  Get over it.  Stop making up a bunch of alarmist BS, stop making excuses and get to work removing Karl Rove.

Red arrow?  Stop whining and smarten up.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

When I see the whining and denial, why do I see Jeb Bush as the next Republican Presidential candidate?  LOL.

NoTTD's picture

So, how about a citation on that supposed bill on Reid's desk?  Not that I don't think that is coming.  I just never heard of it being in place.  So, hey, Rick how about a SB number?

Imminent Crucible's picture

I don't have the bill number, but it began with these hearings. Ghilarducci's proposal for GRA's begins on page 36.

andrewp111's picture

Many such bills have been kicking around since the 2008 crash. I don't have any HR or SB numbers, and it doesn't matter since the bills are going nowhere - until there is a national emergancy that "justifies" them. A "big one" earthquake in CA, a small nuclear war, an epic crash in the EU that implodes US banks, an epic cat 5 north Atlantic hurricane, any excuse will do. They are just waiting for the right context to enact such bills.


Remember, Chance favors the prepared mind. The Democrats always are prepared.

DOT's picture

I've heard it said, "never let a crisis go to waste".

CH1's picture

I don't have the reference either, but a year or two ago there was a team in DC working on rolling 401Ks into Treasuries.

It's an obvious (if evil) choice.

The state will do everything it sees necessary, as long as people keep obeying.

When do we hit Peak Obedience?

jomama's picture

i can't find a reliable source linking that quote to ben franklin.

greyghost's picture

it wasn't ben that said that, was one of the other founding fathers though. i can't remember who. wasn't ben the franklin

update: however i can't find anyone else quoted? not sure

"the american republic will endure until the day congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money"      alexis de tocqueville

Supernova Born's picture

The Banksters are in control.

and Banksters sure as shit aren't the "producers". Government unearned transfers of "money" to the banksters have been astronomical and truly beyond the imagining of mere muppets.

Radical Marijuana's picture

YEAH! I agree. This article is BACKWARDS, with an ahistorical view of the current situation. Since that article just repeats its own mess of quotes, I will copy and paste mine too, some of which I already posted to a previous similar article:

I would criticize those who set up "democracy" as a straw man, and then attack it. Clearly, organized criminals were able to subvert "democracy" a long time ago, and transform the real system into a plutocracy. After there is privatized fiat money as debt, which was the system the British Empire was on for a few Centuries, and the American Empire has been on for a Century, all the talk about a "democratically" limited monarchy, or a "democratic" republic was always BULLSHIT. Likewise, under a system with privatized central banks, able to make money out of nothing, as debts, then talking about free markets or capitalism was always BULLSHIT.

What EXISTS was the history of militarism, creating a money system, with level within level of organized crime, controlling governments, and all the rest of society. There IS real human ecology, and politics IS applied human ecology. However, central to any ecology is always the death controls, the factors which regulate the overall murder system. Those who did that best were also the best at lying about doing it. Therefore, we have all these absurd impossible ideals, promoted by immaculate hypocrites about what we are doing, which were always BULLSHIT.

I recommend we stop blaming straw man arguments about "democracy" or "capitalism" which never were more than BULLSHIT behind which the plutocracy actually operated, through the triumph of organized crimes, controlling what really happened. The only way to fix the real problems is to have a more realistic understanding of those realities. ... Of course, from a sublime point of view, it is amusing how paradoxical and practically impossible that is!   Progress in science made its oxymoronic scientific dictatorship able to usurp politics, with scientifically perfected BULLSHIT!

From a sublime point of view, it is amusing how progress in science made it possible for social pyramid systems, based on lies, backed by violence, become way, way better. My preferred image is that we perceive what is already there, namely human society is shaped like a toroidal vortex, which is misunderstood to only be a pyramid. We already have the top and bottom the pyramid connected, we just do not perceive and understand that to make it work better. Therefore, we now pump the wealth up from the bottom, better than ever before. The runaway triumph of the social pyramid system has ended up looking like a cartoon, similar to an oil well gusher. The wealth is being very successfully pumped up, indeed, that is practically a geyser!

The transfers of wealth, by the government, to the most wealthy is ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE GREATER THAN THE TRANSFERS OF WEALTH, BY THE GOVERNMENT TO THE LESS WEALTHY! Moreover, it was that process, going on and on, for at least 100 years in the USA, which created the social conditions that this article attacks!

I recommend we understand that more thoroughly, so that we connect the top and bottom of the pyramid better. That is, we should more consciously construct a spherical, toroidal vortex society, with the old social pyramid system used inside of that to construct it. That system already exists, however, the abysmal level of ignorance of the vast majority, brainwashed to believe in BULLSHIT, prevents us from making a greater use of information, and therefore, be enabled to do that better, through a higher consciousness of what is happening. I do not think I am proposing the impossible. Rather, I am merely recommending a paradigm shift in the way that we perceive what is already happening, so that we could do that somewhat better.

