What Confidence? Retail Investors Are Still Not in Equities

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As we hear more and more pundits talk about the soaring consumer confidence, the "recovery", and how the fundamentals are improving, keep in mind that retail investors are still not in equities. As of November 14th, equities continued their streak of consecutive mutual fund outflows that dates back to February of this year.

During that time, more than $115 billion dollars has left the equities market. Where's it going? Well, in spite of the Fed's best attempts at pushing the "dumb money" out of fixed income and into chasing returns, it looks as though the exact opposite is happening.


Oddly enough, the S&P seems to be continuing its climb toward the heavens, even with this outflow. This certainly couldn't be the work of Kevin Henry and bank prop desks putting their free money to work could it?


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Having less retail in stocks actually makes them easier for the central planners to inflate. It's the bond market that is about to crash and take all the muppets with it.

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Could someone provide a source for the first chart, or a similiar one? I'd like to use it for a presentation for my financial accounting class. We're supposed to compare two companies and decide which is a better investment by analyzing their 10Ks and stock performance. Too bad this market is the probably the worst thing to make that judgment on.

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"Retail Investors Are Still Not in Equities"


They don't need retail investors, all they care about is Uncle Ben.

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Watch CNBC and drink the kool aid..

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Takes a mili second for the "money" to go from the FED to the Bankster HTF and into the market.  And that mili second can jet it the other way too.  Who want to compete with that?

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Used to be a retailer until early 2008-  Since then I´ve been a stacker.  I´ll get back into the markets...if there is one...after the Great Reset shreds this economic system apart and the remnants are slapped back together.  In the meantime, the only thing that is going to get you through the Great Reset is Phyzz. 

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Need to feed the Wall Street Bonus Machine!

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Yes, the boomer headwinds will really start in the next 5-10 years.  I missed that group by one year and still feel the "cutting back" mode is best to try to have something for retirement, can't imagine how strong that will be in 10 years for me.

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From a medium long-term perspective (i.e. 6 months) a primary bear market signal was flashed on Nov 16.  While anything can happen as we are just dealing with odds, lower stocks prices are the most likely outcome in the weeks ahead.


The stock market is also bearish on a shorter term perspective (i.e. 2-3 weeks). The rally that lasted until Nov 23 was not confirmed by volume. Stocks went up while volume was declining. Volume has surged with recent declines and volume at relevant pivot highs and lows has been bearish.




So not a very nice picture....

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Take this "market" "analysis" back to Yahoo, okay?

The Kool-Aid Corps strikes again.

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excess housing, retired millions down sizing, who could of seen this coming?? that they would pull money out of the market to live on was never understood..Ha ha ha..the Fed knew it had to print to support the economy, wall street knew it had to take the wealth before the baby boomers got their money out in 2008..they did. the markets are broken the FEd and wall st took action this is the result, it will be years before a real market is created ..or we become the new dark ages with the elites living with power the hitlers and stalins of the world could only dream of.

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But just think of all the job opportunities under your scenario - groundskeeper of one of the Elite's chateau, moat cleaner, nightly plague victim gatherer



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Wall St. has been stuffing its face with fiat without taking a decent shit since sometime back in the late 70's, early 80's.

The coming BM is going to be hellish in the extreme.

e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwcVJMvVWDA&feature=fvwrel

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The new iBrator endorsed by Jenna Jameson will push APPL above 1K, all the hedgies will jump on that dildo, economy fixed.

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Lot's of people need that money now.

And..."Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" is not lost on millions of citizens.

Ben?  Ben Bernanke?  Eric Holder?  Department of Justice?  Jon?  Jon Corzine?

Yeah, like that.

Screw equities.

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Wait till the baby boomers start dieing. There "kids" will be hell bent on cashing in those stocks and bonds to live. It can only get uglier not prettier. Uncle Sammy wants to reinstate the higher level death tax too.....wonder why?

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we are not dead yet....and I am NOT getting on the cart!!!


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Your close enough!!  Barrack Obama

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So what?

Retail is irrelevant in the New Paradise Found of Grand Central Global Planning by esteemed, very important technocrats, with fingers on the levers of all data prints, and enough virtual dry powder fiat to last to Infinity & Beyond!

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You said it.
Nobody I know, even my most uber-liberal lunatic fringe statist maniacal buds out here on the Left Coast who believe us to be in the Hands of the Messiah, His Self believe things are great, good or even reasonable.

Manipulated data fed to the controlled media belied by the actual state of affairs.

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Have faith knuckles.  That which cannot be sustained, won't be.  Humanity has been here before and the laws of Nature and physics really don't give a shit anyway. 

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Folks talk about "deniers" who question Obama's birth or college records but the true deniers are those who look at patterns that are mathematically impossible to sustain (SS, Medicare, student loans, public union pensions) and shrug. Or worse, they maintain that the process can go on forever... The "rich" pay an extra 4% and all is cured.

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Kinda hard to call apathy a form of denial. All they know is that being stupid has worked so far, and they see no better alternatives.

Hopium junkies, every last one of them.

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If they could only fool all of them, all of the time.