FaReWell MaRY "Dingbat" SCHaPIRO...

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Shapiro is looking distraught
The Banksters she just never caught
So how could this be
At the great SEC?
This dingbat named Mary was bought

The Limerick King

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and the fraud circle kjerk of elites will continue until a majority of the population is here on zerohedge looking at banzai's work and chuckling KNOWINGLY


on the day after that occurs, all such false people and systems can be swept away in a mere gesture - not a single shot need be fired


alas, this is the only true form of revolution left to us in the year 2012 - but take heart, for it is a more complete victory should we achieve it, than would have ever been possible otherwise.


rip it to the four winds and cram it into every inbox

keep uploading truth, keep sharing, keep educating, both yourself and others.



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in a Joshua Roberts America, SEC gatekeepers would be arrested under the Trading with the Enemy Act


Regulatory Prostitution

a war crime imo

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out with one simpering tard, in with the next simpering tard.


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So she drew a salary and did press conferences.

Where is the "enforcement"?  Where is Jon Corzine?

Justice is supposed to be blind, not the watchdog.

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The silver in the B-Beard works with the jacket, imo, but the hair...yikes...looks like a Holly Patraeus doo. Same Sorority perhaps?

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Oh goody, a new facilitator.

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One wonders about the standard of the new boss.  How fragile and ... er ... penetrated, shall we say is her history?  Integrity is so declasse in the current regime, don't cha' know.

- Ned

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Plenty of Schapiros on deck...see E. Walter.

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Before you are on deck, you gotta be in the hole.  


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Elisse Walter New SEC Chair

Hearing on Money Laundering

Firms that continue to disregard their obligations to develop and implement anti-money laundering compliance programs that contain all the necessary procedures will face NASD Enforcement actions that could lead to substantial fines, suspensions and even expulsion from the industry. http://www.finra.org/Newsroom/Speeches/Walter/P011088

That was our new SEC chair Elise Walter back in  2002 getting tough on money laundering.

in the ensuing 10 years trillions have and continue to be laundered with slap on the wrist fines eg  Buffett's Wells Fargo  was charged with laundering $378 billion -- equal to one-third of Mexico's gross national product. The bank paid a $50 million fine



I heard Goldman broke out the Krug in the dining room at lunch today (ususally not permitted until din din). The reason according to sources "November 26, 2012 wiil go down as  fucking Blue Ribbon Two Bagger Day, we just scored the UK and renewed our SEC franchise"  

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Z0, how many times has that been overlooked for the right people?  Don't miss bureaucrat 2012; wanting to hold your assets in a shiny yellow metal is the new money laundering.

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i'm not a religous man but i pray every night Christmas comes early to these turkeys  

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And ruin Christmas? Can't we just have a good old-fashioned turkey shoot?

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If i could stop laughing long enough to aim i'd join you.

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She'll end up on a half dozen boards and become a regular on the financial talkers circuit.  Her predecessor Arthur Levitt has done quite well for himself Goldman, Bloomberg, Carlyle to name a few.


but the real joke is her replacement


Walter, a onetime chief operating officer at the NASD, the premier regulator for brokerage firms, has a long history in Washington. In recent years, Walter has focused on educating and warning investors about scams, and on improving regulation of mutual funds. She is former general counsel of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

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Trigger men and women who have served the fraud system well will get their goodies




Death to VideoDrome

long live the Visual Combat

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Arthur Levitt, another sorry dissapointment. 

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Bill, what were your expectations about this conflicted gasbag?

How could you (nor anyone) be disappointed?

Levitt can't even pronounce the NY Giant's coach's last name the same way that Coach says his very own name.

Did you have self-same expectations wrt Shapiro?  Me thinks that Levitt was doing the same thing but with much less observation --> consistent theory that it has been going on for a lot longer.

Since we are doing science, all y'all gotta' prove that it has not been going on for a lot longer.


- Ned

{I win}

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One can be disappointed by the appointment itself. The appointee performed as expected.

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Not to those whose opinion matters. They're all doing their jobs superbly.

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All these so-called disappointments, didn't disappoint the people they really worked for.

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Calling them people is pretty insulting to real human beings...

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Just as insulting as the posts are on yahoo to the intelligence of real human beings!!!