It is IMPORTANT to remember that the shares of the biggest banks are now owned by the collective government mandated groups. Walter Burien's et alia CAFR research reveals that the Biggest Banks, that ARE so powerful, ARE owned mostly by the hordes of funds that gained the power from governmental mandate! I am not sure HOW THAT ouroboros of incorporated robbery integrates within the compartmentalized social pyramids ???

There is no doubt that, in the archaeology of banking, the old richest families played a huge role in its history! Thousands of descendants of those families, no doubt, still own fairly big pieces of those. All those pieces add up to SOME control!!! HOWEVER, THERE CAN BE NO REASONABLE DOUBT ABOUT THE CAFR REVIEW RESULTS, WHICH ARE THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE THAT THE RICHEST FAMILIES ACTUALLY OWN MORE THAN SMALL PIECES OF THE BIGGEST BANKS, AND EVERYTHING ELSE. THERE CAN BE NO DOUBTS THAT THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE SHARES OF ALL THE BIGGEST CORPORATIONS ARE NOW OWNED BY A COLLECTION OF GOVERNMENT MANDATED FUNDS.

Being ABLE to continue to control the whole world's money supply is worth some unimaginable $quadrillions.


I would SOMEWHAT AGREE that it was NOT the power of the elites that is the problem, as much as it is the people's incompetence! In that way, the Sheeple are more the problem than the Wolves.

President Andrew Jackson said:

"If the American people only understood the rank  injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning..."

However, the problem is that they do not understand, and moreover they mostly do not want to understand. I SORT OF AGREE THAT blaming the banksters is now less relevant and less useful than blaming 'the People!' HOWEVER, THE WAY THAT THIS ARTICLE DOES THAT IS BACKWARDS TO THE WAY THAT SHOULD BE DONE!

There is NO DOUBT that the looters are in control. However the international bankers are Orders of Magnitude bigger and more important looters, than all the rest of the little people combined. The total domination of the mass media by a handful of enormous corporations results in "elections" which are puppet shows. Blaming those who watch those puppet shows is WAY LESS RELEVANT, than blaming those who stage those shows, and set up the actual choices that the people can make. There is a VICIOUS SPIRAL, that has gone around and around, with truly no beginning or ending. In that context, there is MORE CONTROL by the banksters, although the majority of people now have adapted to dance within that system.

Blaming those who have watched the mass media puppet shows, for their whole lives, for being morons is partially valid, but there is a WAY BIGGER STORY, and therefore, THAT ENORMOUS CONTEXT FOR BETTER SOLUTIONS!!!

All Risk No Reward's picture

Now you know one of the reasons the Rockefeller Foundation financed Mises.

Again, Mises was a smart guy and much of his insight is excellent.  That's not the point.

The point is that his philosophy promotes the idea that politicans and central bankers are stupid, out of touch academics iinstead of cold, hard, murderous criminals (here's talkin' to you Ron Paul!) and that mega corporations should be slobbered on (here's talkin' to you Lew Rockwell in regards to Amazon).

BTW, I like lots of what Paul and Rockwell espouse.

But, hot d*mn, they run off the tracks just shy of truly exposing the [D]elites and their criminal operations...  and so they move forward with some level of cover.

Mr. Paul, start talking about how debt based money is a criminal operation DESIGNED to bankrupt the host nation...

It is outlined plain as can be right here...

But he won't.  I'm not sure why - there could be dualing interests that motivate him to keep the lie going.

Mr. Rockwell, Big Finance Capital finances, owns and controls EVERYTHING big - including Amazon.  Amazon's financiers, owners and controllers HATE your liberty and work ovetime to assault.

Go ahead and lather them up as the destroy America...  they pay you a couple bucks so it must be all good.

Yeah, I'm being harsh with the truth, but now is not the time to justify self serving deception.

The wheels are about to come off the cart.

flattrader's picture

>>>Mr. Paul, start talking about how debt based money is a criminal operation DESIGNED to bankrupt the host nation...<<<

It is because he is a Christian Reconstructionist nut case.  His agenda is to reform America state by state house full of conservative chrisitians.

Some of them are they very criminals that kind of talk would expose.

Abraham Snake's picture

dude lightn up sum
earth frakn kills owls k?
ass frackn tax credits fixn fiscl cliff dude it works!
realaxe man
99 persent b rite on this
atlas hugs not shrugs k?

