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Gangnam Style is now the most watched youtube, and PSY is one cool dude. This video is actually subversive as well as viral. Gangnam is the most affluent district in Korea. Looking for all that Samsung money? Look in Gangnam. He is mocking South Korean consumerism and the superficial lifestyle of the Korean upperclass. He produced this video outside of the mainstream K-Pop industrial complex and accomplished what they have always coveted on a shoe string, a worldwide hit.

There is much to be learned from Mr PSY's style of Visual Combat. It is cross-cultural, it is funny, catchy and has a message. Let's emphasize the message. Could we expect as much from Justin Boober?

For more read this: Article











































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it all feels Hello Kitty like, is there propaganda in that brand (maybe)

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Mayans predicted that world will end on 12/21/2012.

The apocalypse will begin with Gangnam style gettting  1,000,000,000ths viewer.


Sudden Debt's picture

The drone pic is funny as hell :)

They are all fucking good man :)

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

sorry William i have to steal the 2 obama-drone-gangnam style pictures, i'm uploading them on facebook :P

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Just for a little propaganda balance and maybe more substance than PSY(cho).

I dare you to watch and maybe get off the propaganda/brainwashing trail you Usans have been on since the late 1940s.

BTW I'll point out some facts.

S Korea has been a US military occupied country since the 1950s and has received massive aid.

No peace treaty was ever signed with the N Koreans - who basically won the Korean War waged by Washington Empire and its UN and/or NATO satraps ... same as ALL subsequent wars to the present in Syria.

N Korea has faced harsh economic sanctions for 60 years and so has needed strong leadership to survive ... just a fact of life, whether you like it or not (I don't and could not live in a cultish country - which includes the US - but I realize that needs must).

Just imagine if N Korea had enjoyed the Marshall Plan enjoyed by S Korea, Japan and Germany.

If so then N Korea would be flooded with Walmarts and clones of US rappers like PSY(cho).

Ain't it ironic that, instead, N Korea has nurtured a little guitar player; rather than the likes of Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga.


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No peace treaty was ever signed with the N Koreans - who basically won the Korean War waged by Washington Empire and its UN and/or NATO satraps

Just one reason, CHINA.

They sent soldiers to die by the thousands......................and could have done it forever.

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got to love the fred astaire/ gene kelly tap dancing number. Thanks. Jamie Dimon, Ben and Blankfein look fine as they copy cat.

Seeing the lady with the torch in "basic instinct" posture is too hilarious! 


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Bill, I luv all your stuff. You do good work. But let's just keep it real. Psy is signed with YG Entertainment. Has been from Day 1 of his music career, going on 10-some years now. YG is one of the largest production companies on the Korean music scene. I'm sure Yang Hyunsuk doesn't personally sign off on everything Psy says or does, but you can bet your bottom dollar Psy has access to YG's considerable production resources for all his work, so spare me the self-made garage artiste suberversive bs.

Psy been doin his silly shit for a little over 10 years now. I personally can't stand the dude. He's one of many South Korean entertainers who made it through his connections in the entertainment biz cause they all do their boozing and whoremongering in the same 20 clubs. It's a pretty incestuous lil circle, in Kangnam of course. Psy's dad is a rich industrialist whose company has ties to one of the country's Chaebol. I keep reading from "Western" commentators about Psy's "suberversive" critique of Souther Korean richies and consumerism. Actually, what I heard from Psy himself in one of his many interviews is that he was basically poking a bit of fun at himself. Psy's been the chubby lil rich kid who never had to do a day's hard work his entire life, just by proxy of living the high life in Kangnam that he sorta kinda fell into entertainment biz. Daddy sent him off to the states where he proceeded to not do jackshit but sleep and booze for 4 years at BU before trucking off back home, sans degree. Do the math on that.

You do good work Bill. Yeah, Psy's silly lil crappy song topping Youtube. But Psy's success is exactly the opposite of what you claim: it's the same ol same ol, it's not what you know, but who you know. Even a goofy fat fuck like Psy can strike it big with access to the right talent (Horse dance... Psy and one of YG's musical producers were kicking it and tryin to come up with something goofy and catchy... etcetera etcetera... even Psy himself isn't stupid enough to go claiming it jus kinda sorta cooked it all up himself). Psy's claim-to-fame is that he kinda breaks the K-Pop mold, not being a cuty lil Ladyboyish boyband type.

Nothing more than that.

Just setting the record straight dude.

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Be that as it may, and it all may well be. I have lived my entire life exposed all manner of Asian Pop, J-Pop, Canto-Pop, Mainland-Pop, K-Pop, Thai-Pop etc. No I don't like the shit, but I'm a musician so I pay attention to it.

I also know what it's like to be surrounded by nouveau riche Koreans.

As a piece of satire, I think he nailed it all.

He did something else which Koreans seem to find difficult, he managed to build a cultural bridge.

