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I must confess, I did not read his speech today. I glanced at excerpts and I am not surprised.

When I began this process, which is as much a process of learning as much as anything else, I really did not have a clue about how the Fed works.

Now I feel like an old hand at this. It's not because I'm an expert of any kind.

It is because the whole thing is so simple once you understand how the scam works. It's like a magic trick. Once the audience understands how the illusion is executed, it's over. That's really why is called the Mandrake Mechanism.

We all have an obligation to educate others.

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Oh please you don't need to be so humble W (007) }whooosh

Can we rekwest something? How bout a nice Lady Gage/Hllary & Netanyahu thresome around Gaza body parts? Preferably children.

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Nice thread hijack.

How about you put a sock puppet on each hand and continue that conversation so we dont have to?

Though Im sure Hamas@twitter appreciates the sentiment.



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Great moments in central planning...yes.

But I think we need a new symbol that better demonstrates both tenets of what this really is...a mix perhaps...maybe the swastika crossing the sickle?

Just thinkin out loud there ;-)

Of note, I see the Senate is pushing some sort of legislation for warrantless email searches:

"A Senate proposal touted as protecting Americans' e-mail privacy has been quietly rewritten, giving government agencies more surveillance power than they possess under current law.

CNET has learned that Patrick Leahy, the influential Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, has dramatically reshaped his legislation in response to law enforcement concerns. A vote on his bill, which now authorizes warrantless access to Americans' e-mail, is scheduled for next week."

The companion piece to this invasion of privacy, is of course, the government itself hiding what its saying via email:

"Screenshots from sources show that the profile of the secret “alias” email account allegedly used by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson was loaded on three computers under her name, as well as the computers of other agency employees within the Office of the Administrator.

“This is a complete link between the Windsor email address and Jackson,” a source said in an email.

Last week, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that Jackson was allegedly using a secret “alias” email account under the name “Richard Windsor.” On Monday, The DCNF confirmed that the Windsor account was in use, citing an email released by a liberal group from earlier this year.


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so even US military personel are trying to dodge US State privacy spying with alias accounts

it's so pathetic this public sector clown show who needs TV comedy anymore eh? 

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Love it.

Lead into gold, or straw.


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Transmutation of Gold (Au) into Paper (AngelSoft)?

Next, can we request the creation of an homunculus?

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Banksters pull bigger rabbits out of the hat than alchemists attempted.

Alchemists were supposed to be attempting to turn lead into gold.

Banksters make money out of nothing!

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One may wonder if the complete debasement of currency is a planned step toward a 'cashless society'...make the value of fiat worth even less than the paper it's printed on, and a compelling case emerges for dispensing with it entirely...a magnetic strip or RFID, and a keybord, being far more cost effective than even paper, printing ink and cheaply minted coins of recycled............... (you name it: coke cans, US factory plant, WTC).

In a united world governence, obviously with the full spectrum dominance of the central bank of the USSA and the 'OWNERS' (enforced globally by their hedgemonic military), the notion of nation states and therefore trade between countries, becomes obsolete. No more countries, only 'trade zones'. No more need for FOREX, or bars of gold stacked in vaults to be moved from one rack to another to 'pay trade deficits', like the old days...

Kind of like a global Euro....


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Ben is resplendent in QE-3D!

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Oh $hit, and now i'm QE-pnotized!

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I was going to do it and then I saw someone else did a good job with it.

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Mad nailed Patraues going nailing ..i'm in friggin tears ;..)) 

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WB7 always brings his own style.  Maybe some boy scout merit badges strewn among the kinky stuff?

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Quite terrific, WB

Ben Bernanke should try the bow tie before Congress next time ... they can ponder that like they used to ponder the thickness of Alan Greenspan's briefcase on a given day

But perhaps Jim Sinclair is still right - Even though he is as much aware of the faults of QE as anyone on ZeroHedge, he writes:

« ... in the situation of significant national bankruptcy in the Western world there is no other central bank tool other than QE that might have some force to oppose that total disaster ... »

- Jim Sinclair, MineSet

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"oppose" but not defeat . . delay is a better word. 

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They are fools.  It is better to take the cure ASAP rather than let the cancer spread.

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Not fools. The good doctors brought the cancer. Just like in real medicine.