BraveSirRobin's picture

For some reason my calaendar is free after 21 December. Looks like I will have some time to help sort out all these problems.

Shizzmoney's picture

If by looters, you mean JPM, GS, BAC, etc. etc....

"Looting at the top will only resutl in looting at the bottom." - Max Keiser

And the US riots will make the UK riots look like a Saturday Morning Cartoon.

davidsmith's picture

Really???  It took Ackerman until 11/19 to realize that the looters are in control?  This dolt is real quick on the uptake, isn't he?

nmewn's picture

"History will be repeated (shocking, I know), and all gold in private hands will be confiscated."

lol..go fish.

And if they touch the IRA's & 401's there won't be a "United States" anymore.

All Risk No Reward's picture

>>And if they touch the IRA's & 401's there won't be a "United States" anymore.<<

They are already gone.  Just like SS and MC.

They just haven't told the sheeple yet.

The US is dead and buried - and the consumers rather enjoy, just as Aldous Huxley predicted.


Jugdish's picture

They touch your genitals at the airport and now control your healthcare and the country is still here. They steal openly and go on the news and before congress and admit it and the country is still here. They will do as they wish with IRA's and 401k's and nobody will do shit.

Retronomicon's picture

It isn't as if the 401's would be instantly converted.  At first maybe 5% of the funds will need to be government bonds, then 10%, ect.  These people know how to cook frogs.  They've been doing it long enough.

andrewp111's picture

They are not planning to cook frogs here. They are waiting for an epic disaster or a national emergency that justifies any swift and bold action.

Chance favors the prepared mind.

Retronomicon's picture

They've been cooking frogs for the last 30 years.  Frogs do not realize they are cooked.  Do you?

nmewn's picture

From the moment the Prince of Er'Uh got in there many have been eyeballin it. His court, the evil Baron von Reid and the court jestor Pelosi were in waiting and still are.

So are we.

Imminent Crucible's picture

Before you dismiss the idea out of hand, you should be aware of the Ghilarducci Strategy. She proposes that (in the altogether unlikely event that the markets sell off and we have another 2008-9 style meltdown) you can voluntarily convert your pension, 401(k) or IRA into a Treasury-backed Guaranteed Retirement Account, and your account will be funded at its pre-crash value.

See how clever these people are? They don't have to steal anyone's retirement; the poor saps will GIVE it to them, in exchange for seeing the bottom line restored to the Happy Days levels. Pelosio has reportedly endorsed Theresa Ghilarducci's strategy of getting the sheep to hand over their wool and hides together. Is this a great country or what?

New_Meat's picture

Ghilly is a true cwm of the nwo.

But my Argentine buddies had no fucking choice in that matter.

Did i say that the NEW School ought to get its very own intellecutal enema?  Perhaps not gonna happen.  But then again, NYC is doing its very own Katrina (nyet) recovery (nyet)

- Ned

{y'see, I'ma' practicing my perusky, to blend in, don't cha' know)

andrewp111's picture

This is exactly what Rep Miller (D-CA) proposed in 2008 after the crash. Bernanke reflated the markets and deflated their plans -  for the moment. The Democrats are waiting for the right context to propose something like this again.

Diamond Jim's picture

yup...what this last election was all about...things like freedom, inalienable rights and independence are all over rated when compared to all the cool free stuff.

as an aside, many of you idiots on this website, either did not vote or voted for Mr. Johnson......I say...thank proved to me the limitless moronic mindset of the American people. We should be re-considering raising the age back to 21 to vote, only property owners and leave the election of the president back to its original the senate.

hootowl's picture

Not the senate, as currently constituted.  There must first be a repeal of the 17th ammendment and a return of the senate elections to the state legislatures.....with a 2 term eligibility limit.

The House should also have a 2 term eligibility limit.

Enough of these lifetime, career, criminals!

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

This election was not about freedom,

it was about free!

Jugdish's picture

Ya !!! The bought and paid for senate led by Harry Reid should elect our president. Maybe you shoudn't havw been an emasculated, neutered, bent ladyboy your whole life and stuck to your principles. Don't blame the one group of people who stuck to there principles, heaven forbid. It's people like you that bend that are the problem. Rino's, liberals, pussies, all the same.

Clever Name's picture

Right, because us land owning over 21'ers who didnt vote for the status quo like you wanted us to, shouldnt have a say in anything.


Diamond Jim's picture

by one not voting you say nothing..... I, once again voted holding my nose. We both exercised our rights to voting by either doing so, or not. Wish there was an alternative....would gladly have voted for a Ron Paul, but he was not on the ballot. My reference to land owner and 21+ was  sophmoric.

lasvegaspersona's picture


buying 51 votes was more expensive than just getting the 3% undecideds...