But none of that makes a bit of difference with respect to the images you see above does it, other than providing me with the opportunity I have been waiting for to post them all together. And the one with O Twinkie in the boots. That one is one of my favorites for many different reasons and it was inspired by the video. I would love to animate that to the song.

That is what I call Propagangnam style. ;-)

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and art goes environmental (propaganda) much quicker in Asia, because it's closer to their original art. in the beginning the USG signed on to WTO for China, with the idea that consumerism would create a Democratic revolution, but instead it imported their brand of free-market Communism to the US, (just as it exported Gangster Capitalism to Russia).

we are so used to gleaning other peoples art and politics. now Americans work for Chinese wages in a gulag state where they enjoy freedom of speech and travel (journalism long deceased, RIPress) at the governments pleasure. the American gangster is an original art form, something Obama does well (rackateering : def: extortion, loansharking, bribery and obstructions of justice - POTUS is 4 for 4) the fact that a black can become head of one of America's most powerful political gangs (Chicago) is remarkable.

and socialist rackateering is when the rich have their losses bailed out, and they get to book their profits, (tax free)

not sure how the wealthy in Korea do it, but where is the conspicious consumption??.... picking up a girl on the subway (that's hardly subversive) so the rich just try to blend in, i get it, they still have the gangster thing going.

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love your work WB7

I watch POP-ASIA every weekend -

keeps me sane.

I used to watch the world financial "News" on weekends,

before that all turned to shit.

give me POP-ASIA anytime -

as I said - it keeps me sane,

and sanity is a rare commodity these days.


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Hey, it's all good dude. Like I said, I luv your work. Not trying to detract from the stuff, just clarifiying a few things on the Psy-phenomenon.

Some of the J-Rock is palatable. The Korean club rockers put out great stuff, but the Korean Ministry of Culture has greenlighted organizations like YG, JYP, and SM Entertainment to be the cultural "face" of Korea to the world, so you'll never hear about the underground rock scene unless you go deep. The CEO of YG used to be with Seo Taiji, sure you've come across him sometime. Seo Taiji put out some awesome stuff. YouTube his Vladivostok live concert:

Like Taiji. Writes heavy metal stuff with good hooks and solid melodies. Highly listenable. The CEO of YG incidentally fits your criteria to a -T-. Self-made millionaire coming from dirt-poor family. Dude was gonna go off and be a car mechanic but auditioned to be a background dancer with some new group being formed, Seo Taiji-something or other... the rest, as they say... is history.


williambanzai7's picture

I'll tell you who I like. That little Korean kid, I guess he may not be little anymore, who plays finger style guitar on uTube . He is an animal on the frets. ;-)

KTV Escort's picture

I got exposed to K-pop only recently, but Girls' Generation and 2NE1 have some good tunes, state of the art production too (eg. 'The Boys' by GG, 'I Am The Best' by 2NE1)... they need more solid songwriting before they can gain a foothold in the States, give 'em a few years.

Here's Girls' Generation on Letterman back in January:

dust to dust's picture

 It takes a crooked man to walk a crooked mile.

The North Korean Military are dressed to KILL. Pressed pants and Chinese Sunglasses.

Jim in MN's picture

Gwangju style, anyone?

The Gwangju Democratization Movement (Hangul: ?? ??? ??, Hanja: ???????, RR: Gwangju Minjuhwa Undong) refers to a popular uprising in the city of Gwangju, South Korea from May 18 to 27, 1980. Estimates suggest up to 2,000 people may have died. During this period, citizens rose up against Chun Doo-hwan's dictatorship and took control of the city. In the course of the uprising, citizens took up arms (by robbing police stations and military depots) to oppose the government, but were ultimately crushed by the South Korean army. The event is sometimes called 518, in reference to the date the uprising began.

Jim in MN's picture

Just to say that this kind of thing still takes courage in S Korea, courage that we in the US should take note of. 

Gwangju National 518 Cemetary:

OmPonzi_PonziOm's picture

Black Friday purchases, zero. 

I looked through all the slick, glossy, flyers and nothing there.

Just more crap I don't need.

Drumming at the beach with friends, priceless.

Lmo Mutton's picture

Is that Madd Maxx????

Earl of Chiswick's picture

and apart from Walmart killing their customers (shoplifters notwithstanding)

they also kill the employees of their suppliers

not only that, if you happen to be wearing a pair of Levis that great American company has blood on their hands as do the consumers who wear Levis or who shop at Walmart, which means for many we  too are guilty

take a look at where your Levis were manufactured, likely Bangladesh

meanwhile the bastard liars at Walmart's PR dept are out in force denying (but take note of the weasel wording of their press releases that the scum in the MSM are regurgitating)

Black Friday indeed

motherfuckers all (most) of us

Dawnofinsanity's picture

We are North American Scum!  Chock full of culture, logic, independent thinking that has all been created to maximize green... and not the kind that's legal in 2 states.  

Here's to Black Friday - and the media's use of it as an economic indicator of Q4's economic prospects... More like an indicator of how ignorant, selfish and self serving we truly are!

Without further ado LCD Soundsystem "North American Scum"

I love the tie into moon travel... Surely someone will attempt to go there one day.

BeansBulletsBandaids's picture

WB7, your work keeps getting better and better. You are a master of your media and I love it. Please keep up the good work. My all-time favorites are the Ron Paul/Fight Club and Siiting Bull/V mask but the Mad Max ans pepper spray cop pics above are a close 2nd.


willwork4food's picture

Aside from the cultural and ethic satire, that Red Head was to die for...

q99x2's picture

SoCal colleges are filled with em. Bout 18 to 25 years old.

willwork4food's picture

Note to self: Move to CA ASAP, apply for BA degree, purchase quality tupay....yea,that should do it.

Earl of Chiswick's picture

Gangham Style or Gangster Style

Walmart Kills Shoplifter


According to the DeKalb County, Ga., police report, officers arrived around 1:30 a.m. to find the employees on top of the middle-aged man -- One of the employees had reportedly placed the man in a choke hold.

cause of death unknown

Wakanda's picture

Big props to PSY for end running the South Korean music machine and going world wide on his own artistic terms.  Sort of like Willie Nelson flippin' the bird to Nashville and rolling it his way.

Taking the Gangnam style into WB7's visual combat is brilliant.  This is how new ideas can ride waves of popularity to reach and open more minds.

Rock on WB7!

Wakanda's picture


I understood that Willie did not fit the mold so he did it "his way".  I don't know for sure.

Too much reefer for the Tennessee music machine's comfort zone?

Spastica Rex's picture

Certainly both, figuratively.

diogeneslaertius's picture

you so crazy awesome wb7 :)



no2foreclosures's picture

Don't know much about Gangnam style or Korean rap "music" but take a look at this:

Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of Freddie's passing . . .

Disenchanted's picture



Dude was queer as a three dollar bill, but damned if he couldn't put on a show. ;p

For my money Queen had the best live concerts ever back in the day. I saw them live three times.


This one was probably the best of the three:


Having said that, I have to add that I totally fucked up and never caught Pink Floyd live before their split or Led Zep before Bonham's death.

AC/DC(1st American tour with Bon Scott- Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, 1977) and Heart were two and three IMO as far as live shows that I personally saw. Yes I said Heart, those two ladies kicked ass live back then.


This is the song by which I always remember Freddie and Queen although I didn't get to see it live:


Who Wants To Live Forever

williambanzai7's picture

I saw the original Pink Floyd in Japan, around thei Ummagumma period. It was quite a spectacle. I also saw LZ with Bonham twice. I will never forget both.

Disenchanted's picture



I am absolutely envious.

I did have Led Zep tickets for the tour that was cancelled when Bonham died(10/27/1980 - Cleveland, OH, Richfield Coliseum). Close as I got.


Sooo...I've had to be content with things like this:

Led Zeppelin - Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1970 (Full Concert)


Incidentally this is one of the AC/DC songs I was privileged to hear live at the Agora oh those many years ago:

 AC/DC The Jack LIVE: At The Agora Ballroom August 22, 1977 HD
rambo1028's picture

I love when people post links and don't say what they are.... it's the adult equivalent of getting the suprize from the cereal box when we were kids. :) And around here you NEVER know what you're going to get! 


Thanks for the awesome link!

Bear's picture

"An industry poll in 2005 named it the greatest rock performance of all time.[107]" ... of course this was before Gangnam Style

dogbreath's picture

I've seen it everywhere lately and didn't have the interest to investigate.  Very interesting and thanks for that WB!

williambanzai7's picture

I read about it over the summer. Then I watched it and was blown away by it.

The music for example, borrows cliches from several world music hits. But he absorbed and transformed them into something completely different. This kind of thing does not work for me unless I appreciate what has been done musically.

He targeted a global audience.

Cui Bono's picture

Somewhere Morris Day is spinning around in his easy chair wondering what just happened..... CB

dogbreath's picture

but with 45 million ytube hits how is he making money or does ytube pay royalties

williambanzai7's picture

He's a world celebrity now. He makes all kinds of public appearances. His music is on iTunes. I'm sure he is doing fine for himself. I'm also sure that the money is not what primarily drives him. It's the ability to create what he wants without strings being attached.

Bob's picture

Here he is at the 2012 American Music Awards show with MC Hammer.  He's become the sheeit!

Thanks for the background, B.  And sustaining the pepper spray image (in particular.) 

Manthong's picture

Must be some kind of regressive/resurgent gene or something..

Bear's picture

Ala the Great and Beloved Williambanzi7